The Universal Law of Balance

True Balance

Balance is more than only for diets and checkbooks

If humans knew that the reason that a lot of folks feel like they are somehow “off,” energy-wise, they would see things differently. If humans would bother to check their own balance like they balance their checkbooks, like they balance their diets, like they balance out their days and nights so that they would have the illusion that their lives are in actual true balance instead of only appearing as such, life would not seem like every time they have something to cheer about, conversely, there is also something to bitch about.

Reread that last sentence. That is called True Balance. In essence, it is the perfect measured allotment between the light within and the shadow side of things. It is what allows us to see both sides to everything in our lives, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the scary, the nothing and the All That Is. Yet we are not taught this way. We are taught to be careful of what could happen that would be something that we need to focus on that is not essentially “good,” and we become way too cautious of things that might happen. The funny thing about humans is that we know long before it is proved to us (there is that receipt thing I keep talking about again) the truth that we actively seek.

The Truth we actively seek

If we are balanced, we will know it, because when we are not balanced we know right away. Read that again – when we have balance, we know we have it, and when we don’t, we also know it. Sometimes it is an imbalance we get from someone else whose energies are directed toward us in some fashion, and in us this causes an imbalance. When we can see the imbalance that is in other people it means we know it and might actually be living it right in that moment. There are a whole lot of people right now who are physically feeling the imbalances they welcomed for the first half of their lives, and now, at this time, there is a multitude of very young people suffering ailments physically which we ailments of the Soul to begin with. Empaths, we are very prone to everything we feel. When someone close to me is sad, I feel it. When someone is telling me one thing but does not realize that they are sending a totally different kind of energy that they are copping to, I know it.

When someone is balanced, they will be able to focus not only on the weight of the energy that is their own, but also will be able to sense a totally different measure that is other peoples’. It is nothing that everyone is NOT going through. WE are all going through these changes. We have seen too many things that were once thought as coincidental, but are now so commonplace that we are surprised that anyone at all would be surprised about seeing. There are still people among us who are not awake. It is because they refuse to wake up. The balance is not what we think it is. It’s all dependent upon your intention – will your outcome be Divine Manifestation, or will it be The Divinest Bitch of All? Karma.

Think about it. When a person is out of balance, they do stupid things. When a person would rather be numb than be strong it makes them go outside of who they are and forces themselves to be who they are not. This creates a very dear imbalance. This starts long before kids are part of anyone’s lives. We play house with other people, and we have certain gender roles, and those roles are meted out to the girls and the boys and to this day, when there is a little boy and a little girl playing house – ALWAYS it is the little girl who is home with the babies. This is not something that is NOT primal. It is what we are meant to do, but while we are doing it, we are supposed to strike a balance about things in our lives that would be challenging anyway. I am challenged every day to choose between what I want and what I know is needed, and right now I am balancing my life out. I chose NOT to be caught in the deception that is the creativity of the manifestation called greed that was the thing that made us turn on ourselves. The answer to the manifestation of greed we have what ever it is that anyone wants to call this time in our financial history. Things are changing. We are being called to be with our Soul Families, because these are the people who are supposed to help us get to where we are meant to be.

Other people are our balance, and with other people we have the balance that is what we think we are not, what we believe we might be, who we are for real, and also, what no longer serves us…or itself.

We are getting our hearts broken, daily even, yes we are, but, we are given everyday to balance our pain with the opportunity that is a brand new day. First we take the bulk of our lives to avoid the things we cannot call the shots with, the things that suck and hurt, and then we try hard all of our lives to force ourselves to believe what our souls have always known was not the truth. We are living the other side of what happens when the ego can no longer compare itself to the bigness that it tells the world it is versus the smallness that it believes otherwise.

We Know What We Are.

We are Shadow and Light.
We are Pain and Healing.
We are no one and Every One
We are the Void as well as the All That Is

We require balance.
All life forms require balance.
It is not my Rule, but it is the Rule of Law…

Truly, We are a Collective Paradoxical Balance of Extremes.

I Love You All!

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