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Behind the Mask is the Freedom of Truth…


The entirety of humankind has been through the very most tumultuous time in life, and lots of us are still going through it all. What no one is thinking about is the thing that has happened, and it is revealing as to who we are for real. Who we are for real is nothing short of Magnificent, even if it feels or appears to be otherwise. I Promise you each and all…it isn’t.

My friends, the one thing that not a lot of us can see or feel right at this moment is relief from the emotional ugliness that we have been feeling, and feeling due to the tangible awareness that is collectively ours at this time. There are so very many of us right this moment experiencing losses that are astounding on many levels, and the one level that it is most important that we understand that this is all taking place because of, is the level of the Soul.

The Level of The Soul

Until someone comes into our lives who can explain the reason behind things that suck and that happen in our lives are meant to show us where we are growing and where it is that the changes being made there are for our growth and lend to the person who we are becoming, we will only see the things contained within that energy as being destructive (which it is, but this does not make it a bad thing. Please, keep reading) to who we are in the manner that is making us believe that we are meant to no longer be in this consciousness. The other thing that happens is that we, through no fault of our own, will come to a point where we finally and forgivingly, will think about what is best for us, rather than trying to appease someone else, all so that we do not have to go through the guilt of having been part of something that did not pan out or perhaps that we believe has harmed another person.

I have this friend…

Seriously, I have this friend who I spoke with this morning and who, for a very long time, was not realizing the level of hurt that he was bringing to another very good friend. The friend from this phone call truly needed to be told the truth of things, even though, by right of what I am (ordained), there were things that I could not explain to him, not only because the law will not allow me to, but, because those things are the very things that this man is learning.

When we are given to the pains that we do not realize are teaching us how to deal with those pains, we fret, we get ugly verbally, we make threats as to what we are planning to do – to them, to ourselves, to everyone and anyone at all, and all we have to do is have the understanding the only the vocabulary needs to change so that we CAN have OUR OWN PERSONAL understanding of things, namely the ugliness in our lives.

We might not like those pains, and we might not like the things that we are learning, and we might not understand why it was that we had to go through anything at all. What we do understand is that we are hurting, and we are confused and we are not in the energy that we prefer to be wrapped in. We humans prefer to be wrapped in comfort, specifically in the comfortable things that made us feel okay in the past. What we are not each and all (myself included) thinking is that it is NOT the comfort that we are seeking, but more a way of not having to experience that same discomfort.

This is a very human thing to do. It is also a very ego-self thing to do, seeing as that being human beings, we are going to do everything we can to not have to feel that pain. Some of us avoid the pain by avoiding all of the things that would bring us pain (such as responding to texts, emails, answering phone calls and voicemails…I am a HUGE HUGE violator of this one…HUGE), while others of us numb our pain by using things outside of ourselves that will (WILL) harm us physically. Of course, there are those of us, in fact the majority of us, who want to believe that we will wake up one day and all of this shit will be magically gone and over with.

Yet, we each and all also know that once we are done with this process and finished dealing with this one pattern that is particular to all of us, we go through the process, the very one that we, from the time that we were younger people, created. And the one thing that I really need understood is that there is no wrong way to feel about these things. The way that we feel about anything at all is just that – a feeling, and really, the only thing that anyone’s own feelings are going to hurt is the person who is having those feelings. When the feeling goes away (and it takes time for it to go away and become something other than what will make us continue to hurt) and we see the realness of what we are feeling for real is when the healing process can start.

I say “can” start because we have to choose it.

We have to choose to be whole. We have to choose it that there is a reason to be okay, and we have to choose it to be this way because in being this way we are also able to know that from it all we have learned valuable things about who we are for real, about who loves us the way that we need to be loved in the manner that Spirit also needs for us to know that we are worthy of. We need to know that what we are going through is meant to be a two-fold thing – meant to teach us what we need to know, and meant to give us the gift of our stronger, truer Self.

The thing that we are never taught when we are kids is that we are meant to be stand alone in our power, and being stand alone in our power requires that we go through the same things that others like us are also going to go through at another time in their lives. It is our job to be able to counsel these people when the shit hits the fan in their lives. We have to be able to tell complete strangers that they are going to live through this, that this is not the end of the world but rather and only the end of the part of life that no longer serves them with a purpose that also lends to serving the grander purpose that we each and all are meant to live out in this lifetime.

When I presented my good friend with the other side of his possibilities, and told him that right this moment, regardless of what he wants to hang on to, regardless of what it is that he is hoping, the one thing that I am most proud of this person for is recognizing that lots of what he is going through right now is no one’s doing but his very own. He knows that he has to be there for him first, that nothing that he does is going to make things different and that no way can we go backwards to change the past – he knows, very well at this stage, that he must move forward, because in doing so, he will grow and will realize that he was meant for this to happen this way, as he was learning something very dearly important.

