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…on Being Jedi…


We are all Jedi. We are all Sith. We all have elements of both sides of consciousness.

Star Wars.

Everyone I know, just about, LOVES Star Wars.

We all love thinking that if we could only have the gifts of the Jedi Knights that everything would just change for us, and this is the truth, but first you gotta understand that you have to get through the Sith part of you before you can even begin to think in terms of being Jedi.

The Sith part of you

To think in terms of being Jedi, you have to think not about what is best for you only, but also and more, what is best for whatever situation it is that you have found yourself in. That really is what this is all about. One cannot hope to be able to do what is right and good for themselves, let alone the world in which they live, if one is not willing to release parts of themselves that causes the things that happen that are other than good to continue to happen.

The best rendition and example of this is an adult who grew up with privilege and who no longer has that privilege. Perhaps it was that they were so comfortable in the idea that always, someone or something would always be there for them to parasite more and more of what they think they need. Then one day, the host from which they derived all of their perceived power from, typically in the form of money or other tangible goods, is no longer there.

The host either decides that they have had enough and is no longer available to their taking at a constant, or, physically, the host dies. This really happens. I am watching it now.

I mean, not right this moment, but, I am watching this happen, where someone who I know very well has chosen to not do more for themselves than what it is that they have expected from themselves, and also expecting others to pick up the slack, just because that is what they have always expected and have just grown accustomed to. This is not my rule. At all. This is the rule and the law of the Universe in that, whatever it is that you put out there into the universal climes, no matter what, comes back to us- always, and in the same energy that it was experienced by others.

To “Be Jedi” means that you have a deep knowing, a deep belief in the things that you and your mind and every bit of your own power can make happen for you, whether it is good … or other than good.

You have to know that what it is that you are leaning towards, in terms of Being Jedi, while it hurts and sucks, it is meant.

It is meant because you have to learn that while it is that topically, and in a tangible manner, you want things to be a certain way and you want things to be YOUR specific way, so that you can have comfort, even if it is at another person’s expense.

And why not? Everyone likes it when things are a certain way, but when it is that we actually need things to be a certain way, what we deem as being the “correct” certain way and the way that we want things to be regardless if we know this, we realize that there are bigger things at work and that really, there is not a lot that can be done to make those things different right this moment.

That is what is meant by “Being Jedi” – to be able to not only do all those really cool things that we see the Jedi Knights accomplish with their minds, but more, to also be able to face any dragons that we think are the reason as to why it is that we are not getting our way.

And by the way…

If you can recall for a moment the fact that, throughout his training, Luke Skywalker RARELY, if ever, until he got his mind past his fears and the things that could be called the Monsters in the closet of his mind…well, Luke felt like a failure. In fact, he felt like he could not take his rightful place as a Jedi Master and throughout all of the movies, he showed us all that this was not the truth of him. He showed us all both sides of himself – his Light and his Dark, and throughout it all, we each and all rooted for him, the underdog.

And really, that is what it takes, in part, to being Jedi – to know that no matter what, you are the underdog. You are the geek that people shot spitwads at, and you are the very one who people bullied and teased and told would go nowhere, because you were not cool enough to be like they were. You were different and you knew it, and you being different is really what they saw and whether you want to believe it or not – it was that you were and are different than all of the population of this planet.

We are all different.

We are all the Jedi.

We are all the Sith.

We are all the human beings with all of these qualities about us, and we are all prone to not thinking like we can make a whole hell of a lot of difference because we are too busy worrying and believing that what other people said of us was and is still the truth.

The truth is what it is.

The truth is something that not a a soul on this planet can ever escape and ultimately our truths always catch up to us.

Ultimately they come to us in the manner that is someone else not wanting to help us, come to us in the manner that is the very same bully we encountered throughout our lives, and ultimately, these things are not supposed to be there because we are meant to reach into our Jedi-like souls and clear from our lives and our selves these things that no one else seems to be able to deal with within their own selves and their own minds.

We are blamed for the things that we cannot control, and we are accused of things that we know we would not ever do, and these people who bring this to our lives don’t see that they are their own Jedi, and they are who brings to their own table the solutions to everything that they know they have control over. Lots of times, though, it is the ego, the Sith part of us who wins out, and does so because we are, for the most part, egotistical, arrogantly so, and we are, for the most part, afraid to face truths that we know have always been there, lying in wait in our twelfth house of self-undoing.

We do not have to answer that energy with anything more than acknowledgment, anything more than what is the truth of everything at hand at any given moment.

