The Universal Law of Communication

“…sometimes, she talks to Angels…” (“She talks to angels,” by The Black Crowes)

“Rocks do indeed make a sound. All things that the Great Spirit has put here continually cry to be heard” (From “Flight of the Seventh Moon,” by international Author, Shaman and Teacher, Lynn V. Andrews, as told to her by her Teacher, Agnes Whistling Elk)

I mean it when I tell people that I need to go talk to the Spiders

We negate the Wisdom proffered to us by all of Nature. I have been taught this without realizing that I have  indeed BEEN being taught this, sometimes by people who are in opposition to this idea about Nature, and lots of times by Nature Herself. What I mean, at least in my own case, when I say that “I need to go talk to the Spiders,” I mean that I am in need of listening to the things that Nature is sparking inside of me which will reveal the actual message and lesson to be had by me. Lots of my own Students, when they first hear me say this, giggle a little bit, and they do so because of the things that they have been taught, again and again, by the rest of the closed-minded world about how it is that everything in existence has communicative ability.

Reread that. Let your eyes drink it in. Know that this is the truth. If you want to believe me, but just don’t know how to, when you finish reading this, take yourself outside, no matter where you are and become keenly aware of all that is happening around you and listen for the humming that is Life. It is not going to be found only in the passing traffic, although it is there, and it is not going to just immediately jump right out at you if you are not paying attention to the things that you are learning at this point in your life. As carbon life forms we are meant to listen to the things that are not apparent to us, to ‘hear’ the rattling and humming of Nature no matter where we are. Even in the middle of the concrete jungle, if we bothered to look at the skyline and see the tops of the trees and the birds flying in and out of them, we would see nature and we would know, for sure, that we are a part of it.

In fact, we are a bigger part of it than we are willing to give ourselves credit for being.

It is our nature within to reach out to Nature on the outside

Our bodies are finite. This shell that we transport ourselves around in all day long is just that – a shell. Who we are is on the inside of us. Who we are is capable of our senses being the thing that guides us, and sadly, most of us choose to go with what is our fear. Our fear is not a bad thing until we allow it to be. Our fear keeps us safe until it is our fear which will cripple our growth. Such as, there is a permeating fear within a select majority of women who believe that if they are not beautiful outwardly that no one is ever going to love them. And sadly, they would be correct in that thought because who we are on the inside will culminate to be what the world can see on the outside. This is not my rule, but is THE rule – who we really are inside is who we become outside, and we are who make it this way.

We have forgotten, willingly even, about the communication system that is inborn in us. I used to believe that the natural world was there only for us to take in and enjoy with our outer selves, but the truth of it is that once it was that I began this part of My Path and knew, too, that there was no going backwards, I began to see the outer world as being indicative of the inner world we all have. Our outer world is colored by our perception of things, and our outer world includes things and people that, even as those things and people might be in common with others, they are not going to be the same for those people as they will be for us. How I see and perceive my own outer world, well, not a lot of people would get it right away. I would have to explain it and that would cause confusion unless the person who was listening to my words also had an open mind which was ready to receive what a whole lot of people believe to be too hard to believe.

When I say that everything in Nature talks, I mean exactly that, and I do not mean that they are talking like you and I would talk, even though that is what I want you to believe is what I am telling you. What I mean is that there are certain things within us each that is different, and with each thing that catches our attention, no matter what it is, that thing is talking to you. It can be a line in a song. It can be that you were thinking something and looked up and in the sky above your head there is something there, maybe a bird or a plane or a bug. When it is that what you see in your awareness suddenly has meaning to you is when you are being communicated with by Spirit through the Natural world around you.

Basically, what catches our attention is giving us a message…is talking to us, even if it has no mouth that can be seen. Its message, if you pay attention, will be had by you, no matter what.

The Natural World around You

By this I am not talking only about the actual Natural World. I am also talking about that which is naturally there in your world, and yes, it all talks to us, all the time. Spirit, even in stillness, speaks to us, always. It is when She is quiet and when, at night, perhaps overlooking the city’s skyline, or maybe you are in the mountains and can actually converse with Nature, you have a thought that immediately brings you some calm. It is when you are overlooking the city and you see something out of place that should not be there at night….maybe it’s a sparrow, or maybe it is a dog that you do not know or have never met, it could be a bat, a rat, a cat…it could be the sounding of a car alarm right after you have an “alarming thought” that comes as the confirmation that you are right in that thought, right in that energy.

