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The Gift That Is Being Aloha

No matter what anyone thinks, you do not have to be ethnically Hawai’ian to show Aloha, and neither to Know Aloha…


It technically means “Breath of Life,” which, in my line of vocation, it would be the Breath of Life through the show of Aloha which would be the one thing that I personally chalk up to being the most wonderful thing in the world. Aloha is the energy that a lot of us do not know we have within us. And really, my opinion is that it is because too many people who are not Hawai’ian have made that one word somehow a…(gulp)…sales pitch, and it is so not a sales pitch, we have this … ridiculousness…that is not the truth of what is Being Aloha.

I don’t care that in some parts of commerce and some parts of the country that today is “Aloha Friday”…for lots of people on the planet, everyday is a day to give to others the Breath of Life.

Aloha can be thought to literally mean “Joyfully Sharing Life.” While this is just the thought, it was the only way that I could explain what it really means and as has been taught to me for the majority of my life on this rock we all call home.  I am not addressing anyone in particular. I am addressing the fact that there are a lot of us who are not Hawai’ian and who have been showing Aloha for as long as you have been breathing the very air that we all share.

Mahalo nui loa, by the way, for doing so, because there really is no such thing as too much Aloha.

This is what this posting is all about, really – the idea that there are 7 days in a week, but the only day set aside for even the very word “Aloha” is Friday. If you are vocationally spiritual, everyday is a day to share, to give, to spread, to offer, and most of all, to Be, Aloha.

It is the truth that we Hawai’ians are meant and born into this lifetime for the purpose of Being Aloha. 

It is a sadness that is real to a lot of light workers, the idea that there are some who share this same energy in their lives with me and who are not willing to not pick and choose who they will show their Aloha to. Yes, light workers are still humans, and we still have the ability to feel things that hurt us, and really, light workers are a group of people on this planet here to lend to the healing of souls which are sharing the air with us. That we are such wounded healers is a very good reason as to why it is that we are also, alongside all of my Hawai’ian Ohana globally, meant to go out into this world on the daily and spread the energy that is Aloha – because we are the very ones who understand how elusive we want to believe it is. The reason that we believe it is elusive is because many of us, many, many people who are here with us in this lifetime know how to Love, but they are scared to do so, because they have been so hurt in the past by it in every possible way that it can be had that they become guarded.

When we are talking about the collective of Hawai’ian people on this planet we are talking also about an entire race of people who feel a collective hurt, because historically we have been wronged on many levels and really, on that same collective level, there is a guardedness, a deep mistrust in people who are not the same, at least for MANY of us, as us, (you know…Kanaka) and on that level I understand that pain. However, at a level that too many of us shun, I understand, too, the pain that is the collective of the rest of the world, the part of the All That Is that makes it so that we have the experiences we have with the people who we have them with. There is a lot of pain, collectively, within the Hawai’ian race, and our only answer, at least for the most part of us, is that we know we are meant to spread Aloha, so, yes, even begrudgingly, we give what we have in abundance to those who have no idea that Aloha is NOT a silly word that we have all heard people on TV slaughter and say incorrectly.

Aloha is an energy that holds prevalence for us all, even if you are not Hawai’ian – you are human, and that makes you part of the human ohana, the one that Spirit puts together, and the one that Spirit ensures is not so much divided in terms of being divided from other people, but divided in terms of which part of the human race will show Aloha in this form or that form, and which part of the human race will be the ones to musically show Aloha, and which ones will it be to do so through artistic means, through financial means, through whatever means it is that we each were specifically designed for.

Think of it as this is our job, and this is what manner that we present ourselves in the boundaries of that job

I hate to put it that way, but this seems to be the way that most folks understand what I write. It is our job as humans, and more so if we are humans of the Hawai’ian persuasion, to be the beacon of light for others who are traveling the path of Spirit, of enlightenment, of Love. Often times we are mistaken for being hippies, but that is not what we are. We are not here to make ourselves physically presentable to anyone else, and the manner in which we show up is the way that it is so that the people who we are meant to share our Aloha with and the manner that it will present itself to the rest of the world is how it will come across.

For instance, I LOVE rock music, have a deep endearment for those whose lives are lived in the “indie” manner, and I just love to inject my personal brand of Hawai’ian into that set of humans. Because I am, so to speak, “one of them,” I am approachable and these people – mostly musicians and artistic types like myself – understand my words because outside of my being a Maoli Girl, I am also one of them. I speak “rock musician,” and I speak “indie rock,” and I speak “metal,” and “party girl,” and all of those other things that happen to be part of that genre of life.

