The Universal Law of Center

Your Center Should Also Be Your Center of Attention

The Center within is where all things on the outside of us and that has anything at all to do with us originates

It is nice to be the center of attention. Women are magical at being the center of attention, even when other women are concerned. It is our power within, the ability to have all eyes on us. Some of us are better at it than are others, but the truth remains that there is more going on there than what only meets the eyes. There is more there than we want to believe. In order for anyone, even a woman, to garner the attention she gets, she first must understand that it is from within the center of her Soul where this originates.

All Power Comes from the Center of the Soul

Everything we are comes from within us. Everything. Our Center of Our Souls are connected to each other, and the people who we share our lives with lend to that central energy, that essence that is so very different from everyone else’s but is somehow the very same. When we set out to do something, and we have ideas that we think are just the greatest, and even when we think that nothing is right and that nothing will ever be right, that is our Power and it is derived from the very Center of our Souls.

Hurting is a powerful thing. Hurting makes us stop for a moment to look at what is there that is making us feel like it is the end of the world. Hurting makes it so that we have to take a moment to look at things the way that they are, accept them, understand them and ultimately move ahead from them. Being angry is another form of hurting. When we are angry, so it seems, things seem to get done faster, and why this is is still a mystery to me, the idea that we wait til we are either hurt or angry, not only at other people for not taking our truths as the truth of us, but more, for not respecting that truth. When our truth has been ignored, we take action, and we take action because, even when we are out to do dastardly things to others, we are coming from the middle of us, from the Center, from the very Source.

This is where power emanates from, is where we get these killer ideas that we get, where we get the compulsion to write another story, to compose another song, to draw another picture, to do what we do in accordance with Spirit and according to the Path we each have chosen. If we have chosen without choosing to be the one who is there to take on all of the things that we do, and we make it work for us, this is our Power at work. If we choose to use what has been given to us in the manner that is hurtful and draining for us, in the manner that is the sacrifice on behalf of other people, this, too, is our Power.

Our Power is not what we think it is. Power comes from having been weakened in some manner, in a manner that is that which brought us to our knees and that which made us look at who truly we are, not in the eyes of others, but in our own eyes and those of Spirit. When we are in need of assistance that is not of this world, is not of the tangible sort, it is through Spirit that our Power comes. Just when we need it the most is when it is most readily available. We don’t realize it at the time we are in the throes of things that make us hurt, but it is the truth – when we hurt the most is when we are most Centered and when we hurt the most is when we are more inclined to stretch ourselves so that we do not have to hurt anymore.

We direct who we are from how we feel, and how we feel about anything begins in the center of our worlds. Where we are right now is meant only as the director of things as we would like to see them, and this calls on our own Inner Power for us to make things happen. If we feel like we have to make other people see things only from our perspective, and if we have to impose our own stuff on to other people so that only our own vision is realized, we are not centered and no way are we within our Power. When we manipulate people to see things our way and when we think we are actually doing someone else a favor by parenting them from our wants and our needs, we are without our Power. We actually give it away this way.

When we stray from our Center, we give away our Power

Women, historically, have been told that we are the “weaker of the two genders,” and that we are not whole without a man in our lives. Lots of us bought into this. Lots of us still buy into it, and there is nothing wrong with it, but make no mistake – there is no rule or law that states that we have to be partnered up with anyone in matrimony, only that there is a Twin Flame on this planet who we are meant to fulfill our soul’s shared mission with. That is it, right there, in a nutshell. The reason that we are here, with anyone, without anyone…regardless, is because of a shared mission. We are not here to try to straighten out bad men, not here to make evil women do things that they don’t want to do (and they are not evil…they just are not doing things YOUR way…). We are not here to pick and choose for others who it is in their lives we think they need. They are not here in ours to make us feel like we need help with things that come naturally to us.

When it is that we feel like we have to empower ourselves by taking power away from others, thinking that if we are who directs things in their lives so that we feel better about who we are in their lives, we are not doing things from the most purest place, and our intentions will end up making themselves known and it will be because of our damned selves. Manipulation, talking people into stuff we know they don’t wanna do, making it known to other people that you have specific plans for their lives where you are concerned and that if they do not agree that is too bad…all of these things, these energies and the corresponding actions all take away from your own Power. Your own Power is the thing that you come to this lifetime to grow. It is the thing that you need to make it through your life as well as being able to do what you came here to do, no matter what it is.

We share in energy with others, but when we continue to give it away and make it so that other people cannot do what they were meant to do, and when we do things in a manner that is behind peoples’ backs, when we feel like we need to prove to anyone who is not us that we are the right person for whatever it is that we feel like we need to do more than just being who we are for real. If you are scared, be that way, because that is where your center is, where your power is right now. If you are worried, be in that worry, because at the moment, that is what you need to learn from. No matter what anyone wants to believe, it is not when we are at our best that we shine the brightest, but really, when we are down and out. I say this because when we are down and out we are more likely to try harder to shine, not for other people but for our selves and only our selves. When we have to use the Power, no matter where it is coming from, is when we are at our best.

It is the paradoxical nature of Spirit that we shine the brightest when we feel like we are not very shiny at all. When we think of it in terms of how much energy we have to exert just to get up in the morning sometimes, we have the reality that is the paradox created by the Center who we are being birthed from the Center of Power that we are giving away. It is in the nothingness that we create that is the Center of the Circle where we came from, and it is the nothingness which is the void that we have that needs to be filled up with the Power that we believe that we do not have. It is from this nothingness that is there, even as it is not there, that creates the room to make more Power, or has the power to take ours away from us through our ill-intended actions.

It is when we are at our most honest and weakest that we are actually the strongest, because it is in that moment where we have to return to our center and when we have to get to the middle of things that would call on us to create Power where it seems that there is none. It is when we realize that there is a reason that the crazy Shaman told you to “ground and center yourself” and a reason that La Curendera next door tells you that you need to grab the Universe by its balls and shake it around like a rattle snake does its rattles. It is when we feel like we have nothing left, when we think that we have to involve other people who would not be the best for us to have our Power, when we think that we have to give it away and more, when we think that we have to take it away from other people that we should instead be thinking about what it is that we are doing with our own Power and why it is that we are choosing NOT to go into the Power that we think is not there and instead will try to take it from other people.

We lose who we are when we give away our Power. There is a reason that you feel so tired all the time, and most of the time, when you feel like you cannot sleep, or when you have slept and you still feel tired, it is because your Soul is telling you from its very Center that it needs rest, that it needs you to stop giving away what is so vitally important to it and to your growth. It is when we are feeling blue or when we are just not all what we think we are, when we have to question ourselves, when we feel threatened, when it is that we feel the least powerful – this is when we are the very most empowered. Once we get rid of the idea that who we are depends on other people is when we will also realize that all on our own we were giving signs of Greatness to the world. When we have given all of who we are to someone else, and when it is that that person does not do what we had wanted or willed them to do – this is when we think we are weak but it is our chance to rise up and be all that we are supposed to be according to the Path we have chosen.

The Universal Law of Center should and can also be thought of as The Universal Law of Personal Power Through trial. It is not that we are not strong when we are in a bad place in our physical reality called Life, but that we are to be made stronger through the things that bring out the worst in us, the things that make us cry and angry, the things that make us look foolish, the things that make us essentially know and realize that who we are takes time, patience, work, and most of all, Power.

Who we are takes Power, and our Power comes from the same place in all of us.

From the Center.

How’s that for making feeling being stuck in the middle a whole lot different for you?

It rocks and rules, and you know it does…


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