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Ho’ohana – The Value of Intentional Effort

Rarely is it the thing that is appreciated as much as the thought behind the gifts that we give anyone at all which matters the most. 

There are times when my favorite question to ask is “What were you thinking?” and normally, it is never a bad thing. We love to give gifts, but we do not know that the reason we love to do so is because the reciprocal energy that is the Aloha contained within the intention.

I say it all the time, that it is our intention that matters the most in terms of things that we want for ourselves, and things that we want for others in our lives with whom we share a very real closeness of Spirit and Heart.

“Ho’ohana” – To Work

Giving, as far as human beings are concerned, is second nature. It is not until we are taught otherwise, taught that we have to have more than others, be better than others, become the best and thereby best each other, that we sort of lose this inborn ability toward giving to others what we want them to have from us, and more, what it is that they need in the soul-sense.

Tangible things are cool. We all love them, all want them, but in the truth of things, even though we love having all of our cool things, we are more inclined to feel a lot more like the Royal Family of Cool when we give. It is not in the tangible thing, once again, that our energy is stored in. It is in what we get back from these people that is intangible that we wait for, that we want and that we know, at least for the most part, we will get….a smile.

Effort is never without value

No matter what it is that we are doing, if it is worth the effort to even think about it, it is valuable (of course, unless it is to hurt someone else for whatever reason you think you have…doing that just makes you an extra giant douche bag, seriously). When we think about what we are having for dinner every night, we do so with the intention that is making our kids and families happy, not only with what has been prepared, but more, because we cared enough about it all to think about what they might like to have. When we think about creating a beautiful gift for someone else, it is not only the gift that is beautiful, but more, the thought behind the gift, because in that thought, we were prompted to think about the person who it is being created for, and in that effort, there is value.

When we tell a friend we will pick their kid up from school, just because we will be on that side of town, it is a beautiful effort, and when we gift others with tangible means – and means of anything at all – the thought alone is the beauty in it all.

Ho’ohana means “to work,” and in this instance, it is in the effort that is the work of Love that is the gift and not only the tangible gift itself.  This is why, sometimes, people are inclined to buy others some of the most ridiculous things – because in that effort of thought, you were loving those people. In that energy, you were not only dealing with how you feel about that person, but more, you were also thinking about how they also feel about you, in the soul sense, and in kind, always, the Universe gives to us each, the giver, the receiver, and everyone in between, the gift that is the energy of Aloha between souls.

It is the soul which sees and feels the effort, that makes the outer person experience through physical means the things that make them happy through and about other people.

And yes, this is really why ALL of us LOVES to help other people…okay, maybe if you are a selfish SOB, and maybe if you are one of those people who cannot see past the tip of your own damned nose …. then maybe you don’t give for any other reason than that you believe people will worship you, and in reality, they are worshiping the thing that you gave them. (Dumb ass)

The Effort Taken Toward Intangible Giving

There are a few people on this planet who personally know that if there is something that is really important to them that they need to happen for them, and that if I am able, in any manner, to help them make that happen, I will do for them what I am able to. This is not something that I have never done, but lately, it has become something that I know who I can do things for and trust, not that I will get back what I have given, but more, that I will know that they appreciate what it is that I am doing for them. Throughout the years, and because of the hellish time I had within a marriage that never worked, I learned, from that guy, a very important lesson, and one that I was well aware of for many years – that one thing is that not everyone can be bought.

Read that again, and realize, right now, that there are still a whole lot of us human type beings who believe that everything has a price, that everything is tangibly traded, that everyone will crack when a gift or monetary promise is involved. This is wrong. It is not our right, neither our duty, nor our place, to think so little of others that those others would not somehow clue into the idea that someone else is trying to manipulate them, that in those manipulations that cause some folks to think that money or items replace the reality of the energy behind it all, that the entirety of human beings on the planet somehow all have this one sin that we all fall short of the glory of ourselves with.

It ain’t the truth. The effort in this instance is not the right sort, is saddled with the energy of someone having to have absolute control over people, all through means and manipulations using tangible things. Anyone in their right, positive mind would never do this, because anyone in their right and positive mind would be mindful of how anyone else feels about anything else, namely if that “anything else” is the total energy of others believing that they can buy the loyalties of others, that they can, through their egotistical efforts, buy this sort of energy.

Too all the morons who think this way still

First, I must apologize to two of my teachers, because at this moment, and as she is reading this, or actually the moron thing, she is tsk tsking me…but, at least I know she loves me, and at least she knows that this sort of thing is something that I have gotta do or else my head will implode…

If you are one of these people who thinks that you and your tangible means can buy good people through the fake energy of “giving something” I must let you all know right now that the reason that it seems like no one is loyal to you, that no one wants to be around you, that you are alone in this lifetime without friends, without a true beloved,without your tribe of the Soul, is because when we try to “buy” peoples’ loyalty, we are not giving them the credit for being good enough to just be given something and more, you, yourself, through your manipulative effort, are not being loyal to them.