That’s what is called “Being Jedi.”

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The Ego’s Unforgiving Ridiculousness

I’m not about to tell anyone that we do not need our Egos, because we do. LOADS of people haven’t a clue about what the Ego truly is, even though every single one of us has employed its ridiculousness on more than only one occasion. However, not so coincidentally, it is because of our egos that we are able to hang on to things that really, we need to forgive other people for so that we can move forward.

At this time, there is a plethora of human beings on this planet for whom the engagement of the Ego when thinking in terms of not just going into some sort of …heated exchange…with another human being, over anything at all, seems to be the habit, the …addiction… to the hormonal imbalance which is caused by our being able to go toe to toe in an emotional exchange more often than is needed.

Yes – hormonal.

If you think and believe for a moment that the things that are the constant thought in your head…and no, I am not talking about you being you…I am talking about you being you, then someone comes along and interrupts you being you, at a constant, which releases hormones and the like, into your physical body, at a constant, again…do not forget that…and you are not balanced at all times with a good teeter-totter of both negative and the corresponding positive thoughts, which produce the same within each of us, you will…WILL end up out of sorts.

This is called your body telling you that it is already overly filled with the bullshit that other people bring to you. This is called your body needing you to take notice that something is not right, and normally, no matter what, even if it is a hereditary thing you have goin’ on, all of that ego-negative-bullshit going on WILL take its toll. You are not required to believed a single thing that you read here, and you are absolutely allowed to ignore this, and if you do, I will not know, and that, too, is okay…


Understand that, right at this moment, there is a lot of growin’ goin’ on and that, too, not a whole lot of people who are in the middle of the most horrifically painful spiritual growth spurt are aware that what is going on is their Souls are stretching, are growing so as to accommodate who they are for real. Too many people want to hang on to the things that are acceptable on the surface, things and ways of being which are not going to serve them any longer, and things that, for the very life of me, I do not understand why anyone would want to hold onto that crap!

LOTS AND LOTS of people…perhaps more than even I realize, are caught right there, in that crux between letting things go and moving on, and hanging onto things that they like believing keeps them safe, but safe from what? Growth? That’s not safe to hang onto things that hurt us without a purpose for hurting us. In fact, that isn’t even smart because when we hang on, it is like we somehow cannot rid ourselves of the pain because we are somehow addicted to the drama which we bring about from it, should we hang on to it for longer than is needed (YES- NEEDED).

Hiding from things that we know are meant to make us stronger than we have ever known ourselves to be, in ways that we cannot imagine only serves to weaken us. When we are able to face what it is that we fear (believe it or not, the one thing that MANY MANY humans fear is being loved for real, because they cannot see themselves as worthy of it…what-EVER…) we are then and at that point telling ourselves that we are tired of the things that hurt us and that if we should so choose to look at those things in a manner that is from a neutral place, a place that is not ourselves in physical form but ourselves in a soul sense, we will begin to understand a whole lot more than we thought we did.

We will understand that there is a thing called forgiving ourselves for not being able to let go of the things that have been breaking our hearts, over and over again, on purpose, even, and we will be able to see, too, that we are not bad, that we are worthy of our own Love, for ourselves, because too many of us give away the Love within us, thinking that the more that we give, the more we will get back. Yet, it won’t happen that way if we do not recognize what it is for real. More, it also won’t happen if we do not Love ourselves for real.

Just because someone else hurts your feelings by whatever means they will hurt them, and even if they are being vindictive about it and perhaps even meant to do it, this does not mean that we need to retaliate in the manner that they would expect. It means that right at that moment, we have the option to choose, not only what our response will be,  if we will even bother with one – because sometimes, no words, no response is the greatest, most healing thing we can hope for.

Now, I am not suggesting here, with this next thing, that it is okay to lie to anyone, not even if it is meant to save someone else for their own good, but, even what seems to be the most unforgivable thing is also warranted by and needs that energy, because without it, it stays right there, in the manner that it is, right this moment, which, really, if you stepped outside of your own way, you might be able to see what is there for real.

You might be able to know that, without it being said or even implied, that somehow, even though a lie isn’t cool, sometimes, it is the very thing which will instill in us that thing called a wake up call, and that wake up call is not about anyone else BUT ourselves. Yet, most of the time, most folks and their egos are way too arrogant to see it that way because they are still living in that hurt placed on them so long ago…in that hurt that might not have been placed there on purpose or for malicious reasons. It doesn’t make it right – it makes humans, human.

