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Willingly, Walk…


The only way to heal from anything at all is to run headlong into the proverbial fire and willingly walk through it to the other side

If there is anything at all that I dislike, more than anything else, it is waiting for something that I know is going to happen, to ultimately happen. Of course, every human being on the planet is always waiting for something, and really, the waiting that I am writing about is the sort that we wait for what seems like a lifetime. In my case, it is the end of one part of my life that will, when it happens, bring to a stop a whole lot of other things that somehow have the same sense of energy attached to it. I totally understand the idea that some things have to happen for other things to happen, it doesn’t mean that on the way to those other things happening that we will not end up having human being type moments, and the sort that reintroduce to us, sometimes through the same people or situations they’d come to us in the first place, to the pain through the harm that most people seem just to put in the back of their minds until later when they think they can deal with it.

Later, I find, rarely, if ever, comes.

Waiting until later is not an option

Okay, so that is not entirely the truth. We can always wait until “later” to fix the things within us that are bothering us all the time, or we can just choose to not believe that we can do anything about those things at all and through that choice will continue to experience things that do not resemble change that we can witness in our own lives and in our own selves.

This is not something that I just made up a few minutes ago, but is rather and only something that came as a realization to me over time that told me that this time, when I felt the pull of the Universe beckoning me in certain directions, and when it was that those directions that I have been pulled in landed me somewhere familiar but was also harmful I started to believe that in order for us to experience the changes that we so dearly seek out, the first order of change has to be within.

Okay, so I didn’t just figure that one out.

I already knew that one. I suppose that the thing that I figured out is that even when it is that we believe that everything that we need in order to further our own selves is in order, there is always that chance that we have missed a step, have overlooked something, or, in my case, simply just do not want to deal with those things any longer. I just do not want to deal with people who like to harm others, and I just can no longer tolerate the harsher energies of them, but in order to not feel the energy at a constant, I have to willingly feel the energy of right now.

The energy of right now tells me that I am almost “there,” even though I am not really that sure about where exactly “there” is, even though, too, the “there” that I have arrived at up to this point has been magnificent, has not been the sort of “there” that was not welcomed and was and is indeed the “there” that is the most “welcome home” feeling I have ever known.

The “there” in that one very uniquely special and particular manner is good, great, awesome like nothing else, is rock solid, is what it was meant to become to this point, there are other “theres” that I have come to recently, and, as well, those are as nice and needed and almost as reassuring as the welcoming energy is and that was already described a few sentences ago.

It is the rest of the “theres” that, while I am not having trouble with, at least not at the level where I know that I am stopping my own flow, the part that I am having trouble with is the not knowing when the end result will be, because always, and with exception to the first “there” in this set of “theres” that you have thus far read about, there is always going to be that measure of having to prioritize what is seen to next.

I will be honest with anyone at all when I say that the reason the next “there” that I need to get to is not more than it is right now is not for any other reason than that really, I just have hoped for so long that it would just simply roll out of my life like a turd rolls downhill, but, nope…looks like I have more work to do with it, and I am fine with it, even though I have been working with it rather than working on it.

One does not work with the flames across which they will walk; they work on them so as to make them as hospitable as possible, given that it will be their bare flesh on the soles of their proverbial feet that will literally feel the majority burn. Too many people will tell others that it is all left up to mind being over matter at any given time, but when it comes to the things that matter the most to us in terms of what we no longer want in our lives, care and time must be taken, just as much as care and time must be taken in order that we have other, more pleasant things in our lives to look forward to.

It takes times for a home to be situated in the manner that the residents prefer so as to make it as welcoming to them as it can be, even as the home itself is new to them, their own waking lives are not.

It takes time for someone whose entire life has been marred by emotional harm from others to be able to poke their heads out of the hiding places they have created within them so as to breathe in the daylight and to know that they are not alone, and time to actually learn to trust themselves to trust other people. I know this one personally. It takes time for anyone at all who has gone through anything at all to not think in the manner they thought that may well have brought them to this place where they are now.

This place where I am now

I could sit here and tell anyone at all the dramatic story of my life to this point, but I am bored with telling it. More than that, I am sick and tired of reliving the crap that I went through just to get to this point.

Believe me when I tell you that strange things happen in my life all the time, but that I could not have seen my life at this point being how it is right now and in the manner that it is right now is the strangest thing of all.

