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The Universal Law of Communication

“…sometimes, she talks to Angels…” (“She talks to angels,” by The Black Crowes)

“Rocks do indeed make a sound. All things that the Great Spirit has put here continually cry to be heard” (From “Flight of the Seventh Moon,” by international Author, Shaman and Teacher, Lynn V. Andrews, as told to her by her Teacher, Agnes Whistling Elk)

I mean it when I tell people that I need to go talk to the Spiders

We negate the Wisdom proffered to us by all of Nature. I have been taught this without realizing that I have  indeed BEEN being taught this, sometimes by people who are in opposition to this idea about Nature, and lots of times by Nature Herself. What I mean, at least in my own case, when I say that “I need to go talk to the Spiders,” I mean that I am in need of listening to the things that Nature is sparking inside of me which will reveal the actual message and lesson to be had by me. Lots of my own Students, when they first hear me say this, giggle a little bit, and they do so because of the things that they have been taught, again and again, by the rest of the closed-minded world about how it is that everything in existence has communicative ability.

Reread that. Let your eyes drink it in. Know that this is the truth. If you want to believe me, but just don’t know how to, when you finish reading this, take yourself outside, no matter where you are and become keenly aware of all that is happening around you and listen for the humming that is Life. It is not going to be found only in the passing traffic, although it is there, and it is not going to just immediately jump right out at you if you are not paying attention to the things that you are learning at this point in your life. As carbon life forms we are meant to listen to the things that are not apparent to us, to ‘hear’ the rattling and humming of Nature no matter where we are. Even in the middle of the concrete jungle, if we bothered to look at the skyline and see the tops of the trees and the birds flying in and out of them, we would see nature and we would know, for sure, that we are a part of it.

In fact, we are a bigger part of it than we are willing to give ourselves credit for being.

It is our nature within to reach out to Nature on the outside

Our bodies are finite. This shell that we transport ourselves around in all day long is just that – a shell. Who we are is on the inside of us. Who we are is capable of our senses being the thing that guides us, and sadly, most of us choose to go with what is our fear. Our fear is not a bad thing until we allow it to be. Our fear keeps us safe until it is our fear which will cripple our growth. Such as, there is a permeating fear within a select majority of women who believe that if they are not beautiful outwardly that no one is ever going to love them. And sadly, they would be correct in that thought because who we are on the inside will culminate to be what the world can see on the outside. This is not my rule, but is THE rule – who we really are inside is who we become outside, and we are who make it this way.

We have forgotten, willingly even, about the communication system that is inborn in us. I used to believe that the natural world was there only for us to take in and enjoy with our outer selves, but the truth of it is that once it was that I began this part of My Path and knew, too, that there was no going backwards, I began to see the outer world as being indicative of the inner world we all have. Our outer world is colored by our perception of things, and our outer world includes things and people that, even as those things and people might be in common with others, they are not going to be the same for those people as they will be for us. How I see and perceive my own outer world, well, not a lot of people would get it right away. I would have to explain it and that would cause confusion unless the person who was listening to my words also had an open mind which was ready to receive what a whole lot of people believe to be too hard to believe.

When I say that everything in Nature talks, I mean exactly that, and I do not mean that they are talking like you and I would talk, even though that is what I want you to believe is what I am telling you. What I mean is that there are certain things within us each that is different, and with each thing that catches our attention, no matter what it is, that thing is talking to you. It can be a line in a song. It can be that you were thinking something and looked up and in the sky above your head there is something there, maybe a bird or a plane or a bug. When it is that what you see in your awareness suddenly has meaning to you is when you are being communicated with by Spirit through the Natural world around you.

Basically, what catches our attention is giving us a message…is talking to us, even if it has no mouth that can be seen. Its message, if you pay attention, will be had by you, no matter what.

The Natural World around You

By this I am not talking only about the actual Natural World. I am also talking about that which is naturally there in your world, and yes, it all talks to us, all the time. Spirit, even in stillness, speaks to us, always. It is when She is quiet and when, at night, perhaps overlooking the city’s skyline, or maybe you are in the mountains and can actually converse with Nature, you have a thought that immediately brings you some calm. It is when you are overlooking the city and you see something out of place that should not be there at night….maybe it’s a sparrow, or maybe it is a dog that you do not know or have never met, it could be a bat, a rat, a cat…it could be the sounding of a car alarm right after you have an “alarming thought” that comes as the confirmation that you are right in that thought, right in that energy.

The Natural world around me consists of CalPoly to one side, the ugliness that is the heart of Pomona on the other, surrounded by the nature that is the freeway less than a mile and a half away, the landscape dotted with reminders of the ailments of the soul of this particular place called “Pomona.” The Natural world, though, the one that I see always, is filled with the hawks which circle overhead almost daily whose message for me is always different. The Natural world is the Crows who, from time to time, namely now at this time in my life, when the marker for the beginning of the second half of my life will also be marked by the passing of significant people in my life, cackle, late into the night, and who are very noisy the moment that they become aware that I have come outside of the safety that is indoors and out into the darkness of night where they rule the energy. The Natural world are the stray cats, the possums, the racoons, the cries of the coyotes in the distance where they are hidden by the hills and canyons.

The Natural World where I live is alive and well within the numerous Plumeria trees which grow like a forest in the yard, the crown flower tree whose presence is somehow odd to me, seeing as how they are not meant to grow in our California climate, the ginger patch, the Ti Leaf garden that is more like a wild field of things not typically seen in someone’s garden here in Southern California. The Natural World is contained in the jade plants and the aloe vera, the sage plant which was replanted yesterday, the climbing stephanotis which should no way be as prolific with its growth and its blooms as it is. It includes the loudness of the silence of the Lava rocks which were brought here, with permission, long before I was born into this consciousness, is contained within the wagging tail of my dog, the breathlessness that is the beauty of butterflies being born out of the safety of their cocoon.

The Natural world where I live includes the laughter of a 9 year old, the silent force that is a young man of almost 20, the giggles which erupt from a 15 year old whose serious demeanor gives no credence to the bubbly persona within. It includes the silence that is illness in a person far too young to suffer at his own hands and wishes, the chattering that is the conversation between two Kupuna who refuse to see themselves, even as it is a grandness of Wisdom, to be known as such. It is in the texts from my Soul Family, the Love which is there between us all that is included in the Natural World which is called “Roxanne’s.”

Everything, even if it has no mouth, has a voice

Everything in existence has a voice and can be thought of as a teacher to us. Even rocks, which we think are silent, have a voice, just as do the fish who we think also have no voice. Their voices are heard within the Soul, and their message to us is unique to us and our individual, yet shared, Path. When you are stirred within by the magic that is the world around you, and you can see through the things that keep breaking your heart to the thing that the heartache is teaching you is when you are becoming more aware of your own Natural World.

The squeaking of tires, or of mice, have the same message, so long as that message needs to be heard. The loudness that is a rock concert is the same as the loudness of the silence of the rocks if it is that the ears that hear the message need to hear whatever message it is that they need to hear. Everything within our lives has a voice, has a lesson to teach us, and for the very life of each of us we are more inclined to pass off those things that we think are coincidence rather than what they really are – which is needed, no matter what those things are telling you.

The Universal Law of Communication tells us that we are all connected to the Great Big All That Is, and we are all connected by it as well. If Spirit can talk to one of us, Spirit talks to all of us. If Spirit can tell one person through a kick ass song and screeching guitars what that person needs to know, in that same manner, She can also tell anyone else whatever it is that they need to know when they need to know and through a means which is understandable to that person. The messenger might be the same for anyone, but the message rarely is. It is with our own personal perception and beliefs that our world is turned into the reality that we have. We created what we see in our lives and as our reality because of the messages that we chose to hear and to listen to and NOT because someone else brought that reality to us. That is giving away your Power and the entirety of us have done that way too much already.

It is time to ‘Auhea Wale Ana ‘Oe, and Pay the hell attention already. The answers which are yours and which you seek are there and ready to be discovered. No one else is going to do it for you. It is yours to do with what you will. You cannot blame other people because you are choosing to not look at the world around you and see there what is in store through the messages that each of us are always being given.

The answers are there, have always been there. You just are not looking in the right place, hearing the right voice.

Shut up, already, and listen, with both your ears and your Soul.
Spirit is talking your ears off.
Please, take heed…’Auhea Wale Ana ‘Oe…
She is never wrong.

I Love You All !

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The Universal Law of Center

Your Center Should Also Be Your Center of Attention

The Center within is where all things on the outside of us and that has anything at all to do with us originates

It is nice to be the center of attention. Women are magical at being the center of attention, even when other women are concerned. It is our power within, the ability to have all eyes on us. Some of us are better at it than are others, but the truth remains that there is more going on there than what only meets the eyes. There is more there than we want to believe. In order for anyone, even a woman, to garner the attention she gets, she first must understand that it is from within the center of her Soul where this originates.

All Power Comes from the Center of the Soul

Everything we are comes from within us. Everything. Our Center of Our Souls are connected to each other, and the people who we share our lives with lend to that central energy, that essence that is so very different from everyone else’s but is somehow the very same. When we set out to do something, and we have ideas that we think are just the greatest, and even when we think that nothing is right and that nothing will ever be right, that is our Power and it is derived from the very Center of our Souls.

