Patience and Trust…


Words are powerful, namely the words “Patience” and “Trust”

“…I kept telling myself to have patience and trust…”

(Jordan- Student)

Iʻm not a real…biblical…chick, by any means.

Of course I will take from that work of writing the snippets of wisdom that ALL books thought to be Holy have contained within them. To me, it is just a textbook for learning through stories and myths, much like all the other Holy texts…there is wisdom in all written works. You just have to have a clue, an open mind, and sometimes having a dictionary handy is a good thing.

I have several.

Clues and Dictionaries.

So get a clue, humans – We are actually #OneMind.

Accept it.

Call it whatever you want to call it…we are part, all of us, a bigger consciousness…we are, each of us, loaning to this larger consciousness of energy.

In this case, and for a few days now, it has been the one that I have heard throughout the course of my lifetime and still ring true to this day…pretty much, it is that we cannot, as these people at our ages (35+) discount anything that comes out of the mouths (or are contained in the texts and chats that are exchanged between us..namely when I am your Life Coach and namely when you are learning about yourself…) of the people who are younger than we are.

Pretty much, outta the mouths of the kids in our lives comes the truths, and sometimes, they are truths that hurt but other times, theyʻre truths that we really need to remember, mostly about ourselves. There is no one who does not know me who also does not know that I am horribly impatient with myself. I have a WHOLE LOT of patience when it comes to other people, but when it is me – I am a tyrant.

Patience and Trust

It was not the way that this person posted it in our coaching session, but that it came at the time that I saw 2:22 ….it happens …and it happens a LOT.

I am certain that I needed to see that at the same time that those words came into my awareness. I was busily coaching this person and there they were – his words, and that number.

Of course, you know I had to tell The Gator …. she is who reminds me to “mind my numbers,” or she used to when she and I started studying The Weirdness about 15 years ago.

She was also the very one who, to this day, reminds me, just like young Mr. Hinton reminded me, almost like their energies at that moment were meant for those numbers and those words, that we cannot ever depend on those energies to get to us in the same manner every time – sometimes, they come through channels we do not expect. This time, it was a coaching client and a fellow student…and not far behind was my very close, close friend, Rev. Vel-Danielle.

A comma is what changes it all…the meaning, the energy…all of it.

And like commas, when people come into our lives it is not without purpose, not without meaning and not without the Love of the Goddess propelling us forward. They are like the grammatical markers in the sentences we form that metaphorically can be called “so like life.” My work in this world, in this lifetime and in this body depend on the written, the spoken, the Spelled word, and involves a depth of understanding and more, a depth of that thing that is Universal and needed in this world….that thing called Aloha.

Have patience and trust…

They were just words…haha…like they are just words to me, of all people, right?

I know that the inherent power of words is real. They are what Magickal Women create our lives with, and are the things that have the very power to change someone elseʻs thoughts about who they are, have the power to build and to destroy, to cut and to soothe.

So, when this young coaching client of mine stated what he stated, at the time of day that that came and when my best pal Gator suddenly appeared online and out of nowhere, I paid some serious attention to it.

Patience, we are told, is a virtue, and we all have our own thoughts, our own interpretation of just the word “patience.” All of us has heard, from a very young age, from time to time and in some peoplesʻ cases, lots more than others to have patience. We are told that it is good to have it, to exercise it and to preach it silently through how we handle things that overwhelm us.

We are also told about our impatience, more than we are about our patience, and we are told a whole lot that we have to stop being impatient about things on this plane of awareness, but, we are not told how to cultivate patience. We are rarely shown it by the very people who seem to demand it out of us. When we are impatient and people call us on it, for folks my age, it makes us feel like we are little kids, and as though the thing that we are asking about, at least in my own case, is the thing that we have, at least in our minds, been being patient about.

Our level of patience is not going to be the very same level that will be anyone elseʻs. We cannot expect others to empathize with us all the time – not all humans are like we are. You and I might have the patience of Job, but others might have the patience of …a can of Pillsbury biscuits in a can and feeling completely under the pressures of life, wanting to be released from them but growing more and more frustrated at the idea that no matter how patient we think we are, we are not being that at all.

Patience, and the having of it, is not measured on the days on a calendar, and is not measured by how many hours that turn into the days and nights and weeks and months that pass us by, that seem to fruition not a whole lot more than more frustration, and all for the idea that maybe we will, if we are impatient, manipulate the energies to favor us through that energy.

It never works that way.

I know this personally.

Then there is Trust, and it is not a secret that there are very few people who I trust and all of those people who I trust totally know who they are.

And no, I do not trust everyone I encounter, and just about everyone who I encounter, for all of my life to this point,if they are new to me… unless you are one of those trusted people…they make me put my guard up. In chat, text, emails, ANY communication – I am guarded.

I trust myself in that guarded energy, safe in it.

I know who I can trust and who I cannot trust.

I know, too, who trusts me.

The guardedness is because I have seen much, experienced much, been told much, have heard much, have felt much, endured much and most of it was due to the things that happened at those times that I let my guard down. I have been told my whole life to have trust, but the things that I experienced and the things that people, while I was growing up.