That’s right – I said it, I’ll keep on saying it, and hell yeah deal with it – you are disloyal, even to yourself, because what you do, think of, give to, whatever, “for” others, ultimately you are also doing to yourself. There is nothing quite as endearing as the truth of who we are, given through the efforts of what we do not have, and that we try to make happen for others, because of how pure our intentions are. Not enough gets said in terms of what the morons of the world and in the energy that is giving and neither about the reality of the karma that they will have returned to them. (It’s called a Karmic return – where the thing that you were meant to learn comes back to you..you know…RETURNS to you…to make you learn from that lesson…duh)

When we first think we are getting away with something, regardless if the other people who we think we are buying loyalty from catch on, this is when the Karma that will return to us is created. My question for the moron tribe is this – have you not paid any attention to the things that you are not aware of how they have happened in your life, and how they are connected to the things that you think are good things, but your intentions behind those things are less than honorable? It is in the less than honorable things that you are thinking, that you are intending to do, that you are exacting into the lives of other people that make this such a really not that great idea.

No, I’m not harpin’ on ya because I really think you are a moron, because some of the most intellectually superior people on the planet still have this one thing – this power over other people through tangible means thing – still to be healed, and yeah, I can promise you that it will not hurt to correct this now, but what will hurt is not if but WHEN the karma comes to you, and is to be made right, and you might not have the same means you do now. Hence, the reason that I tell anyone at all that it is nice to have a lot of means, a lot of ability to afford everything your heart desires, but it is quite another thing to believe that you can have the loyalties of people who you are not willing to show your true self to do that through. Buying people, or at least thinking you can, only makes them mad. I know this, because the baby daddy did this for years, and then one day, he no longer had the means and neither the ability to buy the loyalties of other people.  He is living his karmic return. Unfortunately, he still believes that the only thing that keeps a person loyal is the means by which other people can be bought. He still believes that it is the tangible means he used to have and was able to create that made us all vacate his life, rather than the FACT that when HE no longer had the means and neither the ability, that it was not he who was so repulsive, but that it was everyone else. I will state, now, for the record, in writing even, that when the man lost everything, got sick and HAD TO depend on us – he failed miserably in terms of recognizing that it was never his money, but him, who anyone wanted to be better.

To this day, he still believes that people are only interested in others if said people have the choice to try to buy loyalty. The one thing that I have never forgotten, which I learned, in and of all places – church as a youngster – is that the truth will always be revealed, and namely when it is a truth of ourselves that we don’t want to see, acknowledge or accept – it is what is meant by the saying that “the truth hurts.”

Fortunately for me, I have never really bought into the idea that we can have people be loyal to us with and through tangible means. It just won’t happen, because it will never be the real thing.

It is in our efforts of what we don’t think we can do, but that we so totally want to do, for other people, that causes the Mother Goddess to bless us with the means, at the right time and when we need it, to go out into this world and do what we were born to do, which is to ho’ohana for others through our energies, so that they may know the truth of what is Love, what is loyalty, what is family.

This holiday season, remember these things, because it is not what you can do, but what you put forth in valuable effort, for others, without feeling to have to have it given back, that makes the forever-gift of Aloha the one thing that, at this time of year, is needed more than our ability to outdo anyone else in terms of who brought the biggest, most expensive gifts, and more, who can no longer be bought with those gifts…

Think about the last time you felt like someone was trying to manipulate you with things, only to find out later that they no longer have those things to entice people falsely with.

How did that make you feel, and more, what did it tell you about the moron who tried to do it again?

Think about it…

I Love You All !


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The Spider’s Web called Lying

If anyone at all believes that they can get away with being dishonest, I have news for you…especially when that dishonesty and the things which happen afterwards come to fruition. Once the ball of deceit turns into a big fat mess, there is nothing one can do to avoid the Karma that maybe they did not intend on, but is surely the only thing that they CAN count on being true and absolute…and hell yes – coming right for them.


I have a bitch to pitch today, so please forgive me if I happen to get a whole lot mouthier than I normally can be. I make no secret of the fact that my life’s work and my purpose in this lifetime as well as the mission it is tied to is all about helping victims become survivors. I, myself, was my own first client. In the work that I do that is not the same as almost anyone else’s way of dealing with this very terrible social issue called Domestic Abuse, I make it not only a practice of being there for the ones who will eventually call themselves a survivor, but also to the person who has allegedly abused them. I do it this way for a reason. Please keep reading.

