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Ka Lonopūhā (The Healing Art)


We all have our own method of healing our Selves

Ka Lonopūhā …loosely translated means “the healing art.”

We are the creators of our own personal healing art. The photo is one of my favorite places to think, to decompress, to realign my brain so that it and my mind do not go at odds with each other.

Ka Lonopūhā…The Healing Art

In my actual studies at school, I Am the not-so-quiet and very much involved with my studies, and my environment, and those who I share the immediate air and my time and soul with…type student.

Much as I Am in all of Life. Including the one that I live away from school. The one that I live with the people who mean the most to me and who are not aware of the thing that a whole lot of them are denying, even though it would appear to be the other way. It would appear that a lot of them are fending off the thing that they believe that they are not. Instead, it is not that they are fending anything off or away – if it is observable, it is part of you, but the part that is apart from, physically, you.

Too many people want to believe that when someone tells us that something or someone is a part of us, that they are in our energy.

They are, BUT, not in the way that your brain cannot comprehend, and all because no one could explain it well enough because no one chose, but a very small number of us on this planet, to merely observe, even ourselves as being part of that observation – which means that indeed, there are a lot of us who are watching ALL of Life, with our own Selves as also being observed, in relation to everything that is going on collectively.

Right now, and collectively, the energy is that of a very healing nature. More and more people are coming out of the silence, and we are voicing our pain and we are letting it go, out into the arms of the loving Universe, so that it can be transformed into what it is meant to Be, which is Bravery, culled from fear. To cull something means to cut it out and reject it because it does not meet up to standard, let alone par. The Bravery upon which we cut ties with our old selves are done so once it is that we have chosen to cull…or reject….fear.

The way that we cull the fear and become Brave is to bother with Being our highest best selves, even if that highest best self, the each of us, feels differently and is having whatever kind of experience we are having. The collective whole of us wants things to be lovely, and really, we want things to be good for everyone.

Okay, maybe I am the only one who wants this, no matter how mad I am at someone, or how much I dislike anyone or yeah…even hate them…(don’t hate ’cause of their well earned and culled hate they are getting from me….it is the thing that is culling them from me in reverse…..reread that – you’ll understand it when you need to). Maybe I actually am that sort of person who, for whatever it is worth to anyone, will let things go. I am that person who is able to stand in my…”Reverend Pose” and be there, in that personality and look at things from that observer’s point of view, and stand apart from the situation long enough to see the human factor involved.

…then suddenly realize that I am also part of that factor, that I am as fallible as anyone would be and most of all, I have no right to hang on to anything that I have no business having an opinion about. Unless it is my own, about myself, or regarding myself in relation to anyone else.

When I do this, I am able to sense the similarity, and the similarity right this moment is that for real, we are where we are supposed to be, because whatever it is that we are going to be doing has to do with the way that we have found ourselves through the truth in the turmoil.

We are finding out that we are drawn to where the healing takes place, even as we are still very well in place in those places that physically, we would rather not Be. But, Be where we Are right now we must, because somehow, it is helping to heal who we Are.

Like salt in a wound, or in my case, lime juice in a scrape had whilst pulling limes from the neighbor’s tree…either way, it burns, and either way, it cleanses, and either way, it will not hurt forever, and either way, it will heal.

We go to these places and Be with those who mean the most to us because our souls know that those are those places where we will heal. We still live like humans, in a body, and we still live as humans, living life as fallible creatures, but, we do so also as Souls living lives and learning about who we are, instead of trying to Be who we are not.

The most healing thing…

The most healing thing is now, right now, when it is that we see there in our midst nothing, but everything because in that “nothing” is contained the void which the Universe abhors. By right of quantum physics, that which is empty will get filled. If your life is void of something that truly your heart desires, rather than the thing that, for too long now was gonna be the truth is NOT the truth, that void being filled with more things that hurt…well, you are, right this moment, where it feels like there is nothing left there is this void.

And the void, in the sense that is the science behind it, will be filled, and you get to dictate with what….so, let’s think about that for a moment okay? Let’s think about what we could do with that void, and how we would be able to use it to our best advantage.

Let’s think about the last time that the energy in the middle portion of your belly felt like it does right this moment. I am not there with you, so I cannot see you and you cannot tell me where it is that this warmth, or perhaps this very…intense feeling of resistance…is at in your body. So for your own benefit, think about where it is in your body right this moment that you are having one of these two sensations and when it is that you are having that sensation, what is it that you are thinking about.