Hurting is a powerful thing. Hurting makes us stop for a moment to look at what is there that is making us feel like it is the end of the world. Hurting makes it so that we have to take a moment to look at things the way that they are, accept them, understand them and ultimately move ahead from them. Being angry is another form of hurting. When we are angry, so it seems, things seem to get done faster, and why this is is still a mystery to me, the idea that we wait til we are either hurt or angry, not only at other people for not taking our truths as the truth of us, but more, for not respecting that truth. When our truth has been ignored, we take action, and we take action because, even when we are out to do dastardly things to others, we are coming from the middle of us, from the Center, from the very Source.

This is where power emanates from, is where we get these killer ideas that we get, where we get the compulsion to write another story, to compose another song, to draw another picture, to do what we do in accordance with Spirit and according to the Path we each have chosen. If we have chosen without choosing to be the one who is there to take on all of the things that we do, and we make it work for us, this is our Power at work. If we choose to use what has been given to us in the manner that is hurtful and draining for us, in the manner that is the sacrifice on behalf of other people, this, too, is our Power.

Our Power is not what we think it is. Power comes from having been weakened in some manner, in a manner that is that which brought us to our knees and that which made us look at who truly we are, not in the eyes of others, but in our own eyes and those of Spirit. When we are in need of assistance that is not of this world, is not of the tangible sort, it is through Spirit that our Power comes. Just when we need it the most is when it is most readily available. We don’t realize it at the time we are in the throes of things that make us hurt, but it is the truth – when we hurt the most is when we are most Centered and when we hurt the most is when we are more inclined to stretch ourselves so that we do not have to hurt anymore.

We direct who we are from how we feel, and how we feel about anything begins in the center of our worlds. Where we are right now is meant only as the director of things as we would like to see them, and this calls on our own Inner Power for us to make things happen. If we feel like we have to make other people see things only from our perspective, and if we have to impose our own stuff on to other people so that only our own vision is realized, we are not centered and no way are we within our Power. When we manipulate people to see things our way and when we think we are actually doing someone else a favor by parenting them from our wants and our needs, we are without our Power. We actually give it away this way.

When we stray from our Center, we give away our Power

Women, historically, have been told that we are the “weaker of the two genders,” and that we are not whole without a man in our lives. Lots of us bought into this. Lots of us still buy into it, and there is nothing wrong with it, but make no mistake – there is no rule or law that states that we have to be partnered up with anyone in matrimony, only that there is a Twin Flame on this planet who we are meant to fulfill our soul’s shared mission with. That is it, right there, in a nutshell. The reason that we are here, with anyone, without anyone…regardless, is because of a shared mission. We are not here to try to straighten out bad men, not here to make evil women do things that they don’t want to do (and they are not evil…they just are not doing things YOUR way…). We are not here to pick and choose for others who it is in their lives we think they need. They are not here in ours to make us feel like we need help with things that come naturally to us.

When it is that we feel like we have to empower ourselves by taking power away from others, thinking that if we are who directs things in their lives so that we feel better about who we are in their lives, we are not doing things from the most purest place, and our intentions will end up making themselves known and it will be because of our damned selves. Manipulation, talking people into stuff we know they don’t wanna do, making it known to other people that you have specific plans for their lives where you are concerned and that if they do not agree that is too bad…all of these things, these energies and the corresponding actions all take away from your own Power. Your own Power is the thing that you come to this lifetime to grow. It is the thing that you need to make it through your life as well as being able to do what you came here to do, no matter what it is.

We share in energy with others, but when we continue to give it away and make it so that other people cannot do what they were meant to do, and when we do things in a manner that is behind peoples’ backs, when we feel like we need to prove to anyone who is not us that we are the right person for whatever it is that we feel like we need to do more than just being who we are for real. If you are scared, be that way, because that is where your center is, where your power is right now. If you are worried, be in that worry, because at the moment, that is what you need to learn from. No matter what anyone wants to believe, it is not when we are at our best that we shine the brightest, but really, when we are down and out. I say this because when we are down and out we are more likely to try harder to shine, not for other people but for our selves and only our selves. When we have to use the Power, no matter where it is coming from, is when we are at our best.

It is the paradoxical nature of Spirit that we shine the brightest when we feel like we are not very shiny at all. When we think of it in terms of how much energy we have to exert just to get up in the morning sometimes, we have the reality that is the paradox created by the Center who we are being birthed from the Center of Power that we are giving away. It is in the nothingness that we create that is the Center of the Circle where we came from, and it is the nothingness which is the void that we have that needs to be filled up with the Power that we believe that we do not have. It is from this nothingness that is there, even as it is not there, that creates the room to make more Power, or has the power to take ours away from us through our ill-intended actions.

It is when we are at our most honest and weakest that we are actually the strongest, because it is in that moment where we have to return to our center and when we have to get to the middle of things that would call on us to create Power where it seems that there is none. It is when we realize that there is a reason that the crazy Shaman told you to “ground and center yourself” and a reason that La Curendera next door tells you that you need to grab the Universe by its balls and shake it around like a rattle snake does its rattles. It is when we feel like we have nothing left, when we think that we have to involve other people who would not be the best for us to have our Power, when we think that we have to give it away and more, when we think that we have to take it away from other people that we should instead be thinking about what it is that we are doing with our own Power and why it is that we are choosing NOT to go into the Power that we think is not there and instead will try to take it from other people.

We lose who we are when we give away our Power. There is a reason that you feel so tired all the time, and most of the time, when you feel like you cannot sleep, or when you have slept and you still feel tired, it is because your Soul is telling you from its very Center that it needs rest, that it needs you to stop giving away what is so vitally important to it and to your growth. It is when we are feeling blue or when we are just not all what we think we are, when we have to question ourselves, when we feel threatened, when it is that we feel the least powerful – this is when we are the very most empowered. Once we get rid of the idea that who we are depends on other people is when we will also realize that all on our own we were giving signs of Greatness to the world. When we have given all of who we are to someone else, and when it is that that person does not do what we had wanted or willed them to do – this is when we think we are weak but it is our chance to rise up and be all that we are supposed to be according to the Path we have chosen.

The Universal Law of Center should and can also be thought of as The Universal Law of Personal Power Through trial. It is not that we are not strong when we are in a bad place in our physical reality called Life, but that we are to be made stronger through the things that bring out the worst in us, the things that make us cry and angry, the things that make us look foolish, the things that make us essentially know and realize that who we are takes time, patience, work, and most of all, Power.

Who we are takes Power, and our Power comes from the same place in all of us.

From the Center.

How’s that for making feeling being stuck in the middle a whole lot different for you?

It rocks and rules, and you know it does…


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The Universal Law of Cause and Effect

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”
(Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion)

Newton had it right…and still has it right

Whatever it is that is in our thoughts is the cause of everything that you see around you, around me, around us all. Whatever it is that we put thought to, happens. It might not happen right away and might not happen completely the way that we see it in our heads but make no mistake – what we think about comes to life for us, all of us, and this is what folks mean when they say to be very careful what we wish for, be very clear about it, and do no harm, making sure that what we think about is in right line with the betterment of our own situations, which will lend to the grander global one.

That’s right….you read it right – every little tiny thing that we each think about lends to the greater whole of things on this planet. This means that whatever it is that you lend in terms of energy either adds to it or adds to the lesser energies of it. To understand this concept, we have to think in terms of a shopping transaction.
We go to the store to purchase something (cause, or the reason to go to the store) and then we get what we need from the shelves and go to the register to pay for it and it becomes ours (effect, or the manifestation, the receipt, essentially, that we need as the proof of our own power). Sometimes, when we get to the store, we see that what we want or need is not there, so we go off the course of our thought about a thing (the cause) and end up with something that we might not have really wanted but settled for (the outcome, or “effect”).

Cause…and effect…

When we think about the word “cause” many things come to mind, such as community causes (animal rights, homeless rights, children, women, the environment, etc.) and causes that bring to light the things in society that we are all, on some level, not okay with. Then there are the causes that bring to life this theory of Mr. Newton’s, the one that tells us that whatever it is that we send out into the Universe comes back to us, and if we are not being true to our intent of the whole damned thing, what we see with our imagination and what we want with our imagination will not be the thing that we see because it might not be that the right and intended energy is behind it. In fact, it is with great caution that I will tell anyone to please – hell yes, when it comes to things and situations that we really want in our lives, no matter what those things and situations are, BE VIGILANT in the manner that is caring for your thoughts. Your thoughts are what bring about the effect, and sometimes what it is that we are effecting through our thoughts is NOT what we really need. More than that, sometimes it turns out that those effects are also totally NOT what we want, either, so use this with EXTREME caution and care because you are not the only person on the planet. You really need to see this, believe this and take it to heart. What you think of affects through the effects of your thoughts.

The calamities that you go through are because of your thoughts and your belief in those thoughts.

The things that you see in your life are there because of you and what you thought about. The things that are or are not wrecking you at this moment are doing so because of you and not one other person else. What you think about becomes your reality, your experience, and you might not think so, but this is the truth. The ugliness that you see – you brought it, as much as you did the beautiful stuff that everyone loves. The arguing with others, and the hating that they do on you, the things that make you cry and moan…all of it – your doing. 