I am ecstatic and thrilled for many areas of my life, because those areas are working like somehow, to this point, this is what I was meant for, these are the people who are meant to be with me at this point, and this is the way that things are going to be from now on. I could sit here and think only about those things, which would be really nice if that were possible. And really, it is possible, but, just as much as those things are possible, to deny the things which need my attention simply because those things are possible is careless and reckless and most human beings cannot just turn a blind eye from the things that they know need their attention.

While it is that we all know that certain things absolutely need our attention, there is that thing about us all that makes it so that we would rather NOT look at those things or work on those things and sometimes, the work is NOT about making those things tangibly change but is about accepting that change is happening now and happening whether or not we are ready for it to be that way.

You see, when the Mother Goddess needs us to be all we are able to be, versus all that She knows we are already, She presents us with a lesson. Right now, my lesson is NOT about what people think of me and not about what I can do for anyone else and is all and only about my being able to accept things as they are slowly…sloooooowly….coming into being.

Thing about all that is that I have accepted things like they are for so long now that I have to now retrain my brain to not be so tolerant of the things that I have been through and that I have allowed into my life through that measure of tolerance of people who believe that because of one factor or another, they are somehow allowed to be …icky.

Icky People and Karma

I know how Karma works. It is all about the intention. It is the reason why any teacher of weirdness will tell anyone at all to be careful what they wish for because they might get that one thing. The other thing that no one ever thinks about is that every thought we think carries energy, and if the strength of emotion behind that thought is pure and regardless if whether that thought is perceived as “good” or “bad” is how anyone at all creates their own Karma.

I have written a whole LOT about Karma and the way that I know it works. What no one thinks about though is that when we are teaching anyone about Spirit, most of us do not think, too, that we need to explain this karma thing a little bit better than we have been, and the way that we have been explaining it for too long already is that “what comes around goes around,” and there are a shit  load of (ahem) “religious types” who like to put it in our faces that when we piss God off, we stand to go through hell-fire and brimstone and that is that.

(What an awful, shitty,pansy-ass way of manipulating people.)

Reality is that, as I have stated in the past numerous times, whatever it is that we truly and dearly want for someone else, no matter what it is, we will end up with that, for sure, but also, for real, we WILL END UP FOR SURE ALSO HAVING TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE WHAT WE HAVE WISHED ONTO SOMEONE ELSE…of course, there are those times when we are trying to balance things and in balancing things we have to do things that we have to do, because really, there is no other way about doing things.

We are not really told, at least not point blank, that in order to walk the walk, we not only need to heed our own talk, but, we also have to truly be willing to walk that walk, meaning that we HAVE TO walk through the fires that burn us to our very core selves before we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

We have to be able to tell others what it was like for real, what happened in our lives that would bring us to this point where we are on our feet but feel like we are on our knees and begging for mercy when in reality, the only thing that we actually have to do is stand up and become stand alone.

Can’t walk if you are in the crawling position.

In order to walk one must be able to stand.

In order to stand, one must have the strength to brave the coals beneath your feet, looking only at the end of the fire walk, to the ocean which waits on the other side.

Once it is that we stand and walk, we also allow a change in perspective. Once we have a change in perspective, and once the paradigm within us regarding anything at all has changed, we can begin seeing where it is that we ultimately will be in the very near future so long as we willingly walk the path of fire.

So do yourself a favor…get up off of your knees…you have no one to beg anything of…

…stand…and walk…willingly

I Love You All !



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The Longer the Wait…

The one thing that no one thinks about when it is that we are waiting for things to happen for us instead of to us is that, the bigger the blessing, the longer the wait.

If you have been studying matters of a Spiritual sort, for any amount of time at all, the one thing that, at this point in time, we should all be grasping hold of, right this minute, is that, the longer that we have to wait for things to change, and the more we have to wait for, pine for, worry over things, and the more that we have to turn to the Goddess for solace, and the more that we trust on the flow instead of pushing against it, the bigger the blessing for us. I do not have to prove this, because I live this, daily.