And for the record – nope, I am not writing about anyone or anything in particular, but rather and only a culminated thought about why it is that we humans tend to need what we need, and when it shows up in a manner that we don’t understand, or comes from a place where we least expect it – whether it is a lie, or perhaps some other thing that no one seems to understand – not only are we hurt, but it is doubly so. When finally it happens, we are at a loss but at a loss because we were not prepared well enough or on our own and through our own abilities to handle what it is, which is not what a lot of ego-driven people want to believe it is. At all.

We are, all of us, at least once in our lives, ego-driven

The Ego gets a very bad rap. It is like this because a long time ago a whole bunch of people decided that they would tell the world what the ego is. We have all been raised by a society which tells us that what we have tells the world who we are, but that is not the case these days. What we have, literally, is only our very selves. Sure, we all have other people in our lives, but, when it is our time to return to Spirit, we are by ourselves, and we are the ones who have left a lot behind, and sometimes what we leave behind is the residue of the hurt that we suffered throughout our lives, which is the hurt that we could not let go of even and up to that point.

It is the Ego which tells us that we should or should not protect certain aspects of who we are.

When the time comes that we are hurt, even egregiously so, it is our ego self that comes to the forefront. It is our ego self that either can hang with the hurt and can help us get out of the way of more harm and how to do that. Just as much as it is our ego self who, when it has been challenged, will puff its chest out, get mouthy and daring, saying things and doing things that will only serve to cause havoc and more damage. The bitch of it all is that it is not only damage to others, but most of all, that damage is something that we, ourselves, cannot and will not ever escape.

When first we practice to put a hurt on someone, namely when we are aware of ourselves doing it, it is at that moment that, too, we are also putting it on ourselves, that same hurt that we wanted someone, anyone else, namely and especially someone who we say that we love. This does not mean that we do not love them when we get angry with them, but when we get angry with them and choose to not forgive them is when the reality should hit home that if we want others to forgive us, then we have to practice it ourselves, both with others, as well as our very selves.

It is the same that thing I teach other people, this art of forgiving those who have wronged us. And believe me when I tell you that indeed, it is a true art form because the fact of the matter is that, as a whole, humanity does not like its truth, even a fabricated truth, fucked with.

We do not like our beliefs, do not like the things that we like, do not like our sheltered little lives fucked with, at all, and when it is that someone has come along, regardless of what their intentions were at the time of the failure and gives us a lesson in love that we are not ready to deal with, it shows.

This means that when we are told that something will happen on a given date, or that what we want to happen can happen, or really, anything at all in the manner that tells us that somehow, we are about to score huge, at the same time that we are made happy, we also need to be very keenly aware, as well, of the reason as to why we are happy.

We know that if we are happy because we thought we were lied to about a whole lot of things, only to find out that not the thing, but the timing of the thing, was not what we thought it would be, and we go on to say that we believe that the thing is GOING TO happen on this date, and it doesn’t happen…whether or not we can handle it in the manner that is telling us that we can deal with it, or whether we are telling the story of how we, alone, were wronged without also looking at the other things that maybe someone else was looking at, even as it is the same thing, we have some serious self-checkin’ that has to happen because without that self-checkin’ the thing that happens afterwards and until we do so is called self-wreckin’.


Self-Wreckin’ is that thing that all of us does, guaranteed. We are humans, and my experience with humans on the whole is that, while it is that we are way, way cool biological as well as ethereal specimens, given that we are born with the ability to reason, means that we also have the ability to be highly unreasonable. This is not to say that none of us who is evolved enough to know better won’t, for a few minutes now and again, find ourselves somewhat a bit devolved. It means that we are human and capable of being our greatest shot at being undone.

The only way that other people wreck us is if we allow it, and even then, when it is that we have one thing, one goal, one place that we see with our mind’s eyes that we cannot let go of because to us, that is the perfection of our own making, and that is the thing that we need to look at, in its face and not be afraid to let it go.

You see, I have lots of clients who do not understand this, lots of students who want to think past the teacher, which is fine, because I did that too, recently even, and yes, I had to face a hurtful truth that pissed me off and while it did not make me feel foolish, it indeed DID make me know that sometimes, when the lesson is taught and we have learned, the only thing left to do is vent out the feelings to a trusted person, and then finally just let it all go, including the person who caused the ache.

Our Ego-Self is the part of us that tells us that we have to protect who we are, but the problem with that is that sometimes, we go into parent mode and we want to save our own selves from the shock and the hurt that might end up becoming more than we can handle, that is, if we are not brave enough to face our own selves.