The things that hurt you are the effects of your causes, and they are there because you brought them to life within you. The things that irritate you, irritate anyone in their own lives were brought about through the thoughts that whoever is thinkin’ them cannot get rid of. If your life feels like you are somehow in limbo, that is because you think it is. If your life has pieces of it that somehow do not fit, again, you did it. EVERY LITTLE THING THAT ANY ONE OF US THINKS IS OUR OWN CAUSE AND THE RESPONSE FROM THE UNIVERSE WILL MAKE THIS EVIDENT WHEN THE TIME COMES and not before.

Such as, earlier today, I told a good pal of mine that where they are right now is not permanent, that they will be coming back home to us and that no matter what, this is what they, the friend, has had to go on a Spirit quest to the place that they are right now. If this person did not think the way that they did, that perhaps they needed to do some thinking and some getting in touch with their own selves, coupled that thought with the idea that they knew that there had to be some balance there, they would be here, but in their own Wisdom effected the thing in their life that was not only meant to bring about new thoughts about things, but also, protection, from a lot of things, but more than much else, the thoughts that they knew would only be good and changed through their own hands. This is something that this person knows, because this is how they roll. They knew that there needed to be some sort of something in their life and the ONLY person who that something would come through was their own Self. (Very nice, by  the way…you know who you are…I Love You ! )

The effect that this person is waiting for is in manifest, because they said it prior to going…they will be back, and yes, of course they will be, because it is their ’cause’ which will bring the ‘effect’ for them when the time is right for it. NOTHING HAPPENS BEFORE THE TIME IS RIGHT. Know that now. Believe that now and get it into your head NOW that what you think about becomes real, and what is real is NOT what is seen or felt in the thought of things, namely NOT when the intention is not in line with the thought…let that sink in for a bit and absorb it and let it be the thing that you remember most about this post.

Nothing happens before it is time for it to

This is relatively a simple thing to understand. No matter what it is that we want in our lives, until we are ready, and we always know when we are ready, what we want to see will not be, and if we have to enforce things, have to force it, have to make it known to others what our intention is (remember that stating it is NOT the same as thinking it, and what is in your thoughts is what will happen – NOT WHAT YOU TELL OTHERS unless it is the SAME EXACT ENERGY, period…and this is not my rule…it is a Universal Law…so freakin’ deal with it already, dammit….if you don’t believe your own words, the Universe knows it and responds….duh…) what it is that we are thinking and what it is that we are saying won’t match, and if those things don’t match we get what DOES match and nothing more or less.

Manifesting stuff and things and people into our lives is no joke. Manifestation of the most perfect life for ourselves is only as perfect as we and the people who we think we need in our lives makes it be. If you feel like you have to manipulate people, it will be that the energy that you get back (effect) is the proof that they know they have been or that you are trying to do this. (I say it often – ENERGY DOES NOT LIE, and some of us are very good at feeling out the energies…we can’t help it. It is who we are and for people like me, is actually what we do to make our living with. It is literally my job, as well as my purpose and mission.)

If anyone feels like they have to talk anyone into something, feels like they have to get to someone or something and anyone who is like this and who is living within this energy and this belief, I PROMISE YOU that your own ill-intended thoughts, even as you might not think they are ill-intended, WILL COME BACK TO YOU, no matter what. If you have been a jack ass for a long time, and you were this way with other people, and you believe that since it is that you might (or might not have, dependent on the prevailing energy in YOU) have changed your own thoughts about things, but have not even bothered with the way that other people might still feel about your actions in the past, this is not giving credence to people who have been hurt by you, and you need to make right that which is still not totally right. While you might be within your own right mind in thinking that since it is that you have changed your self but have not given other people that same chance to be right with their own selves, you ain’t playin’ correctly and you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously.

If it sounds and feels like I am chewing your ass… would be right

I cannot say it enough – and yes, it gets OLD, so this will be the LAST time that I will say it (unless you are a paying student…that’s different). You have been on this planet long enough to know that what you think about obviously is what you will have in reality. There is nothing more true than this and if you think for a moment that maybe the rule doesn’t apply to you I am inviting you to rethink that thought, get it in your head that you are not as cool as you think you are, take a step back (thank you…again…you know who you are) and look at what you are doing and the reason that it is being done. I do a LOT of things that many, many people would think is somehow crazy, but the truth is that when it is done with and through the eyes of Love and Protection, not only of those closest to me, but more for myself than much anyone else, I know what my intention is.

It is never only what other people think it is, because in the line of work that is “Professional Weirdo,” there are different energies that are used, given to any Pro Weirdo from anyone, anything, anywhere, and it is all meant as a cause to effect outcome that is beneficial for everyone and everything involved. There is really no malice, as I have been taught otherwise. There is nothing that I can do for others that I cannot do for me, so when I do like I do, it is with me in mind first, and then those who I do what I know I have to do. It is never a selfish thing to do things for one’s self, for without the things done on the behalf of our very selves there is nothing that gets done for anyone else, either. If it is that it would seem that I would do or say something that is hurtful or would not do for myself, you can bet that I would not also do it for someone or more, TO someone or on someone else’s behalf, either.

This is something that people need to know and believe right now…when we set out to do harm, harm will come. If we set out to do beneficial things for others, things become magically gorgeous and the outcome, even as many Professional Weirdos will tell you this is the truth, there are still those who can only see the effected outcome that was the thought or the cause. “Harm” can be anything, but is nothing that is not manipulative, that is not controlling, that is not somehow making it so that we get what we think we want and to hell with what is best for everyone involved. It is like trying to get people to believe what we believe, no matter what it is. If we have to talk people into believing what we think is the best for them and we are without regard for what we KNOW is the best thing for them, and all we can do is think about what it is that WE want.

Read that again…if what it is that we want and think is the best thing for our own lives and we are without thought that what we want, when other people are involved in our minds, and it is not what is best for ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, you can BET that what you end up with…the effect part of this all… WILL NOT BE what you imagine it can be. This is the part of manifesting that not a lot of people can grasp. Sometimes I have a hard time with it, but I know that the rule is the rule, that energy is energy and that energy cannot lie, ever. I know this. I live this and I know that there are people who have a hard time with it. It is not that hard to think of, not that hard to take in, but it is a bitch to accept. When we cannot accept the truth that is in front of us, and we feel like we have to assert our own truth onto other people so that we can be comfortable in the truth that keeps on slapping the shit out of us, and we deny it, and we cause the effects of anger and nastiness, I promise you that it is not going to be what you want it to be. It will be what it was, because obviously you have Karma to work out with it.

Not my rule, or my law, but it is the one that most of us live by, or at least try to live by.

Paying attention to our thoughts is key to getting what we want AND need, and while it is that we have a set intention for these things, it pays, too, to remember that what we see and think are SYMBOLIC in nature, and what is in store for us is so, so, SO much better than our own human cause and effect abilities can bring to us.

I would not lie to you, because it sets up challenges for me that I cannot undo, not for me, or for anyone else, for that matter.

…and also because…


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The Universal Law of Catastrophe

How will you deal with anything at all if you cannot deal with your own catastrophes?

Life tends to mess with all good humans. We all have to deal with catastrophe, and really, no one wants to deal with things that they really are trying to avoid. My thought is that it is now a great time to deal with things when we would rather avoid them. Catastrophe can be seen as many, many things, and one of those things is utter failure. The truth is, though, that we have to meet our Catastrophes, head on, or else they keep showing up in our lives. Catastrophe is also damage that is outright gigantic. Catastrophes, though, do not only happen to one person, even though when it hits our lives and us squarely in the heart and soul, we want to believe that our catastrophes are the only ones that are important. While they might be the thing that is important in our own lives, we cannot forget that sometimes catastrophes are needed and normally they are there and in our lives right when we are ripe for the lessons and the learning.

Like over-ripe tomatoes which rot on the vine, the ones that we ignore and only look at the beautiful fruits that are at eye level and that we are able to still eat, we ignore the things in our lives that are staring at us, telling us that it is time to clean up something and that no matter how many times we don’t want to look at the ugliness and don’t want to deal with the hurt and the crap that we KNOW for sure that we will have to deal with, the longer it is that we choose just not to even have a passing thought about these things, the more we will hurt and the more that these very catastrophes that we believe to not be that big of a deal in energetic terms will still be.

And just like those over-ripened tomatoes, the sort that remain on the vine and the sort which people, namely the people who were meant to help tend to those fruits, just overlook, we, too, as souls who are here and directing our energies where they will be of best and highest good, end up hanging in the balance and waiting for someone else to come along and pick the fruit that is not beautiful to look at and might even be filled with holes and the worms who put them there.

Sh*t Happens…deal with it

Back in the 80’s, there was a saying that ended up on T-shirts and bumper stickers all over the world, and that saying was “Shit happens.” As crude as this was at that time, there were no two truer words than those, because it is the energy that this Shaman sees and has always seen behind it. The reason that I know catastrophes happen is because Spirit needs us to see where it is that we hurt, why we hurt, and what it is that we are way too willing to do in regard to that hurt. The majority of us are too inclined to place that hurt in a way that is not only not healing for us, but is also not a good energy for other people to have to experience through or with us. When it is that we are ailing from the soul within, it shows, and no matter if we think we are hiding anything at all, there are always going to be people who will know that there is something sorely amiss.

