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Up all night

Migraines. Nausea. Uncontrollable urges to cry. Raging. Melancholy. Unable to stay asleep for longer than a few hours through the night. Extreme highs and lows which shift like the wind. All at one time. No, you are not insane, you are shifting.



There are a whole lot of websites which tell us about this thing called “The Ascension,” and there are people in your circle of friends and family who might even be talking about something called “shifting,” and you are totally clueless as to what they are talking about, even though you are experiencing all these physical happenings in your body.  Sometimes you might see something out of the corner of your eye, and never before have you seen things like that. Sometimes you hear things that no one else hears, and sometimes, you feel aches and pains that you “feel” physically, even though, on some other level, you don’t.

You are not crazy. You are doing what is called “shifting,” and what that means, very simply, is that your physical self is doing what your Soul-self has been doing for a long, long time – raising its own vibration so as to accommodate all of the things which are also evolving in the grander awareness around us.  Just like “as above, so below,” the same thing could and does apply to the world around you and also your inner, personal world of thought, soul and feelings. What  is happening within you is also happening outside of you, and in your limited human thinking, you want to believe that you are sick and ailing in the body. The reality is that you are perceiving the changes in the only manner that any human being who has not opened his or her awareness to the point where you know that what you are going through is on the ethereal level and not only on the bodily conscious level.

Your Higher Self is expanding, meaning that you are opening up to a greater awareness, not only of yourself, but of the world around us all, and in particular, your own personal world.

In that way and in that awareness you are starting to understand in the manner that you never have before, or at least were not, until this moment, aware that this is how you have been communicated with by Spirit for a long, long time. Another thing that is happening is that, at this moment in our history as evolved beings, we are ridding ourselves of energies and things and people and situations which are not useful for our personal AND  our collective purpose in this lifetime, and, as well, our collective mission with the others in our tribe. What no longer fits in our lives, or is in not in accordance with our purpose, and specifically what is not aligned with our mission that we are meant to carry out with others, simply is just being ushered out of our lives and is doing so on a grand and global scale. Since it is that we are all connected to one another, we are not only feeling our own stuff, but that of the collective whole in terms of what others who are like us are also going through that mirrors our own stuff.

As crazy as that all might sound, the truth is that humanity has been doing this shift thing since human beings first traversed the planet upright and via only the Ten Toe Express. Now, though, in our very technologically evolved state, it seems that things like this shifting stuff happens at an alarmingly fast rate of speed, and on the flesh-and-blood level of awareness, we are not getting it and we are medicating ourselves literally into oblivion (mostly youngsters because they are having a hard  time with their own growing AND the shifting of consciousness) because we were never taught about how to really deal with the changes, and- yes – the generations prior to our own were bullied into thinking, and even believing, that what I am saying here and now is somehow the ramblings of a madwoman.

I promise you, it is not.

Let’s think in terms that are “as above, so below” for a moment, okay? Let’s think about the last time you had a very, very bad migraine headache – the sort that makes you deal with nausea and makes you want to hurl, and where it was that you thought it came from, even as it came from the same place that it starts with everyone physically (your liver…Google it). Think about the times that you were in such great pain, or perhaps you were having to deal emotionally with things that, if they were familiar, the headache was also familiar and likely brought you back to the thought in your head now and which was similar to then, which in turn also created the same energy that it did back then, but in the now.

The result was a familiar headache from a familiar feeling about a familiar pain in the ass from the past, no matter how distant.

And like we are willing to inoculate ourselves via modern medicine to get rid of the physical manifestation of our emotional and spiritual crap (lots of us turn to #thepharmaceuticals), we are also willing to believe that things within our awareness are the reason that we are Spirit sick, but in reality, things outside are not the cause, but the trigger.

The cause is within you, and the cause is why it seems so hard for anyone who does not know this stuff , to go through all of these spiritual shifts in our own awareness, our own physical selves and the things that are there and present. We are each being called to accept, to deal with and to embrace whatever it is that is bothering us.

