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What Gilligan Didnʻt Teach You


The Mountain is enraged…and there are lots of spiritual reasons why

Hawaii Maolis – we LOVE our mountains….LOVE them – even the dormant ones.

The photo is of Kilauea, and the deity is none other than the one that the world knows the very most about – The Goddess of the Volcano – Madame Pele.

Most of us Maolis call her “Mama Pele” and mostly “Tutu Pele” and either way it matters. Respect is a big deal to #AllUsGuys…respect….Maolis everywhere are BIG on it, no matter which island nation we originate from. It doesnʻt matter. The thing that we are the most aware of is respect, and more than that, the other thing that we are MORE aware of is blatant DISrespect.

That thing that all workers in the weird know….the Rede

I Am Kahuna Wahine. 

I Am every BIT what I tell people I Am, which is KAHUNA.

I DO NOT surf, and I know that this is one of the very FIRST things that pops into the heads of a whole lot of people who we share the air with and to anyone who thinks this way I am writing this particular blog on your behalf because it is to you guys who this is most directed at.

And how you decide to take my words and what you decide to do with them is all on you – I Am but the messenger.

And I dare this moment, at least for those of us Kahu whose lives are lived with the greatest depth of Aloha on #TheRockin9th, to speak for us all when I state to you that you really, really need to hoʻonānā – PAY ATTENTION.

No…and in no way, shape or form am I addressing my other half who KNOWS and HAS KNOWN that Gilligan never had it correct….

Gilligan is a fictional character who lived on a fictional island with fictional islander savages who Gilligan did not know was there because Gilligan came from a culture that did not know that other people existed outside of their race. When it was that they encountered these “savages,” like everything that is assumed about #AllUsGuys is incorrect, and now, where it is that people are in a serious panic about Ka Mauna ….about the caldera which we Maoli the world over know only as Mama, as Tutu Pele, and yeah…hell yeah…

…and the biggest equalizer against racial and cultural division.

When you tell Hawaiian people that they ought to just get over who we are and stop “forcing” our culture on yours and you do so when you are LIVING ON OUR LAND (yeah….OUR HOMELAND…) and you publicly make it known that you believe yourself to be above the people whose Aloha you have abused?


She is PISSED!

And not just at those who are the originators of the phrase You people , but at our own people, as well, for denying that some of the things that have gone on in Hawaii and have been imparted onto na keiki o kaʻaina – the children of the land (ummm duh…. HAWAII MAOLI…keep reading…) is deplorable and even though I know and we all know that it is technically the 50th “state,” the thing that was forgotten about and has been ignored for generations is this thing called Aloha.

Yes, even some of our own people – NA KANAKA MAOLI of HAWAII – even some of our own, who ought to know better ACT LIKE THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH OUR TUTU PELE.

Ask your local Kahuna

I have been asked, several times, online and when I was on campus this past week, the thing that I think about what those ….leilani estate….dwellers….are going through, and far be it from me and who I am to NOT tell those who ask my truth because my Truth is NOT what people expect from me when it is not pretty or breathy or seemingly somehow a tale of weirdness that only someone like me could link two things together and come up with a theory that is not only fitting, but is actually the very truth.

The very truth is that Mother Nature, in all of her glory, is right now fighting with people who felt like they could outrun the mountain, and no humans, no you cannot. I see this as sort of something that can be called symbolic of the human propensity towards bravery in the face of actual danger, and arrogance in that same manner. And unfortunately, for those who have remained in their stance in terms of who owns what and where, this is called Karma, called sowing what was reaped even if it was not you who planted the seeds of hubris, of not giving a damn about the reality of living on Sacred ground.

When we live with our feet planted on ground that, for all of the wrong reasons, we claim as being ours, and we ignore that twinge of energy we feel when we state these things (and who would not have those twinges if they were not already aware of the things that we, Na Kanaka Maoli, those who I regard and have titled a book called Ka Poʻe O Ka Wai – The People of The Water … are aware of, in terms of Tutu Pele, Mama Pele, Baby Girl Hiʻiaka….those of us who are aware of these things have been telling their stories for all of our lives.

You chose to ignore us.

You chose property “rights” over what is right and good, and now through your panic you believe that somehow, you are the victim. This may be tangible the truth, but, it is not rocket science – when you live near an active volcano, there is the chance that it will blow and for the most part while it is the truth regarding sea floor activity, what is also the truth is that the world of Spirit has had ENOUGH !

The Spirits have had enough of us, of our hubris, of the things that divide us. Tutu Pele is now letting the world know that no matter how big a deal any human being believes themselves to be, there is still the mountain, and the mountain is bigger than all of us are. The mountain is now on fire, and the mountain is now putting people to task, and daring them to dare her, one more time, and telling us all that no matter what, nature rules, and nature defines the rules, and that no mere human has the ability to go against it – even though your holy book told of a giant named Goliath – you are not the guy who took down the giant, and no matter what – if you went ahead and bought property there, I am certain that I am not the only one who is saying it, but I KNOW I am the only one with the guavas to say it publicly….or rather, ask it publicly – what the hell were you thinking when you bought that land, and why were you so inclined to believe that Tutu would spare you from her rage?

