The Universal Law of Catastrophe

How will you deal with anything at all if you cannot deal with your own catastrophes?

Life tends to mess with all good humans. We all have to deal with catastrophe, and really, no one wants to deal with things that they really are trying to avoid. My thought is that it is now a great time to deal with things when we would rather avoid them. Catastrophe can be seen as many, many things, and one of those things is utter failure. The truth is, though, that we have to meet our Catastrophes, head on, or else they keep showing up in our lives. Catastrophe is also damage that is outright gigantic. Catastrophes, though, do not only happen to one person, even though when it hits our lives and us squarely in the heart and soul, we want to believe that our catastrophes are the only ones that are important. While they might be the thing that is important in our own lives, we cannot forget that sometimes catastrophes are needed and normally they are there and in our lives right when we are ripe for the lessons and the learning.

Like over-ripe tomatoes which rot on the vine, the ones that we ignore and only look at the beautiful fruits that are at eye level and that we are able to still eat, we ignore the things in our lives that are staring at us, telling us that it is time to clean up something and that no matter how many times we don’t want to look at the ugliness and don’t want to deal with the hurt and the crap that we KNOW for sure that we will have to deal with, the longer it is that we choose just not to even have a passing thought about these things, the more we will hurt and the more that these very catastrophes that we believe to not be that big of a deal in energetic terms will still be.

And just like those over-ripened tomatoes, the sort that remain on the vine and the sort which people, namely the people who were meant to help tend to those fruits, just overlook, we, too, as souls who are here and directing our energies where they will be of best and highest good, end up hanging in the balance and waiting for someone else to come along and pick the fruit that is not beautiful to look at and might even be filled with holes and the worms who put them there.

Sh*t Happens…deal with it

Back in the 80’s, there was a saying that ended up on T-shirts and bumper stickers all over the world, and that saying was “Shit happens.” As crude as this was at that time, there were no two truer words than those, because it is the energy that this Shaman sees and has always seen behind it. The reason that I know catastrophes happen is because Spirit needs us to see where it is that we hurt, why we hurt, and what it is that we are way too willing to do in regard to that hurt. The majority of us are too inclined to place that hurt in a way that is not only not healing for us, but is also not a good energy for other people to have to experience through or with us. When it is that we are ailing from the soul within, it shows, and no matter if we think we are hiding anything at all, there are always going to be people who will know that there is something sorely amiss.

When we are not willing to deal with our own stuff, when we want our catastrophes to be someone else’s, too, is when the ugly fun starts. Yeah…I know…how can fun be ugly? (It’s another version of “fugly,” really.)

It can be ugly when the catastrophes that happen end up being between more than only one person, and more so when we involve other people, without regard to what they are also going through, particularly with us. While we might be in the same energetic stuff as others are, the FACT remains that other people will not be experiencing what we are, even as the things that we are collectively going through are the same in a material and tangible sense.

At my house there is a lot going on, and the one thing that is going on is the passage of one person going from this world to the next world. What he goes through is not the same thing that I go through, and what I go through is not the same as what our three kids go through, even though the technical facets of it all are exactly the same. That these are my kids is one thing. That these three kids see the same things that I see is another thing.

That they experience it the way that they do is a whole different thing all together, because what way too many of us see is only our own version of what is a collective truth between people. What too many of us want to believe is the truth of others is also the very same truth that we have and this is NOT the truth at ALL! Yes, we ALL want to believe that other people, no matter who they are and no matter anything at all, care enough about our crap when they also have their own crap to deal with. And really, how dare any one of us make our crap anyone else’s crap? It is not their crap, is not their catastrophe. If I believed, still, that the crap that the kids’ father is going through is somehow also mine to deal with in the manner that he has to, I might still be a blubbering mess of a wreck. But I know better.

I Know Better…and so should you!

Like anyone else should know better, I have come to learn that no matter how much I value life that there are going to be people who do not. What I was not prepared for at the onset and what I am so very well prepared for at this time is accepting that this is the way that some people are. Some people live by the idea that you are born, you grow up, get a job, get married, support your family and sacrifice for them, then you die. I am not one of those people. My belief is that life needs to be lived, to be experienced, and there is no one and nothing that will make it so that even when I am down in the trenches and crying from the middle of my soul, who will or that will make me believe another way. No one has that power. This is the lesson that the baby daddy taught me through his own hatred for things that are not comfortable.

And that is really the reason why it is that a lot of people tell us that they hate life. I cannot hate life. I will never hate life. The real reason that people say this is because they cannot cope with the catastrophes, cannot deal with the idea that whatever it was that they did in the past is still waiting to be seen to. They will avoid it like it is somehow a turd hanging off of their dog’s okole and that they know they have to somehow, without touching it, remove it so that the dog is not walking around with this big crap hanging. Yeah, I know…kind of a disgusting thing to compare it to, but not more disgusting than is the idea that people would rather NOT try to make it different and instead, because they don’t wanna do the work which is gathered in the energy that is Catastrophe, they let the proverbial turd hang.

We need Catastrophe

Like it or not, catastrophe is needed and is needed because without it we are not shown what it is that we are not looking at. That is really where catasrtophe starts – where we are not willing to look because in looking at the catastrophes we have to accept that things are not as rosy in our lives as we keep telling everyone they are. I am not that person who will lie about it when I am not happy, and anyone who really knows me knows this about me is the truth. I will not paint a pretty picture if there isn’t one to show. I will not lie to someone about something that is harsh and horrid to stomach, no matter what it is.

I am not going to sit back and tell people what they want to hear, and always the thing that no one wants to hear is that there is some stuff in their lives that has to be dealt with, has to be looked at and has to be seen to. I will not lie to a person and tell them that what they want in their lives they can have without also telling them that what they are focusing on is only a representative of the energy behind the symbolism. What one person might see as being the absolute thing that they want, another cannot deal with because of the work involved in it. What one person might see as their own paradise, another might view as the very opposite of that. It is just like trying to make people love us, accept us, want us in their lives – if they don’t want us there, and yes, I know this one very well, it is not our place to try to make it so that they will have to deal with us. That is creating catastrophe in the realms of Spirit, and when you go about going against what it is that you know is the truth of things versus the thing that you know is the truth, no matter how much it seems to suck, you create havoc for you.

Creating havoc for yourself only brings to you the thing that you are avoiding, which is the catastrophes that you have created for you. That you are feeling alone in that mess is one thing, but that you would like to bring others in to it is another story all together, and really, it isn’t cool to do that. It isn’t cool because ultimately, you are who pays the Karma debt, and don’t you and all of us already have way too much debt as it is?
On the other side of that creation of havoc is the lesson that you don’t want to learn and is the thing that you have been playing avoidance games with for so long now that it is of little wonder as to why it is that you think you are right in believing that you will get away from the thing that you have, yourself, created in your life. And then you have the very nerve to believe that you need people to do for you what you would not do for your very self.

The very nerve indeed!

The Universal Law of Catastrophe is meant as the thing that reminds you of how long it has been that you have bothered with the idea that you have a lot of cleaning to do. Some of us see things from a different place, but always, when it is that things that hurt us come to our lives it is because for a long time we have not bothered with it, even though we know that what we need is contained in the energy that is the reason for the catastrophe itself. We know that there are things that we have to address, that have to be completed and that demand our attention.

It is not until Spirit has had enough of our avoidance games that we see much catastrophe in our lives that we come to realize that we should have already learned the lesson that brought the catastrophe to us to being with.

Face your pain, and your fears, because no matter how long you try not to, they come back to us, again and again, bigger, uglier and more catastrophic than the last time.



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