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The New Moon


The moon is one thing that we all have in common every day and night. We look to the sky to seek her soft, comfortable glow. Little do too many of us realize the powerful energy available to us when the moon is new.

The Moon.

Like the Sun behind the darkness of rain clouds, we can guarantee that even if we cannot see her there in the night time sky, She is still there. The moon can be  thought of as “mother,” and the Sun “father.” In our birth charts they are the first two and probably the most important two, along with the rising sign (our game face), of all of the signs and planets and positions in our birth charts.

Yet, there is another part of this…weirdness, another part that lots and lots of people don’t understand.

Yes, the reason that you feel the way that you feel right now IS directly related to the moon, the phase it is in, and…

…what sign your moon sign is in.

You see, whether you want to believe me or not, and whether you want to absorb the idea that every one of us is affected by the moon, her phases and the rest of the planets is not on me to decide.

You can decide that I am full of garbage, and decide that you hold the ultimate fate that you will meet one day, and you can choose to think that I am somehow off of my rocker but I am telling you the truth when I say that we are dearly affected by the moon and the phases that she goes through every month.

“Moon Time”

Women are inextricably connected to the moon and her phases. Our bodies follow the cycle of the moon, and we are dearly affected by it when the energy of the moon changes. The energy of the moon changes when the sign of the moon changes. When the sign of the moon changes, whatever is our personal lunar sign is affected by the qualities of whatever sign the moon is in.

Right now the moon is in fiery Aries. Folks with their moon represented by a fire sign and dependent upon which fire sign it is in will determine their feelings and how those feelings are presented outwardly.

What also affects us is when the sign the moon is in transitions into the next sign. In my case, this last change of signs really messed with me, but because I chose this time to ponder through feeling what I was feeling, and because I chose to make it so that I would be consciously aware of what I was feeling and why, I came up with the reason why I trip out when specifically the moon changes from a water element moon to a fire element moon. Particularly when the moon changes from dreamy Pisces, to action oriented Aries.

When the moon hits your Soul, never mind your eye…

The planets and their energies are all directed by gravity, but you all already know this. The Earth’s gravitational pull is what determines how far or near the moon appears to be during its phases. Again, you already know this.

What you might not know is that, every single day of our lives, we are affected by the moon and the planets and what signs and houses they are in astrologically. For instance, I was born with my lunar sign as Taurus, the bull. Taurus is a fixed, feminine (receptive) sign. The moon rules our inner selves, our emotional selves. When the moon is in a water sign, depending upon which sign and the planets and all that other good, weird stuff, determines my attitude as drawn out emotionally.

The moon is in a masculine (outward and the world can see it) sign in Aries right now. Aries is a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs are about action. Aries is the sign of action, of gettin’ things done, and Aries, for the most part, plows through things, most of the time without thinking about it. Aries is about “Me, myself, and I” (thanks Dr. Standley). Taurus is about leisure and comfort, about the beautiful things in life and how we love and cherish them. Taurus is a fixed sign, and “n the moon,” is the most stable sign emotionally.

When the moon is in a water sign, most of us who have Taurus as our lunar sign will be fine and dandy, again, dependent upon which water sign it is in, and if I had to choose it, I would have to go with Scorpio, because it, too, is a fixed sign (meaning that it will do things this way, feel things this way, think about things this way, and dammit – we ain’t budgin’), and also, Pisces, because it is mutable (meaning that those with a Pisces moon…a Pisces anything, in that house or planet that it sits in, are not totally set on one way and one way only…keep reading…).

When it comes to the Cancer moon, because it is a cardinal sign, my Taurus seems a bit uncomfortable, or maybe it is that my inner Bull does not like the emotional currents of the Cancerian moon.  Wherever it is in my chart, your chart, everyone’s chart that Cancer resides is what makes all the difference in the world.

My Cancer resides in my 12th house. The 12th house scares people because that is where our secrets and everything Karmic is that we have to learn is at. Cancer represents home, hearth and family. If you have read anything by me as presented in my music blog, you would know why I would say that I have never been the most favored in my family, at least on one side of it, and yes, it helped shape who I became.

When the moon is in the sign of Cancer, every little emotional “thing” that affects me about the home, the hearth, nurturing, the family, “mother”…all of it comes crashing into me because the moon in our chart shows us emotionally, who we are. (Again, mine is in Taurus – the most stable sign for the moon to be in, which is a very good thing given my Pisces sun and Leo rising, and hell yes my 12th house in Cancer – the 12th house is ruled by my Pisces).

What the moon is doing when it changes both phases and signs, and wherever it is that our sign is positioned will tell us how we are being affected and why. I just told you about the Cancerian moon, sort of, and here is where I was going with that…

Whatever house it is that the actual moon is in at any given time will absolutely affect us emotionally in whatever house that sign is in. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

When the moon is in Cancer, my 12th house lights up like a Las Vegas billboard and everything within that house that the moon is shining its glow on will be revealed, meaning that all of my secrets and hurts and karma stuff is going to be in my face and I am going to feel every bit of it, given that how we feel is directed by the moon, its phase and the sign that it is in, and also the house, or area of life, it is in in my birth chart.

