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It is Inevitable – the Past must be let go of

Lots of stuff at the moment make no sense. The overwhelmingly obvious theme of things at present time is cleansing, is that of saying goodbye to that which no longer serves us, and making room for the things that we have each intended. 

When things become ugly, and those things that we see in our lives begin to take the form of things that we would rather not know about, see, or have to deal with, these are the very things that we have to ponder, not why we love them so much, even when they turn ugly, but more, why we think we need them to further our intended Path and to see to our intentions as they manifest.  We have come so far along this shared Path that we travel, even as our Paths won’t all intertwine, that the time is Now to see to it that that which no longer serves us, or that which hurts us, or that which we just have no time to see to its care anymore, for whatever reason we might have, for real, guys…it is time to let it all be given back to the Mother Goddess. We simply have, at least a lot of us, that is, no more time to care for painful things which we are emotionally attached to but really are things no longer needed.

Obviously, there is a definite need, on a collective level, for the All of Us to finally heed The All That Is in that it is time to let go of a lot of things. Many of those things look like fear, like anger, like hatred, like revenge, and of course, looks like those who have been less than kind to us. We are entering into a time in our collective lives where everything matters, so long as it holds the potential of the future, not only of the world as a whole, but more, as the things that we each and singly will need in order to be a part of, even as we are apart from, this tangible world we currently are living in and the tangible world that is Becoming.

The Tangible World that We Live In

If you think that what you see in your life and that is tangible and that which can be held with the hands is permanent, you are being called upon at this time to rethink that thought, to see those things that you hold in such high honor as being symbolic rather than “real.”  What some of those things that you are hanging onto symbolize is the thing that is making this transition harder on you. Yet, you are not alone in that energy, in that pain that is borne from letting go of things from the past and that we believe are needed.

Yes, I know…there are a lot of things in this lifetime which are needed, but the things that I am saying here are things that are not tangible but are connected very dearly, through our emotions, to everything tangible. Right now is when we are being called upon by Spirit to, if we intend to hang on to some things, to ask ourselves why it is that we are so emotionally connected to those things and more, to ask if we genuinely Love those things or if it is more about how we feel about them each.

When we look at certain things that we own, we are given the gift of the memory that was also a gift at the time that we made that memory, and that really is the thing that we should be more inclined to think about for a moment, and then release, with Love, into the Cosmos, where it can be rebirthed as something that is akin to the Now and to the things that make sense on an ethereal level.  When we hang onto things from an emotional place is when we find ourselves perplexed in regards as to what we need to do in order to understand the things happening at this time. Really, it is not, as I stated already, the actual thing that we have a hard time releasing, but the emotional energy that haunts us and reminds us of what perhaps might have been for the each of us considered as being “better days.”

Better days are not the ones that we pine for from our past, but lie in wait for us in the future which we are each and collectively creating

We can continue to look back to the past all we want, but Life is not lived back there, but right here in the Now. We can keep on hanging on to the things that at one time made us smile and made sense to us and actually fit into our lives and the grander scheme of those lives once lived and we can try to be happy for the things that have already been and gone, or, we can stop trying to recreate what it is that we think we want, deal with what we have right now and learn to release what was, so that we can forge forward into the scary-excitement that is not just the future, but a future of our own creation.

By hanging on to that old energy, no matter what that energy might be, we don’t leave room for the new things which we have been calling into our lives to become our reality.  When we hang onto the things that hurt us and we seek revenge, this is our allowing the control of others to remain as part of our energetic selves. This is not okay. We have to ask ourselves if those who have hurt us deserve to be a part of us still, if we are willing to allow them even the tiniest bit of our good selves. And don’t get me wrong – I do live with one foot on each side of the Veil of Reality, and I realize that there are things in our personal tangible existence that has to be seen to, and really, the only thing that I can say to or about that is that these are the lessons, the things that we are learning and which all are lent to the common manifestation of the collective energy that we all live with and within.

By hanging on to the things which no longer serve us we do ourselves no favors. It is like hanging on to a suitcase with a broken zipper, one which we insist on still using because contains memories, even though it can no longer be there to serve us correctly and in the manner that it once had. This is the same thing that is referred to as being “emotional baggage,” and it is this stuff that keeps us where we are at, and this stuff that drags us down and this stuff that normally, other people have given to us. I am not in any manner suggesting that maybe there is not a lesson to be learned from those things that we each hang onto. I am saying that when those things no longer can teach us anything, that we should be more inclined to release them to the Goddess so that She can, in turn, make those things, and us, as well, new and more applicable to our mission in life in the Now.

However, we cannot know that this is what is in store for us, and we also cannot ever have what else is in store for us and neither have those things in completion or when we actually desire for them to be in our lives until we and our egos can just learn that sometimes, hanging on to useless things, and more, the energy that is behind the love that we have for those things, only makes traversing the Path we are each on that much longer, and that much more seemingly harrowing than it needs to be. The reason that we have a hard time with so much is because we are holding on to so much and most of us do not want to accept that we needn’t embrace them anymore.

Think about a kid who is holding onto a favorite thing and we tell that kid to please pick something up for us. That kid will be more inclined to hold that favorite thing while trying to also do what we have asked them to do, and more times than not, we have all seen this same kid (the one who calls us “Mom” or “Dad”) try, over and over, to accomplish that one tiny little task with his or her hands full with this other thing, we all know that, while it might get accomplished, it will take a little longer for the task to be done.

