The Universal Law of Avoidance

It’s like the dentist…you know you have to go, but…

Well now…looks like we have somewhat of a lot going on right now, doesn’t it?

Of course we do. And in the mix, we have a whole lot that we are trying to avoid, and it is not people, but the things that we do not want to face…that is what is in these people who we are just not able to think about in another way. One way or another, we are being shown, explicitly and in our faces, even, what it is that we are scared of.  More than that, we are also being shown the things that we have avoided accepting is no longer needed in our lives.

Thankfully, a whole lot of us are just doin’ what we have to do….which is to no longer avoid that which scares us.

Avoidance, it is that thing that we are all so great at

Humans. We avoid everything that we don’t want to do. I do it. I do not like housework, but I do it, and I do not like confrontation (I am so not confrontational anymore …I, however, remain quite good at it), and more than much else, I DISLIKE some of the lessons that I am sent by Spirit. Spirit…She’s funny. In fact, She is outright hilarious sometimes, not telling us when we have to confront the demons which we ourselves brought into being. By demons I absolutely mean the sort that is there within us that we try to hide from, the ones that we try to hide from other people and the ones that are ultimately stopping us from our growth. The avoidance, believe it or not, is meant to teach us. That is why it sometimes sucks so bad, because we are learning, and really, when are we not learning? (Never)

The things that we think are good for us, we don’t realize, might very well be the things that Spirit is trying to tell us that we need to let go of. This could be ANYTHING AT ALL...from a habit, or a relationship, or a job, even a group of friends. Whatever it is that is harming your life, even if you do not want to see it that way or do not like the idea that maybe what you want versus what will no longer allow your growth if it stays in you life, the truth of the matter is that right now is the perfect energy and time in our collective lives to see this at work. Right now, and I just explained this very thing not to only one of my younger cousins (Hey You !! Remember….THINK…BREATHE…RESPONDno mo’ time fo’ react, sistah…) but actually four of them that right now, the way of being in the Universe is switching to what it is meant to be, which is nurturing. Nurturing is a “chick thing,” and this is why at the moment, so many of the men in our lives seem like they are adjusting to something, but not a lot of us know exactly what.

For so very long, our logical brains have been bullying our creative or feminine brains, wrapping itself around the feminine within (emotions and feelings, guys…don’t hate…lol). For a long, long time, society has made it so that our gentler, more loving part of us has been told to be a good girl and go sit somewhere and look pretty and that if we just do that everyone will love us and tell us that we are good girls and that we are so, so pretty…meh…anyhow…

Now it has come to the point where mankind is in DEAR and DIRE need of balance, and we have been in this dire need for generations. Because we avoided it for so long, balance is not really being forced onto us as much as mankind is coming full circle in our evolution as a whole that it just is now. There is no more avoiding the fact that we have come to that point collectively where who we are now and what we have done in the past no longer fit each other. We are not fighting with others as much as we are always fighting ourselves. We fight the changes that we need to make, and we don’t deal with our stuff as much as we want people to believe. As a whole, because we all sought growth and change and higher energy, that which we have also collectively avoided has caught up with us. And some of us are scared as hell, not for much else than that the majority of mankind has been taught to fear change. 

We fear change, so we (try to) avoid it

We avoid all sorts of situations, with the ones needing the very most attention the very ones that we avoid with the very most fervor. Change makes us believe that somehow we are not right, and this is just not true. We change the oil in our cars when we are supposed to, and we change our underwear everyday (I hope…more than once….), and we are more willing to change internet providers than we are to allow change to be a constant truth that we can accept about ourselves. There are a lot of things in this lifetime that many…TOO many of us are scared to do, because if we do it, then we will also force ourselves to believe that there was something wrong with us. If we think that there is something wrong with us, then of course we are going to do everything within our power to NOT do what we know we need to. If we avoid doing what we know we need to do, and opt for continuing to do the things that we are doing now and hoping to be able to get ahead in life, we have not faced our own selves yet.