There is a better way for every one of us to think the thoughts that we think, but first we have to trust that we can believe those thoughts. SO, the first thing that you have to do is create believable truths about you that apply to you right this moment. You might not be a great artist, or a great musician, or great at that one thing that you want to be great at, but, it does not mean that you won’t ever be. Even though a lot of people in the healing trades tell you that you need to live in this moment (and they are right) what you are not thinking about is that it is okay to be thinking thoughts in that moment. If you don’t think thoughts, then you have no idea of what it is that you might not want to think anymore.

The thing that we are not thinking is that haha….lots of people want us NOT to think, but, our mind does that anyway…think. What I prefer to think of it is, is that you are rewording your thoughts about yourself, and that if you must stay focused and in your thoughts, then why not play with the words that you are thinking those thoughts with and make those words believable as well as at least neutral, if not at least good….(even though we would love for them to be great…I get it I promise…)?

We ought to be thinking, because in order to Be, one must be able to think. To create our lives we must think thoughts conducive to those lives being made. This requires work on our own part. Regardless of what a whole lot of people want to believe, there is not one person on this planet who is not prone to thinking, at one point in their day. I am so very sorry, but to not think, at least at one point in your day, is not giving credit to the idea that you have the capacity to create your world. In order to do that, all of these modern day gurus and people selling it to the world, this thing called the LOA, have it right….you think your existence into being, and the environment it in housed in.

To not think is to not claim responsibility, and neither control of or power over, our own lives.

To not think is to allow the rest of the world to have it in their head that you are thoughtless. To not think means that you are not living completely or fully, even though you might have been taught that thinking is the way that you screwed your life up but I am here to tell you that that is not the truth. It is not that you are thinking too much, but rather, is the kinds of thoughts that you are thinking and more, the way that those thoughts are making you feel.

If you want to heal, then in your thoughts, you have to start thinking things that make you believe that this is what you actually want. This is not about what you are going to get, but, more about the feelings that you feel about you actually getting the things that you want that will lead to the life that you want to have. What you are not told in all of these things is that you have to actually train your thoughts to do this. Only a handful of teachers will tell you this outright (and methinks that I will begin compiling a list of links to these people…stay tuned. I will post them as I find them…) In getting what you want to have, you have to be very clear about what that is.

If it is that you want certain things, it is not the actual thing that you need to call into your life but more, the right situations and synchronicities to happen that will allow these things to happen that help it all Become. Read that again, maybe twice if you must, then you will see what it is that many, many people have NOT done, in relation to calling into being the lives that they want.

You gotta learn to see what is not obvious, and you gotta be willing to see yourself as that thing that you need to be, right this moment, even if in the physical world, you are not what you see there in your mind’s eyes – you are that in your Soul, meaning that you are that in manifest. When you are in manifest, you are learning to appreciate what it is that you are learning to be. When you are learning to be your highest best self, you are unlearning to be what you are no longer, which you have not been in a long time, which is no longer the right fit for the higher self that you are now.

That is a lot to take in, the idea that you are not the same as you once were, and that even in what seems like your broken self, you are still whole, are still able, are still here for a reason. To be in that energy, there are things that you have no reason left to believe about you. There are things that no longer apply and the reason that it feels so…not nice…is because you are, by far, better than you were not too long ago. There are things that you no longer have to deal with and the things that are not there anymore, no matter what they were, that are gone from you are not a part of you. This means that you no longer have to live in that energy any longer.

There are parts of you that won’t ever go away, that are evolved now, that are there and present and waiting to be what they are supposed to be for you, and all you are waiting for is the opportunity, and in those opportunities are the things that you are meant for, in this part of your life, where you are not hurting anymore and you are not having to live up to the things that your ego needed in order for it to live.

You are no longer just that…and you only recently found out that this is the truth of you – that you are not just the body, not just the outer person, but that you are the soul within and that the soul within has grown to who you are now. The only thing that is left is to build from what seems like the rubble that is actually just a collection of mosaic pieces created by and for you.