I am reminded of things that we, as adults, hang onto from our childhoods that hurt us and that we choose to hang over the heads of the parenting adults in our lives from our childhood. I have done it, and sometimes, when the energy hits me, I still do it, and for the very life of me I know better than to hold onto it. Holding onto whatever pain it was that I had received as a child from people who also should have known better is the choice that I make, that I have always made, and it also and only points to my being able to have a connection to where I came from. Even though where I came from is not where I am now, I still, from time to time, traverse backwards, against my own better judgment, and go there to the past where everything that hurt me or are simply just no longer purposeful for me  comes to life.

It is not easy to just let go of things sometimes, and it is not easy to make it so that we do not have to live there, at least in part, through the memory that keeps us where we are and where it is that we might not need to be. Right now we are all going through something, and as hard as it is to believe this next thing – that everything happening right now is meant as the catalyst of things that are meant, are pending, and are in manifest, and are magnificent, and most of it points to the balance that we are seeking out.

Our sense of Balance comes from our ability to see what is no longer needed, and to be able, through that balance that is becoming bigger and bigger every time we go through things that make our lives feel like they suck, to cleanse our lives and ourselves of such things. It is not that we will ever forget what it is that we have been through, that we have encountered, that we are attached to for whatever reason it is that we are attached to it, but that we will, as time passes us by, even begrudgingly so, allow the release of things, through our own intent and our own involvement of no longer believing that we need to hold onto the past. You read it correctly – humans…we hang onto to stuff that no longer serves us, for the singular purpose of having something that our ego can throw us a pity party in celebration of, but more, because the one thing in our human lives that any one of us can claim to owning is our pain.

And yes, this really is the reason that, unconsciously, anyone will hold onto anything at all…because ownership, still, unfortunately, is really the thing that we have been trained and programmed to think is the very highest thing in the world. To own something means that we have some sort of power over it, and really, giving that much power to anything or anyone else is the first step to going back to those things that hurt us and dwelling on them. This is why it is that we seem not able to heal, from the soul, out.

We cannot heal, because we refuse to let go.

Letting go, sometimes, is really the only way that we can heal. No one that any one of us knows likes their pain and sometimes, their past, but they embrace it as though it is the only thing that they have and will ever have had.

Right or wrong, if you think this way, you’re right…

…but you can totally be right another way, that, while it will hurt, it will not hurt forever, and from that temporary hurt, the lesson learned will remain in the wake of the pain and the memory of how it got there.

Really, as hard as it is to do, it is time to heed the Goddess and let go.

You can’t let anything new in to all of those places if you do not let go of the things that occupy your life, your thoughts and your soul and things which make the pain of our former lives and selves linger.




I am feeling upset with myself today…

I know that there are two people, and with Ms. Bianca, this makes three, who felt like we were totally unproductive yesterday…not so, because now, even as the things that we needed to get done yesterday did not get done, we have this new list, and this new attitude about these things that did not get done. So, if you were feeling like you were just so, so lazy yesterday, the truth is that you were not, not really, because I am finding that I was not the only one, HE was not the only one, Bianca, the young lady who wrote this blog entitled “I am feeling upset with myself today,” also did not get what she wanted to get done yesterday. Like her, I will tell anyone that when it seems like you are getting nothing done, sometimes, getting nothing done is totally what needs to BE done…don’t be so hard on yourselves, because even though the work and the crap that you did not get done, did not get done, there is always the next day, and really, sometimes, that is what has to be done – TO WAIT TIL THE NEXT DAY !!

I Love You All !! ROX

Sunshine Thoughts

I am feeling upset with myself today. Today was not a good day.

It started out well. I had a fabulous amount of sleep and I was wide awake. I had planned to do many things today, to be productive and get things done. Then somehow, in the matter of a few hours I managed to get completely sidetracked and unproductive. Now it is almost 10pm and I have barely managed to achieve anything.

  • I did not go to class.
  • I did not eat well.
  • I did not get far into my homework.
  • I did not go to yoga.
  • I did not go to the grocery store.
  • I did not leave my house.
  • I didn’t even watch the new episode of Suits.

    I did sit on my couch and look on Facebook a lot. And Reddit. And Instagram. (Isn’t it funny that in doing this I watched others show off their…

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Experience the Power of Your Love

Please read and share this…mahalo…ROX

Spirit Sunshine's Blog

I have More Love Deposits for your heart today

You can create your life of love in this moment.

Powerful love is the power of Love which inspires you to create positive experiences for your life and the life of those you’ve come into connection with.

Love is the creative energy that allows one to manifest their divine purpose. Whatever you love you will create it within your life. First by (air) thinking, the thought and the action becomes connected through the fluid / water of (emotion) and fire (desire/ action / passion) of  your conscious creation ability will manifest.

Thought: “I love to write”

Emotion: “Love”

Words” I love to write”

Action – I write

Whatever you love (whether on a subconscious level or unconscious level) you will create.

Whether you are conscious of this or not You will create either positive energy or negative energy and you will…

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Seek Understanding

I will use the term “witch hunt” lightly, even though that is what is happening right now. As time goes on, so, too, does the blatant and most likely voluntary misunderstanding and judgement of people who follow Spirit in the ways of the Ancients

I will not lie, neither will I shy away from the fact that I am nothing and no one who follows anything at all that can be considered as being “mainstream.” This very dearly applies to my life as a Spiritual Woman. I have been, for a long time now, referred to as being a witch, a devil-worshiper, as someone who “should know better” than to follow the path that I have been on for the majority of my lifetime in this consciousness.