When we are not willing to deal with our own stuff, when we want our catastrophes to be someone else’s, too, is when the ugly fun starts. Yeah…I know…how can fun be ugly? (It’s another version of “fugly,” really.)

It can be ugly when the catastrophes that happen end up being between more than only one person, and more so when we involve other people, without regard to what they are also going through, particularly with us. While we might be in the same energetic stuff as others are, the FACT remains that other people will not be experiencing what we are, even as the things that we are collectively going through are the same in a material and tangible sense.

At my house there is a lot going on, and the one thing that is going on is the passage of one person going from this world to the next world. What he goes through is not the same thing that I go through, and what I go through is not the same as what our three kids go through, even though the technical facets of it all are exactly the same. That these are my kids is one thing. That these three kids see the same things that I see is another thing.

That they experience it the way that they do is a whole different thing all together, because what way too many of us see is only our own version of what is a collective truth between people. What too many of us want to believe is the truth of others is also the very same truth that we have and this is NOT the truth at ALL! Yes, we ALL want to believe that other people, no matter who they are and no matter anything at all, care enough about our crap when they also have their own crap to deal with. And really, how dare any one of us make our crap anyone else’s crap? It is not their crap, is not their catastrophe. If I believed, still, that the crap that the kids’ father is going through is somehow also mine to deal with in the manner that he has to, I might still be a blubbering mess of a wreck. But I know better.

I Know Better…and so should you!

Like anyone else should know better, I have come to learn that no matter how much I value life that there are going to be people who do not. What I was not prepared for at the onset and what I am so very well prepared for at this time is accepting that this is the way that some people are. Some people live by the idea that you are born, you grow up, get a job, get married, support your family and sacrifice for them, then you die. I am not one of those people. My belief is that life needs to be lived, to be experienced, and there is no one and nothing that will make it so that even when I am down in the trenches and crying from the middle of my soul, who will or that will make me believe another way. No one has that power. This is the lesson that the baby daddy taught me through his own hatred for things that are not comfortable.

And that is really the reason why it is that a lot of people tell us that they hate life. I cannot hate life. I will never hate life. The real reason that people say this is because they cannot cope with the catastrophes, cannot deal with the idea that whatever it was that they did in the past is still waiting to be seen to. They will avoid it like it is somehow a turd hanging off of their dog’s okole and that they know they have to somehow, without touching it, remove it so that the dog is not walking around with this big crap hanging. Yeah, I know…kind of a disgusting thing to compare it to, but not more disgusting than is the idea that people would rather NOT try to make it different and instead, because they don’t wanna do the work which is gathered in the energy that is Catastrophe, they let the proverbial turd hang.

We need Catastrophe

Like it or not, catastrophe is needed and is needed because without it we are not shown what it is that we are not looking at. That is really where catasrtophe starts – where we are not willing to look because in looking at the catastrophes we have to accept that things are not as rosy in our lives as we keep telling everyone they are. I am not that person who will lie about it when I am not happy, and anyone who really knows me knows this about me is the truth. I will not paint a pretty picture if there isn’t one to show. I will not lie to someone about something that is harsh and horrid to stomach, no matter what it is.

I am not going to sit back and tell people what they want to hear, and always the thing that no one wants to hear is that there is some stuff in their lives that has to be dealt with, has to be looked at and has to be seen to. I will not lie to a person and tell them that what they want in their lives they can have without also telling them that what they are focusing on is only a representative of the energy behind the symbolism. What one person might see as being the absolute thing that they want, another cannot deal with because of the work involved in it. What one person might see as their own paradise, another might view as the very opposite of that. It is just like trying to make people love us, accept us, want us in their lives – if they don’t want us there, and yes, I know this one very well, it is not our place to try to make it so that they will have to deal with us. That is creating catastrophe in the realms of Spirit, and when you go about going against what it is that you know is the truth of things versus the thing that you know is the truth, no matter how much it seems to suck, you create havoc for you.

Creating havoc for yourself only brings to you the thing that you are avoiding, which is the catastrophes that you have created for you. That you are feeling alone in that mess is one thing, but that you would like to bring others in to it is another story all together, and really, it isn’t cool to do that. It isn’t cool because ultimately, you are who pays the Karma debt, and don’t you and all of us already have way too much debt as it is?
On the other side of that creation of havoc is the lesson that you don’t want to learn and is the thing that you have been playing avoidance games with for so long now that it is of little wonder as to why it is that you think you are right in believing that you will get away from the thing that you have, yourself, created in your life. And then you have the very nerve to believe that you need people to do for you what you would not do for your very self.

The very nerve indeed!

The Universal Law of Catastrophe is meant as the thing that reminds you of how long it has been that you have bothered with the idea that you have a lot of cleaning to do. Some of us see things from a different place, but always, when it is that things that hurt us come to our lives it is because for a long time we have not bothered with it, even though we know that what we need is contained in the energy that is the reason for the catastrophe itself. We know that there are things that we have to address, that have to be completed and that demand our attention.

It is not until Spirit has had enough of our avoidance games that we see much catastrophe in our lives that we come to realize that we should have already learned the lesson that brought the catastrophe to us to being with.

Face your pain, and your fears, because no matter how long you try not to, they come back to us, again and again, bigger, uglier and more catastrophic than the last time.



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The Universal Law of Manifestation

You Create Your World

We can never count on much from other people, at least not when it comes to things that we are supposed to be able to do for ourselves. We bring into our lives everything we see and feel and know, and we do it with our thoughts and the energy behind those thoughts.

The Universal Law of Manifestation…you own brand of Magic

I have this friend to whom I refer as being the “Snarky Puppy.” Her name is Melody Fletcher. She is the Goddess of Gettin’, but is not prone to being one of those types who will tell you what you want to hear, even though she sorta is. I know that seems a bit confusing, but if you have half a working brain cell in your head then you already know that what you think about and focus on the most is what appears in your life. Anyhow, after having studied her blog posts, and after having communicated back and forth with her over the last two years, albeit somewhat sporadically (Hey, she IS the Goddess of Gettin’…), I have learned and come to realize that what we are being told by all of these …gurus…and what is the truth of the Law of Manifestation as well as how it truly works…well, we shall say that because of Melody’s blog, her teachings and such, there are more people on this planet who understand the energy that is required for this law to work in our favor.

What it means for this law to work in our favor.

The one thing that I do not want anyone reading this to think is that what you think about is the actuality of what you will receive. The Universe does not work that way. Where it is that the lessons in anything are to be learned, nothing trumps learning. In fact, while it is that you might get what you want initially, the truth will come to be in the reality later on, when what it was that you asked for is not all that you thought it would be. This could be anything at all, seriously.

When I say “for this law to work in our favor,” I do NOT mean that what you see in your mind’s eyes is the absolute thing that you will have. Again, while you might get exactly that one thing, if it is not the thing that will be “this or better” in any situation, you can think of that one thing as being the appetizer before the meal. The reason is because when we are talking about the machinations of energy, we are talking about our vibration and where it is that there is not only the right energy, but also the other side with the not-so-great energy. This is where the fun stuff starts. When we say we want …I don’t know…say, a pet shark, and we get that pet shark, and all the while we thought that we would have the greatest most coolest pet in the world, when we got the damned shark, we found out a whole lot about a shark that maybe we didn’t know before.

Like the fact that most sharks are predators, and that your pet might like to try you dipped in batter and served with ranch dressing. While we are thinking about how cool it would be to have a pet shark, we only thought about what it would be like to tell people that we have a shark, that our shark can eat your pit bull, and that if anyone would like to test that theory out, we would be happy to do that for them. We do all this thinking about how cool it would be to have what we want and do so without the idea that it is a shark, that it can and will eat us, that it would take the pit bull to get into the water for us to have this really ridiculous land animal versus wild water predator sort of thing happen.

When we are thinking about what it is that we want, we are not thinking completely, and this is when and where the Universal Law of Manifestation needs to be given in terms that are sharks and dogs.

A Band called Led Zeppelin

If anyone wants to know how they came up with the name “Led Zeppelin,” the answer, in sort of okay terms is easy. When they were naming themselves, I think the story is that they came up with an idea for the genre style of music they would play and one of them uttered that it would sink and “go down like a lead Zeppelin.”
You know…the Zeppelin? Big giant air filled aircraft that people know about, too? Don’t take me on my word because it was something told to me by someone else, but I will admit to thinking that I believe I am right with this thought. Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The idea that this band at the time in history that they came to be is very much odds stacked against them.

Yet, here we are in the here and the now and my kids love them, and my kids are the age where they should be loving …well, anything BUT my music.

These guys, because I also know all about their Spiritual energy, totally knew back then what only a handful of us knows now, and that is that they just never lost focus. (Okay, so …they might have lost focus from time to time but TOTALLY not the way that I am writing about them now haha…anyhow…)

The way that they came to be Led Zeppelin is the way that anyone does anything…focus, thought and NEVER attaching themselves to any perceived outcome. Period. That is the way that this manifestation thing works and is the way that a lot of our joys and sorrows come into being. We make it that way. We are who creates our own lives and our realities. We like blaming other people for what is in our lives, but the truth is that we can neither blame nor glorify anyone or anything but our very selves and it is because the truth is that first we think it, then it happens. Maybe not that fast, because anything worth having, no matter what freakin’ guru said what to you, no matter which one of those guys tells anyone at all that the way to do things is that you think it and you get what you want…that only works for things like parking spaces at the mall on Christmas Eve (maybe). To get to where they are now – total rock music deities in the truest sense of the word – it took them work, focus and most of all, belief.


