The Universal Law of Cause and Effect

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”
(Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion)

Newton had it right…and still has it right

Whatever it is that is in our thoughts is the cause of everything that you see around you, around me, around us all. Whatever it is that we put thought to, happens. It might not happen right away and might not happen completely the way that we see it in our heads but make no mistake – what we think about comes to life for us, all of us, and this is what folks mean when they say to be very careful what we wish for, be very clear about it, and do no harm, making sure that what we think about is in right line with the betterment of our own situations, which will lend to the grander global one.

That’s right….you read it right – every little tiny thing that we each think about lends to the greater whole of things on this planet. This means that whatever it is that you lend in terms of energy either adds to it or adds to the lesser energies of it. To understand this concept, we have to think in terms of a shopping transaction.
We go to the store to purchase something (cause, or the reason to go to the store) and then we get what we need from the shelves and go to the register to pay for it and it becomes ours (effect, or the manifestation, the receipt, essentially, that we need as the proof of our own power). Sometimes, when we get to the store, we see that what we want or need is not there, so we go off the course of our thought about a thing (the cause) and end up with something that we might not have really wanted but settled for (the outcome, or “effect”).

Cause…and effect…

When we think about the word “cause” many things come to mind, such as community causes (animal rights, homeless rights, children, women, the environment, etc.) and causes that bring to light the things in society that we are all, on some level, not okay with. Then there are the causes that bring to life this theory of Mr. Newton’s, the one that tells us that whatever it is that we send out into the Universe comes back to us, and if we are not being true to our intent of the whole damned thing, what we see with our imagination and what we want with our imagination will not be the thing that we see because it might not be that the right and intended energy is behind it. In fact, it is with great caution that I will tell anyone to please – hell yes, when it comes to things and situations that we really want in our lives, no matter what those things and situations are, BE VIGILANT in the manner that is caring for your thoughts. Your thoughts are what bring about the effect, and sometimes what it is that we are effecting through our thoughts is NOT what we really need. More than that, sometimes it turns out that those effects are also totally NOT what we want, either, so use this with EXTREME caution and care because you are not the only person on the planet. You really need to see this, believe this and take it to heart. What you think of affects through the effects of your thoughts.

The calamities that you go through are because of your thoughts and your belief in those thoughts.

The things that you see in your life are there because of you and what you thought about. The things that are or are not wrecking you at this moment are doing so because of you and not one other person else. What you think about becomes your reality, your experience, and you might not think so, but this is the truth. The ugliness that you see – you brought it, as much as you did the beautiful stuff that everyone loves. The arguing with others, and the hating that they do on you, the things that make you cry and moan…all of it – your doing. 

The things that hurt you are the effects of your causes, and they are there because you brought them to life within you. The things that irritate you, irritate anyone in their own lives were brought about through the thoughts that whoever is thinkin’ them cannot get rid of. If your life feels like you are somehow in limbo, that is because you think it is. If your life has pieces of it that somehow do not fit, again, you did it. EVERY LITTLE THING THAT ANY ONE OF US THINKS IS OUR OWN CAUSE AND THE RESPONSE FROM THE UNIVERSE WILL MAKE THIS EVIDENT WHEN THE TIME COMES and not before.

Such as, earlier today, I told a good pal of mine that where they are right now is not permanent, that they will be coming back home to us and that no matter what, this is what they, the friend, has had to go on a Spirit quest to the place that they are right now. If this person did not think the way that they did, that perhaps they needed to do some thinking and some getting in touch with their own selves, coupled that thought with the idea that they knew that there had to be some balance there, they would be here, but in their own Wisdom effected the thing in their life that was not only meant to bring about new thoughts about things, but also, protection, from a lot of things, but more than much else, the thoughts that they knew would only be good and changed through their own hands. This is something that this person knows, because this is how they roll. They knew that there needed to be some sort of something in their life and the ONLY person who that something would come through was their own Self. (Very nice, by  the way…you know who you are…I Love You ! )

The effect that this person is waiting for is in manifest, because they said it prior to going…they will be back, and yes, of course they will be, because it is their ’cause’ which will bring the ‘effect’ for them when the time is right for it. NOTHING HAPPENS BEFORE THE TIME IS RIGHT. Know that now. Believe that now and get it into your head NOW that what you think about becomes real, and what is real is NOT what is seen or felt in the thought of things, namely NOT when the intention is not in line with the thought…let that sink in for a bit and absorb it and let it be the thing that you remember most about this post.

Nothing happens before it is time for it to

This is relatively a simple thing to understand. No matter what it is that we want in our lives, until we are ready, and we always know when we are ready, what we want to see will not be, and if we have to enforce things, have to force it, have to make it known to others what our intention is (remember that stating it is NOT the same as thinking it, and what is in your thoughts is what will happen – NOT WHAT YOU TELL OTHERS unless it is the SAME EXACT ENERGY, period…and this is not my rule…it is a Universal Law…so freakin’ deal with it already, dammit….if you don’t believe your own words, the Universe knows it and responds….duh…) what it is that we are thinking and what it is that we are saying won’t match, and if those things don’t match we get what DOES match and nothing more or less.

