The Universal Law of Manifestation

You Create Your World

We can never count on much from other people, at least not when it comes to things that we are supposed to be able to do for ourselves. We bring into our lives everything we see and feel and know, and we do it with our thoughts and the energy behind those thoughts.

The Universal Law of Manifestation…you own brand of Magic

I have this friend to whom I refer as being the “Snarky Puppy.” Her name is Melody Fletcher. She is the Goddess of Gettin’, but is not prone to being one of those types who will tell you what you want to hear, even though she sorta is. I know that seems a bit confusing, but if you have half a working brain cell in your head then you already know that what you think about and focus on the most is what appears in your life. Anyhow, after having studied her blog posts, and after having communicated back and forth with her over the last two years, albeit somewhat sporadically (Hey, she IS the Goddess of Gettin’…), I have learned and come to realize that what we are being told by all of these …gurus…and what is the truth of the Law of Manifestation as well as how it truly works…well, we shall say that because of Melody’s blog, her teachings and such, there are more people on this planet who understand the energy that is required for this law to work in our favor.

What it means for this law to work in our favor.

The one thing that I do not want anyone reading this to think is that what you think about is the actuality of what you will receive. The Universe does not work that way. Where it is that the lessons in anything are to be learned, nothing trumps learning. In fact, while it is that you might get what you want initially, the truth will come to be in the reality later on, when what it was that you asked for is not all that you thought it would be. This could be anything at all, seriously.

When I say “for this law to work in our favor,” I do NOT mean that what you see in your mind’s eyes is the absolute thing that you will have. Again, while you might get exactly that one thing, if it is not the thing that will be “this or better” in any situation, you can think of that one thing as being the appetizer before the meal. The reason is because when we are talking about the machinations of energy, we are talking about our vibration and where it is that there is not only the right energy, but also the other side with the not-so-great energy. This is where the fun stuff starts. When we say we want …I don’t know…say, a pet shark, and we get that pet shark, and all the while we thought that we would have the greatest most coolest pet in the world, when we got the damned shark, we found out a whole lot about a shark that maybe we didn’t know before.

Like the fact that most sharks are predators, and that your pet might like to try you dipped in batter and served with ranch dressing. While we are thinking about how cool it would be to have a pet shark, we only thought about what it would be like to tell people that we have a shark, that our shark can eat your pit bull, and that if anyone would like to test that theory out, we would be happy to do that for them. We do all this thinking about how cool it would be to have what we want and do so without the idea that it is a shark, that it can and will eat us, that it would take the pit bull to get into the water for us to have this really ridiculous land animal versus wild water predator sort of thing happen.

When we are thinking about what it is that we want, we are not thinking completely, and this is when and where the Universal Law of Manifestation needs to be given in terms that are sharks and dogs.

A Band called Led Zeppelin

If anyone wants to know how they came up with the name “Led Zeppelin,” the answer, in sort of okay terms is easy. When they were naming themselves, I think the story is that they came up with an idea for the genre style of music they would play and one of them uttered that it would sink and “go down like a lead Zeppelin.”
You know…the Zeppelin? Big giant air filled aircraft that people know about, too? Don’t take me on my word because it was something told to me by someone else, but I will admit to thinking that I believe I am right with this thought. Anyway, that is neither here nor there. The idea that this band at the time in history that they came to be is very much odds stacked against them.

Yet, here we are in the here and the now and my kids love them, and my kids are the age where they should be loving …well, anything BUT my music.

These guys, because I also know all about their Spiritual energy, totally knew back then what only a handful of us knows now, and that is that they just never lost focus. (Okay, so …they might have lost focus from time to time but TOTALLY not the way that I am writing about them now haha…anyhow…)

The way that they came to be Led Zeppelin is the way that anyone does anything…focus, thought and NEVER attaching themselves to any perceived outcome. Period. That is the way that this manifestation thing works and is the way that a lot of our joys and sorrows come into being. We make it that way. We are who creates our own lives and our realities. We like blaming other people for what is in our lives, but the truth is that we can neither blame nor glorify anyone or anything but our very selves and it is because the truth is that first we think it, then it happens. Maybe not that fast, because anything worth having, no matter what freakin’ guru said what to you, no matter which one of those guys tells anyone at all that the way to do things is that you think it and you get what you want…that only works for things like parking spaces at the mall on Christmas Eve (maybe). To get to where they are now – total rock music deities in the truest sense of the word – it took them work, focus and most of all, belief.