Belief is a funny thing, and it is something that every Pisces know is our forte’. We live in the ocean called Belief and it is the one thing that both fortifies and cripples us at the same time. We want what we want, and we attach ourselves to the outcome we want to see, and most of the time, as far as a Pisces is concerned, we are not really that ready to see both sides of the coin. (Of course, some of us are very evolved and yep…it took us a whole hell of a lot of tears, acceptance, things that suck and hurt us badly, to get to the point where we are now…just sayin’…)

In order to believe something at all, most unevolved human type beings speak it out of their mouths thinking that because they merely said it and breathed energy into it, that it is just gonna be.


The truth is that we NEVER get what we want all the time, and most of the time, we get what we both want AND need. Let me repeat that…most of the time we get what we both want and need, and when that happens, what we thought we wanted will pale in comparison to the thing that we focused on. What a lot of people fail to realize is that Spirit only has our best interest at heart, and the thing that we are focusing on should always and ONLY be thought of as a symbol of the energy behind that one thing. It can be anything at all. It can be a job, a relationship, a new car, a new place to live…anything at all, whatever it is, what we think about and focus on the most is, for the most part, what we receive. NOW, the fun part…yeah…right…fun…is learning to NOT attach ourselves to the actual picture in our minds. Understand now that the picture that we hold in our heads, our hearts and our soul might not be the exact thing that we get, but if we believe we are deserved of that same energy and that that energy was good to us and for us, the manifestation of whatever it symbolized and stood for to anyone at all is the thing that will come to us.

The Things That Come to Us

Don’t get all ass hurt over the idea that what you “see” with your focused and unbiased mind’s eyes will be the very and exact thing that you will receive. We only receive the reciprocating energy to that thought. In other words, yes, we think about it, yes, we are given signs and symbolic signals that tells us we are on the path we are meant to be for that one manifestation. However, and again, Spirit does not ever give us anything that we do not need, and when we get what we do not want, it is because we focused on what we did not want more than we focused on what we knew we needed and desired.

What we desire is beautiful, of course, and sometimes what we get is not what we wanted. This is because when you focus on the part of the manifestation that is the part that tells us “I want and deserve this BUT…, we end up with the but part. It is because our energy is confused. We are telling Spirit with our mouths what we think we want via the mouth, and our Ego is telling us that it won’t happen, even while our Soul is singing praises and glorifying the thing that we know we deserve.

We know we each deserve Love,the job we want to have, the house, the car, the everything, and we focus on the one thing or person that we think will be the thing that we want and will make us happy, without regard to what also might happen that we might not like. This is irresponsible thinking. This is setting ourselves up for more heartache. This is our not listening to our souls and instead listening to our egos in that we are believing everything that we don’t want to believe. When we believe that things should be only one way, that is not taking into account everyone or everything else who and that we want involved in this. We cannot mess with the free will of other people. It doesn’t work that way. When we feel like we have to talk anyone, even ourselves, into anything, that is NOT the Law of Manifestation at work. That is our being manipulative little twits and behaving as though we know better than does Spirit.

We do not know better than Spirit, even though we should know better than our Ego wants us to believe we do. Spirit knows exactly what we need, and our Egos know what we want, and altogether in a strange and cosmic way we pull energy from both sides of us and with the help of Spirit, we get what we need, and always it is much better than what we thought we want.

It’s the Thought that counts…

Seriously, it is the thought and the energy behind the thought, also known as the intention, that counts. We can no sooner get a million dollars through the million dollar fairy if we are not willing to be the million dollar fairy. We can no sooner have the love in our lives there with us if we are not willing to see things from both our own side as well as the ones who we are focused on. We can no sooner have the great job we want if we are too focused on what we do not have in so far as job skills are concerned.

Pretty basically, when it comes to the Universal Law of Manifestation, do not forget that when you focus, focus on what you want, after you have thought about things and know for sure what that thing is, don’t forget that what you focus on is symbolic, and pretty much…that’s about it.

Remember, too, that you will, if you don’t practice the focus thing, get what you want and what you do not want. We all already know what we do not want.

How about we focus on what we DO want and see what happens then?

I Love You All !

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Your tears are not for anyone else but YOU

I Know You got more Tears to share, Babe…(Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby”)

It is not time right now to cry for anything other than that we are, collectively, not very comfortable…but the thing is…well, just read it…yeesh!

Well now…let’s see what we have here, shall we? There are a whole lot of us on this planet right now who are knowing well what the tears are all about, what the hurting is meant for, and what the lesson is at the end, and we know this because it is our job, literally for some of us (y’all know who you are) as Light Workers to know it. We are not here for the purpose of breaking your hearts and then walking away. Our purpose is to make all those things that you are just not seeing as your lesson make sense. So, be ass hurt if you care to, because it is not as though we already have not dealt with all of our charges’ tears, anger, venom, the feeling that we are, somehow, the ones who you need to strike out at. We are not. 

In fact, no one is.

And here we go again, one more time (I cannot believe I actually have to go there but here we go…and really, I do not give two shits about what this says to you. You can take it as you like. Eventually, you will get it, we hope…yes, we…)

You are meant to cry. Yup. You read it right. I said it. Now deal with it. You, yourselves have brought to your own life these lessons, and they are not lessons in how to lose, but how to be strong. They are not lessons that you, yourself, prior to your incarnation to this consciousness, did not ask for. That’s right – you asked for these things to come to you, and no, you were not given any kind of warning (you weren’t supposed to be able to prepare for them…that is why they are called LESSONS and it is all called LEARNING…YEESH), and here you are now in the here and the Now and you are just beside yourself. I promise, I know what you are feeling (some of you literally) and I know that it is tough, but I also know that there are a lot of things going on in all of our lives that call for us to evolve to the next level of awareness, and that there are some of us on this planet who are just not able, or at least believe that you are not able, to deal with the pain.

Deal with it

We are never sent to this lifetime without some sort of agenda. We are not here to remain as we are, unpolished and with all of these dings and dents. We cannot think about what it is that we want to believe is lost for us. The truth is that sometimes the things that we hang on to and the things and people that we want to believe make us who we are may very well be the things and the people who are causing us not to grow. Yes, baby dolls, I know…growing is painful, but it is meant to be that way, because if it ain’t painful, we won’t learn a god damned thing. 

It is meant, like when a child grows physically, to suck. It is supposed to suck. (okay, so some lessons are actually not sucky but you get the idea, I hope)You are not supposed to stay in the manifestation that you are in right now. There is nothing cool about people running around in circles, nothing cool about people behaving as the biblical dogs who return to their vomit hoping that no one sees it. I am telling you NOW that we see it…we ALL see it, and whether it is that you believe that we see it, and no matter what sort of things you think you are going to do to avoid being seen for real, always, we know. Healers, Shaman, Kahuna, Priestesses, Ministers, Teachers…Light Workers KNOW, not only what all this crap is about, but more, that the resistance that a lot of folks are putting up right now is what is killing your energy right now, and on behalf of all of my fellow professional weirdos, I am not even ASKING that you all pull your heads out of your asses, but I am asking you that you at least take a look around there, right there where it should only be an exit, take a whiff and try hard to see in the dark…

Can’t do it, can you?

Hell No! You cannot see in the darkness…so please, pull your heads out…like, yesterday

Nope. There ain’t any way that I am talking to ONE person, but to the entirety of the whole of people who believe that they do not have to do the work involved in evolving to your own Self. The tears you are crying are from you and FOR you. Let me stress that again, okay?

The tears you are crying are from you and FOR you. The tears that you are crying are not anyone else’s business, fault, making. They are evidence that your soul is exhausted, that you have come to this place that really, no one wants to be at, because being right here and right now sucks ass. I get it. It hurts too much. It is painful. It is not what you thought you would ever have to deal with, because in EVERYONE’S heads who are smack in the middle of the throes of the hurt is also the thought that someone else caused this. Right there in the middle of your mind you are angry, and in the middle of your soul, you are hurting, and the little kid who lives inside of the soul is confused. When that kid is confused there is only one parent, and that parent is YOU, and when you hang on to things and ways of being that are not the right things or ways of being, that kid within tells you.

The kid within is who you are trying to appease, but that is not what the kid within needs. The kid within needs the parent within to soothe it, to tell him or her that all is as it is meant to be at the moment. The kid within needs us to wake up, show it the way, not make the pain go away, at least not the way that any one of us would believe that is the best way. At the moment, the best way that any of us can think of is the fastest way, is the easiest way, but neither of those two things are the truth.

Neither the pain nor the lesson will go away. 