And this is where the real avoidance comes from, that place where who we are becoming, the we who asked for help to evolve to a higher octave to be, and now there are a whole lot of us who are just scared to death of what is going on, because when a lot of us thought that we could essentially have our cake, eat it, never get sick because we believed we could eat what we wanted, so to speak, and a whole lot of people thought that what a bunch of people can do these days is just a parlor trick. I promise you – it isn’t. This is what we asked for, really, and now there are tons and tons of human beings crying because they are trying hard to be the same people they were pretending to be all their lives, yearning to become who they are meant to be but still in the nasty and tight grip of the Ego.

Yes, if you feel like you are being pulled in two directions, you are not wrong. You ARE being pulled in two different directions, and it is because there is a part of you that somehow you think you still need. You hang on to things that hurt you, or people who disrespect you, give you reason to be mad, or resentful, and always it is because someone else told you that you were not supposed to be balanced, that you were not supposed to be able to make it through life on your own. Someone else told us all that this was the truth, so that they could also scare the hell out of us for whatever reason they may have had. They did it. It is now time that we are being called to forget about avoidance, to face the things which haunt us and cause us to be blocked in the flow of Life and that make our lives sometimes very, very miserable.

That’s not cool. Not at all. If we each bothered to take a look around us, our own worlds in which we each live our private lives, we would see that for a long time now, life has changed, and for a long time, we have remained the same. In that time, we never bothered to deal well very much with reality, and now we are being called to the ring, essentially, not to battle anyone but our very selves. We are being told that we can no longer do this to ourselves, and there are a whole hell of a lot of us who are just resisting it as though it were somehow going to kill us.

It is the avoidance that is killing a lot of us, really.

We fight ourselves, even though we know that we are supposed to be here for the greater good of the entirety of us. We hurt ourselves, over and over and over again, and then one day all of that fighting and hurting and everything else that we have focused on begins to show its face in us, as illness and negativity, as the loss of things and people who we thought would be there for us always, and also as the materially valuable things that we really cannot take with us when we move on to the next Life.

Why the hell would anyone want to continue to live like that? I am glad I don’t know. I am glad that there are people on this planet who are the living (barely) examples of what happens when a person hangs on to things outside of themselves, believing that what they are hanging on to is somehow going to change their lives or save their lives. It won’t. Only you can. The way that you do this is to STOP avoiding whatever it is that you are not looking forward to doing. Change your habit of not looking at ugly things, because when you cringe at the thing that you are avoiding you are also appearing to be as ugly as it is. If you change your thoughts, you will ultimately change everything about your life. Ugly things won’t seem anything more than stuff you once avoided.

No one wants to hurt, but these people will continue to be with the very people who make them hurt, sometimes on purpose, but most of the time it’s because they just are not suited to each other or the group or whatever. No one wants to be angry, but these people will continue to hang with people who make them mad, and the people who make them mad sometimes have no idea that they really didn’t do anything other than be who they are. This is what no one likes to think about – the avoiding of doing things that suck, things that will hurt, things that will feel like it will be forever before it won’t suck. We want life rosy and grand, but without the things that we all avoid, we cannot be aware of what doesn’t suck and could hurt us if it is not there in our faces….get it now?

You can only avoid your own changes, the ones that you have probably believed were there when you were born and that you were born with (the ones that cause a person to say “I am like my mother” or “I am like my father” …no, silly, you are like you are supposed to be…you are who was taught, not what they taught you...yeesh!). We cannot hope that anything or anyone outside of us will be the thing that changes our lives. That won’t happen. That won’t happen. That won’t happen.

You have to stop avoiding the things that you don’t want to do, and you have to face a few things, because it is like going to the dentist – you don’t want to do that either. You don’t want anyone “in your head.”

Teeth are “in your head.”

People who you do not know are sticking their metal instruments and fingers into your head…

This is almost the same way that Society made you think that you can avoid what you need to do or what is good for you until the day that you die…haha…

Yeah, I am laughing…duh….you might die, physically, but you will remain in Spirit, and if you don’t do what you need to do, you WILL come back…

Perhaps Toothless….Karma…she is the mistress of that dude named “Avoidance.”

I said it…deal with it…or avoid it some more…it’s not goin’ anywhere …

I Love You All !

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