We can become brave, though, and we can face what we think we cannot, no matter what, or who, it might be. The only thing that we have to do is listen to the pining of our souls. If we listen to our souls, and we go headlong into the fracas brought by others, and in that messiness can find our place in it, we will also find there the freedom that we so crave, not just from the assholes who visit our lives so that we may learn the lessons that they bring to us, but more, from our very selves.

I Love You All !


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The End is The Beginning

When it comes to our lives, and we know that there are changes ahead, and we come to a place where it seems that there is but one thing left to do, because that one thing changes everything else, but there has come the end of one proverbial road and we don’t know what to do? Well…we do what we have to, that’s what. Sometimes what we have to do is not what we think we have to do and has nothing to do with anyone else, at least not directly.

I am not the only one for whom there is one gigantic decision that we each needed to make, because in making that one gigantic choice, we know that every other choice that comes afterward will be affected by our acting on that one decision. I made one such choice a few days ago, and the people who need to know what that choice is and who are in support of me in making that choice know what I have to do and I like believing that, with all that they each have happening in their lives right now, that they know that I know that their hearts, souls, ears and eyes are always open to me, but also that they also know that being who I am, I’ve actually “got this.” I might allow my little old ego to get in the way of things, and I might be afraid on many different levels, but what I fear more is that if I do not act on this choice and do all that I have to in order to make it happen, that nothing that is needing dear change will be able to go through that change because I refused, because of my own fear of ridiculous, even as they are real, things, to change what I hold the power to change.

And really, it is the fear within us all that reveals the very weaknesses we each hang onto that make us believe that somehow, those weaknesses are making us strong in that, we can hide what we think they are so that we do not have to give away certain mechanisms of control over us that we are keeping in place all on our own and for what reason? 

That’s easy…

Fear is our security sometimes

I know this one real well. I know what it is like to be scared of not knowing if what we choose to do will cause us more havoc. My thought about chaotic things and people is that of course it will cause more havoc. I liken it to walking into a room where a toddler has been playing and playing with everything he has in his toy box. A toddler only knows that these are his toys, and that he is allowed to play with them. Yet, because he is so little, he does not yet understand that he needs to pick up his toys when he is done playing with them.

If we do not bother to teach him this one thing, he will always leave chaos where he has been, no matter what, and it is a chaos that his mother or his father will have to see to should he not be taught this one thing. This one thing leads to our being able to teach him more than only this one thing, but this one thing is where we all start them in terms of being responsible for cleaning up one’s own messes. If we do not teach our kid to be responsible for all the things that he does, he will not know later on in life that his learning will contribute to everything else he does, including what he is willing to continue to fear.  If we teach him to fear responsibility, and we teach him that he will always have someone there to pick him up when he falls, that little boy is going to stay a mommy’s boy and will not grow into the man that Spirit has sent him here to become. When we teach them dependence that is permanent, they will remain to be dependent on us for EVERYTHING. And indeed – there are a lot of parents who do this TO their kids, and all for their own benefit (but that is a topic better left for another thing and another day and in another website...), and a benefit that is not really a benefit but more like a forced manipulation which starts very early on in the lives of children…again…another website but still, it applies to this writing. 

We are taught from a young age what we should deem as valuable and not valuable, but the challenge is NOT what we are taught. The challenge is being able to seek out other ways, not really around them, but through them, so that we can eventually grow from the lesson that we learn about becoming independent. In this case and in the case of many young adults the challenge, as was ours as the kids we were, is to overcome all of the weaknesses that were instilled in us by our parents if those weaknesses are not helping us become stronger.

That is what our weaknesses really are, by the way, and it doesn’t matter who thinks otherwise.

Our Weaknesses

Our weaknesses, in reality, are the very things that will make us stronger. I never believed it until I came to the conclusion a few years ago that my fear, which is a weakness, of things that I do not know will happen to me should I have, at that point, made the choice that I made recently. I was not ready at that time to make this very big decision. I did not know at that time, in 2012, that the fear of choosing as I have at this point was in the making at that point and at that time. You see, when we are given challenges, it makes us reveal our weaknesses to ourselves. It is through these things that we have been born with, and then later on learn like animals learn – through experience, and are prompted to use what we are not realizing are ours for the purpose of Soul strength training. 

