The Universal Law of Attitude

It is our Attitude which dictates our perception

It’s not what is outside of us that matters as much as how we feel about what is outside of us which directs and dictates how our lives appear to be, and more, what we manifest within our lives. 

Really, it isn’t anyone else who is making your life feel like it does. It is your attitude about things

I used to hear it a lot, that I have an attitude problem. These days, though, I have honed that terrible ugliness of bad energy into something more of a balance between rock and roll bad girl (bad girl, but in a very good way) and “nice girls don’t do that” (in a very, very good rock and roll bad girl way) and somehow, I make it work. This is not only the way that people see me, and I must admit that only a few years ago I showed one way, but was not the way that I needed to be. It is also very well the way that I truly am and, as well, it is also my very and actual attitude in life.

By “attitude in life” I mean that somewhere between the rocker bad girl and the angelic good girl, there is a balance which affects the way that I perceive things to be. There is a balance between the light and the shadow within me. It was not always like this, though. It was not a long time ago that I pandered more to the shadow within me, gave more credence and listened more to what was not the only truth of me. The problem for me was not that I wore what I thought I was on my sleeve but more that I did not realize that I was not what other people were telling me that I was. I was told all the time that I had an attitude, and so it became who I was. I wore it so well that it began to become who I was, and from that point on and up until about 6 years ago, I was a very, gigantically, egotistically and arrogantly inclined idiot. Why would I say such ugly things about my very self?

Because it is the truth. My attitude, and my “tude,” were the things that colored my world. They dictated who I was, and more, how I approached things, namely things that I didn’t much like, namely about other people. It didn’t dawn on me that what my attitude was doing was bringing me more negativity, was bringing me an unneeded reason to bitch. I had an opinion about everything, and that opinion was rarely ever a good one. When I could see a wreck, so to speak, I was not willing to see, too, that maybe the wreck was indicative of a change that needed to happen, and that the wreck was meant as a symbol of that energy. I must credit my two closest girlfriends, April and Dannie, as well as my Auntie Kalei for their part in making me know that who I was was so not what I was extending in terms of energetic or real reality.

Auntie Kalei…She taught me, without being too harshly direct about it – that is, until she felt she had to be – that what goes on outside of me is not the reality and that the reality of things was going to be different for everyone. Other people were not going to see things the way that I did or do, just like I will also not see things the way that other people do. When you feel like you have to be right, even when you are wrong (and have to try to justify what you think is right about your wrongness) and you and your ego have to make a noise about it, and you and your ego are the only ones who believe that you are right and are not being an ass about things, this is called anything but the right attitude.

The Right Attitude

Please – don’t get me wrong, having the ability toward having the right attitude is not something that you can just change. I don’t care which hippie metaphysical new age guru tells you that all you have to do is simply change your thought about a thing – it is not that easy. Changing one’s attitude means that we have to have a new way of thinking about a thing, a new way of processing what we believe is the truth of a thing, especially when, deep down inside, we know otherwise. It is the ego that tells us to keep on fighting to be right because we have to change the way that other people think in order for us to feel better about anything at all.

It is not that easy to change your way of thinking, not when you have it in you to continue to be an ass hat about some things, and not when you think that other people have to do what you expected them to do on your behalf. We can no sooner change what other people believe or how they feel about anything. We can only change the way that we feel and can only change our own attitude about things. THIS TAKES TIME AND A LOT OF PRACTICE. The practice part comes to us in the manner that is other people disagreeing with us and not being in favor of our ways if our ways and our beliefs do not match their end result. When people begin to realize that it is not the end result that matters as much as what it took anyone to get to those results is when we will realize that all along we were not all within our own right-mindedness, not anywhere near outside of the whims of the ego’s belief that who we are, what we want, what we do…basically anything, really…depends on what someone else does that we feel they should be doing for US rather than what we do for our very selves.

When people do not agree with what we know is best for ourselves, and they forget that there are other people on the planet and they do not recognize that maybe what it is that they are doing is seriously going about things in the wrong manner and with only the ego’s wants, needs and desires (or perhaps what the ego believes what those things are…I promise, cookies…it is not what you want or what your ego thinks it wants but what is BEST FOR ALL PARTIES INVOLVED…reread that…wait…I will write it again for you in terms that anyone with half a brain can understand…..YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU FIRST AND WITHOUT YOUR EGO GETTING IN THE WAY EVEN IF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO AND MORE, WHAT YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH SEEMS TO SUCK…there….get it now?).