As the stomach turns

You can imagine how it makes my stomach turn when I am met up with anyone at all who will tell me their truth about how they became a victim of the most heinous thing that anyone can go through in couplehood, and the reason that it is heinous is NOT because of the possibility of things becoming physically violent only, but more, because voluntarily, we trust them. The reason my stomach turns is because, while it does not happen a whole lot, it does happen, the chance that I will, at any given time at all, become the lesson for someone who has lied about being abused and only so that they could get their way after they did not end up someone’s victim. Sometimes getting their way is the only thing that they can see, and most of the time, these same said vultures – normally another woman- see it as making things even with the person who they accused, falsely, of being abusive to them.

Let me tell you something, people – I am not one who takes lightly the idea that someone has been abused, and I am the first person who comes dearly unglued about it when I do find out it has happened. I am the first one to take an abused person’s words as truth, because really, I have been lied to SO much over so long a time by the person who abused me that it is hard for people to be able to get away with a lie where I am who is listening.

There is the other side of that accusation, the side which is the lies told about the things that anyone has gone through and turn out to be not the truth, at all – and this is the side that makes me more mad, because it is the side where the lies told by these Truth Harlots have made it so that the person they are pissed at has to pay for sins they (the wrongly accused) did not commit.

I won’t lie -it makes me mad because I really have been beaten, have been abused, and I know very well, because of these things, when I am being told a lie, and when I am being told the truth, and it doesn’t matter, because being what and who I am, I never do not know when I am being lied to. I ALWAYS know when I am being lied to, eventually, and normally it is not but within days, at most, that the Universe tells me that I am right – I have been told an untruth.

…and there is no one who does not know me well who also does not know that this is factual. While I might not key into it right away (I still am comprised of flesh and blood, folks…), make no…NO mistake – I ALWAYS find out, because yeah…me and the Goddess, the ‘Aumakua, the Angels…we are tight like that. I never don’t know.

Yet, there are some people on this planet who, for whatever stupid reason they may or may not have, for whatever reality it is that they want to believe they are creating for themselves, do not realize that the more that they lie and the more that those lies are said, written, thought out, told to others, kept quiet on the astral, and that we know, for sure and for real, are the furthest thing from the truth – those are the very lies that NEVER EVER DO NOT COME BACK TO US. Reread that – this is the truth, people. When we lie, and NAMELY when we lie in order to cause pain for another person and more so when we even have the thought in our heads that somehow, from their pain, we will garner ANYTHING at all, even if it is the thought in our heads that somehow we have won….well, no, you have not.

No you have not…won, that is

Oh how I so love this current energy, where Aries, the god of war and who is ruled by Mars, which is the planet which represents confrontation on all fronts, because over time, and because I have had to go through being a victim, I know what it means to have all the wit and wisdom that someone who has been where I have been in life and which were brought to me through battles of wits.

I know what it is like to have to crawl out from beneath the pain and the weight of the lies. I know what it is like to not know when someone else is telling the truth (and some people have no idea what the truth really is because they are so busy trying to cover up their own lies and bullshit that they would not recognize the truth if they were bitch-slapped with it). I know what it is like to have to battle constantly with someone who does not know how to deal with things thought as being truthful – or in a truthful manner, because they stay quietly comfortable in their own little world, a world which only the lies they have told and have been living are their truth. They are only the truth because one sorry son-of-a-bitch has chosen to believe them, and normally that sorry douche-bag is the one who has told the lies.

I said it, so deal with it.

Yes, I am very angry right now. I have been working with abuse survivors for YEARS, and it is not often, thankfully, that I will happen upon someone who has either been the liar or has been lied about. Most of the time, the victims only want to be soothed of their pain. Most of the time, once the fun of talking a good game about what they would like to see happen has come and gone and reality has come back to them, these victims come back to who they really are and realize they do not have to be as hostile as that.

Then there are the ones who lie about it, and it is for those who would do so, those who are reading this now and thinking that I am somehow off my rocker when I say what I say here, and perhaps thinking that they will continue to get away with the things that they say, that their target will always be their victim…I’ve got news for you, folks. You aren’t getting away with anything, and more than that, you are only making things worse and worse for yourselves. You might think that you have gotten away with stuff, but the truth is that all you have really done is shown the world, through that one thing that you said, who you are for real, and who you are for real is someone who does not know who you are, for real, but you want the world to think that the person who you have lied about somehow is really what you say, and maybe continue to say, about them.

You have the right to say whatever you want, but know now that once the untruths have happened, you cannot take back what you have set forth. The Universe does not see the lie, but it knows the energy behind it and if the energy behind it doesn’t match the words being said, the energy behind it, while it waits there, will just get bigger. This is because of one thing – while you are a lying sack of crap, you are still a flesh and blood human, thereby making you what is also like me – an energetic being. You see, the entirety of all of mankind runs on energy, the kind that is etheric and the kind that cannot be changed unless we choose to change it.