At the moment, and as has been confirmed by people within my inner circle, we are back in the days of the Witch-hunt. We are back in the times when, it seems, there are more people trying hard to make the things that I do, the things that I am, and the things that can be called my life’s work and passion, as being somehow ‘evil.’ Often times I make the joke that if someone wants to burn me at the stake just to prove themselves right to other people who are as foolish as that or anything like it would be, that they can use my lighter if they like. But the truth is that there is no need for all of this judging of people who are strange like I am, at all, because there is a lot of room on this planet for all of us. Perhaps if those who would and do vilify people like me would just tone it down with their bigness of rhetoric and more, their deep hatred, not for people like me, but really, for people who are not like them, we might have enough room here for us all.

Haterz gonna hate

It is the truth, as has been evidenced by the dead guy who used to lead all those ridiculous protests and who led that bastion of hatred he called faith, all these years, when really, if it were my opinion of the man that mattered, I would chalk it up to ego and its need to be seen, no matter what. For anyone to hate on anyone at all is ridiculous, but for people to hate on others because one guy said that it is right and good in the eyes of the lawd, that guy has a lot to learn. It is too late for the leader of those haterz to save himself from the constant nature of his self-imposed shame, a shame that he was blind to because he felt that he was doing the lawd’s work.

Well, I know a thing or two about the LORD’S work, but the lawd’s work is different, and the lawd’s work is work that permeates the world with hatred, with judgement, with things that are preached about to the masses, but rarely practiced by the few, who, by their own saying so, have been ordained by God to spread the hate, rather than what Christ taught, which was to Love the least of us.

This is something that NOT a whole lot of fundamentalists can grasp, the idea that other beliefs are just part of the package called “life on Earth.” I know this, because for a long time this was the thing that I learned – that we are supposed to seek others like ourselves, and if those others are not exactly like us, then they are somehow bad. If we were all the same, life would be boring. If we were all the same, things would be too easy. If were were all the same, we would have more issues than we do now, not for any other reason than that it would be our sameness that would make us want to compete with each other more than do our differences do in the real.

There are a lot of people who will read this, who will pass it off as my not having anything better to write about than this, but the truth is that since the evil Baptist moron passed away, there are more people now than ever thinking that they need to take over the reigns and spew the hatreds that their leader always had. This would be the same thing everywhere, with any kind of leader, no matter the beliefs. When was it made okay that the beliefs that I hold are somehow subject to anyone else’s judgment or approval? When did we become so dearly full of ourselves, in the name of the lawd, that we would make it so that we would choose our own blindness to things and people who are not just like us, who do not believe the same things that we do, and more, when was it our right to do any of this and without the thought in anyone’s heads that the tables will end up turning and we will, ourselves, be judged just as we were – harshly.

The really peculiar part is that the very people who judge others the most are the very ones who, in that book they like thumping people with, are taught, by their lawd, not to judge. (Matthew 7:1, in case you were curious…yup…I know that book like I know how to spell my own name…middle name included…and it is 26 letters long) Where in that writing is it stated that we need not judge, unless someone is different than we are? It isn’t. It is not in that big giant book of things that too many people take way too literally and for the life of us all, we cannot figure it out.

We cannot figure out what makes us all so high and mighty, what makes us want to think that somehow, we have and we know and we are the best way to Paradise. And it is a paradise that too many fundamentalists want to believe is the only one that exists. If more people who were blind to the rest of that book, who only use what they can and that which will further their own “stuff,” they would find out with a quickness that that particular book is meant, just as the Rig Vedas, just the I-ching, just like every other holy text on the planet, that the messages within those pages are all the same. They all speak of love, peace and joy, and of course, the hell which is written about, which is within each of us.

When people begin to see these things as more of a guide, more of a group of thoughts, penned into a book, written, not to divide us further by the picking and choosing of things the lawd said that will make another group of people feel like they are less than anyone else, but rather and only to show us that even as we each call the gods to whom we kneel and pray to by a different name, they are all and essentially the same Spirit.

If anyone bothered to think about it, and to think past what it is that they know as their own truth, and see there, in that truth that is their own, that not even they are the same as their own parents, and that their kids are not the same as they are, they might know, for sure, through this simple act of checking, on their own, the validity of claims that someone else made out to be the truth, they might see there, in the sameness that is not the same at all, that even though we are different, we are not that far apart from one another in similarity.

It isn’t that people, after they have read this writing, are suddenly going to stop judging each other. In a perfect world there would be no reason for people like me to explain anything like this at all to anyone at all.

John Lennon had it right… “…nothin’ to kill or die for, and no religion, too…” and it is well known that more people on this planet are killed or die for things that are not their truth, things that they have to do to please a god who will never be satiated. There are, sadly, people on this planet who willingly and blindly follow a belief that they grew up with, and this is okay, but it is not okay that we use what we have been taught and accept as our own truth, against others who do not believe how we do. It would be wrong of me, even though it would be a lot of fun, to stand outside of a church, on a Sunday mid-afternoon, waiting, in protest, of people who believe what they will, and only because I know that they do not believe as I believe. This is the thing that no one seems to take into consideration – that there are other people on the planet, and again, that we are not the same, even though inherently we are exactly alike.

We all want to be loved, and we all want to be validated, and we all want to feel okay in the skin we were born in. We all want to be part of something bigger than we are, and we all want to be able to have happiness and joy in our lives, and we all want the very same things, even if those very same things are a different color, or a different flavor, or a different anything at all.

Bottom line, all you holier-than-thous, ( and really, all you not so holier than thous…please…do share this writing with those people who have shown you how big their lawd is…it is about the same size as their egos…) is that you are no longer the only game in town, and it is not because the creep down south croaked, or because the snake pastor was finally taken from this lifetime because he kept daring the Snake Goddess, but because that is just how evolution of everything works.

