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A shitload goinʻ on….

I gotta tell the world a few things….I wrote this….feel free to share it

Chick Wisdom

It is my only daughterʻs birthday.

She is 21.

She is who I champion these causes for the very most….her, and all of the other daughters of the world even the ones who canʻt get past their own self-deception.

Rather than go on and on about what we already know is happening in this world today, I will, instead, implore you all to care. 

Remember that?

That thing, that energy called caring where the caring came from you and was given to others?

Remember how much you cared about other people and for one reason or another, you have chosen to not to anymore, and the way that any one of us has allowed it to happen is simply just letting things go.

And when you are one who practices the things that I practice, letting go does not mean to let go, with wild abandon, those things, people, etc…

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