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More than meets the eyes

The Mana'o Blog December 8 2015 Atlantic ocean Road in Norway

It may seem as though you are at the end of the proverbial road, but really, there’s more road than meets the eyes.

I am not the only person on this planet who, right now, feels like this is it – it feels as though I will never dance hula again in the capacity that I want to.

…okay…yeah…right…damn the very words, namely if written, spoken, even thought, by me.

That is never going to happen, the reality that , for me, there is no more hula, just because there is no more (ahem) “real” halau.

At first, to even think this very thought – that there would be no more “real” halau for me, neither for any of my future students of this very fine, very ancient, very beautiful dance – was like thinking that I would forever be welded to the side of the one person who I un-welded myself from emotionally a very long time ago. Neither of these two thoughts serves me with anything more than hopelessness, and those who know me best and most also know very well that the word “hopeless” and all of its derivatives do not exist in my everyday language.

In fact, there are a few words in the English language that, unless they are absolutely needed to be used, I refuse to use them anymore…that is, unless I am trying to make a point, like I am hopefully doing right here and now. That point is that the only time that anything is ever truly hopeless and without any sort of anything that makes it be otherwise, no matter how slim a chance at anything, that slim chance at a thing is still a chance. Since it is still a chance, it also means that no matter what, there is still that one slim sliver of hope that things will be what they are supposed to be, and sometimes, things that are supposed to be one way or another end up coming into being, no matter what.

Now, I am nowhere near stating or thinking or giving anyone else the thought that that one sliver of hope will always pan out. We each and all know otherwise. The reason I bring up that one slim chance is because sometimes, if we think about things in a different manner, and we think in terms of that one slim chance being the very last thing that you pin your every hope on, and you choose instead to see it as the last option you chose to take before taking the option to try something else or even create something else from what you want to think is no longer going to be for you or in your life, you will also come to realize that always, you are the one last hope that you have.

You are always your own hope, your own chance

In our world of tangibility being more important than lots of anything else, we shun the idea that if we think about something in a different manner, and we can see the things that we want to see there as being the chances that we didn’t know that we have (they are those things that I refer to with my coaching clients as being “options” rather than “choices”) and that we ALWAYS have.

What we have not been reminded of is that, if we are as good at the things that we know we are good at, and those things seem to fail us, even though we know that we, ourselves, are not failing us, then this is the Goddess’ way of poking us in the forehead with her long-reaching mom-like finger and letting us know, without outright stating it, that there is something else that we need to know how to do, because in knowing that thing, we bring joy to others. We do not realize that when things hurt us, we are being shown that other way in a manner that won’t hurt us later, when later, it might count a bit more, and later, we might have given up, all together.

…and y’all know how I feel about that…giving up…crap…right?

You just don’t do it, at least not without having, in your mind, the thought that there is another way and another way that is strikingly different and another way that you might not have been able to see very clearly because the only thing that you could see was what was right in front of your face at the time. What you were not seeing at that time was the thing that the thing in front of your face at the time was evolving to become.

How things evolve to become…

Ever notice how it is that when we are trying hard to grow, and we don’t know that we are doing this, that we are not really paying attention to what else is evolving in our lives? And really, that is the kicker here, folks – when we know that we are evolving, it is wise to accept that everything within our lives is also evolving so that everything in our lives can accommodate the new and improved version of our very battered souls as self.

Had I thought about things in this manner when I “lost everything” in 2008 I might not have taken the time that I have taken, since then, to allow the evolution of my life to take place in the manner that it was meant to. If I did not go through all of what I did throughout these last 7 years, I would not be the person who I am now. If I did not bother to think of myself as being a work in progress, I would not have come to the conclusion that if I am a work in progress, this also means that everything about me is also a work in progress, including Hula. 

Of course, we are not taught this manner of thinking.

We are taught from the time that we are children that we have to go with the flow, and that when the flow doesn’t go, it is either our fault, or, we have to work harder at something that may already have become something that needed to evolve.

When we cannot get through to people about …well, anything, really…it is time, then, to step back and take a look at our own selves because in looking at our own selves, we will find out that we have evolved to a point where what it is that used to serve us must evolve with us or must become something totally else, even as it might appear to be the same thing that it has always been.

And this can apply to anything at all. It can and does and will apply to the work we do in our lives, the way that we approach other people, the way that we think about things that we always think about…every tiny little thing that at one time we thought would not ever change and would always be there for us in the manner that we believed it would will change. It has to. If it doesn’t, not only will it not serve you with what it is supposed to, but it will also not serve those who need our particular brand of energy in terms of what that one thing must serve others with.