The more we resist, the harder it becomes, because we want to believe that what it is that we have here as the pain that we don’t want is something that is temporary – it is, but if you keep hanging on to things you know ain’t there for you to learn from anymore, it won’t be, and it will be your choosing that will keep it this way. Let me tell you this much, and this is coming from someone who, at one time in her life, may have appeared to “have it all”…nice house at a private golf course community…5 cars- and I owned them all…a golf cart…new one every other year…friends…a great little dance company. By any and all appearances, truly, to some people, I “had it all,” but the reality is that I have none of those things right now (okay, the real friends who I met and Loved up in the desert I still have those people in my life…Love You!), and the truth is that really, I am glad for it. My things, my life, and who I thought I was were what controlled me. These days, even now as I am in the middle of a LOT OF CRAP I WOULD RATHER NOT BE IN THE MIDDLE OF, I am better off, even without everything that I thought I needed. The thought was that I would never have to do things that suck because I ‘had it all.” The thought was that even though I was married to this …person…who gave me everything …THING…that I wanted, the one thing that he could never give to me was his original self, because to that guy his original self was a broke ass when in reality his broke ass was more like a broken soul. When the soul is broken the only thing that anyone can do is go through the painful process of healing.

I learned well that I can do this life thing on my own. Yes, I have a couple of really great friends, and I have amazing spirit students, and I love them all. I might not be able to tend to them all every single day, but I asked for them to be here, so that my own message, the ones that I  get directly from the great beyond, could be imparted, not only like this (in writing) but also through their example of them being EXACTLY who they are and who they are meant to be. Once it was that I started to let go of things (I promise…it is NOT EASY but SO worth it), I realized that the reason that I hurt so freakin’ much was because of ME. I hurt so much because I was allowing what happened to me that came from other people and situations in my own life to own me, to be the thing that colored my daily life and my entire world.

I had to stop it, had to learn that I was who was and is and has always been in control and NOT what someone else did, said or was to me. When we allow outer forces to decide for us how our manifestations come into being, we let go of our own control of things. The only person who is in control of things is us. Get that much through your thoughts and head right now, and yes, deal with it, because truth is never anything but truth. Sometimes it is a harsh truth. Sometimes it is a truth that makes us happy. ALL THE TIME IT IS THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT, and the truth at the moment is that the pain you feel is going to teach you, one way or another. The pain you feel is rooted in fear, of not being good enough, of not having what you want to believe is yours because of YOU, of doing everything not according to someone else’s beliefs, no matter what those beliefs are.

We can no more control other people than we can bother to try to make them see things, literally, through our eyes. It ain’t gonna happen. It will never happen that way because sometimes what is going on does not include or involve who we are no matter what. This is a hard lesson, I know, and it is not one that too many of us volunteer for from our own human brain. No, you volunteer LONG before you come into this lifetime. You give yourself to these lessons so that you can grow and be who you are meant to be and NOT who you think you are. That is the Ego telling you that it knows better than your Soul does and NEVER does your Ego know better than your Soul, ever. The reason that it hurts is because the Ego self is telling you that you did it wrong, that you are not right, that the pain is something that you have to push away when in reality the pain is something that you have to welcome and pay attention to, something that is your soul’s responsibility (Kuleana). The more you resist it, the bigger the pain, and it gets bigger so you can do something more important that is not only learning or growing…it is so that you no longer, at least in that one area of your life, have to bother with the damned “duh moments” that you do not realize you are having.

No one thinks about it, but when we are hanging on to things that we think will make us feel better, we might actually be hanging on to the things or even the one thing in our lives that is actually hindering who we are and getting in the damned way of our paths and our healing and our lessening of those damned “duh moments.”

OK…there it is…I said it, and I meant it, now get out into the big fat world and DEAL WITH IT!

Yeesh !!
…but still, you know it..


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The Universal Law of Balance

True Balance

Balance is more than only for diets and checkbooks

If humans knew that the reason that a lot of folks feel like they are somehow “off,” energy-wise, they would see things differently. If humans would bother to check their own balance like they balance their checkbooks, like they balance their diets, like they balance out their days and nights so that they would have the illusion that their lives are in actual true balance instead of only appearing as such, life would not seem like every time they have something to cheer about, conversely, there is also something to bitch about.

Reread that last sentence. That is called True Balance. In essence, it is the perfect measured allotment between the light within and the shadow side of things. It is what allows us to see both sides to everything in our lives, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the scary, the nothing and the All That Is. Yet we are not taught this way. We are taught to be careful of what could happen that would be something that we need to focus on that is not essentially “good,” and we become way too cautious of things that might happen. The funny thing about humans is that we know long before it is proved to us (there is that receipt thing I keep talking about again) the truth that we actively seek.

The Truth we actively seek

If we are balanced, we will know it, because when we are not balanced we know right away. Read that again – when we have balance, we know we have it, and when we don’t, we also know it. Sometimes it is an imbalance we get from someone else whose energies are directed toward us in some fashion, and in us this causes an imbalance. When we can see the imbalance that is in other people it means we know it and might actually be living it right in that moment. There are a whole lot of people right now who are physically feeling the imbalances they welcomed for the first half of their lives, and now, at this time, there is a multitude of very young people suffering ailments physically which we ailments of the Soul to begin with. Empaths, we are very prone to everything we feel. When someone close to me is sad, I feel it. When someone is telling me one thing but does not realize that they are sending a totally different kind of energy that they are copping to, I know it.

When someone is balanced, they will be able to focus not only on the weight of the energy that is their own, but also will be able to sense a totally different measure that is other peoples’. It is nothing that everyone is NOT going through. WE are all going through these changes. We have seen too many things that were once thought as coincidental, but are now so commonplace that we are surprised that anyone at all would be surprised about seeing. There are still people among us who are not awake. It is because they refuse to wake up. The balance is not what we think it is. It’s all dependent upon your intention – will your outcome be Divine Manifestation, or will it be The Divinest Bitch of All? Karma.

Think about it. When a person is out of balance, they do stupid things. When a person would rather be numb than be strong it makes them go outside of who they are and forces themselves to be who they are not. This creates a very dear imbalance. This starts long before kids are part of anyone’s lives. We play house with other people, and we have certain gender roles, and those roles are meted out to the girls and the boys and to this day, when there is a little boy and a little girl playing house – ALWAYS it is the little girl who is home with the babies. This is not something that is NOT primal. It is what we are meant to do, but while we are doing it, we are supposed to strike a balance about things in our lives that would be challenging anyway. I am challenged every day to choose between what I want and what I know is needed, and right now I am balancing my life out. I chose NOT to be caught in the deception that is the creativity of the manifestation called greed that was the thing that made us turn on ourselves. The answer to the manifestation of greed we have what ever it is that anyone wants to call this time in our financial history. Things are changing. We are being called to be with our Soul Families, because these are the people who are supposed to help us get to where we are meant to be.

Other people are our balance, and with other people we have the balance that is what we think we are not, what we believe we might be, who we are for real, and also, what no longer serves us…or itself.

We are getting our hearts broken, daily even, yes we are, but, we are given everyday to balance our pain with the opportunity that is a brand new day. First we take the bulk of our lives to avoid the things we cannot call the shots with, the things that suck and hurt, and then we try hard all of our lives to force ourselves to believe what our souls have always known was not the truth. We are living the other side of what happens when the ego can no longer compare itself to the bigness that it tells the world it is versus the smallness that it believes otherwise.

We Know What We Are.

We are Shadow and Light.
We are Pain and Healing.
We are no one and Every One
We are the Void as well as the All That Is

We require balance.
All life forms require balance.
It is not my Rule, but it is the Rule of Law…

Truly, We are a Collective Paradoxical Balance of Extremes.

I Love You All!

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The Universal Law of Avoidance

It’s like the dentist…you know you have to go, but…

Well now…looks like we have somewhat of a lot going on right now, doesn’t it?

Of course we do. And in the mix, we have a whole lot that we are trying to avoid, and it is not people, but the things that we do not want to face…that is what is in these people who we are just not able to think about in another way. One way or another, we are being shown, explicitly and in our faces, even, what it is that we are scared of.  More than that, we are also being shown the things that we have avoided accepting is no longer needed in our lives.

Thankfully, a whole lot of us are just doin’ what we have to do….which is to no longer avoid that which scares us.

Avoidance, it is that thing that we are all so great at

Humans. We avoid everything that we don’t want to do. I do it. I do not like housework, but I do it, and I do not like confrontation (I am so not confrontational anymore …I, however, remain quite good at it), and more than much else, I DISLIKE some of the lessons that I am sent by Spirit. Spirit…She’s funny. In fact, She is outright hilarious sometimes, not telling us when we have to confront the demons which we ourselves brought into being. By demons I absolutely mean the sort that is there within us that we try to hide from, the ones that we try to hide from other people and the ones that are ultimately stopping us from our growth. The avoidance, believe it or not, is meant to teach us. That is why it sometimes sucks so bad, because we are learning, and really, when are we not learning? (Never)

The things that we think are good for us, we don’t realize, might very well be the things that Spirit is trying to tell us that we need to let go of. This could be ANYTHING AT ALL...from a habit, or a relationship, or a job, even a group of friends. Whatever it is that is harming your life, even if you do not want to see it that way or do not like the idea that maybe what you want versus what will no longer allow your growth if it stays in you life, the truth of the matter is that right now is the perfect energy and time in our collective lives to see this at work. Right now, and I just explained this very thing not to only one of my younger cousins (Hey You !! Remember….THINK…BREATHE…RESPONDno mo’ time fo’ react, sistah…) but actually four of them that right now, the way of being in the Universe is switching to what it is meant to be, which is nurturing. Nurturing is a “chick thing,” and this is why at the moment, so many of the men in our lives seem like they are adjusting to something, but not a lot of us know exactly what.