Very basically, when we are revealing to others the things that are in our face and up our asses, we are also telling ourselves our own story and giving ourselves, through the things that we are stating to anyone at all, where it is that our soul is in need of some strength training. The only way to get through the weaknesses is to roll with the punches, take on every challenge in regards to the big fat choices that we have to make, and learn from the things that are coming out of our mouths, not only about our very selves, but, if the challenges have been brought by people who we know well (but would rather not know at all) and the challenge is the same thing, every time? 

Well, that is almost a cheat sheet, almost like steroids for the challenge at hand and whether it seems like it or not, those other people have given us instructions on what are their very weaknesses. Where some people feel like they have the upper hand in any situation, and those people have only the past and our reaction to their actions to go by, and these others have NOT given thought to the idea that people indeed DO change, and when they change, so, too, do their weaknesses. This is not something that is new to anyone at all, and this is something that I have spent many years not only studying, but being caught right in the middle of. It was a very long time, a very long time, that it took me, to make a choice that I have known for a long time has been in the making, but make it I did, and I did so using every single strength that I had, which contributed to the biological changes at that very moment of the singular weight that haunted me and continued to do so until but a few short days ago. 

And being true to my very self, I will not lie – I am scared as hell of doing what must be done, but as always, when something like this choice is made, always, no matter what, The Mother Goddess, being the good Mother that She Is, always has my back, and, too, while you are guarded in your own choice making these days, maybe, know now that like She has my back, She also has yours, no matter what everything appears like in your own mind and thoughts and reality at the moment. This is what Strength Training for the Soul is about – bringing you up to speed at being who you are. 

Without these things which visit our lives from time to time, and at this time, it seems that those things that have come knockin’ on our doors, like pushy relatives who don’t call before they stay with us for a week, are more than we care to deal with, it is not time to allow our fears to eat at us again. No, no, no, no, no…no! 

It is simply time for some Soul Strength Training.

Soul Strength Training

The proverbial “end of the road” is not really that. What it is is a place we all end up getting to and seeing as a problem and usually what is there is the actual “problem” that many, many of us do not want to deal with because where there is that specific problem there also is a specific person or people who we really would rather not even think about, let alone deal with. In my case, I would rather not even know who the person is who has challenged me for years, daring me always to take a step towards my own wholeness and dare to do so without their permission, their blessing, their say so. Am I prone to that person’s whims any longer? Oh HELL no I am not, but this does not mean that my egotistical self, the part of me that wants to protect my fragile emotional self, is not already freaking the hell out. On the other side of that is my Spirit, the truest part of Me, of Rox, the part that is the Shark, the part that is not scared of a thing, not even spiders – SHE is who is taking the lead, at least in this one challenge. She is also the one who is not allowing my fear of the unknown be the thing that guides me any further. And also, she is who has prompted me to change the word “problem” to the word “challenge,” and it is with good cause.

A problem is a challenge dressed up in an ugly dress, wearing too much make up, and demanding our attention as a problem….but a challenge is like Cinderella – a dream coming true in the making…think about it.

I prefer to think of it – this choice – as more a challenge than much else, because problems have to be solved, but challenges tend to take on the energy that is a quest than something to be seen as our needing to get rid of them. While there are indeed problems in life, when we can change our own vocabulary about things, and then those certain things lose the energy of “problem,” and begin to take on the energy of “challenge,” things begin to also take on the color that is our being able to accept being challenged far easier than we are able to digest things in our lives as being only problems. And believe me when I say it – this week alone I have had to change my vocabulary from what was very foreboding to my brain, to something more acceptable to my brain and, as well, my soul, and that change was but one word. I kept hearing the word “problem,” and then very soon afterwards, I started hearing this same word coming out of the mouths of people who are not only those closest to me, but also from people who I don’t even know at all, let alone very well.

We are not taught this skill, but we ought to be. It was something that I know I was not taught, the ability to change the wording of thoughts so as to make my spirit not be so…so much with its panties in a bunch, to put it very plainly. (Laugh – you know it’s funny) 

Strength training for the Soul speaks loads more volumes to me than does the phrase “coming up with a different way to see these problems.” Even as they both technically mean the same thing, the energy that is contained in them each are markedly different – one energy is heavy, weighted and demanding, while the other one denotes that we are training for the greatest thing in the world, and that we do not want to not be prepared. This is the way that I taught myself, of course, taught my own kids (who are STELLAR at it…okay, so the big boy has some issues with word exchanges but he is fine and good…meaning he learned what I taught him and calls it something that I don’t)  and is the way that I teach a whole lot of other people to also change their vocabulary and thereby changing their thoughts which will change their vibratory energy.