If we were to stop for a moment, and instead of only seeing the things that have happened that were not that great, and if we could, instead, put together the puzzle of things that, to this point, led us right here where we are a jumbled mess of worry, where we are not trusting ourselves, ourselves to be good enough and ready for the blessing, we would learn, very quickly, that what we are about to have at our disposal, and what we are to know that is our reality and our truth, we would learn easier also to just breathe and to go with the flow of life.

Is this me telling anyone at all to not worry, to not have issues with the idea that yeah – a whole hell of a lot of us have been through a whole hell of a lot for a hell of a long time, myself included?


This is me telling anyone at all that instead of questioning anyone else about what the hell they are going to do, to question ourselves as to why it is that me, you, anyone at all, would not follow the pattern that has been set for us each and all and to pay attention not to the things that we did not have or get, but to the things that we know are ours and on their way to us.

Sometimes, it takes our simply believing

Well, actually, all the time it takes us to simply believe that, when we have a need, or a desire, that we are good enough for the blessing, that the blessing will come just when it is meant to and not when we think it should. This is in no way telling anyone at all that you should not worry, because yes, I know, we live in the real world while our feet are planted on each side of the veil between worlds. This is my telling anyone at all that when it comes to things like waiting for our day to celebrate, that we need to take into consideration the size of the things that we know are on their way to us, that we need to really think about how ready we really are for those things, or if, in fact, we are ready for those things at all?

We need to think in terms of the whole, and not only about our singular tiny personal worlds, the worlds that are the biggest thing to us. Is this my getting after you like someone’s mama? Maybe, but really, it is more like teacher is telling you that she cannot tell you the answer, will not tell you what you want to hear, but also telling you that you have been here before, not perhaps with these same people, and not perhaps with this same issue, but absolutely, you have been here.

You have been here

You have been here, in this place where you are as scared as you are going to be, and you have been here, right where you are, afraid, pissed off, believing that the world and the Goddess are having a laugh at your expense. You have been here where the pain is the most tumultuous thing to you, where the worry and the confusion and the things that are marring your very existence at this moment are the things that seem to be eating you alive, from the inside, out.

The one thing that I am asking that you do is to go back in your memory and see there how it was that you have handled things in the past and know, now, that that is NOT how you are supposed to handle them anymore. It is not that easy trying to handle the same things NOT in the same manner that in the past you may have handled them. It is not easy to not be the habitually driven creature that you are at this point, and that, too, is part of this tumult – to help you create a new method, a new manner, and thereby also creating a new energy by which you will have the chance in the future to go to in order to get through things with a little more ease than you might well have in the past.

Right now you are anything but calm, anything but relying on you for your own comfort. And really, I get it. I have been right there where you are, and in some ways totally AM right there where you are, in that place where you have no idea what to do, where you feel like you are not only at the mercy of other humans and their words of promise, even as they are relying on the words of promise brought to them by other humans, as well. There, right in that place where it seems that you are stuck and at the mercy of someone, of anyone, else, and really, the thing is not that you do not trust anyone, but that you have been messed with so much in the past that you might not be able to see that this is the time that you ought to be looking at your own pattern, not of how you trusted anyone else, but more, where it was that you might have overlooked a few things. Those few things, by the way, have nothing to do with the words of promise, nothing at all to do with anyone else’s words, and everything to do with how aware you are of the things that are not obviously seen.

We have been taught all of our lives to not trust others, to be cautious all the time, and while this is very good advice, it is also advice loaded with energy that will cripple the creative process, that will stifle healing, that will make it so that the things that you have worked toward at this moment are somehow not going to work. They DO work, but the thing is that you, in all of your human being-ness, have done what a good human does, as much as we all do, and have erred on the side of caution. This is never a bad thing, but it can be a very stifling thing, to say the very least.

The Stifle

Being literally clueless to the answers to some of our immediate worries is a bitch. I am in the middle of it right now, and it sucks. There are things that I need to happen, because of obvious reasons, and there are things that I know others need to happen, for also obvious reasons, and when it seems like there is no one to listen and no place to turn to and that nothing can be done, we freak out. It is very easy for me to sit here and tell anyone that they need to just chill, because at the same time, I am doing anything but chillin’.

There are things that I am depending on to be real, and things that I need to happen, and things that, if they don’t happen, and while I will figure out another way, would be of tremendous help, right this moment, and right this moment is very stifling and it should not be. Right this moment there are things happening that are out of our control, and right this moment is when we ought to be paying attention to the things that we are not paying attention to, simply for the fact that in paying attention to the things that we have not paid any to as of late, we are not only closing a different circle, but we are also adding closure to the bigger one and the one that means the most to any one of us at all.