One might think that our human ability to see, with our physical eyes, how things grow and change, would also be the thing that shows everyone, namely the people with their eyes closed to the truth that is not their own, how alike we are, even in the ways that we are so passionate about the things that we believe and the things that constitute as being our truth.

We can continue to see what is different about us from anyone else, or we can finally choose to see the truth, and the truth that tells us that while we are unique in and of ourselves, we are not so far removed from each other at all. We are more alike than we are not, and that alone is enough to make us, or at least should prompt us, to seek understanding instead of furthering this ignorance we have made the center of everything we believe.

Take the time to talk to people, no matter who they are, no matter what they believe.

The world is a big place. I am sure it would get lonely for anyone to make it so that they have hated on people so much, that their own karma comes back to them in the form of their own self-imposed isolation.

I Love You All…



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The Dimensions in Which We Live

Just like it was found out that the world is not flat, it is also not so unbelievable that there is more than only this 3rd dimension reality that the majority of us are choosing to believe is the only one which exists. It isn’t.

I need for you, the reader, to come away from the idea that what you see in front of your face is the only reality, and dimension, that we live in. There are a lot of us who, because of the things that we have seen, done, heard, been through, KNOW, in an unwavering manner, that this third dimension is not the only one that exists.

To believe that this were the truth, one would have to put aside things like synchronicity, have to stop believing in the God to whom they kneel and give homage to, would have to really just not think with more than only that tiny ten percent of their own brain’s power.  The third dimension is nice. There are people here, and there are things to do and see here, but there are other dimensions.

The reason that a lot of folks don’t believe this is because they are stuck in 3D. Being stuck in 3D means that some folks are not able to think past what they have been taught. Meaning also that the things that are only here and now and in your face are the only reality.

This is not correct, at least not for quite a few of us.

The illusion of there only being a 3-Dimensional consciousness

I am sure that you have heard about the Fifth Dimension. No, I am not talking about that great band from the ’70’s – I am talking about this reality in which we live in that, because there are like, billions of us on the planet, is a chosen thing. You have to choose to be beyond the consciousness of the physical Now, of this one reality, and be able to accept that we are, ourselves, NOT 3-dimensional, but rather are infinite in the dimensional thing as long as we all realize that this is the truth.

These dimensions exist, but they are within us, on a collective conscious level. This is the reason that meditation is very important in the lives of those seeking their own measure of what is “The Truth.” There is so much more to us than only what we have been taught, only what we have been told, and if we were more inclined to jump at a situation because in the tangible, 3D sense, we will end up with more than we had, we are not living at all in the manner that is meant for us to. We were never meant to remain in the linear fashion that we think we can only exist. We are finite, but not. We are the ultimate paradox of all paradoxes.

This is possible, this whole…dimensional thing…because of our brain and its amazingness. You see, as children, in school, we are taught, told even, that we only use 10% of our brains, and as those children, the very ones who were taught to believe everything that our “elders,” including our teachers and whoever else was an adult in our lives at that time, we did not question what it was that we were being taught.

We just believed what we were told, trusted the adults in our lives, and went along our merry way. Then, one day, our own personal levels of rebelliousness set into us, and we began, at least some of us, not only questioning every authority figure in our lives, but more, we began to question everything…from the things that we were taught in church, to the things that we were taught at school, and even the things that we were taught and shown at home.

It was at this time in our lives that we knew that somehow, what we were being taught was somewhat not complete, that it would never be complete, and on our way we went to find out our own truths, and from those truths, form our own beliefs.

Dimensions…we have to believe they are there before they are there for us

Like anything in life, belief in things that seem unbelievable is tantamount in importance when we are talking about the idea…actually, the fact…that there are more than only the three dimensions that we know and have been told exist.

Some people believe that they only exist here and now, and while this is physically the truth, what is also the truth is that there are some of us who know differently, that there is another whole bunch of dimensions that really, my thought is that they are all and collectively, scared to know that other dimensions exist.

People fear that they cannot quantify the things which are intangible, cannot make it so those things count as proof of the measurement of who they tell people they are, or at least want to believe they are.Some things, you see, cannot be labeled as anything other than things that are not seen by the eyes yet felt by the senses which are beyond the five we are brainwashed to believe there are.

Beyond the Five

There are a lot of people who still, to this day, even with all of these strange and collective things happening in the world, give credit to “happenstance,” when really, it is not happenstance, not coincidence, because there really, at least in my own Knowing, is no such thing as either.

There is nothing real in thinking that things that happen are not connected, and this is the part that negates the idea, the thing that people want to believe which is also called “coincidence.” Coincidence, while it is a fun word, only fits when putting together long sentences at a spelling bee. There are no coincidences.

If you are still convinced that this is the only dimension that exists, and that coincidence is just a fact of life, you will not believe it when I tell you that the reason coincidences are not real is because everything in existence is part of a great big …thing…that is akin to the domino effect. This means that, perhaps a long time ago, you did something that you didn’t even think would matter right now. After that one thing that you did, you forgot about it, and so ensued the madness of the after-affects of the things that happen when we “get the ball rolling,” not realizing that that one thing that we did was the catalyst.

So, time rolls by, and something happens and very suddenly that thing that you did, thought, said, knew, way back when, came back to life, good or bad, and this was after you’d put it out of your mind and went on about the things that were your life to that point when that one thing came screaming back at you. This is NOT coincidence, but it can be loaned, the credit, that is, to our collective inability to see that a long time ago, no matter what it was, there was action taken, words spoken, etc., etc., that would bring to life something that was then, but in the Now.