The Healing Art

Only you know what is your healing art, and only you have the ability to trust it for yourself, so that with it you can create the life that you want. First, though, you have to be willing to heal those parts of yourself that have kept you where you are for what is already too long. It is not because of anything other than that you were not taught that you are allowed to believe in yourself. You were taught to love everyone but that everyone also included yourself.

The healing art that I Am talking about is this thing called being Human and learning to be who you are right this moment.

Only you, at all times, know who you are, even right now, in this moment.

What is your healing art?

Whatever it is, it is right.

No one can do it better than you can

Try it

It takes practice

I promise it works








tent city pomona

When judging the lives of others becomes the only thing we do, it is time to think about what it is that we are NOT doing for ourselves.

I chose to use a photo of a street here in Pomona.

This is here in Pomona on Commercial Street.

All over this town you will see these things…these tent cities, and they are becoming more and more commonplace throughout the state and the country and even the world. This is proof of our collective ability towards NOT showing any sort of benevolence, any kindness to those who can be thought as “meek.”

Rarely will I use anything….bible …in my blog, unless it directly is connected to the thing that is being written….in my momʻs bible it states that Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. (Matt. 5:5)

What this means, basically, is that when we are exercising having control over our sense of power and we are not aware of the idea that we are, in that moment, by right of our being able to control that energy….that is called being empowered. 

So, letʻs think about that for a moment, okay?

Letʻs think, seriously, about how…powerful, even as it is silenced by it only being a photo, what you are looking at in this picture truly is.

Can you see yourself having to live this way and still feeling like somehow, anyone cares? Can you bother with these people who, by right of who they are, versus who you are not, might not be the sort of people who you would think you have anything in common with?

Can you bring yourself to your own empowerment, even as you have all the niceties in your life, and see here that these people also do this same thing? You can sit there and think to yourself that it wonʻt happen to you, because of whatever it is that you are choosing to tell yourself, but, in the back of your mind, you know, that at the bottom of it all….it CAN happen to you…and all it takes is the belief that it WILL happen

When I tell you that these people who live in these tents do this whole….empowerment  thing, I am asking you to take a look at the photo and see there that indeed, the answer is yes…


Yes they do.

We do not know that they donʻt. All we know is that there are a whole lot of us who do not live like this who pass judgment on them, as though it wonʻt happen to anyone of us.

No, not homelessness…being hardened against things like this, as though these people asked for this to happen to them.

Most folks want to believe that these are the ones among us who fell into this way of life because they did drugs and then committed crimes to make this happen, and no one thinks that maybe it was not that, or perhaps even if it was – what made someone have so much inner pain, pain in the soul, that they would have to relieve that pain with outer substances, just so that for a moment, they could see their lives, and even their own selves, as being somewhat human?

Until you have been in someone elseʻs shoes, you have no clue as to the way that they got there, and you have no way to know what it is that they have been through or what, perhaps they have put anyone else through that would cause it that they would be amongst those who…live in cities, but what kind?

Yeah…these kinds….

Sucks, doesnʻt it?

What really sucks, though, is that there is a significant portion of the populace, NOT of Los Angeles county, neither the state of California, nor the country, even the world…what really sucks is that even as there is plenty of evidence as to how it is that a lot of people end up here…still, we call them blight, and useless, and all of these other things in hopes that the fear that is inside of us….the fear that this could end up being us one day… is just a passing thing.


Fear, you see, is the thing that for a long, long time in our lives dictates our lives.

What I mean by that is, when we are young, we are taught some things, and those things are not taught outright, but come to us in moments when we are observing the energetic exchanges between the big people in our lives. We watch them interact and we see what behavior looks like, and all the while, we are, as young as we are, observing and absorbing all of these energies.

When we are much older, we then find ourselves in those same instances, and they come out of nowhere, those things called memories. The person who shows up to the drama between us and others, is not really us in the now, but us the last time that we felt the way we did in the moment that it initially happened. (Reread that….)

This is why, when certain feelings arise, we will state things to our selves that sound like “she made me feel small” and “he made me feel like a child” and in neither case are those statements anything good to hear about oneʻs self – specifically in our own voice in the Now. When we are confronted with people telling us to “stop behaving like a child” we are automatically turned, in our memories and in that moment, back into that child in the emotional sense.

Because prior to that one moment, when we are taken back to that time in our lives, as children, and felt so helpless and small and even incapable of coping with the feelings that we are not able to rectify it all for ourselves because we do not know how to do that. We are not told, perhaps some of you until this moment when you read that….we are not told this because we have to create our way out of that moment, so that later on, the moments that feel just like that one moment can be dealt with better.