For so very long, our logical brains have been bullying our creative or feminine brains, wrapping itself around the feminine within (emotions and feelings, guys…don’t hate…lol). For a long, long time, society has made it so that our gentler, more loving part of us has been told to be a good girl and go sit somewhere and look pretty and that if we just do that everyone will love us and tell us that we are good girls and that we are so, so pretty…meh…anyhow…

Now it has come to the point where mankind is in DEAR and DIRE need of balance, and we have been in this dire need for generations. Because we avoided it for so long, balance is not really being forced onto us as much as mankind is coming full circle in our evolution as a whole that it just is now. There is no more avoiding the fact that we have come to that point collectively where who we are now and what we have done in the past no longer fit each other. We are not fighting with others as much as we are always fighting ourselves. We fight the changes that we need to make, and we don’t deal with our stuff as much as we want people to believe. As a whole, because we all sought growth and change and higher energy, that which we have also collectively avoided has caught up with us. And some of us are scared as hell, not for much else than that the majority of mankind has been taught to fear change. 

We fear change, so we (try to) avoid it

We avoid all sorts of situations, with the ones needing the very most attention the very ones that we avoid with the very most fervor. Change makes us believe that somehow we are not right, and this is just not true. We change the oil in our cars when we are supposed to, and we change our underwear everyday (I hope…more than once….), and we are more willing to change internet providers than we are to allow change to be a constant truth that we can accept about ourselves. There are a lot of things in this lifetime that many…TOO many of us are scared to do, because if we do it, then we will also force ourselves to believe that there was something wrong with us. If we think that there is something wrong with us, then of course we are going to do everything within our power to NOT do what we know we need to. If we avoid doing what we know we need to do, and opt for continuing to do the things that we are doing now and hoping to be able to get ahead in life, we have not faced our own selves yet.

And this is where the real avoidance comes from, that place where who we are becoming, the we who asked for help to evolve to a higher octave to be, and now there are a whole lot of us who are just scared to death of what is going on, because when a lot of us thought that we could essentially have our cake, eat it, never get sick because we believed we could eat what we wanted, so to speak, and a whole lot of people thought that what a bunch of people can do these days is just a parlor trick. I promise you – it isn’t. This is what we asked for, really, and now there are tons and tons of human beings crying because they are trying hard to be the same people they were pretending to be all their lives, yearning to become who they are meant to be but still in the nasty and tight grip of the Ego.

Yes, if you feel like you are being pulled in two directions, you are not wrong. You ARE being pulled in two different directions, and it is because there is a part of you that somehow you think you still need. You hang on to things that hurt you, or people who disrespect you, give you reason to be mad, or resentful, and always it is because someone else told you that you were not supposed to be balanced, that you were not supposed to be able to make it through life on your own. Someone else told us all that this was the truth, so that they could also scare the hell out of us for whatever reason they may have had. They did it. It is now time that we are being called to forget about avoidance, to face the things which haunt us and cause us to be blocked in the flow of Life and that make our lives sometimes very, very miserable.

That’s not cool. Not at all. If we each bothered to take a look around us, our own worlds in which we each live our private lives, we would see that for a long time now, life has changed, and for a long time, we have remained the same. In that time, we never bothered to deal well very much with reality, and now we are being called to the ring, essentially, not to battle anyone but our very selves. We are being told that we can no longer do this to ourselves, and there are a whole hell of a lot of us who are just resisting it as though it were somehow going to kill us.

It is the avoidance that is killing a lot of us, really.

We fight ourselves, even though we know that we are supposed to be here for the greater good of the entirety of us. We hurt ourselves, over and over and over again, and then one day all of that fighting and hurting and everything else that we have focused on begins to show its face in us, as illness and negativity, as the loss of things and people who we thought would be there for us always, and also as the materially valuable things that we really cannot take with us when we move on to the next Life.

Why the hell would anyone want to continue to live like that? I am glad I don’t know. I am glad that there are people on this planet who are the living (barely) examples of what happens when a person hangs on to things outside of themselves, believing that what they are hanging on to is somehow going to change their lives or save their lives. It won’t. Only you can. The way that you do this is to STOP avoiding whatever it is that you are not looking forward to doing. Change your habit of not looking at ugly things, because when you cringe at the thing that you are avoiding you are also appearing to be as ugly as it is. If you change your thoughts, you will ultimately change everything about your life. Ugly things won’t seem anything more than stuff you once avoided.

No one wants to hurt, but these people will continue to be with the very people who make them hurt, sometimes on purpose, but most of the time it’s because they just are not suited to each other or the group or whatever. No one wants to be angry, but these people will continue to hang with people who make them mad, and the people who make them mad sometimes have no idea that they really didn’t do anything other than be who they are. This is what no one likes to think about – the avoiding of doing things that suck, things that will hurt, things that will feel like it will be forever before it won’t suck. We want life rosy and grand, but without the things that we all avoid, we cannot be aware of what doesn’t suck and could hurt us if it is not there in our faces….get it now?

You can only avoid your own changes, the ones that you have probably believed were there when you were born and that you were born with (the ones that cause a person to say “I am like my mother” or “I am like my father” …no, silly, you are like you are supposed to be…you are who was taught, not what they taught you...yeesh!). We cannot hope that anything or anyone outside of us will be the thing that changes our lives. That won’t happen. That won’t happen. That won’t happen.

You have to stop avoiding the things that you don’t want to do, and you have to face a few things, because it is like going to the dentist – you don’t want to do that either. You don’t want anyone “in your head.”

Teeth are “in your head.”

People who you do not know are sticking their metal instruments and fingers into your head…

This is almost the same way that Society made you think that you can avoid what you need to do or what is good for you until the day that you die…haha…

Yeah, I am laughing…duh….you might die, physically, but you will remain in Spirit, and if you don’t do what you need to do, you WILL come back…

Perhaps Toothless….Karma…she is the mistress of that dude named “Avoidance.”

I said it…deal with it…or avoid it some more…it’s not goin’ anywhere …

I Love You All !

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The Universal Law of Attitude

It is our Attitude which dictates our perception

It’s not what is outside of us that matters as much as how we feel about what is outside of us which directs and dictates how our lives appear to be, and more, what we manifest within our lives. 

Really, it isn’t anyone else who is making your life feel like it does. It is your attitude about things

I used to hear it a lot, that I have an attitude problem. These days, though, I have honed that terrible ugliness of bad energy into something more of a balance between rock and roll bad girl (bad girl, but in a very good way) and “nice girls don’t do that” (in a very, very good rock and roll bad girl way) and somehow, I make it work. This is not only the way that people see me, and I must admit that only a few years ago I showed one way, but was not the way that I needed to be. It is also very well the way that I truly am and, as well, it is also my very and actual attitude in life.

By “attitude in life” I mean that somewhere between the rocker bad girl and the angelic good girl, there is a balance which affects the way that I perceive things to be. There is a balance between the light and the shadow within me. It was not always like this, though. It was not a long time ago that I pandered more to the shadow within me, gave more credence and listened more to what was not the only truth of me. The problem for me was not that I wore what I thought I was on my sleeve but more that I did not realize that I was not what other people were telling me that I was. I was told all the time that I had an attitude, and so it became who I was. I wore it so well that it began to become who I was, and from that point on and up until about 6 years ago, I was a very, gigantically, egotistically and arrogantly inclined idiot. Why would I say such ugly things about my very self?

Because it is the truth. My attitude, and my “tude,” were the things that colored my world. They dictated who I was, and more, how I approached things, namely things that I didn’t much like, namely about other people. It didn’t dawn on me that what my attitude was doing was bringing me more negativity, was bringing me an unneeded reason to bitch. I had an opinion about everything, and that opinion was rarely ever a good one. When I could see a wreck, so to speak, I was not willing to see, too, that maybe the wreck was indicative of a change that needed to happen, and that the wreck was meant as a symbol of that energy. I must credit my two closest girlfriends, April and Dannie, as well as my Auntie Kalei for their part in making me know that who I was was so not what I was extending in terms of energetic or real reality.

Auntie Kalei…She taught me, without being too harshly direct about it – that is, until she felt she had to be – that what goes on outside of me is not the reality and that the reality of things was going to be different for everyone. Other people were not going to see things the way that I did or do, just like I will also not see things the way that other people do. When you feel like you have to be right, even when you are wrong (and have to try to justify what you think is right about your wrongness) and you and your ego have to make a noise about it, and you and your ego are the only ones who believe that you are right and are not being an ass about things, this is called anything but the right attitude.

The Right Attitude

Please – don’t get me wrong, having the ability toward having the right attitude is not something that you can just change. I don’t care which hippie metaphysical new age guru tells you that all you have to do is simply change your thought about a thing – it is not that easy. Changing one’s attitude means that we have to have a new way of thinking about a thing, a new way of processing what we believe is the truth of a thing, especially when, deep down inside, we know otherwise. It is the ego that tells us to keep on fighting to be right because we have to change the way that other people think in order for us to feel better about anything at all.