Sometimes, the things that we think and believe are frivolous are actually not. What is happening is that they are becoming what they are supposed to become. We are not meant to make those things become anything else. It is fruitless for us to try to make those things become anything else because those things are supposed to be what they end up being, period. While those things might not have the appearance of what they are evolving to become, we must not ever forget that, again, we are evolving, and when we evolve, everything and everyone in our lives can, will and also must evolve. This is not my rule, but that of the Universe.

Universal Laws

Recently I came to the conclusion that calling “laws” according to our legal system is incorrect, because really, laws are those things that cannot be broken, not because they are laws, but because laws are not part of the legal system in the manner that is scientific.

Scientifically, a law is something that is never able to change. It is not a theory. It is not a hypothesis. A law, scientifically, is a factual thing. In terms of law in the sense that most of us adhere to the word “laws” go, I am off of my rocker in thinking this way (but really, I’m not…I am off of my rocker because I am off of my rocker – most deep thinkers are…keep reading). In terms of law and in the legal sense, what we are thinking in that manner are actually and should actually be called “rules” because rules can , sometimes should be, and everyday, are, broken.

So, in keeping in line with my theory that Laws are unchangeable, I will implore you to click on the link (“Universal laws”), and see there what it is that a law really is. You will find out that no law can ever be broken, because laws, in the scientific sense, cannot change. They are static. They are immobile, fixed, rigid. This means that the laws of evolution  are not able to be changed. It means that no matter what we think we are able to do, that we will, even though we might want to believe that we can change everything, the things that we cannot change are the things that we need to just allow to be.

Yet, for the most part, we think that these laws do not pertain to us. This is when we are readying ourselves for change, when we believe that these laws pertain to everyone else but us. We believe this because egotistically, we think that we can escape these things, these natural laws that have been here longer than anyone considered as being a human being has been. We, in our own arrogance, believe that we are above the laws. We believe that other people are who need to change, that we are fine and good on our own, and that, for the most part, change means that something is wrong with us, when in reality, change means that we have evolved and that the things in our lives nearest and dearest to us will…not ‘might’…not ‘could’…not ‘maybe is gonna’…but WILL evolve as we do.

We have been taught from a very early age that we are the ones who get to control our lives, and while that is the truth, if you thought about it for a minute, you would be able to think back to who you were when you were a child and recall when it was that you were told one thing, saw another thing happen, believed what you would, doubted what you had to, learned what was yours, and then carried on. This is how we were raised – to believe everything that the adults in our lives told us was the truth, even when it wasn’t our truth. We were expected to never stray from their truths, never expected to form our own truths, and in that energy, we learned that we were able, even though we didn’t know it right away, to trust our own selves.

Trusting ourselves, as you will recall, never seemed to do more than get us into trouble with our parents, or whoever it was that raised us. Trusting ourselves meant that we were going to question rules that might not have been the ones that were right for who we were and damned sure are not the right ones for who we each grew up to be. This is how people end up not doing their life, their way – by adhering to rules (…and remember what I wrote about rules – that they are changeable…) that do not apply to them and might not ever have. By “might not ever have,” I am saying that even when we are little kids, we know what is the right thing and we know, too, what is not.

So, you see, since that time in all of our lives, even if we did not outwardly get to change the rules to fit who we were, we knew, even then, that they were not forever.


This means that, no matter what, when you think you cannot see things past the losses that you want to believe that you are going to experience, also think that the things that were not evident will start, through your own hand, become what they are supposed to become. This is never a bad thing, because sometimes, who we were is connected to what we do. This does not mean that you have to start over. It means that we have to look at things from another place. It means that we have to look at things from the place within us that is the creator, that is the person who we are becoming and be that person and make those same choices that that person will make.

It means that maybe you were supposed to look at the things that you never realized you were supposed to change through the creation of another means by which you will be able to see what can or cannot happen for you in your own life.

It doesn’t mean that you have to change jobs, stop running your business, halt the research that you started before you read this, do anything differently than you would as your evolved and now a bit higher self. It means that you are precisely where you are supposed to be, right this minute, no matter how much it might suck.

If there is anything that I have learned throughout the years it is that if things have sucked for a long, long time, then that means that, sooner than later, those very same things will no longer suck, because those very same things will have evolved to what they are meant to become for you, and when those things become what they are meant to become for you, ultimately, those things become what they end up becoming for the whole of the human race…

…seriously…think about it…


Medicine Dance Book Cover Front Draft RJB

 Hey Guess what?

Medicine Dance…by me…will be listed in this year’s Los Angeles Times’ Festival of Books “New Author” listing !  Woo Hoo ! Yay Me!

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