Because they are the main group of kind of people that I meld best with, these are also the sort who make up my Soul Tribe – which is a group of people who I refer to as being my “Hanai Ohana,” or, “adopted family.” While I have my blood family and love them dearly, it is my Hanai Ohana who I share the tightest bond with, and it is because our mission, collectively, is the same. It is this same way in all walks of life, and if we are paying better attention to it all, we will see who our own “Hanai Ohana” is.

A few examples

That one guy at the office…the one who you talk all the time to about that one thing you have in common…it could be a love for professional sports or a love for coaching kids in said same sport…this guy has the possibility of being your Hanai Ohana…

That one lady – you know who she is, and you so dearly enjoy talking to her all the time because she gives you the feeling that you are part ofher world, even if you don’t know one another that well. She is your friend. You are her friend. You share some things in common that you know means that there is something there that you ought to be figuring out more of, and that one thing is the welcoming energy that is the Aloha shared between you.

Most of us have cousins, and within that set of people with whom you share not only Aloha, but also DNA, are people who are part of your Soul Tribe, of your Hanai Ohana, because within that set of cousins and you there is a special bond that exceeds the limitations of blood, surpasses the boundaries of things that are or can be typically annoying within anyone’s extended family.  Oh MAN do I know this one REALLY well…try thinking that you are the only one who can be called “weirdo” for the majority of your life and then one day you find out you have cousins who are JUST like you are…it makes for a totally different energy where, in the past, you felt like that energy of ugliness within DNA ties would never go away. Finding out things like this sort of makes up for all the times in one’s life where you felt like the black sheep, only to find out that you were more the stand alone wolf than much else.

And more than that, where it was that others placed you at the end of the proverbial pack, you turned things around and came back larger than life leading said pack…but you don’t know this without also accepting that maybe, just maybe, you have been going about all this…Aloha…stuff…not quite in the manner that you could have been, and all because you didn’t know better.

Yes – because you did not know better. I grew up in the energy that is “Us versus them” in terms of being Hawai’ian. Through some blood family, I was taught to see that because I am Hawai’ian, I am different, that I have the right to recognize this about myself, and that it is a good thing to make it known that this is what I am.

This is all fine and good until and unless someone who believes that they have a little bit of power within the familial groove thing  and believes that it is their right to teach not only the people within their family this lie, but then who go out into the world and teach others this lie about Aloha…Aloha and being one of the millions of “faces of Aloha” – you know… KANAKAS… that to be part of this Nation of the Kingdom of Hawai’i (hey…I gots to be proud Kanaka Maoli…deal with it) also means that we are the ones who make sure to it that people see our greatness, that it is better than their greatness, and that since we come from royalty, it is our job to make other people feel like they are beneath us.

No, again…I am not pointing fingers at anyone. If you feel like I am doing this, it is not me who needs to check herself…seriously.  I am showing the world through these words that it is up to all of us to Spread Aloha and that it is our duty as Hawai’ian people to NOT make others, namely those outside of our ethnic boundaries, feel like they are not worthy of the Breath of Life. It is our duty to support one another, not only as Hawai’ians, but also as humans who have been placed here for the purpose of showing our Love for the rest of the world in the manner that we have each been taught.

We have each been taught many things, but the most important thing we have all within us is the undying Breath of Life, the Ha which is so important to the perpetuation of our very selves, not through the birthing of new and literal life, but through the birthing of our very selves as sentient whole beings and beings of and in the light of Healing for the world to know and have and see and yes, of course, to Be, alongside us guys in the energy that is the breath of Life that we all have the duty to Spirit to gift to others.

Aloha is the very Breath of Life within all humans. We have spent so much time collectively seeing only what is not the same between us that we have not given any thought to what is the same, and what is the same is that we all need to be part of something bigger than we are. The truth is that we all need to have the Love, the Aloha, that we give to others given back to us in some manner. The truth is that we are meant to Love, not only those who are within the confines of our Soul Tribe Families, but also to the grandeur that is the entirety of our race…the Human Race.

Aloha is not about where you came from, where you were geographically born, has nothing to do with anything more than the realness that is Love of the Agape sort, and the sort which gives life and offers love on the Spiritual climes of Life.

Without Aloha, we cannot breathe.

So please go out into your own private, personal worlds and #LiveALOHA!