While time rolled by, of course, you might have reflected back to that one thing, and when that one thing crossed your mind you passed it off as something that you just…recalled, and not really thinking that maybe the reason that you are thinking about that one thing, about almost anything, really, is NOT because you are just recalling it, but more because of the here and the now and how it pertains to then, and more, how you have grown and now know the possibilities of “stranger things have happened.” If you live in a world where possibilities are endless, you have graduated beyond the world of the 3rd Dimension and have gone on to not even believe that you are now living in a dimension where the here, the now, next week, last year, twenty years ago, twenty years from now, are all right here, right now, and you can see everything contained in them, where you are headed, where you have been, what you have done, what you will do, and so on and so forth.

If you cannot see past this 3rd Dimension, it is due to the things that you have been told to believe, the things that not a whole lot of people, until these recent generations of human beings came to this consciousness and who are being parented by generations of parents who have, throughout the course of our lives, been trained, by our very souls, to see past the things that we were told, and taught, are not real, are not there, or, my favorite, are not meant for the common human being to see, to partake in, to be part of.

What I do not and will not ever understand is that, if we are not meant to know those things, the unseen things of the All That Is, why, then, is it that there are some of us who have never not known, and why is it that those who are Ordained “God-Men” seem not only to hate people who are like me, but more, tend to fear the things that they cannot see that folks like me CAN and DO see?  These people are who tell us that there is only the finite energy that is what is tangibly in front of us, and they are also the ones who are “privy” to pointing out the sins of others for the world to see and to judge.

Let someone like me into your life and you find out that there is more to consciousness than what really and tangibly meets the eyes.

We have been taught by religion, by the things that particularly human males of the cloth want to not share with the rest of us, want to keep us ignorant to the things that truly could help us all, and it is because of their patriarchal training by other unenlightened males, who were also taught by other such humans, to teach the rest of the world how to fear the God they tell us has given them the right to be judgmental and who feel that this alone – this thing called a piece of paper which reads the words “Certificate of Ordination,” which is also a piece of paper that I, a mere woman, also has – gives them not only the power to, but more than anything else, the very right to screw with the collective energy which is the human race.

Well, I say to hell with that crapola. I say that we ought to look this particular set of god-men in the eyes and tell them, without telling them, that their time for keeping the masses of people who they have brainwashed in that brainwashed state, that they are  longer in charge.  My thinking, and this is just me being me, is that just like those crazies from the deep south did, whose leader (the man hated everyone and everything and said God hates the same things and people he did) recently croaked, we ought to, in a collective manner, protest their churches, just like they protested people for being who they truly are, and we should be out there, in our finest Pagan, Wiccan, Native and Earth Bound type ensembles, laughing joyously, carrying protest signs that tell them all that even though their message is one of hate, ours is not but one of Love.

Word to Your Mother (Goddess, that is)

The blindness that is chosen is the blindness set forth by multitudes and generations of purveyors of patriarchal belief systems throughout the ages. These people who knew these things many, many moons ago knew the power that belongs to us all, and they chose to suppress it, chose to keep it hidden from the masses and chose to, many, many moons later, keep it hidden so that a few of these god-men, even the ones who roam in the same circles that strange women like I also roam, not only could keep it hidden, but more, so that they could profit off of it and make millions of dollars doing what women like I do, for free even, which is basically impart onto the masses, information and knowledge that has always been there and waiting for us to have and to learn.

We are prompted by The Mother Goddess, by She Who is The All That is, the very one who gave us life and gives us the energy to get out there into the great big gorgeous world and do as we are meant to do. As we are meant to do is what it is that we know is the right thing, and the right thing is NOT suppression, but more and really the  injection of the Universal Truth that every single one of us is able to traverse the Universal Light Fantastic. Yet, we have not, as a whole of people, been taught this. Collectively, we have been taught and many of us believe that we are born, we live our lives, and then one day, we just die.

This is the biggest lie of all. There is so much that we do not know, that we are not willing to know, and it is because we are scared to death to know that for real, we are as powerful as we have always truly known we are.

It is our doubt, collectively, that keeps the majority of us in line, like sheep headed for the slaughter. I am here to tell you all that you are not sheep, that you are every bit as powerful as anyone else is…even that guy behind the pulpit wearing a 3000 dollar suit and a politician’s smirk.

Believe that you exist on a greater plane than only what your human-trained eyes and thoughts will not allow you to believe, because the truth is not only out there, but is also in there…

…in there, buried deep within the Bones of The Soul…

I Love You All



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The Only Way to Get Through it is to Go Through It

We want to avoid the pain of life, but what we are not thinking about is that in everything that we are supposed to be learning, when the pain of our lives is present, the only way to learn from it and to get through it is to go through it.

No one that any one of us knows actually likes being in any kind of pain. We silly humans like to believe that we should never have to go through any kind of pain whatsoever. The problem with this is that, without pain, we cannot recognize what is not pain. The other problem is that Life is very painful at times and there is no way out of it other than ignoring it or dealing with it.  We can ignore it all we want, but it will still be there, reminding us that we hurt.

Really, that is what we are trying to avoid – more reason to hurt. What we are failing to understand or perhaps to accept is that the more we avoid it, the more evident it becomes that there is something not right with us. We can push it away, not deal with it for a little while, which is okay, but there are those among us who care not one tiny little bit to have to go through the lessons born through the pain which is never going to not be there unless and until we acknowledge that it exists within us.

Pain comes from anywhere and can be caused by anything at all. Pain is the reason that so many of us are angry, are depressed, are all those things that we see all those commercials of all those pharmaceuticals which every single one of them seems to cause more worry than relief. People who create those drugs like it that there are people who walk the planet and who are also in a chosen state of perpetual pain.  For those companies, no one in pain means that for them there will be no monetary gain.