So, when I see or think of the words “have patience and trust,” I see there that I am being told that I ought to have both patience and trust that all will be okay, that those two things are what are needed by me to have and to know about and most of all, to give both of those things to the people who I Love the very most, and they all know who they are.

Then there is the other way, the one that includes a grammatical marker – that thing that drives a lot of us crazy…called a comma.

In that case, it would look like this – “Have patience, and trust,” and yes the difference is the comma, because in this instance, it changes the word “trust” from a noun to a verb, meaning that it is wise to have patience, and learn to trust the Universe will do what She is supposed to do for us, with us..but first we have to make our ridiculous egos behave themselves.

Our ridiculous Egos…

My ridiculous ego tells me that I have to be afraid of what other people think of me, that I have to fear being abandoned by those who I love the most, that I have to prove who I am to anyone else and that when others do not wanna be around me that it must be something that I said or that I did that makes me feel like I somehow fucked up just being myself.

Yes, I am a possessed of a very strong personality. Yes, I tend to say whatever is on my mind. Yes, of course I know that it is going to take me some time and patience and trust in myself to be able to correct those things. I cannot stop being these ways forever, but, I can trust myself to stop from saying anything…shitty…just because I am very good at it, typically at the very most inopportune times (for real) (ask anyone hahaa).

I can trust myself to love others in a Cosmic and Universal kind of way, across long distances, and even while right now it feels like my life and my loved onesʻ lives are stuck in this vortex that also seems stuck in a bucket of karmic dog shit, and not believe that they do not believe that this is what I have for them – Love.

And it is not the love that I give to one other person, neither is it the love that I give to my kids, nor that which I give to my tribe of like souls…

…but that which I give to myself. And really, that is the shitty part about us human beings – we forget about ourselves. We have this mixed message passed down to us by a generation of parents who lots of them vacated us in one way or another. Right now, we are all going right back through that pain, and we are, in every way possible, experiencing distance, separateness (only in the physical sense), what feels like abandonment and is actually the solitude that all souls need right now. Mine is not the only Soul that is weeping, the child within just tired and crying. It is me. I Am looking at this little girl who is the Me I have always been, but right now, I just “see” my Self there embracing this child and telling her that She is Love, and that She is needed, even for Her Self.

Still, She cried… because She knows that you cannot act out your pain. It has to be expressed, not impressed, nor emoted – expressed, in the Name, and on Your Own Behalf, in the Name of All that Is….because Trust, She knows, on the other side of it, where it does not exist, or, does not does tangibly need to exist.

It just Is.

You see, our levels of trust come from ourselves, as does our level of Love for others. We have to love ourselves. We have to have patience with ourselves and we have to know we are able to be fully that person who we, rather than only everyone else, will love. We have to trust that what we want to give to anyone else we can also give to ourselves. We have to be able to give to ourselves what we give to others and if we are not aware of what that is, then we do not have but a surface kind of love to give to anyone else, ever.

We can love the idea of someone, and we can idealize others, and we can make them be the thing that provides for the world the thing that we are, the each of us, which is nothing short of magnificent. In looking at only our damage, because that is what the world wants us to see only, we are not bothering to look at our brilliance. Without our brilliance we do not have the brightness of our own light giving to the world the truth of who we are and we are included in that truth. We have to see ourselves as worthy of our own love and have to reveal for the world our self worth and state it out loud, no matter how strange it seems to do ….we have to have patience with our own selves and we have to trust that we are good enough to make things happen purely and solely on the intention of simply being good to people.

We can say all day long that we are patient and that we trust others, but, that is not what I am saying here…actually asking….

You are patient with others, and you trust others, but are you this same way with your Self?

It is not something that we think about, not something that we are taught – we are just expected to learn this stuff. What we really need is guidance,

I see pain in others. I see their fear. There is not a lot that a photo can hide from me. I just have to see it once or twice. I read them. I know the hearts of people, just from those pictures. I have almost a radar for the Aloha that resides in others, a habit of introducing my good friends to people who I reach out to. It is because I see my people in these people.

And pain is not always what we think it is. We are told what kind, at least to the world, is the most important (there are a bazillion and one commercials for all kinds of issues that are not rooted in the body, but in the mind.) and we are told that whatever it is that bothers us in the soul is treated as an ailment and be prescribed a pill for it.

This is where we are.

This is what a whole lot of us do.

It has been years that I have sought the help of therapists, and years to accept WHAT happened, THAT it happened, to me, forever and ever whatever…most of all, I had to accept that whatever happened to me that others made happen was not my fault, and evidence of a faulty soul.

SO…here it is, folks – remember that you have patience with others, that you trust other people. That tells me that at one time in your lives, you trusted you, had patience with you, loved you as much as you love them. Since this is the truth, that we see ourselves in others, think about the reason why you Love who you Love. It Is Important that You Know Why You Love Them, because then you will also know that and more – why you Love You.

All that, from a phrase….took me all day to write this

Itʻs a lot, I know


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