This does not mean that for those three days that the moon is in a certain phase and sign that I am no longer a lunar Taurean. It means that whatever sign the moon is in, not only will the house that the sign is in will be shed light on, but also, my bull will take on shades of, in this case today, April 18, 2015, the ram, Aries.

That the bull is a fixed sign is one thing, but that the new moon in Aries wants to forge ahead with the things that are near and dear to the Taurean moon in my chart is not a mistake. Right now, I am contemplating where it is that I would like for my hula halau (Dance studio) to be in operation.

For the last five years I have been figuring out what my halau is about (healing from the soul, out), and for the last year, I have been figuring out if I want to continue with the private healing sessions (umm…not primarily, no…how will I get paid only doing this Hula thing that way?), or do I want to go back to group lessons for lunch time sessions (ummm…that’s okay but lately I have not been doing that at all so this means that it is likely time to just restructure that or simply just not have that anymore…remains to be seen), or, if I want to do both of those things AND teach like I have always taught, which is once or twice a week, during the week, for two or three hours split into two days or two or three hours once a week (Probably the latter…again…wait and see…).

What you have just read is not only my Bull (astrologically known as the CEO) thinking, but, the new moon in Aries (the go-to sign…and also the sign of war) getting impatient with me and my Bull for not making things easier so that we can get a move on with it already (this would be the fish in the Sun as Pisces, being a safe little goldfish when really, she is a Shark and needs to be reminded of that…which is the Aries New Moon’s job…)

“What’s your point, Rox?”

My point is that during the new moon phase, and depending upon the sign which the moon is in at the time will determine the things that we are more inclined or not inclined to do and indeed EVERYTHING that is emotionally tied to those inclinations). Right now the moon is in Aries, and as I have already stated, Aries is the sign of action, because it is a fire sign. Fire signs represent action.

Since the Bull in my chart is the CEO, and the fish in my chart is the real me, and the game face in my chart is Leo, the lion (duh…ever seen my hair? There’s a reason my mom used to tell me to brush my hair because I LOOKED LIKE A BABY LION…think about it) and since all of these things point to my creating new ways to implement things in terms of my working life (my moon sits in my tenth house of public life in a career way, my game face in first house allows me to hide the terrified me in Pisces sun when speaking publicly about the terrors of emotional abuse).

Since it is a fiery new moon in Aries, the only thing that all of these things is pointing to is that I need to continue forward, be brave in the face of the naysayers, and not give a shit about what others think of me and my Medicine Dance, my being a teacher of all things “weirdness,” my writing things that I write, and mostly, my being who I really am through it all and in spite of other things.

Of course, there are other things in my chart that will implement this lunar Arien energy right now as it is helping my sometimes “thought-lazy” bull get her okole up to do what she is best at, is helping my stuck-in-an-aquarium-and-convinced-it-is-a-goldfish-but-is-really-a-shark Pisces sun, and making my Leo rising (the high priestess, NOT the queen, at least in this instance) that much more compelled to not only strive for that which She has always striven for (excellence), but to also absorb that which she has earned in terms of knowing one’s self enough to not be taken by it when the moon hits her soul like sometimes it will…

…and sometimes, it will hit the soul like a brick hitting a brittle window and crashes through the rose-colored hue that not a lot of people are willing to try to crack because the Pisces is both the goldfish and the shark, and the Pisces is who will take it all in and for the most part, take it all wrong. The lioness only seeks to be seen.

The Bull?

You can think of her as the one who, solidly grounded in her strength, is the driving force which the Aries new moon pushes to succeed, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

I Love You All

Aloha… ROX 

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What the Hummingbirds told me

Divine and Mercurial is the Hummingbird

I woke up different today. I mean, I am still me, and I am still weird, but today I woke up with a sense of purpose. It was like I went to sleep last night, not thinking about things in the manner that I am right this minute, and like Magick, and overnight, things changed. And it was not an outward change, not anything that anyone who does not know what to look for would see. Yet, those who are “in the know” of certain things and ways of seeing, even though they are not right here with me, or that I am not right there with them, I can say it that, in fact, not too many of us woke this morning with that same “awright! A new year within whose time I can screw things up because next year…guess what? We get another one!!” sort of energy.

Let’s see here…okay, so it is, indeed, a brand new year, but this year there is something very different.

He doesn’t rock in the treetops, but my little winged messengers from the Divine do, indeed, ROCK !

So, there I was, alone, sitting on the deck and thinking that I needed to text Dannie and April, Scott, Jimmy and whoever else it is that I go back and forth with on a daily basis via text or online or on the phone, and I was not thinking about anything, really, other than that my daughter was not home yet, and that she wanted to go to the grocery store with me today. I thought about the weddings that I’d performed last night and how those people all woke up different than they were yesterday, and markedly so. I thought about all the things that have happened within the space of the last six months, and realized just how much that we have all been through.

