The Universal Law of Association

Like birds of a feather…

“When Spirit brings two or more of Us together for a common Good and a rightly intended reason, She is there with Us…(Matthew 18:20, N.A.T.)”

Indeed, a little help from our friends

Finally, a post where I can tell you all about my very many and different artistically and musically minded and inclined hanai ohana o ke’uhane nui (my adopted Soul Family of Big Spirit, loosely translated). These people are some of the most magnificent people I have had the blessing to know and to have as an active and loving part of my life. They know that I love them. I know that they love me. Together we create a magnificently strong and spirited energy. To see us together when the chance happens that we can be, it is like a bunch of kids playing together in the sandbox at school. Actually, it is more like seeing a group of children at the beach, all building a magnificent sand castle that never gets wrecked by the incoming and outgoing tide. It is not that we are all there for a similar goal, but that we are there and together for that same goal.

A common and important goal, always

We never ever know who is to come to our assistance until one day we find ourselves at a place where we can no longer bear the pain or the pressure of life that was brought about by the things we asked for. This is why people tell us all the time to please be careful what we ask for because we might get it. We might end up with what we asked exactly for, and it might not be that great because we were not that clear about what it was that we really were intending. When we are not really sure is when we need to be the most clear and the most sure. We never really know what we will get, but we can always guarantee that we will get what we need and most of the time it is better than what we want, even as it seems otherwise.

When people of like mind come together for the same goal it is through Spirit that this happens. Again, my greatest example of this is when my eccentric bunch of friends get together and share in food, music and right energy. It happens at least once a month, our “Tribe,” as one of us put it so well yesterday, gets together at an undisclosed, private location, via invite only that is strictly invite only, and when we do our thing, we don’t mess around – we do what we do and we do it well. Our intent at that point is to bring about a higher level of energy between us, so that we may bring that energy out into our specific and private lives away from each other, even as these lives intertwine with one another. All of us has some sort of something going on in the privacy of our own worlds, and in those private worlds we also find certain similarities there with each other, making us able to relate and understand each other on a level that is uncommonly good and for the better of the worlds in which we each live in privately, and also, the world at large.

The Universal Law of Association

“When two or more are gathered in my name,” is the illustration that I have chosen today to make this post make more sense to a lot of people to whom it would not make any sense to. There are a lot of ways to show anyone what this means. In this case, because I know that there are not a lot of people who follow the Bible, or really, who follow any sort of “religious” text at all.

When you have a group of parents who are trying to raise money for a new school gymnasium, and the common thread is not the gymnasium, but is, in fact, the love a parent who is rightly intended in regards to their children, and these parents gather in the way that they will in order to bring about the changes and the right conditions for this to happen is an example of “two or more gathered.”

When you have a group of musicians and music lovers getting together for the common goal of raising the energies in a place, like a bar, or even a stadium, or perhaps someone’s backyard, and this group of people just meld together the way that they are meant to meld together, and these people, with their voices, their musical inclinations, and, as well, their intent on being part of this particular group because it brings about a feeling of belonging, and what happens, happens, this is an example of “two or more gathered.”

When you have a group of Shamanic women, or perhaps a coven, a church group at a prayer meeting, a group of street reverend or a missionaries, and there is change to be brought about in the community that can only happen when they happen to be with one another, and perhaps what needs to happen is that the hungry get fed, or the lost find out that they are not lost at all, or the healings that need to be, or the spells cast so to bring about the right kind of energy for the right things to happen can happen, “two or more gathered” is very dearly in effect.

Where there are two or more like minded people, all gathered for a particular good cause, be it for just that group, it also lends to the Universal Whole of things. When you have like energy, and it is does in the name of all things right and good, it lends to the Universal Whole of Things.

When it is that really, two or more are with like-minds about anything, and that thing is good, is done in the name of the betterment of all who live on this planet, is done without expectation that anything more than that one thing come to be the greatest thing that anyone can think it can be, this is when we see the evidence that we are meant as a whole unit, not as divided Beings.

We all utilize the Universal Law of Association, the thing that says when the energies are the same, and those people who share that sameness of energies blend that sameness, only good can come from it. Sure, there will be pieces to the whole that will have to be cleansed out in some manner or another, but really…when it is that we are of like mind, and that like mind is meant to give Light and Love to something, no wrong can come of it.

Light will always show what hides in the Shadows, and sometimes, lurking there in the shadows, we find those who would also be of like mind with us.

I Love You All !

The Sisterhood of The Soul
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