We…me…you…that guy over there who always seems like he has his finger up his nose….we ALL need to take heed to the idea that our lives are colored by our attitudes. Our lives are made up of all the same things, but it is our perception of our lives and what we think about it in terms of our attitude toward the things happening within the confines of “ourselves” that makes us be constantly negative or positive, that makes us believe that if we don’t have this, that or the other in our lives that our lives with suck. It rarely occurs to us that maybe the thing that we think we need so much was only meant to be there as a lesson, only there to bring to the surface what needs to be learned by us and was only there temporarily. NOW, you can take this in any manner and you can think that I am pointing at you directly and revealing to the world the very unquiet sins that you don’t realize you are giving to us all, or you can knock your crap off and take a good, longer than normal look at yourself and realize, right now, that it has been YOU who has been torturing you and not someone else. (Yup…I said it – DEAL WITH IT)

It is your attitude that makes people love you or want nothing to do with you. It is the weightiness of the expectations of things that you have already attached yourself to that is making you feel like you do at this moment and NOT NOT NOT anyone else. It is your attitude about things and your own chosen inability to NOT see things from someone else’s point of view that makes you hurt. It is you who is directing all of this energy outward through your own attitude. Our attitude is based in our ego, believe it or not, because our ego (rising sign in astrology) is our “game face’ and is what the world sees us as an offering to it of who and what we really are.

“…but Rox…why is this so? Why are you picking on me? WHY? WHY? WHY?”

…yeah yeah…oh woe is you…I ain’t pickin’ on you, but you are the only one who really feels that way. When someone else points out what is our trip and what is makin’ us trip out about a lot of things, it is at that point when you might want to do like I suggest and check yourself before you wreck yourself. No one thinks about it when they are in mid-ego driven dog crap mode that the desired outcome that you alone have super-glued yourself and your attitude to is what is making you nutty, is making you feel like you have to manipulate and coerce and do things that may or may not make things better, thereby leaving you, your ego and your soul open and vulnerable to whatever it is that you think you will not get. What you will not get, if you continue to attach yourself the the outcome that you want versus the outcome that is needed is what this blog is about…okay, it is actually about the way that your perception of things is making you have a crappy attitude about things. Keep reading…

When we loan our own negative energies to things and we think that what we see at the end of our lessons is what it is that we will end up with, and we attach ourselves to it, and it doesn’t happen the way that we pushed for it to happen is when our attitude changes for the worse. It takes more than only one time for us to encounter as many “duh moments” that we encounter that we end up experiencing and which breaks us down and makes us look at who we have been in relation to what is going on at any given moment. The way that we perceive what is happening, and the way that we allow our ego to “protect” us (making us look like jack asses in the process when we are not able to let things go and LEARN) is shown to the world as our attitude, or, our game face (again, rising sign in astrology…grow up – we are not only all about our sun signs, Loves…not at all…wanna know more? HIT ME UP!).

If this blog post seems a little more filled with my actual attitude, I promise, you are better at this learning thing that you think you are…my proof is that you can feel me coming through at ya loud, like so many guitar riffs comin’ at ya live through the speakers in your Soul.

Yup…it’s like that, really. Change your attitude about things. Detach yourself from the outcome that you want and allow the better outcome to be yours. If you change your attitude and you allow it and not your freakin’ big fat ego to be who and what guides you, you can’t lose.

In fact, your outcome might be better than you expected. You might find out that what you thought you wanted was only a symbol of the actuality and that the perceived outcome cannot compare to what you have in reality.

What you have in reality is You…and no one can touch that.
Only You


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2 responses to “The Universal Law of Attitude

  • Teri Helton

    This really does speak to me about ego. It is always easy to point to others who are acting from ego, but it is much more difficult to see this in oneself. I feel that once we can step out from behind ego, every thing can change. Wonderful read! It made me think. I like that it felt personal and good.

  • Roxanne Cottell

    Teri, hello and good day to you….yes, no one realizes until they have the time to tear apart the way that they feel about anything at all the things that hurt them are in them and that the other person or people or whatever it was that may have happened is not on the inside of any one of us. No one realizes that we have control over everything that is "us." No one takes the time to stop and think about what it is that whatever it is that someone else is bringing to us in the form of their energy as it meets our own and which makes us believe that we have to comfort ourselves via outside means is totally a mechanism of the ego and our ego is what creates our outer attitude. Our outer attitude is what tell other people what is going on in our inner worlds. If our inner worlds are filled with negativity and with what other people can do in order to make our attitude different, we are not doing everything that we can to make things different for us. If we cannot do things different for us so as to exact a change in our outer world where other people also live with us, we can believe, too, that what we think and our attitudes toward not only others but also ourselves will always be not so good. If we can take it all apart (I'm a Pisces…I am masterful at taking things apart…not so much at putting them back together…I'm workin on it though) and look at each and every piece of who we are versus what we are told we are and we can use that alone to change our attitude on the outside, things begin to change on the outside.It is a lot easier than we think…it is the changing part…the getting used to being who we really are, all the way down to our attitudes, that matter.Change that energy and watch and see what happens…I Love You, Teri !! Thanks for your inputALOHAROX

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