Belief is a funny thing, and it is something that every Pisces know is our forte’. We live in the ocean called Belief and it is the one thing that both fortifies and cripples us at the same time. We want what we want, and we attach ourselves to the outcome we want to see, and most of the time, as far as a Pisces is concerned, we are not really that ready to see both sides of the coin. (Of course, some of us are very evolved and yep…it took us a whole hell of a lot of tears, acceptance, things that suck and hurt us badly, to get to the point where we are now…just sayin’…)

In order to believe something at all, most unevolved human type beings speak it out of their mouths thinking that because they merely said it and breathed energy into it, that it is just gonna be.


The truth is that we NEVER get what we want all the time, and most of the time, we get what we both want AND need. Let me repeat that…most of the time we get what we both want and need, and when that happens, what we thought we wanted will pale in comparison to the thing that we focused on. What a lot of people fail to realize is that Spirit only has our best interest at heart, and the thing that we are focusing on should always and ONLY be thought of as a symbol of the energy behind that one thing. It can be anything at all. It can be a job, a relationship, a new car, a new place to live…anything at all, whatever it is, what we think about and focus on the most is, for the most part, what we receive. NOW, the fun part…yeah…right…fun…is learning to NOT attach ourselves to the actual picture in our minds. Understand now that the picture that we hold in our heads, our hearts and our soul might not be the exact thing that we get, but if we believe we are deserved of that same energy and that that energy was good to us and for us, the manifestation of whatever it symbolized and stood for to anyone at all is the thing that will come to us.

The Things That Come to Us

Don’t get all ass hurt over the idea that what you “see” with your focused and unbiased mind’s eyes will be the very and exact thing that you will receive. We only receive the reciprocating energy to that thought. In other words, yes, we think about it, yes, we are given signs and symbolic signals that tells us we are on the path we are meant to be for that one manifestation. However, and again, Spirit does not ever give us anything that we do not need, and when we get what we do not want, it is because we focused on what we did not want more than we focused on what we knew we needed and desired.

What we desire is beautiful, of course, and sometimes what we get is not what we wanted. This is because when you focus on the part of the manifestation that is the part that tells us “I want and deserve this BUT…, we end up with the but part. It is because our energy is confused. We are telling Spirit with our mouths what we think we want via the mouth, and our Ego is telling us that it won’t happen, even while our Soul is singing praises and glorifying the thing that we know we deserve.

We know we each deserve Love,the job we want to have, the house, the car, the everything, and we focus on the one thing or person that we think will be the thing that we want and will make us happy, without regard to what also might happen that we might not like. This is irresponsible thinking. This is setting ourselves up for more heartache. This is our not listening to our souls and instead listening to our egos in that we are believing everything that we don’t want to believe. When we believe that things should be only one way, that is not taking into account everyone or everything else who and that we want involved in this. We cannot mess with the free will of other people. It doesn’t work that way. When we feel like we have to talk anyone, even ourselves, into anything, that is NOT the Law of Manifestation at work. That is our being manipulative little twits and behaving as though we know better than does Spirit.

We do not know better than Spirit, even though we should know better than our Ego wants us to believe we do. Spirit knows exactly what we need, and our Egos know what we want, and altogether in a strange and cosmic way we pull energy from both sides of us and with the help of Spirit, we get what we need, and always it is much better than what we thought we want.

It’s the Thought that counts…

Seriously, it is the thought and the energy behind the thought, also known as the intention, that counts. We can no sooner get a million dollars through the million dollar fairy if we are not willing to be the million dollar fairy. We can no sooner have the love in our lives there with us if we are not willing to see things from both our own side as well as the ones who we are focused on. We can no sooner have the great job we want if we are too focused on what we do not have in so far as job skills are concerned.

Pretty basically, when it comes to the Universal Law of Manifestation, do not forget that when you focus, focus on what you want, after you have thought about things and know for sure what that thing is, don’t forget that what you focus on is symbolic, and pretty much…that’s about it.

Remember, too, that you will, if you don’t practice the focus thing, get what you want and what you do not want. We all already know what we do not want.

How about we focus on what we DO want and see what happens then?

I Love You All !

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