Some of the pain we are feeling, each of us, and some of the pain that seems to carry on and that we CAN do something about, we write off as being just another little nuisance. I am not talking about the sort of physical pain brought about by injuries that anyone ended up with from something like a bad car wreck or something like that. I am talking about the pain that is emotional that, in an example, can be brought about by the feelings and the memories and the emotional energy that was created by the car wreck. While the physical injuries might have left a person permanently and physically damaged, the emotional injuries caused by the physical damage, whether anyone believes me or not, IS the pain that we can do something about.

I know…there are some people reading this whose pain seems so overwhelming that it might be a little bit of a lot of years that that particular pain, at the very little least, is whittled down to that of a dull and annoying ache. Please – don’t get me wrong..where it is that a parent has lost a child? That is a pain that I am sure will never leave a person. I am not talking about that. I am talking about the pain which has been brought to us via an event in our lives that has been brought to us and through us as well as other people by Spirit that we are meant to learn because that very and particular pain was meant to be a part of our life experience because without it, we cannot go on to fulfill the mission that we were sent here to complete.

The causes of our emotional pain varies between us. My own emotional pain, I knew, was not meant as only something that I had to go through for perhaps a past life Karmic debt, but more, so that I could take that negativity and the energy that was created by the abuse and turn it into usable positive energy. This is not something that is easily learned overnight, and it is not something that we can just not go through when the lesson and the pain of that lesson present themselves. You might find this a bit fantastical to think is the truth, but really, your lessons and your pain from those lessons is part of the thing that people, for many generations, have named as being “The Process.”

The Process

In healing circles, the words “The Process” are akin to the words “have patience.” Patience is that thing that we all know comes from having been impatient. When we are impatient for the results of why it is that we have gone through this painful period, and we get frustrated because the answers do not reveal themselves to us like we would prefer they did, this is when we are open and ready to receive who we are but the only way to do that is to actually open up ourselves to the Process and the things that are included in said same Process.

Within this thing called “The Process” are veiled versions of the pain that we have experienced to that point that mirror the original progenitor of the actual pain that, at the time, we may have believed would not be stored in our memories forever. Our processes don’t work that way. Humans are capable of recalling things that we do not realize we have been reliving, again and again, through the only memory that we have created by that one event. People who have been through the worst of what they can think to be the worst are masters at dealing with The Process. It is because through the things that we never wanted to look at having caught up with us, making themselves known, with an absoluteness, that we have to deal with these energies, have to go through what we have to go through or we will not ever learn anything, not only about what is happening that would make us think back about the truth of the pain, but more, how what we are refusing to learn applies to the here and the Now.

I am going to say it, and you will just have to deal with this next thing

I can think of but a scant few people who know that we are the ones who are the progenitors of the pain that we allow. Pain is a given, because life can be a pain in the okole. Even as it is this way, it is not that we are given or take on these pains, but that a whole lot of us want to hang on to them without trying to utilize the energies inherent in them. We want other people to see our pain, know our pain, and rather than our just being fine and dandy with the idea that someone cared enough to even inquire about it, we want to give these people the entire play-by-play and really, no one needs that.

When we do that, what we are really doing is validating that pain, making certain that we will never be rid of it if we should choose to give it too much power. You can think I am lying, or think that I am outta my gourd (which, really, I am, but it isn’t a bad thing), but this is the truth. This particular truth, I am saddened to say, is the very truth of (ugh) a multitude of women all over the planet who seem to want to believe that since, for generations, we have had to fight for our rights to be equal, that it is the fault of men everywhere, and this is not the truth.

These are the sort of women, and I am really getting somewhere with this, who, for the very life of them, cannot see, seriously, what they need to see that exists within themselves that they are seeing all around them, and perhaps even within their own relationships, not only with their partners, but with everyone they share any sort of time and emotions with. I say women because I am sure that when I was a much younger person, I, too, felt like things that were wrong in my life were somehow someone else’s doing.  This was not a lie, at least to me, that what I went through and that someone else had caused to happen, somehow, was them being out to get me.

It does not occur to us when we are young that we have to bear the Kuleana of how we feel about what happens to us and that which is presented to us, by us, but through other people.

It could be anyone, really, who we believe is only meant in our lives to be that one person who makes our life awful. This is not something that has to be permanent. This is something and a way of being that has potential to be permanent, but is also something that carries the option of our being able to do something about.  This is the thing that not a whole lot of women in particular understand, that not everything in their lives is brought to them by other people without a purpose, and lots of the time, those “other people” are the men in their lives.

If more of us would shut the hell up, listen to what whoever is saying what to them and rather than getting all okole sore, take the truth that belongs to someone else, namely if it is their life partner or spouse, and really take in what it is that this other person is telling them, they might find out, without a doubt or even a shadow of one, is either the EXACT same thing that they are feeling, or, is the very exact opposite to what we are feeling. Whatever it is that we are feeling inside, those closest to us will reveal it to us as their silent response that is the other person’s physical and mainly facial appearance.


The body and everything about it does not and cannot lie, ever. Our physical selves will tell people what is the reality of what our inner selves are going through. We can tell our friends and those closest to us that there is nothing wrong, and at first they may believe us, but the truth always comes out. Emotional pain is something that festers and reveals itself in ugly ways. Some of us go through a lot of anger, and all of us, no matter what, and without our knowing we are doing it, reveal the truth of us subconsciously through our actions.