It is not that easy to change your way of thinking, not when you have it in you to continue to be an ass hat about some things, and not when you think that other people have to do what you expected them to do on your behalf. We can no sooner change what other people believe or how they feel about anything. We can only change the way that we feel and can only change our own attitude about things. THIS TAKES TIME AND A LOT OF PRACTICE. The practice part comes to us in the manner that is other people disagreeing with us and not being in favor of our ways if our ways and our beliefs do not match their end result. When people begin to realize that it is not the end result that matters as much as what it took anyone to get to those results is when we will realize that all along we were not all within our own right-mindedness, not anywhere near outside of the whims of the ego’s belief that who we are, what we want, what we do…basically anything, really…depends on what someone else does that we feel they should be doing for US rather than what we do for our very selves.

When people do not agree with what we know is best for ourselves, and they forget that there are other people on the planet and they do not recognize that maybe what it is that they are doing is seriously going about things in the wrong manner and with only the ego’s wants, needs and desires (or perhaps what the ego believes what those things are…I promise, cookies…it is not what you want or what your ego thinks it wants but what is BEST FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED…reread that…wait…I will write it again for you in terms that anyone with half a brain can understand…..YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU FIRST AND WITHOUT YOUR EGO GETTING IN THE WAY EVEN IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND MORE, WHAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH SEEMS TO SUCK…there….get it now?).

We…me…you…that guy over there who always seems like he has his finger up his nose….we ALL need to take heed to the idea that our lives are colored by our attitudes. Our lives are made up of all the same things, but it is our perception of our lives and what we think about it in terms of our attitude toward the things happening within the confines of “ourselves” that makes us be constantly negative or positive, that makes us believe that if we don’t have this, that or the other in our lives that our lives with suck. It rarely occurs to us that maybe the thing that we think we need so much was only meant to be there as a lesson, only there to bring to the surface what needs to be learned by us and was only there temporarily. NOW, you can take this in any manner and you can think that I am pointing at you directly and revealing to the world the very unquiet sins that you don’t realize you are giving to us all, or you can knock your crap off and take a good, longer than normal look at yourself and realize, right now, that it has been YOU who has been torturing you and not someone else. (Yup…I said it – DEAL WITH IT)

It is your attitude that makes people love you or want nothing to do with you. It is the weightiness of the expectations of things that you have already attached yourself to that is making you feel like you do at this moment and NOT NOT NOT anyone else. It is your attitude about things and your own chosen inability to NOT see things from someone else’s point of view that makes you hurt. It is you who is directing all of this energy outward through your own attitude. Our attitude is based in our ego, believe it or not, because our ego (rising sign in astrology) is our “game face’ and is what the world sees us as an offering to it of who and what we really are.

“…but Rox…why is this so? Why are you picking on me? WHY? WHY? WHY?”

…yeah yeah…oh woe is you…I ain’t pickin’ on you, but you are the only one who really feels that way. When someone else points out what is our trip and what is makin’ us trip out about a lot of things, it is at that point when you might want to do like I suggest and check yourself before you wreck yourself. No one thinks about it when they are in mid-ego driven dog crap mode that the desired outcome that you alone have super-glued yourself and your attitude to is what is making you nutty, is making you feel like you have to manipulate and coerce and do things that may or may not make things better, thereby leaving you, your ego and your soul open and vulnerable to whatever it is that you think you will not get. What you will not get, if you continue to attach yourself the the outcome that you want versus the outcome that is needed is what this blog is about…okay, it is actually about the way that your perception of things is making you have a crappy attitude about things. Keep reading…

When we loan our own negative energies to things and we think that what we see at the end of our lessons is what it is that we will end up with, and we attach ourselves to it, and it doesn’t happen the way that we pushed for it to happen is when our attitude changes for the worse. It takes more than only one time for us to encounter as many “duh moments” that we encounter that we end up experiencing and which breaks us down and makes us look at who we have been in relation to what is going on at any given moment. The way that we perceive what is happening, and the way that we allow our ego to “protect” us (making us look like jack asses in the process when we are not able to let things go and LEARN) is shown to the world as our attitude, or, our game face (again, rising sign in astrology…grow up – we are not only all about our sun signs, Loves…not at all…wanna know more? HIT ME UP!).

If this blog post seems a little more filled with my actual attitude, I promise, you are better at this learning thing that you think you are…my proof is that you can feel me coming through at ya loud, like so many guitar riffs comin’ at ya live through the speakers in your Soul.

Yup…it’s like that, really. Change your attitude about things. Detach yourself from the outcome that you want and allow the better outcome to be yours. If you change your attitude and you allow it and not your freakin’ big fat ego to be who and what guides you, you can’t lose.

In fact, your outcome might be better than you expected. You might find out that what you thought you wanted was only a symbol of the actuality and that the perceived outcome cannot compare to what you have in reality.

What you have in reality is You…and no one can touch that.
Only You


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The Universal Law of Association

Like birds of a feather…

“When Spirit brings two or more of Us together for a common Good and a rightly intended reason, She is there with Us…(Matthew 18:20, N.A.T.)”

Indeed, a little help from our friends

Finally, a post where I can tell you all about my very many and different artistically and musically minded and inclined hanai ohana o ke’uhane nui (my adopted Soul Family of Big Spirit, loosely translated). These people are some of the most magnificent people I have had the blessing to know and to have as an active and loving part of my life. They know that I love them. I know that they love me. Together we create a magnificently strong and spirited energy. To see us together when the chance happens that we can be, it is like a bunch of kids playing together in the sandbox at school. Actually, it is more like seeing a group of children at the beach, all building a magnificent sand castle that never gets wrecked by the incoming and outgoing tide. It is not that we are all there for a similar goal, but that we are there and together for that same goal.

A common and important goal, always

We never ever know who is to come to our assistance until one day we find ourselves at a place where we can no longer bear the pain or the pressure of life that was brought about by the things we asked for. This is why people tell us all the time to please be careful what we ask for because we might get it. We might end up with what we asked exactly for, and it might not be that great because we were not that clear about what it was that we really were intending. When we are not really sure is when we need to be the most clear and the most sure. We never really know what we will get, but we can always guarantee that we will get what we need and most of the time it is better than what we want, even as it seems otherwise.

When people of like mind come together for the same goal it is through Spirit that this happens. Again, my greatest example of this is when my eccentric bunch of friends get together and share in food, music and right energy. It happens at least once a month, our “Tribe,” as one of us put it so well yesterday, gets together at an undisclosed, private location, via invite only that is strictly invite only, and when we do our thing, we don’t mess around – we do what we do and we do it well. Our intent at that point is to bring about a higher level of energy between us, so that we may bring that energy out into our specific and private lives away from each other, even as these lives intertwine with one another. All of us has some sort of something going on in the privacy of our own worlds, and in those private worlds we also find certain similarities there with each other, making us able to relate and understand each other on a level that is uncommonly good and for the better of the worlds in which we each live in privately, and also, the world at large.

The Universal Law of Association

“When two or more are gathered in my name,” is the illustration that I have chosen today to make this post make more sense to a lot of people to whom it would not make any sense to. There are a lot of ways to show anyone what this means. In this case, because I know that there are not a lot of people who follow the Bible, or really, who follow any sort of “religious” text at all.

When you have a group of parents who are trying to raise money for a new school gymnasium, and the common thread is not the gymnasium, but is, in fact, the love a parent who is rightly intended in regards to their children, and these parents gather in the way that they will in order to bring about the changes and the right conditions for this to happen is an example of “two or more gathered.”

When you have a group of musicians and music lovers getting together for the common goal of raising the energies in a place, like a bar, or even a stadium, or perhaps someone’s backyard, and this group of people just meld together the way that they are meant to meld together, and these people, with their voices, their musical inclinations, and, as well, their intent on being part of this particular group because it brings about a feeling of belonging, and what happens, happens, this is an example of “two or more gathered.”

When you have a group of Shamanic women, or perhaps a coven, a church group at a prayer meeting, a group of street reverend or a missionaries, and there is change to be brought about in the community that can only happen when they happen to be with one another, and perhaps what needs to happen is that the hungry get fed, or the lost find out that they are not lost at all, or the healings that need to be, or the spells cast so to bring about the right kind of energy for the right things to happen can happen, “two or more gathered” is very dearly in effect.

Where there are two or more like minded people, all gathered for a particular good cause, be it for just that group, it also lends to the Universal Whole of things. When you have like energy, and it is does in the name of all things right and good, it lends to the Universal Whole of Things.

When it is that really, two or more are with like-minds about anything, and that thing is good, is done in the name of the betterment of all who live on this planet, is done without expectation that anything more than that one thing come to be the greatest thing that anyone can think it can be, this is when we see the evidence that we are meant as a whole unit, not as divided Beings.

We all utilize the Universal Law of Association, the thing that says when the energies are the same, and those people who share that sameness of energies blend that sameness, only good can come from it. Sure, there will be pieces to the whole that will have to be cleansed out in some manner or another, but really…when it is that we are of like mind, and that like mind is meant to give Light and Love to something, no wrong can come of it.

Light will always show what hides in the Shadows, and sometimes, lurking there in the shadows, we find those who would also be of like mind with us.

I Love You All !

The Sisterhood of The Soul
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