By this I do not mean that we have to accept or deal with or embrace them in the manner that we thought was correct the first time all of the really big stuff came to us. What I mean is that we have to accept that we have been where we have been, deal with the things which have culminated over the years, not only to us but to those who we care the most about, and need to embrace the idea that really, this is all meant and is totally part of who we are because we were shaped, not by the actual “bad” things that happened, but rather and only how we went headlong into the fray, choosing to survive it, not worrying about losing whatever it was that we thought was going to be lost, and in that line of thought, we survived.

Survivors. I am one. I love people who want to survive, and I love that they are more willing to come away from something because they had the thought in their heads long before they even got out of something and long before now, that they were going to make things in this particular part of their lives, count, and count on a level that they even didn’t realize was why they went through what they did, why they go through what they do. I just finished telling a very close friend of mine (Hi Jimmy!…no spiders haha) that the reason he is being shown what he is being shown at this moment in time, by someone who he would rather not even have to deal with anymore, is so that this time around, he can say what he has to and needs to say to them, and more, so that this time, it will be with a different, more reasonable, less emotionally driven, more “oh NO! AGAIN?” but not in the same manner that it had always been in the past, kind of energy.

This time, my boy Jimmy gets to have his say so, and this time, gets to walk away from it all knowing, for sure, that he is done with whatever is the energy of that time. This is not only Jimmy’s, but everyone’s lesson right now, to accept that we get to say what we have to say, and we get to say it in a manner that is not like the assholes we once were and we are to expect that, no matter how the other person or party takes it all in and processes it, we get to finally let it go, all of it. And more, we also get to say “to hell with you if you don’t like it if I am not willing to play your high school games anymore. I graduated…deal with it.” Perhaps not in that biting of a manner, but I am sure you get what I am trying to say. You are older now, making you more inclined to know what is important enough to become emotional about, what is just there and being a pain in the ass still. The time has come to us all to let go, for real, of the things that still haunt us daily. Really, the only way that what is there now in the physical cannot be gone from our physical awareness until we have been able to evolve our emotions to the point where we are more tired than compelled to give a damn about things that broke our hearts and made us crazy. Very literally, like Snoop said a long time ago in a lyric in a song, the title which escapes me, but certainly NOT the lyric…it says, and it totally applies to those in mid-shift and applies in the sense that is the others who harmed us…“When you find out what to do with it, I’ll be done with it…”

And really, things like this are happening everywhere, for all of us. Where it was in the past that there was an issue and a situation that called for our emotional selves, and seeing as how we were likely much younger (making us much more emotionally inclined about certain things and FAR MORE egotistical about them as well) and much more able and willing to try harder to not only make things nicer for everyone else involved, but we were more willing to give away pieces of ourselves, only to come back to that energy that lived there for as long as it has been that the initial lesson began, so that we can end it, once and for all.

Ending things, as somehow hard as it seems, even the “bad” stuff, is needed. We need to let go of, finally, permanently, not the lesson or what we have learned, but the emotional stuff that we are prone, as humans, to hang onto.  Our egos want to hang onto the things that hurt us and pissed us off, and while it is that we are meant to retain what we have learned, what we are not meant to hang onto is the pain and the bad stuff – only what we learned. This does not mean that the memory of what we have experienced will go away, because it never will. It means that the way we perceive the memory will evolve into being just that – the snapshot of the thing that happened in our lives that taught us a major lesson about something and that impressed upon us the thing that we learned, and imprinted into our psyche the ability to sense whatever it was that we were given as a lesson so many years ago, possibly lifetimes ago.

‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe – please kokua me and pay attention – you are safe to let go of the pain part, of the things that broke your heart, again and again, and the things that raised the heat of your vibration to the point where it became toxic, and you are safe to rid yourself of that part of whatever it was that you experienced, no matter how long ago. If you have learned what it is that you know you were meant to learn, you can now close that book, and you can now safely, because you no longer need that particular teacher anymore, thank Spirit for that teacher, and in that same energy, you are also safe to release the pain, and the anger, and hell yes – that particular teacher- and retain only the lesson which you have been made stronger and more brilliant because of.

In their place will be the glorious incandescence that is You, shining white hot and brilliant like the stars in the sky, and ever stronger for the things that now, you know.

I Love You All !



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