I stood there, silently, thinking and not really bothering to look up, and that lasted about five or so minutes.

Then, there they were…and there were two of them, right there in my face, happily chirping away like nothing had changed at all, like the world was not different and as though things were just perfectly right for the time being.

And ya know what?

Not only were those two right, but were Divinely timed with a message 

And the message is not only for me, not only for just one person, but for The One, and that includes us all. In that split second that those two creatures were happily in my face and then followed me to the door of the house, those two tiny little birds told me a whole lot, such as the idea that we have lived within this self-contained bubble that has done anything but protect us, such as the idea that now is the best time, and better than any other time, given that we are now in New Moon, to really think about what it is that we want from what we have gone through.

We are supposed to be feeling like we are somewhere between here and forever, like right at the moment, rather than just Be, we are meant to also DO and no matter what, to also DO with a whole lot of joy, because we are primed and ready for the big show, meaning that all of the hurts that we each and all suffered in the past can now be released, for good, and, as well, for the good of us all.

We are supposed to not be afraid, just like those two creatures who normally split from sight when they see us, and like those two practically chased me down just to get their message across to me, I am here, too, proverbially chasing you all down to let you know that while it is that life will never be totally perfect and neither will it always be completely this gorgeous, so long as we never forget the things that we learned throughout the time that has passed over these last 7 years, and most of all, that we carry the joy we know we need in order to be all that we are meant to be, that doing what we are meant to do in this lifetime is meant to start and to happen NOW!


I have mentioned the word “receipt” in the past to you all, and the receipt for the start of the year is that we are in New Moon, and always at the New Moon we know that whatever it is that we are supposed to be doing, NOW is the time to just go for it, seriously. It is not now time to sit and ponder what it is that you want to do – it is presently time to stop being such a sissy-lala and just go for it. No matter what it is that is driving you nutty in the thought that you cannot do what you need to, I am telling you now what I was told – do not sit and wait for your life to happen to you. Go out there and get it.

NOW, this does not mean that if you see a lovely woman who you want to know better, that you should go all…Fred Flintstone on her and do the caveman thing (there ARE laws, you know), but it DOES mean that you should STOP all the insecure nonsense and at LEAST go make a new friend (yes, with her, silly…yeesh!). It does not mean that if you have been planning on robbing a bank that you ought to go and do it, but it DOES mean that with the same verve that you had when you came up with the plan in your head that you should now take that same thing and put that energy toward something bigger and better and more meaningful than that (in NO WAY am I EVEN condoning that ANYONE does ANYTHING ILLEGAL!!! NO NO NO!!!).

IN fact, it would be the best thing in the world if the all of us just decided, collectively and on our own, to get out there into the big fat swing of things and just do what we do, be happy with ourselves, help other people be happy, live in Love and be joyful.  Yes, I know…it is sometimes difficult for people to think that all these things and messages and everything that I write here somehow are delivered to me today  on the wings of two little tiny birds.

Yet, it did.


My grandmother, Katherine Nahunoni Aoki-Soares, used to say it to me all the time, that I needed to ” ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe, Mapuana – PAY ATTENTION!” and it was not until after she had passed away that I knew what my Nana was telling me. You see, too many people mistook her for being timid, when in reality, she was very strong – she had to be in order to deal with my grandfather for as long as they were married, and they were married until he died in 2002 after, at that time, better than 60 years of nothing close, in my opinion, to being anywhere near wedded bliss.

It was Nana who told me that in everything there is a message, that in all we see, say, do, hear, know, the Mother Goddess is talking to us (her word was “God Almighty” and in her case it was the truth of her – she was the MODEL of what is a truly good Christian…’aumoe malie, Nana…I Love You!). Nana used to tell me things, in the height of her illness (Alzheimer’s) that could not have come from anywhere else than straight from Spirit. Nana has been gone since 2009, my oldest child’s 15th birthday, in fact, and since then, my grandmother comes to me in visions, in dreams, in the silence that is the All That Is, and has, since I can recall until now, never led me astray.

I am told that this year, all of the pain and the hurt that we each experienced will begin to lift. It is not to say that we are completely out of the uglies, but it is to say that we are now on the downhill slope of things. While it will not be seen or heard of in the news, in politics, in anything other than our very selves, it will be felt, collectively, and in that energy we will all come to know that there is no time at all like the present, no time at all like right now.

Right Now is very special, because within the Now moment, we are present, aware and we know things that we could not know, and it is on a global level. The powers that think they still be do not realize that the power structure has gone from the material to the Divine, practically overnight. We are starting this year with a New Moon, on the first day of the New Year,  with the new moon making us KNOW that the time is RIGHT NOW to get everything that we want in our lives IN our lives and to NOT STOP until it is there, or at least showing itself as coming into being.

And what is coming into being for me is as magnificent as anything, much as it is for you all, as well.  Don’t play with your fear anymore.

Go out there and do what you do, because right now, all the heavens support it!

I Love You All !



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