That which means the very most to anyone at all is that which is the very thing which will be seen to first

Ever notice how it is that the things that we worry for the most are the things which we believe keep us from worrying? The reality is that, the things that we worry the most about ARE the things that bring us the worry in the first place. If there is a lack in any sense at all in our lives, it is spawned from our ability, our perfection in terms of being able to worry about an outcome that we truly are the ones directing, either in, or out, of our favor. This could be anything, really. It could be something tangible and real in terms of things, and it can be something that is intangible, such as the way someone else who we feel strongly about feels about us…anything…and when I say anything, I mean exactly THAT!

The things that mean the most to us will absolutely present themselves when they are meant to, and more, when we most need them to be presented.  We can try to make them be real sooner than we are ready to see them in that reality, but until we are ready for whatever it is that we have coming to us, that reality will not be, not ever be, until we are ready.

If things are not happening the way that you want them or need them to, it is not about someone else – it is dearly and only about you and how you are feeling about the mix of energies that may well be coming from those who are well meaning but not well placed in the energies that are filled with fear and mistrust. No one owes anyone at all a good enough reason to make THEM feel better, namely not when the person who may well need that feeling of peace and calm is YOU and NOT them. They have no say over what is making you crazy, making you think in ways that you know you ought to not be thinking in.

Really, it’s the thought that counts…

I will say it until I am blue in the face – watch what you are thinking, perhaps not at all times, but, catch yourself when you start thinking thoughts that are of a weighty, negative nature, because in those thoughts is contained the energy which manifestation of our greatest lives is at.

Sometimes, when we are caught in the middle of a bunch of crap, and we are seemingly at the bottom of the barrel in terms of things that we need in our tangible reality, we get emotional and we turn back to the ways that we once knew as our version of normal. Our old version of normal, a normal which includes fretting over things because they are not in the rank and file order that we need them to be so as to make our own minds rest, no longer fits who we have each evolved to. Sure, we always go back to that, but in the grander scheme of things, we know better.

Most of the time, light workers are able to rise above the confusion, above the energy that is worry and lack, but I will not sit here and lie to anyone and tell you all that you will never worry again. I would never say that. I will say, though, that once it is that you have made it through any lesson at all, and once it is that you have been able to rise above the pain of the hurt brought by worrying and the like, you will begin to realize one sure thing – once it is that you make it through that particular issue, it becomes your choice that you will worry like that again.

That’s right – once you learn to not see things only for what the tangible nature of it is, and once you can get through to the idea that whatever it is that you see as your end result, no matter what and how you get there, what you see there is the truth. It is your truth. When you can look at things and see them as being symbolic, you know, too, that if you have been steadfast in your learning, steadfast in the focus needed to look at the thing at the end, and remain not trained on the thing at the end but the journey to get there and what it is that you are learning on the way there, you will begin to see things in a whole new light.

You will see that maybe you were just not ready for that one thing, at least not just yet. You will see there that maybe you didn’t know it all, no matter what all it was that you were knowing about, or at least thought you were knowing about.

Once it is that you have made yourself ready for the thing at hand, and once it is that you can handle the bigness of what is about to become your own truth in reality…then, and only then, will the tangible evidence of it all become also the very reality of it all, and a reality through which became that way through your own hand.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it? When was the last time that you were so impatient for a means to an end that, when it came right down to it, the answer was right there the whole time, and all you really had to do was look at it without thinking that you could change it?

It’s a hard question to answer…but one whose answer reveals more than you thought you knew about a whole lot…the truth is that, the longer that we wait for anything at all, the bigger the blessing is at the end of the wait, and the blessing might not be what you thought it was at the start of things, but something completely and all together different, even as the tangible reality is exactly what you thought it would be.

I Love You All !



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Getting what you most desire requires patience

There is a whole lot said these days about the Law of Attraction. But there is not a whole lot said about what happens in the in-between time when we are waiting for what is in manifest to become real. 