Eventually, those actions become words, and those words become our reality through our breathing the breath of life into them, believing them and making them become real. It’s the truth. Think about it. Think about the last time that you thought something in a fleeting moment of perhaps desperation and suddenly that thing that we said that we might have forgotten having said is now alive and in our faces. For the most part we are not aware of this. We do not think about the things that we bring to our lives that bring us pain. When the pain arrives, we think about all of the people involved in everything that we have said, thought, and done, and rather than assigning how we feel about things at all – anything at all – the Kuleana of those things to our very selves and learning from the pain and going through it, we blame everyone else.

We, again, do not like pain and we would rather not have to deal with any at all, but that isn’t going to happen. Life is filled with pain and instead of thinking about how we will deal with the thing that causes it, we want to push the pain away and avoid it. We cause ourselves more pain by avoiding it, by pushing it away. We want to believe that the pain we feel is someone else’s thing to deal with, but it isn’t. It is ours. It will never not be ours. It will stay ours until we can face the demon we have named “Pain brought to us by other people.” While technically this is the truth, what is also the truth is that we give away our own power, to people who should not have it, and we keep giving it away in hopes that getting rid of it the way that we have always will be the right thing every time.

If you have not yet figured out that that is not the right thing to do, that the right thing to do is to face the pain and address it and have meaningful and serious intimate conversations not only with the pain, but more, with our own Selves, we will never know what is the absoluteness of truth that is our own. We create the energy for the pain through our words, through the things that we think and do and whatever the intent behind it all is. When we intend to hurt, we will hurt, and we have the nerve to blame others for that hurt that we called upon to teach us something. When we intend to heal, the Universe comes to us through other people who will show us what is possible if we are honest with ourselves.

Being honest with ourselves and knowing that everything in life has the same sort of ability to heal is how we start the ball rolling. When we choose to walk through the pain, hopefully for the last time, at least with whatever, at that time, is giving us any pain at all, is when the Process has begun. If we can manage to look at who we are when the pain sets in, we are half way to where we need to be. When we look in the mirrors in our lives, and we see there that which also lives within us, we can better utilize what is our own to make a big giant difference, not only in how we feel, but more, how we feel about who we are for real.

That alone is priceless.




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One thing at a time

Multitasking seems to have been the thing that we who were born in the 60’s and 70’s know a little bit too much about. When it comes to learning and knowing about what will work and what will not work in our lives and in the grander scheme of things, it is wise to do things one thing at a time.

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me, through her actions,that the way to clean my room was to pull out everything from underneath my bed and out of my closet so that I could see what needed to go where. For years this was the way that she’d done this, and I did not catch on until I was about 9 that what she was really doing was not separating my things to be organized according to priority. She was throwing my stuff away.  By the time that I figured it out, that she was getting rid of my stuff because she did not want to pick it up anymore, I started hiding things in places where she had no idea where they were. I became masterful at hiding my stuff, almost to the point of hording them.

Then one day, I think I was 16, I found the treasure trove of crap that had collected over the years and discovered, at that time, that all of those things had a place and a purpose in my life, but that place and that purpose were seen to. I took a nice little walk down memory lane, and then proceeded, even tearfully about some things, to, not so much rid myself of unneeded things, but clearing room for other, newer, more appropriate things. Yet, not even this came to my brain at the time that I was 16.

When we are youngsters, we have no idea that unless we are some sort of sappy goofball who likes hanging onto EVERYTHING that reminds us of the sweetness which is inherent in childhood, the things which applied, the things that we need, things, ways of being, everything tangible and intangible, have to be organized, have to be given away or thrown away if they are no longer needed, have to be neatly tucked away in the places in the attic or the closet until someone else, usually our own kids, find them.

This same thing applies to who we are. There are things and ways of being that no longer apply. There are people who have been in our lives whose mission and purpose in our lives were seen to a long time ago, and some of us cannot see the growth we have made, so we assume that the growth others have made is somehow not a good thing. It is at this point where we need, dearly, to take stock, not only of the people in our lives and in the roles they have played forever, but more, of ourselves. There are things within us which no longer need to be. There are memories which a lot of us hang onto, people we think need us who really do not need us, things we no longer can make use of, ways of being which no longer fit, and all of it needs to be seen to.

When we look at it all, it is very overwhelming. We don’t want to look at the messes we have made, and we don’t want to see the things that we know we should no longer hang on to, but we hang on to them for dear life, and no one tells us that we shouldn’t. No one tells us that we shouldn’t because those who would tell us this also have issues with simply letting go of things that no longer hold purpose or meaning for us that is appropriate to the things that we are doing with and within our lives at present time.

One thing at a time

The overwhelming part of everything that we know we need to be rid of are the very things that we also, for whatever reason we might have, are afraid to let go of. For some folks, the things that they cannot let go of are things that only feed their ego, things that they may have accomplished long ago and things that they are still depending on to keep them, at least in their own minds, as top dog. For other folks, the things that need to be let go of are the things that, at one time, served them with the warmth that is the love that they want to believe comes from other people, but in reality, they cannot face their own lack of self-love, so they look to others to suffice them. We all have these things inside of us, these parts of ourselves that seem to not make sense, but that we also dearly love, sometimes beyond reason.

There are some folks who, for the life of them, cannot let go of their own self-hatred, and they blame everyone else for it, believing that their own life sucks because of everyone they have ever let in. But really, their life sucks because maybe they have made whatever it is that they want to believe is their “revenge” on someone else the very most important thing in their lives.  Now, how sick is that?