Think about it like this – every time those feelings visit you, you have an autopilot  that goes into action that just gets you through the feelings but does not truly address what is there and bothering you. There is an entire population on this planet who go through life not knowing that the thing that makes any one of us feel a certain way, whether that way is really good or really not, is truly what is the thing that we are contending with. You must remember that the way that we bring things and events and lessons even into being, in to our Now moments and that place we refer to as being tangible reality – all of those things that are there and right this moment…you thought those things into your awareness, and now, you are thinking about how you did that.

If you get lost as to how you did that, I will remind you that it did not happen over night, and neither did it happen without help from outside of you. I will also remind you that it was the predominant emotion that caused you to have a feeling and one that was believable that sent the message out into the Universe that told the Universe what it was that you were, at that moment, so very focused on.

And it could have been anything. It could have been your most important relationships, not realizing that you were sabotaging them all by your not believing that people actually love you, just exactly as you are, jacked up, fucked up from the neck up and tore up from the floor, up….yeah – YOU.

It takes a moment to really think about the truth of that last thing that you just read. It took me a very long time to believe that perhaps when I was a small child, that it was not that I was out of hand, but that I was, in that moment, the thing that someone who was one of the big people in my life – maybe it was their moment to not react. Yet, react, to whatever it was that they reacted, they did. They said things that were said out of anger, and perhaps even physically reacted, with a slap to your hiney, calling it discipline.

And years later, while they have forgotten that moment, for some of us, that moment remained very much alive within us. It was a moment when we were confused as to the reason why it was that anyone who was meant to be there for us would suddenly, out of a fit of rage, turn on us, namely when we are so young and so tiny. I write a whole lot about those things that we went through, a whole lot of us, as children, that neither we nor the adults in our lives, maybe, also did not understand what they were doing to us rather than for themselves.

Typically, those times came at times that were traumatic for both them as well as us, but the thing is that they might not, even now, realize that they, too, are traumatized, still, by that moment. They do not realize this yet, because they were never taught to know that sometimes, acting, rather than responding, to anything at all, namely when they were enraged or confused or enraged because they were confused…we wonʻt ever know.

All we do know is that in the Now, we are still affected by that time in our lives, a time when we do not know til this very moment that right now, that Meek part of us is stirring by right of having seen these words and felt the sting of that one very empowering moment when it was that in the Now moment, we see that we were able to make a large person, and one who was meant to be an example, but of what, we do not know til now.

Now is the moment that you get to reclaim your power, and call that moment, the one that turns you into a crying heap or perhaps a raging mess…regardless, now is the moment that you can claim the empowerment that you did not know was yours, til right this moment. All this time, you were thinking that the things that happened then were the things that would dictate who you are forever and ever. Until right this moment, when a stranger and their words came into your awareness and told you a truth that is optional….yeah can choose to not choose it, find this an interesting reading, call me insane and be right about it….

…or you can trust that warmth, that glow in those places in your body that experience this lightness, this feeling in those areas of your Self that perhaps for a long set of years, when someone told you something, and you felt like you were being put down…that feeling, once it is that you are given another option, suddenly becomes optional, too.

That feeling you have, the one that you have created on your own, in this moment called Now, when you realized that it is you who has had the control, the option, the Power to choose  what those moments and those memories will further offer you. You now get to ask yourself what you will do with those memories, and with those feelings of anger and rage and how will you bring them into being for you to know that they exist there but not to hurt you, at least not anymore.

They are there for a reason, and the best reason of all….YOU

This is the only thing that any one of us needs to think – that the best reason for no longer thinking about the things that play over and over in your head and that sound like the things that hurt you, over and over, as much as they have played there – you do not have to believe the bad stuff.

You can believe that the definition of “meek” means weak, or, you can choose to make it make sense to you, and still mean what you read that it means here. You can choose to look it up, choose to attach it to that word “benevolence” and realize that even in that instance, you are empowered, to the point where it would appear that the strongest thing in your communicative efforts is your silence.

You can choose to believe what you will, or you can choose to believe the truths that you have had a hard time believing, all these years.

You can choose to believe the good, because tit is the truth, too.

Think about it…






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