Manifesting stuff and things and people into our lives is no joke. Manifestation of the most perfect life for ourselves is only as perfect as we and the people who we think we need in our lives makes it be. If you feel like you have to manipulate people, it will be that the energy that you get back (effect) is the proof that they know they have been or that you are trying to do this. (I say it often – ENERGY DOES NOT LIE, and some of us are very good at feeling out the energies…we can’t help it. It is who we are and for people like me, is actually what we do to make our living with. It is literally my job, as well as my purpose and mission.)

If anyone feels like they have to talk anyone into something, feels like they have to get to someone or something and anyone who is like this and who is living within this energy and this belief, I PROMISE YOU that your own ill-intended thoughts, even as you might not think they are ill-intended, WILL COME BACK TO YOU, no matter what. If you have been a jack ass for a long time, and you were this way with other people, and you believe that since it is that you might (or might not have, dependent on the prevailing energy in YOU) have changed your own thoughts about things, but have not even bothered with the way that other people might still feel about your actions in the past, this is not giving credence to people who have been hurt by you, and you need to make right that which is still not totally right. While you might be within your own right mind in thinking that since it is that you have changed your self but have not given other people that same chance to be right with their own selves, you ain’t playin’ correctly and you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Seriously.

If it sounds and feels like I am chewing your ass… would be right

I cannot say it enough – and yes, it gets OLD, so this will be the LAST time that I will say it (unless you are a paying student…that’s different). You have been on this planet long enough to know that what you think about obviously is what you will have in reality. There is nothing more true than this and if you think for a moment that maybe the rule doesn’t apply to you I am inviting you to rethink that thought, get it in your head that you are not as cool as you think you are, take a step back (thank you…again…you know who you are) and look at what you are doing and the reason that it is being done. I do a LOT of things that many, many people would think is somehow crazy, but the truth is that when it is done with and through the eyes of Love and Protection, not only of those closest to me, but more for myself than much anyone else, I know what my intention is.

It is never only what other people think it is, because in the line of work that is “Professional Weirdo,” there are different energies that are used, given to any Pro Weirdo from anyone, anything, anywhere, and it is all meant as a cause to effect outcome that is beneficial for everyone and everything involved. There is really no malice, as I have been taught otherwise. There is nothing that I can do for others that I cannot do for me, so when I do like I do, it is with me in mind first, and then those who I do what I know I have to do. It is never a selfish thing to do things for one’s self, for without the things done on the behalf of our very selves there is nothing that gets done for anyone else, either. If it is that it would seem that I would do or say something that is hurtful or would not do for myself, you can bet that I would not also do it for someone or more, TO someone or on someone else’s behalf, either.

This is something that people need to know and believe right now…when we set out to do harm, harm will come. If we set out to do beneficial things for others, things become magically gorgeous and the outcome, even as many Professional Weirdos will tell you this is the truth, there are still those who can only see the effected outcome that was the thought or the cause. “Harm” can be anything, but is nothing that is not manipulative, that is not controlling, that is not somehow making it so that we get what we think we want and to hell with what is best for everyone involved. It is like trying to get people to believe what we believe, no matter what it is. If we have to talk people into believing what we think is the best for them and we are without regard for what we KNOW is the best thing for them, and all we can do is think about what it is that WE want.

Read that again…if what it is that we want and think is the best thing for our own lives and we are without thought that what we want, when other people are involved in our minds, and it is not what is best for ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, you can BET that what you end up with…the effect part of this all… WILL NOT BE what you imagine it can be. This is the part of manifesting that not a lot of people can grasp. Sometimes I have a hard time with it, but I know that the rule is the rule, that energy is energy and that energy cannot lie, ever. I know this. I live this and I know that there are people who have a hard time with it. It is not that hard to think of, not that hard to take in, but it is a bitch to accept. When we cannot accept the truth that is in front of us, and we feel like we have to assert our own truth onto other people so that we can be comfortable in the truth that keeps on slapping the shit out of us, and we deny it, and we cause the effects of anger and nastiness, I promise you that it is not going to be what you want it to be. It will be what it was, because obviously you have Karma to work out with it.

Not my rule, or my law, but it is the one that most of us live by, or at least try to live by.

Paying attention to our thoughts is key to getting what we want AND need, and while it is that we have a set intention for these things, it pays, too, to remember that what we see and think are SYMBOLIC in nature, and what is in store for us is so, so, SO much better than our own human cause and effect abilities can bring to us.

I would not lie to you, because it sets up challenges for me that I cannot undo, not for me, or for anyone else, for that matter.

…and also because…


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