So, so much is said these days about how great the Law of Attraction is. And this is the truth – when we know what we want, and we know that we cannot do our lives without that thing, those people, that situation, we also know, at least a lot of us know, that it will …WILL take time, and a lot of patience. We human types are not very awesome in the “have some patience” department. In fact, while it is that, for generations, we have been taught to reach for the highest levels of satisfaction that we could, these same people who taught us that it is right and good for us to be all who we can be are also the people who, while telling us this, did so with negative energy.

This means that what should have come out of their mouths as something inspiring, came out, instead, sounding more like a warning, like if we did not follow what they did, who they were, what they wanted, that somehow, who we were, what we did, and what we wanted would pale in comparison. What may have been right for our parents, or their parents, and really anyone who is not us, is not always going to be the same things that we want. In some cases, it will be the very polar opposite. No one taught them this, that we each have the right to be who we are so that, when it comes right down to it, we each can be who we are meant to be when we are meant to be that person. This is lost on a few generations, the ones which had it so much better in a lot of ways than we do. This is not to say that we have it bad, but it is to say that in the grander scheme of things, in the idea that we are to make a life for ourselves so as to brighten the lives of the many, we were not taught a few things.

When it is that you have what you need as provided by someone else, and it seems that the rest of the world believes, too, that the someone elses have it locked, and these someone elses tell people that theirs is the only way that things will work, and then things work, it gives anyone at all a reason to never pause to wonder if there were a better way, or perhaps if there is something more suitable in terms of anything and everything, so as to give to ourselves that thing that is needed in order to get anywhere at all.

It is not the drive toward the goal, and neither is it that we so dearly and badly wish that we could have things be different. In fact, when thinking in terms of what is making it seem as though things are crawling at a snail’s pace, it is nothing other than that we are being impatient for an outcome that we have not allowed ourselves to remain focused on.  Think back to when you were a little kid, and everything you saw on television in commercials that were geared toward you, you wanted it, all of it, and then one day you saw this one thing that you just HAD to have. You go with your mom to the store and there is that way cool thing. You have salivated over it and wanted it and everytime you saw that commerical, the only thing in your head was having that thing, and one day, seemingly out of the blue, your mom got it for you.

This is called focus, and the more that it is like that of that child you once were, the better you will learn that what you want in your life is not farther out of your reach than is how willing you are to remain childlike in your focus, to remain with only the thought in your head that you will end up with that one thing and that as soon as you have that one thing you know that you will feel like the biggest person on the planet. You feel that way NOT because of what you have in your hands and at your disposal, but because you know that you got exactly what it was that you wanted and that you somehow, with and by the grace of Spirit and every bit of patience and even more thinking, not about NOT having that one thing, but never not having it.

Focus, not frustration

The reasons we get frustrated are many. The thing that frustrates us the most comes from us, and it is that thing called impatience. We all get impatient about different things, and we all have different reasons for our impatience, but the frustrations that we all feel from whatever it is that we want in our lives and which is not yet “in the real” in our lives is for a lot of reasons. One reason is that we might feel our lives suck, which, really, they actually might, and another is because we are so needy for things to happen the way we want them to that we are not realizing that Spirit is making things like this.

Yes, Spirit. She is a funny trickster, really, in that the Mother Goddess likes…LIKES to take us all on the scenic route to anything, even the ugly things in life. Wherever we are in our lives at this point is meant to teach us what we have to know about what we don’t know yet. Reread that – what we are learning now is so that as we walk each of our singular paths, even if we have company, we learn, not only to deal with what we are dealing with, but more, so that when we get to where it is that we are manifesting right now, through that frustration we will unearth things within us that are not worthy of whatever it is that we are striving forward to.

If you thought about it in a distant kind of way, we would see the pattern, the machinations of what it is that is truth in manifestation. There is truth in the idea that what we want, we want for a reason, and no matter what our reason is, if there is someone else involved, that which we so dearly and Divinely want will come to us, or, we will get something better, but it will not be without its price. When we vacate certain ideas and energies that we have held for a very long time, it is like we are proverbially cutting off a thumb in that we have to change our thoughts about things. In order to change our thoughts about things, we have to agree with ourselves to do so. When we agree with ourselves to do so, we are making a pact with the Goddess, and no matter what, the Goddess NEVER doesn’t collect.