What kind of sick person lives but only to make things more difficult for someone else, and only because the sick person…we will call them the hater…feels so very compelled to have the idea, but not the energy, that they are right and well placed within the thought that they have to make life hard on the people or the person, for whatever foolish reasons they have, and for what?…duh….BECAUSE THEY WERE WRONG TO BEGIN WITH!

This…”wrong to begin with”…is an example of things that some people just need to let go of, to be rid of, to no longer bother with. You know these people. In fact, we all know people like this. They are egotistical and arrogant, believing that they are making no mistakes, even as they are ready and willing to point at everyone else’s. They like to bring up the past, and they like to make things appear as though they did not one thing wrong.  These people act as though somehow the world was created because one day they would be born. They are the type who, for whatever reason they have, seem to like being able to run their mouths without also engaging their brains.

Stupid things happen when people who not only do not engage the brain, but who are also so very pissed off at that world and they choose one person upon whom they will spread their ilk and pass their poison to, in hopes they may be able to break their “victim” down into digestible portions and eat them alive, starting with their heart and soul.

These are the people for whom the word “organization” means nothing to them, for whom the word “discipline” has never really entered into the fray. They want to do everything they want to do, all at one time, without the idea that there has to be made room in their lives. If we can think about the state of things in our wakeful hours, and we can see there the clutter that is around us, we would know right then, also, the state of their inner world.

The state of our inner world is mirrored in our outer world

It starts small and begins to pile up over time, the “collections” that a whole lot of us have, and these “collections,” not only are they tangible, they are also intangible. Some folks hang on to things for the specific purpose of having a memento to commemorate a certain time period in their lives.  Then as time crawls by, these…mementos…have a habit of becoming a collection, and again, as time crawls by, that collection amasses to be the size of a mountain that we never thought it would.  This is also what happens when, and especially if, we have any sort of emotional attachment to any of these things that we have amassed.

People assign too much emotion to things and not to people. I am also guilty of having been just this way, myself, and over the years, I have learned, forced by Spirit even, to let go of things because my ego wants me to believe that I need those every things to help me never forget how those tangible things have some sort of emotional bond with me. First of all, they are things. They may well be comprised of energy, but they have no feelings, no personality, nothing that any living and breathing thing would. Those things are not the people who gave them to you. Yet, we hang on to things, and what we really want to hang on to is the memory and the energetic release we would get from those very things.

Our things represent times in our lives when we were happier, when it may have been that our lives seemed to be so much easier, so we hang on to things, believing that the energy of them will somehow be what we need. It isn’t. In fact, hanging on to anything for purposes of keeping an emotional bond with someone who is alive on this plane who would not or is not doing the same thing for you – that is actually not a good thing. If we have been hurt by someone and we decide to hang onto them in the manner that is keeping mementos, even as I am sure we all know that it is the good stuff, not the end of stuff, that we are holding on to. This is all fine and good, but there are limits, and people do not like limits. People like collecting things, because our things, we like to believe, make us feel like we are worthy and in some cases, make us feel like we are better than are other people.

In fact, people like collecting relationships, and there comes a time in everyone’s lives when we have to clean the closet of relationships, not for anything other than that within them, no matter what kind of relationship it is that we are talking about, we are bound by the heaviness that is someone else’s bad energy, someone else’s pu’olo and someone else’s Kuleana to deal with. We are not responsible for everything that happens within a relationship, and there are people who have, many times over, even now, in my life, who seem to believe that it is fine for them to have all these people in their lives, even if these people are draining the life out of them.

The sort of uncluttering I am writing about is not only the sort that we all call “Spring Cleaning.” It is also about everything, everyone, and every draining energy that we come into contact with when we encounter people who can be considered energy parasites. Energy parasites are those people who totally have the ability to raise their own vibration, but who also, for whatever reason they may have, don’t realize that they are, through their constant neediness, their constant expectation, and their constantly being this version of themselves, are energy parasites.

They show up into our lives to teach us how not to be siphoned of our good energy, and some of us think we love them, but the reality is that if they have their cake and eat it, too, and you keep on getting hurt, and they keep getting mad, while this is all great and good if you are in junior high school, when you are older and have established at LEAST enough years for you to be able to discern things without being told, and you keep staying on that stupid roller coaster, and you allow them to stay there with you, or you decide that you belong there with anyone and that they do not have a choice in the matter…either way…parasitic is what this is called. 

And yes, right now is the perfect time in our collective lives to start taking stock of things, to see there what is useful, what makes our hearts joyful and our spirits want to fly, and more, to see what is still there and that we no longer need anymore.

There is nothing stating, anywhere, at all, that you have to do this Spiritual Spring cleaning in all one big lump. We are talking many years of hurt, of anger, of pain that we all chose to not push through, to not deal with, and now is the very best time at all to begin to see these things and to ask yourself the question of how useful something is that is great in our memories, but in the here and the Now, they are not worth hanging on to, and are not worth hanging on to because hanging on to it all only hurts us more.

Yes…even and especially the anger…

We know what we no longer need in our lives. We know, too, that patience is involved with anything worth having, and that if it is really meant to be in our lives, no matter how long it takes (I totally know personally about this one – and yes, it was worth the wait, the search and mostly, the clearing out of things that were no longer useful to me as they had already served their purpose), so long as we are ready within our own selves to have that one thing, that one thing or something better will be part of our lives. 

…and it only took me twenty years to figure that much out…and I got BOTH…the very thing I wanted was way better than I had imagined.

All the tears, all the pain, everything that I pushed through like a bull through a rickety wooden fence…all worth it…

If impatient me can wait that long, imagine what all of us CAN do…





by Roxanne Cottell,

coming soon to !


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