Things that are very dearly important

We assign measures of importance to things, to times in our lives, to people and to energies. What we do not think about when we are doing this is that we are not only limiting the power symbolized by those things, but, we are also, because at that moment we choose to become dependent on the power that we have assigned to that rune, as given by the rune, which in turn creates the symbol to become an idol, and idol worship is a no-no.

What we can do with those things is we can use them to create an energy within, giving ourselves the power that we have assigned to the things we love so very much.

Lots of people want to ascribe ugly energy to people like me. I suppose, and this is not the thing that I, myself, believe, that if we have to get down to the understanding of certain ethnic words, that the word “Kahuna” could entirely mean “witch.” While this is a way for those who do not know what this actually means and neither the power inherent and contained within it, it is not the truth of the word.

While it can be applied to me (come on now…we all know the truth of this – I LIKE THE WEIRDNESS…lol…please, keep reading), what cannot be is the idea that what I do, in that energy, is evil, because it is not (being a Healer who is also a practitioner of the Craft is NOT evil – BY ANY MEANS…) (“The Craft”…”Divine Arts”…”Miracle Working” – IT IS ALL THE VERY SAME). This applies in the manner that is the idea that people who do the things that I do are evil, that all we are doing is wrecking the world for the future, and that where we came from (in the indigenous sense) never really existed until some people from a far more …westernized and advanced place…came and took what was ours. 

This can apply in a sense in terms of what you are reading here – when we realize that not only did we believe what it was that was bad that others have said about us, but, we chose to wear it, because at the time, it seemed to fit – we realize who we are for real. When we chose to remain as that which we might have been at one time in the past, we end up stifling ourselves, and through that stifling we also end up remembering who we were and who we were at times in our lives when the energy that is prevalent will allow us to recall. For a lot of us, those memories, while they are rife with beauty, they are also rife with pain, even if the pain involved is because of the hurt caused by the loss of that memory.

We hurt from these things for a reason

The reason is simple – because those things, no matter how much we love them, no longer serve us.

I am not saying that there are people who we gotta get rid of, memories that we would be better off not having, even though they are memories that contain the value of who we were to these others at another time in our lives, things we have not grown attached to. I AM saying that we are still valued by them, except that our value has been raised because we are not the same people who we were. I AM saying that those memories taught us about who we were then, helped us become who we are now, so that we would be able to finish creating the newer, higher-minded version of our Self. I AM saying that those things that we love so very much can be held in our hearts, if not in any tangible means. This is not saying to get rid of things, or even to say goodbye to them. It is stating that we no longer have to think of them as being a powerful thing in our lives at this time. It is stating that for all intents and purposes, those times, people, memories, things all played a very crucial role in the becoming of You.

The Becoming of You

This is the part that not a lot of us thinks about – we are becoming who we are supposed to be. If we are becoming who we are supposed to be, everything that we once were will no longer serve us. No matter how much we think we need them to, no matter how much we want to reach back there and try to make that version of us fit into the higher-minded version of the lives that now we are living, no matter what – when something has been purposeful in our lives, and that actual tangible thing, no matter how much energy we put into it, no matter how much we want to complete what we think is the mission in terms of that one thing or energy – NO MATTER WHAT – when the time for us to learn from that thing, or the loss of that thing, has come, we have to let it go. If it is meant, it will be ours again, no matter what.

The Universe is funny that way.

The Universe will hurt our feelings so that we don’t harm our reality. The Universe will make tears fall, so that sometime in the future, we can know that the reason that they fall are many, but that in that one instance, they are needed, for whatever reason it is that they feel like they are going to fall. The Universe wants us to know that it knows that we hurt, but the Universe also wants us to know, too, that we are being prepared for bigger, and better…everything. The way that we know this is through the people in our lives.

The people in our lives are there for a reason. In my life, there is one person who came in about three years ago and made me know that whatever I was told by anyone else about me in terms of being who I am, those people were wrong. The Maestro, no matter what anyone, including he, wants to believe of himself, is the same in equivalent energy and in terms of prowess as mediumship, healer and seer, that I am. He does not understand how it is that the one person who he deems as being the most highest form of that weirdness has equated her very self with him, but it is the truth. When we are shown the truth of us through others, and we spend a significant amount of time with those others, not only do their habits and the like tend to become our own (and good goddess let’s hope they are the good ones and not the ones that we are each and all trying to remap in our brains), but, so, too, do the abilities.

I have a very dear ability with all things weirdness. He does not realize that so, too, does he.

When we look at those in our lives who are the very closest to us, and we see in them what it is that we want also for ourselves…we do not realize that right at that moment, that one thought is activated…

What thought, and about whom, will you be activating? Which one of those people closest to you will you be seeing in your Self today?






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