While She is collecting, we are, in one way or another, hurting. We are hurting because the pain that is so dearly there to begin with is revealed to us in a manner that sometimes is not the way that we intended for it to happen. We try as we may to hide things, to get away with things, to take shortcuts and everything else that we can think of to avoid the pain, but in the end, it really just does not matter because by the time that you are through the turmoil, you have learned a lot about you. What you have learned about you and that was painful to you was that you had to look at you, perhaps for the first time in your life, and you had to say goodbye to something or some way of being that no longer served you or your Divine Purpose in this Lifetime.

The frustration is meant to be a catalyst, a thing that makes you want to get to where you want to be faster, but there is the thing involved in all of this that is we all have to pay the piper, all have to dance with the Goddess, all have to do what we have to do in order to get to where we are going, and all of that entails a little thing called looking at yourself. As it stands at this moment, not one of us is perfect. At all. As it stands at this moment, there are lots of us who are dreaming of the perfect life and the perfect mate and the perfect job and the perfect whatevahs, and we want it to fall perfectly and without any kind of crap getting into our way, into our lap.

The frustration, as sick and as odd as it sounds, is meant to be there, is meant to be the thing that you need so as to know what it is that you do not need, do not want, would never invite into your life. Things that frustrate us teach us about what we don’t want to experience again, about what hurts us to the core of us and how we do not have to hurt in a similar ways that we might be hurting right this moment. And that is the frustrating thing about all of this manifestation stuff, that we have to have patience and that we have to go through whatever it is that we have to in order that we will learn something.

I am taken to the thought that in our lives, we know that we are meant for better, that we are meant to seek out things that will thrill us and that will somehow fit into our lives.  There are so many of us who believe that since they arrived on this planet, that they are somehow entitled to EXACTLY what they want, and the bitch about that is – like Mick Jagger has been crooning for years – You can’t always get what you want.

And the lyrics are correct when followed by “…if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.” They are correct because even as we each tend to want to hang on to the idea that we know what is the best, not only for us, but for everyone else involved in our lives in any manner at all. What happens to us, in regards to being frustrated and there being other people in our lives is that we start seeing these other people getting in their lives what they want, and some of us who are a bit more douchey than others will, in all of their frustration, latch on to these people, believing that just being in their presence will somehow, via osmosis or something like it, ramp up the speed to what we want getting to us faster.

Now, imagine how frustrated you are going to be, or perhaps have already been, with these people when you see them getting theirs and you are there frustrated and angry because you think you have not gotten yours. The simple fact that, at that moment, you are being taught a lesson. I know this because I can see the lessons playing out daily in my world, of people wanting what they want but not seeing what is there for them to learn through these other people. What are these people doing and how are they going about getting what they want? What is their energy and what is their attitude? All of these things and more all play a part in manifesting our lives.

It is not easy not being frustrated, or impatient, or feeling like the kid at the birthday party – his or her own birthday party – who has been made to wait for their own piece of the birthday cake.  What is easy though, is paying attention to everything that you are not paying attention to. When it comes to that point and you want to throw a tantrum, stop yourself, and really look at, with your Spirit’s eyes, and see there what is NOT there that all these other people in your life are showing you. You will know how it was that they got to where they are now if you pay attention to everything happening around them. You will see that they have a certain air about them that is one of ease, one of trusting The All That Is and the greater energy that is universal.

You will see there that they have yet to let go of one thing about them, and that one thing about them is that they know patience, they know focus, and they know what to do with that energy that at one time was exactly like yours is – frenetic, harsh and seemingly slowing you down. And really, what seems like it is slowing you down is not really slowing you down. You are focusing on the thing frustrating you and not on the thing that you would rather have, which is whatever it is that you want in your life.

You will have to learn patience, but that comes with learning to focus, as the two go hand in hand. You will have to accept that what you want WILL take time, perhaps a lot of time, even a lot of years, but if you have learned what you have had to by this time, you won’t even see the thing that you are looking for coming to you and when it finally gets to you, it will be almost unreal, as though it somehow is a dream that you never want to wake up out of.

And once that happens, there is no turning back, and really, you won’t want to go backwards. In fact, you will be too happy to look forward because at that point you will have gained the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

And yes, it really is just that easy. Learn to be patient and then sit back, pay attention and watch what happens all around you.

Be prepared to be completely amazed at just how very dearly powerful you really are.

I Love You All





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