The Natural world around me consists of CalPoly to one side, the ugliness that is the heart of Pomona on the other, surrounded by the nature that is the freeway less than a mile and a half away, the landscape dotted with reminders of the ailments of the soul of this particular place called “Pomona.” The Natural world, though, the one that I see always, is filled with the hawks which circle overhead almost daily whose message for me is always different. The Natural world is the Crows who, from time to time, namely now at this time in my life, when the marker for the beginning of the second half of my life will also be marked by the passing of significant people in my life, cackle, late into the night, and who are very noisy the moment that they become aware that I have come outside of the safety that is indoors and out into the darkness of night where they rule the energy. The Natural world are the stray cats, the possums, the racoons, the cries of the coyotes in the distance where they are hidden by the hills and canyons.

The Natural World where I live is alive and well within the numerous Plumeria trees which grow like a forest in the yard, the crown flower tree whose presence is somehow odd to me, seeing as how they are not meant to grow in our California climate, the ginger patch, the Ti Leaf garden that is more like a wild field of things not typically seen in someone’s garden here in Southern California. The Natural World is contained in the jade plants and the aloe vera, the sage plant which was replanted yesterday, the climbing stephanotis which should no way be as prolific with its growth and its blooms as it is. It includes the loudness of the silence of the Lava rocks which were brought here, with permission, long before I was born into this consciousness, is contained within the wagging tail of my dog, the breathlessness that is the beauty of butterflies being born out of the safety of their cocoon.

The Natural world where I live includes the laughter of a 9 year old, the silent force that is a young man of almost 20, the giggles which erupt from a 15 year old whose serious demeanor gives no credence to the bubbly persona within. It includes the silence that is illness in a person far too young to suffer at his own hands and wishes, the chattering that is the conversation between two Kupuna who refuse to see themselves, even as it is a grandness of Wisdom, to be known as such. It is in the texts from my Soul Family, the Love which is there between us all that is included in the Natural World which is called “Roxanne’s.”

Everything, even if it has no mouth, has a voice

Everything in existence has a voice and can be thought of as a teacher to us. Even rocks, which we think are silent, have a voice, just as do the fish who we think also have no voice. Their voices are heard within the Soul, and their message to us is unique to us and our individual, yet shared, Path. When you are stirred within by the magic that is the world around you, and you can see through the things that keep breaking your heart to the thing that the heartache is teaching you is when you are becoming more aware of your own Natural World.

The squeaking of tires, or of mice, have the same message, so long as that message needs to be heard. The loudness that is a rock concert is the same as the loudness of the silence of the rocks if it is that the ears that hear the message need to hear whatever message it is that they need to hear. Everything within our lives has a voice, has a lesson to teach us, and for the very life of each of us we are more inclined to pass off those things that we think are coincidence rather than what they really are – which is needed, no matter what those things are telling you.

The Universal Law of Communication tells us that we are all connected to the Great Big All That Is, and we are all connected by it as well. If Spirit can talk to one of us, Spirit talks to all of us. If Spirit can tell one person through a kick ass song and screeching guitars what that person needs to know, in that same manner, She can also tell anyone else whatever it is that they need to know when they need to know and through a means which is understandable to that person. The messenger might be the same for anyone, but the message rarely is. It is with our own personal perception and beliefs that our world is turned into the reality that we have. We created what we see in our lives and as our reality because of the messages that we chose to hear and to listen to and NOT because someone else brought that reality to us. That is giving away your Power and the entirety of us have done that way too much already.

It is time to ‘Auhea Wale Ana ‘Oe, and Pay the hell attention already. The answers which are yours and which you seek are there and ready to be discovered. No one else is going to do it for you. It is yours to do with what you will. You cannot blame other people because you are choosing to not look at the world around you and see there what is in store through the messages that each of us are always being given.

The answers are there, have always been there. You just are not looking in the right place, hearing the right voice.

Shut up, already, and listen, with both your ears and your Soul.
Spirit is talking your ears off.
Please, take heed…’Auhea Wale Ana ‘Oe…
She is never wrong.

I Love You All !

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