For those whose brains cannot comprehend this…etheric…thing I write much about, the simplest way to say it is that what you are saying, when it does not match the emotionality behind it and that energy behind it is stronger, which, when we are full of crap it is ALWAYS bigger (takes more energy to be a dirty lying douche bag creep than it does to be truthful – this is not my rule, but that of the Universe). It is bigger because we have to expend that much more energy, not only to come up with the energy to have the balls to tell such lies, but more, energy to keep said lies from being revealed as such. You might think that you have gotten away with something, and you might have even seen evidence that you are powerful in a way that you think is good, but it is not. In fact, really, what you have made certain is that whatever it is that you have put ANYONE AT ALL else through – well, baby dolls, you are GOING TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE IT…perhaps the exact same thing…

…or, in terms only a mental midget with a for rent sign between their ears can understand – whatever it was that you lied about will happen to you. Again…not my rule, but that of the larger and grand Universe. NOTHING at all…no debt…no karma that you have created…goes unpaid. The Universe is the ultimate debt collector.

You will pay for your bullshit – I Promise. This is not a threat, this is a promise. What you have created for you through your lies is nothing short of brilliant in terms of being a human manipulation machine, but in terms of human being, you haven’t  a clue how to be one yet, let alone a good one, and at this time, I am busy telling you, oh Overlord of Douche-land, that you are only halfway to your own circle coming full, and really, the rest of us can’t wait to sit back and watch it all.

Whatever it is that you have said, done, manipulated anyone else to believe, you are going to have to go through that, too. Whatever it is hat has been the wish of your very middle Soul, and that which, through lies, brought another person to their knees (but hopefully those someones realize that they are not meant to be there so, please…get the hell up already), took away everything that the person who lied intended for their target to lose – please, cupcakes…don’t get too very attached to everything you see in your awareness right now, yup – even actually people – because everything that you know was not the truth and which caused anyone else at all to lose…well, dolls, that debt has to be paid, and it will be paid, and if you are the person who breathed life into the lies that caused havoc for ANYONE else at all…you, too, will have to experience those VERY same energies.

There is no lie about whatever it is that you have set out into motion into the Universe, that somehow, if it hurt someone else, you have gotten away with something. Okay, sure…you have gotten away with being an asshole, and you have gotten away with perhaps hurting more than only your intended target, and you have gotten away with things that you know you should not have…please, do not think for a moment that you are free of the debt, because you are so, so, so assuredly not. In fact, it is exactly the Universe’s…as well as The Mother Goddess’ – way, to do as I am sure you have, taking her time, as you have, to stretch the pain out. Only this time, the pain is yours, and you are going to go through that pain, and you have nothing to do, or say, about it, because you know you are wrong.

So, too, does the Goddess.

You know you are wrong in that, someone paid the price for your spoiled sorry ass. You know you are wrong in that, if you tell your story to someone like me – someone who has actually been wronged through domestic abuse – and you lied to anyone about it happening (and it didn’t), it isn’t your intended target of abuses, of lies and of your own sense of lack and the idea that you feel you are entitled to whatever it is that you have done…I PROMISE YOU, that as you stand there, laughing, sometimes defiantly, sometimes wickedly, and sometimes, like a fool...the only thing that you are doing, really, is making that energy that much more pure and that much more directed at your very sorry ass self.

So, if you see yourself in the part of this writing that is not that great, that is NOT me telling you that you are a piece of shit (not even good enough to be a whole shit…how sad is that?), but that is indeed your soul begging for you to just drop it – drop the damned act already. The weight of the lies and the things that you have to do is so heavy that your soul is wanting out.

So, stop being a piece of shit already…let go, and do it sooner than later, because Karma is like inflation – gets bigger as time goes by.

Up to you, really….you might think you somehow have won, but really, you know better. I have said it before, and I cannot believe I am repeating myself now.

My friend Kim has a saying, and it is that, if you have to tell people that you are cute, you’re probably not. Same thing goes for those morons who think they can lie, hurt people and get away with it…if you have to tell people that you are that good at being full of shit, the Universe is going to have Her way with you…and while you might be very well and good at being full of shit, at lying and getting away with things, the one thing you are not good at, at least in terms that the Universe dictates, is getting away with not paying up your Karmic Debt.

The truth is something that many people need to learn, if for nothing more than their own sense of sanity…that’s right…the more you lie, the more you have to keep up with all the lies, and the more your brain will just go plum nutty over it all, if it hasn’t already…

If you cannot stop being full of crap, at least be proper enough to not talk when other people are around. You might hurt them and even wreck their lives.

All good…that’s what light workers like me are here for…to unfuck what a world full of lying assholes has fucked up

…mouthier…told ya so hahaha….

I Love You All!



(Photo credit for the cover of “Medicine Dance,” is by Randy Jay Braun from the “Women of Hula” collection at RandyJayBraun.com)

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