I Love You All!


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Eventually, we stop

There comes a time in our lives when all of the crazy-making behaviors that we exhibit will come to a halt, regardless if we want to make them do so…other humans and more than that, Spirit, will only tolerate so much of our nonsense.

I wish I knew what compels some people to continue trying to hurt other people for whatever reason it is that they may have. I know that I have been through a whole lot in terms of someone else almost making me feel so useless and worthless and so, so…not important, to at least one person…that I really contemplated dying. It was not me, and it was never me, who needed to continue to try making life harder on other people just because I was so terribly miserable. That is not mine to do, and neither is it anyone’s to do, to make people miserable just because that is something that seems like we are allowed to do to others.

We are not. The fun part about this is that, for those who are enlightened to the reality of Karma and how we all will end up getting what is so rightfully ours and that which we so well earned, good or bad, not a lot of people believe that this is really what happens. Too many people want to believe that when they are trying hard to get revenge on someone else that whatever it is that they are doing is justified because their little feelings got hurt, possibly a long time ago, and for the life of them, because it seems as though that pain is the only thing they can call their own, they go about their daily lives thinking and believing that if they hurt someone else, that the someone else deserved what they got, because the person who is exacting their revenge hurts so badly that they cannot see past that one thing, OR past the thing, the person, the event that the person doing the hurting believes has exacted onto them.

When we hurt, it is never without good reason. If we allow the hurt to not do what it is supposed to do (teach us – NOT teach someone else what we need to learn that we have not yet likely learned or for getting your revenge), we will end up not only hurting, but hurting more, because all of the things that we do, think, say, whatever, without a doubt and for sure, will always come back to us and when it does, it comes back to us three-fold. 

Reread that and let it sink in – the real reason that things seem to just get worse on you, should you be the type who always want to exact your revenge on anyone else, and if it seems like the ones who you are trying to do this to are just not hating life as much as you are, well, darlin’ – welcome to Karma and the law of three-fold return. 

It is not a “law” that any one of us can do anything about, not a law that you can hire a lawyer to get yourself out of trouble from having broken, but a law that has been exacted by the Goddess herself and is in effect precisely to keep us all in line and keep us at least not trying to hurt each other.  If it were that my witchy friends were not adherent to this particular law, there would be no world where politicians get away with the nasty things they get away with. There would be no women on the planet trying hard to exact revenge on former abusive partners, no people who would be inclined to lie about past abuses and there would be no heart ache, and ultimately, no learning. We would all be fat, happy, sitting on our asses not worrying about being a better version of ourselves than we are right now.

Unfortunately, there are still a whole lot of people on this planet who do not believe that this is the truth. There are people who, for the very life and sake of themselves, cannot grasp that when any one of us even thinks those nasty thoughts of revenge, that somehow, that nastiness will revisit our lives. These are the same people who keep on doing stupid shit, who keep on strolling through life as though what they have done to other people is somehow what they deserved, and really, that is not ours to dictate what measures of comeuppance anyone will receive.

If you believe for one moment that you are untouchable by the Karmic energy that you created, let me tell you right now that you are also likely one of those people who continues to reply to all those emails you receive from someone in Ethiopia who swears that someone in that country wants to give you an excessive amount of money and that you will end up getting straight paid. To believe that the things that you have done to other people are just done and over with is also to believe that you have no sins to make up for. None of us is perfect. None of us is above having to take the same so-to-speak medicine that we offer up to other people with the idea in our heads that what they are being given by us they deserve and that we are the ones who are justified to deliver.

I promise you, you are not justified, but more like just-fried in the brain if this is what you believe. If you are the type of person who feels that your lifetime of pain must be made right by you handing down the proverbial hatchet to other people, I have news for you. EVERYTHING that you do, that you wish, that you have done, that you think you want to do, that you speak, that you send energy toward – ALL THESE THINGS CARRY YOUR KARMA IN THEM, and pretending as though you are clueless to this one thing amazes me because you cannot correlate all the shitty things you have done and see them as all the shitty things that are now happening to you.

Let’s look at it this way. If you spent your lives in church, lambasting those who are not of the same belief as you are, and if you spent your life as being one of those rich people who looks down on those who are way, way poor, if you are one of those people who feels like yours is the judgement which is meant, if you think that you are above anything that you have wished upon someone else, good or bad, get ready for hell that was created by you and you alone. Sure…you might have a little breather here and there, but for the most part, you will not escape what you have created for someone else. It will not happen. If you wish that someone else will hurt, you will also hurt. If you wish that someone else will lose what they have, you will also lose what you have. If you do things with the intention of hurting other people, you will also hurt.