Where in your own history books was it found there that anyone beat the volcano, and why would you believe such garbage? You are not more than the mountain, and that really is what this is about for a lot of people the world over who I share ancestry with – when was it at all anything that sounds like common sense to live somewhere that you KNOW you have the chance at DYING and LOSING EVERYTHING?

But that is neither here nor there if you are one of those….Hawaiian Kahuna….

We know what is happening, and we are not being quiet about it, at least within certain circles. The reason why it is that we are not online until this moment and telling the world that is not only ours about how we feel is because it wonʻt matter anyway, because you have all been gilliganized ….and donʻt hurt yourself over trying to pronounce it. It is the thing that, for most of my life, people have believed is somehow the truth, in small part, of Hawaiians…hell – of indigenous people, no matter where, when, why….

…that we are savages, that the majority of us needed to be rescued from our “heathen” gods and the ways that would send us to the pit of their specific godʻs hell.

The truth is uglier than that…and that truth does not apply to anyone…Maoli…because haha….apparently, the things that I have seen on television look exactly like the hell that I was told about all those years in church, being told that this was my destiny, because that is the way that my momʻs god said it would be…or at least that is what the missionaries told us was the truth. 

And you …all of you people…you act like it was not ever going to happen to you, whatever it was that was sset aside for people like m yself, where only the rules of your god applies and where the rules of our Tutu in the caldera donʻt count, donʻt matter, because your gods told you not to worry, and told you that we were the wrong ones and that instead of realizing that you are all strangers in a strange and magickal land…you brought your hatred towards things that are not like you, and you brought your ways that scathed the land, shaved it of its decency in exchange for the value of land according to foreigners who know the value of things and love the way that the value of their things makes them feel next to those people who have no things….

I harbor no ill will towards those who have lost “everything” but, also, I implore all of you – are you certain that you lost “everything?” or is it that you lost what you thought you owned, when really, no one “owns” anything on this planet, and what you are each and all being shown is that you dared your life into being, and then you dared the mountain. In her words today, in an opinion piece entitled Canʻt Fight Pele by Jasmin ʻIolani Hakes, the author states that she is “local enough to know you donʻt fight Pele.”

This is not something that is lost on ALL MAOLIS – we know that there are things in this world that we CAN fight, but more than that, we are taught, at a very young age, to know when it is that we have no chance – we were all raised, even #AllUsGuys on this side of the water, with common sense and a very primal respect for Nature and everything in it, to know that we are a part OF and not apart FROM it, and most of all, at any time, Nature can and does change the course of Life, as much as She is doing so now, in the form of the mountain who we all know as the beautiful violence called Tutu Pele. 

Like all Tutu….this Tutu Lady also doesnʻt play nice, and all Kanaka Maoli KNOW the ways which she reveals herself to us…a white canine, a small child, and an old white haired woman. No matter what – you donʻt mess with her, in any manner, no matter the way that she shows herself to you. Right now, she is Tutu, and she is PISSED. 

Meaning that you have been brought to the end of “it wonʻt happen to me” because from all of the video footage it is totally happening to you, and there are not a whole lot of Maolis who are very up in arms about it at all right now, that there are a lot of people who are ….colonial…who are presently losing everything that they own…and not one of them is bothering to see the message that is loud and clear.

The message that is loud and clear is that after all these generations, the truth is that the mountain knows who is true and who is there only because property values and because you wanted to live in paradise and perhaps thought that the volcano would not blow her stack at any time in your lifetime (even though you stated, maybe, that it would be a great place to raise kids…of course it is – HAWAII IS AWESOME ….but how could you have been thinking about your kids when you placed them in the path of THE VOLCANO FLOW and had the NERVE to call it HOME????).


Then there are the other ones who ought to have known better and who, even though those “officials” KNEW BETTER and were RAISED IN THE LIGHT OF ALOHA….still, you folks – you STILL lined your pockets with pride in dollar value and YOU STILL did like so many others who are in higher positions have done and you took a very DEAR advantage of those whose cultural interests you were meant to protect, even taking AN OATH…and an oath in tribal cultures is like blood traded between brothers of the spiritual sort – you do not, under any circumstance, break that oath.

Many, many officials did just that.

Broke promises to the people of the ʻAina.

The thing that is loudest and clearest is that we need to get our levels of integrity to what they ought to be, because in the world of Spirit – Integrity is currency, and cannot be had by trading it with anything OTHER than what is itself in its purest form. 

When there is a lack of a certain energy, it will be felt and seen within the confines of humanity. When this same lack is regarded as a passing thing and believed to be able to right itself on its own, and when mere humans decide for nature and for other humans the world over, specifically when certain humans of a certain level ought to know better, and when those humans decide to do things all “in the name of the aloha spirit” and those humans know that they are full of crap – strange things happen that capture our attention globally.

Are you paying attention yet??

Are you, humans, paying attention yet? Allow Tutu Pele to be the thing that tells you when you are not being everything that you say you are, which, when it is that you regard things like Sacred ground to simply Be just “property” and when it is that that Sacred ground is cried about as if you did not know what could happen and is now happening and when it is that you think you can outrun the mountain and find that the sea is as pissed off, I would imagine that it would be, at that point, no matter who you are or where you are or what your excuse will be next as to why it is that you thought you would be spared from her wrath and her path (because you are so cool and groovy like that that it would make sense that Pele would sense your greatness alone and part her path for you….hahahahahahah WHATEVAHS) …you werenʻt.

We see you, all of you who are now worried about others in your own culture and race capitalizing on your loss, and we see your heartache and while it is that not a whole lot of others are going to ask you what you are already thinking about….indeed, what were you thinking about when you bought your little piece of paradise? Not too many Hawaiians can afford to live in the part of the path of lava that is being eaten alive as I write this. If you want to believe that some part of me is laughing at your pain, please think again.

I donʻt laugh at tragedy. The biggest tragedy is that you opted to not listen, and created more of this energy of people of my race not able to buy a house where we have ethnic ties but, good gravy and goddess bless your man god for making certain that somehow, you would do like your ancestors did and make it so that we would, from those places covered in tarps, and those places where only the people who have been there their entire lives live – in tent cities along the shoreline, not only by choice, for lots of them, but because MOST OF THEM HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, and there you are, on the news, not even thinking that these people are GENERATIONALLY THERE and you just sort of showed up and bought land that could have served the needs of the culture rather than the egoʻs need to know that it “owns” property on the Big Island of Hawaii and the bankerʻs need to show his numbers – and none of you thought about the natural dangers.

But, lots of you want folks like me to care, and I am certain that there are some who do but for the most part, the reason it might seem like we do NOT care is not that we do not care but that we are wise enough not to dare things in the world of spirit.

We were taught from the time that we were young, the very all of us, to believe in the unseen world, to believe what we sense and to know that what we are feeling in the body first was in the soul and was delivered to us on the wings, literally, of birds, butterflies and creatures of flight…yes, even way over here on #TheRockin9th, where the geese and their flight pattern has been a mess for months. We were taught to live WITH nature, not APART from it, knowing that we are and will always remain as PART OF IT.

Too many people from this side of the water, with their degrees and their pride on paper are the sort who believe that “it wonʻt happen” to them, and then when it does, they behave as though they did not know it could or more, they believed that it, no matter what “it” is, would not happen to them. They might have believed that they might have passed into the next world by this time, or might have believed like many have in the past – that since it has been “quietly” active for a while, that it would remain to be so, at least in their own lifetime on this planet.

Where are your thoughts about what it is to be part of a world that was not yours and what was it that you thought would be acceptable in terms of who is, and who is not, part of those islands, and more, when was it that anyone with an illness would be spared by the mountain and when was it that anyone saw anyone Hawaii Maoli living that close to the caldera?

When was it that anyone ever really thought that anything at all would spare them? When was it that anyone at all would live to tell about the mauna coming alive in this lifetime, there and real and ready to eat those homes …those….estates… named “Leilani” which….no one knows that that is NOT EVEN an ACTUAL ANCESTRAL name and was one made up by a descendant of a colonist to name his colonial kid with.

Foʻ real….go look it up, the actual origins of that specific name, and find out that I Am correct.

I would have to be…I Am one of those Maolis with an outrageously long middle name and of course I passed that name on to my only daughter (with permission, naturally, and in keeping with the tradition of tribal peoples ALL OVER THE PLANET and NOT ONLY NA KANAKA MAOLI….from my Aumakua – the woman who granted permission to my mother to name me after her…..her being my Grandmother. Please, keep reading). I Am one of those people who is of the ancestry which I Am and Am here to tell the world that there is a lot more to all of this exploding mountain top than what we are being told and are seeing.

All Hawaiians know….as Hakes stated, you do not turn your back on the ocean, and you cannot ever forget that while you can command people and animals, you cannot command nature, and if you can, I promise that you are not someone who is out and about telling the rest of human life that you have this ability – and yes, there are lots of people who have this ability and no they are not part of some government thing…they are what are called Shaman…. no matter what, trust Nature to take care of you.

But trust, too, that there are people among us who dared believe that things that are of a natural nature somehow behave according to the rules of man and commerce and no, no they do not.

People all over the place who never considered themselves as part OF and not apart FROM the natural world are learning very quickly that when you piss off an old woman, the world pays attention….

I suppose that you might hoʻonānā now, yeah???








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