However, if you wish for everyone involved in any situation, whether you like them or not, be blessed for their actions in service to others, this will come back to you. If you wish for someone who hurt you and broke your heart to be happy in their lives without you, you will also receive that same energy in return. If you wish for someone else to meet with abundance, you will meet with it as well…as you see, Karmic energy is neutral. Karmic energy is like a blank canvas in that it is what we place there symbolically for others that we also place there for ourselves.

When we think that we are getting away with something, no matter what it is, and things, good or bad, start happening for us and in our lives, we see the magic that is our own power at work in our lives. If we think that we are good enough for something, for anything, but the symbol of that one thing that we know we want is something that pisses us off, we have the right, the power, and even the Kuleana (responsibility) to see to it that we involve ourselves in that energy that tells us that what hurts right now will not hurt forever because in the right actions that we do now are the seeds of what is good or bad and in our future. If we want to exact revenge on someone for something that happened a long time ago, whatever it is that we see with our own inner vision is what is also going to happen to us. This is not my rule. This is something that we have lived with for as long as humans have lived and breathed, the idea of  “what ye sow, so shall ye reap,” and that is a very real thing.

When I chose to no longer live by the whims of the ego and chose to delve deeper to that part of me that hurt so badly for so long, rather than handle things how I had in the past, which was to get really mad, get on my keyboard and start shit with people and then ultimately see these people and start shit with them face to face, I found out that all of the things that hurt me so bad were gone and that I could not live in the past with all of its pain and all of the Karma that I had helped these people create with me.

When I chose no longer to hurt, to no longer blame someone else for that hurt, and when I chose to not look at what I heard versus what I might not have been looking at or had been paying attention to, I figured out that the catalyst for my hurt was over a long time before, but that the only one who was still living in that energy was me. The people who had hurt me had moved on, but I still had that knot of pain in me and I really wanted them to feel it, too.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was me who held me at that point, and me who held on to things that I did not need to, and while I was in control, I was allowing what they had said or done to make me believe that I had no control. This is where the foolishness begins – when we believe that we have no control, and really, we have none over other people, but we have it in abundance with ourselves.  When we finally can accept that maybe what we have been doing this whole time has actually been hurting us more than has the memory is when the healing begins.

When we choose to no longer hurt through our hurting other people, we begin to heal, and we are better able to accept where we have been and we can finally see why it is that we hurt so badly, all on account of something that we can no longer do a thing about, because it has already happened and that alone is the biggest indicator that we are no longer in control of certain things, of certain situations and most of all, that we have never really been in control of other people and that we have allowed ourselves to be out of control with ourselves.

Our biggest indicator that we have come to the point where we are now out of control of and with ourselves is when we feel like everything in our lives revolves around our making someone else, or more than only one person, miserable, like they owe us something or that somehow, we are the ones who have the right to make them miserable. This is what has been, will remain to, will never NOT keep a person bound by the energy that they hate, but that they also are the ones who are creating. If you hurt, it is not up to you to make anyone else hurt – it is up to you to make YOU not hurt, through the kindest means that a person can think to, so that you never ever have to live with that feeling again. This is the real shit right here, folks, the ability to rise above what has happened to us and in our lives. This is the thing that divides us from the animals – our “only mammal on the planet” ability to think and to reason. No other creature on this planet can do it – only us humans.

Which makes me wonder why it is that anyone at all would not ask themselves once in a while if what they are doing is really doing more than just making things worse on themselves, because the reality is that this will pass, and the other people will go on about living their lives, and those who walk around with a pounding thought of revenge in their heads?

They get to walk around letting whatever someone else did, or said, or didn’t say or didn’t do, probably a long, long time ago, be what is in control of them and of themselves. The leash that is control over others is not a leash that we should be too proud, eager, even inclined to keep hold of, for the simple fact that that which you tie yourselves to (pain, hurt, anger, etc) you really DO bind yourself to that energy, and that alone is enough to not allow anything good and that would bring us joy and would not bring anyone else further bullshit to their lives.

That alone – the idea that our controlling someone else actually has them in control of us – should be well enough for ANYONE to just simply let go and see how much nicer and more abundant life can be. All you have to do is LET IT GO and you will be just fine…

I Love You All !



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