Our thoughts become the things that we encounter in our lives. With this little bit of knowledge on its own, we see there that there is indeed power in our words, because our words in our own voice are the very things that our thoughts are produced by. When we are able to train our brain to do this, immediately we are also training our bodies to follow suit. When we believe that there is not a lot we can do about a thing or two, our bodies respond first by a knot in the gut, and the knot in the gut leads us to having a backache, usually and also a migraine headache, and pretty soon we are into the liquor cabinet or the medicine cabinet, and this is our liver being made to work overtime, not only from the heat of our own anger, but more, from all of these things combined. 

On the other side of this is the idea that when we choose to not see everything in our lives as being the end of us but rather and only the end of the road we are currently traveling on, and we then can produce the image in our minds of this road rather than the trap that we want to believe is waiting to eat us from the soul, out, we can also and then feel our bodies responding to this new way of thinking about the challenges which lie ahead of us. It doesn’t matter what we are thinking about, what we are thinking will or will not happen – that is not even for anyone on this plane to decide, but that of Spirit. What ensues from then on is that we are molding and building our lives out of, and doing so NOT from the energy that is the problems, but from this new energy created from the challenges that we have been served up with by what is needed, specifically from us, by the greater collective whole of the very All of Us. That’s right – you probably didn’t think about that one thing, and if you do, it is the one thing that you probably think of last, when in reality, it is better, not so Polly-Anna, to think that the best things in life are ours, but that first we have to get past these challenges.

When we are in the belief that we have no power over any thing that visits our lives is when the challenges are not challenges – they truly ARE problems. We do not realize or even recognize what is our strength because we forget that it is there, that all the other times in our lives when we really needed to draw on it and become it were times just like these, except that right now, when we think of these things and the people involved, we become afraid of the outcome, and the outcome is not what we need to think about at this moment. In fact, we cannot see the outcome until we can see it with our soul’s eyes and trust it with our very selves. We are not as bad as other people tell us we are, at anything, and if we are able to come up with things that cause us to survive the ugliest things in our lives and we are here and breathing and not thinking in the way that we did but a few short days ago, and we are more inclined to fight the good fight, soul intact and ready for the challenge, and we have told our ego selves to shut the hell up and let us do what we have to do, then half of the battle is already won. It is the bigness of the thing at hand, of the couple of big things at hand, that has us all afraid, not of anything other than of the outcome.

When we release the outcome from what we want it to be, and we allow Spirit to take the lead, and we follow all those hunches, all those gut reactions and respond in kind to the Universe and let Spirit lead us to our own miracles, we find that one thing that we never thought would ever visit our lives – that one thing is trust in ourselves. 

So, you see, the title of this writing, “The End is the Beginning,” is the truth…in order to begin to build what it is that we have as a set intention to have in our lives, we have to end the madness that is the fear of the outcome that we have prepared ourselves for, and is usually a negative outcome, which produces the negative outcome. When we are more inclined to follow our guts, so to speak, while it might take us a little longer to get where we want to be, it is a guarantee that we will get there, and perhaps even someplace better…this is not my rule, but that of the Universe…

Dare yourselves to rise above the problems and see them as what they are…

…they are the things that are making you stronger through what you perceive as your weaknesses. You are stronger than you think you are, and better at this than you have been told to believe. I am telling you that you are better off believing your own truth than the lies that keep you caged in your fear. 

You hold the keys to the Kingdom – use them…

I Love You All


Soul With Teeth Shark1


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JUST IN! A Message from Spirit

Take heed and heart – the Divine within has been calling us all out…a Message from Spirit for us all…’auhea wale ana ‘oe…pay attention, yeah ?



I know it seems as otherwise, but I am telling you all that the things that you are going to read here, while they might not make sense to you right now, they will make sense to you in time to come.

There are a lot of us going through more than we thought we would, and it is with great reason and good cause. There is an incredibly huge amount of loss happening, continuing to happen, and at an alarming rate. There are things that we each have collectively experienced, but from our own point of view, meaning that, from time to time, we will not fully understand who we are in measures of what it is that we perceive as our place in the lives of others, let alone in this lifetime. We cannot distinguish, at this moment, what is in the future, but we can get there on our own, with a little help from our Soul Family, with a lot of help from the ‘Aumakua, and with complete faith that Spirit has our backs and does so in the form of others who have been there, others who are there now, others who are there for us in the most complete manner that we cannot wrap our heads, hearts and hope around. Yet, it remains that every single one of us, even as it does not appear as such at the moment, are geared, primed, and headed for our own measures of intended, and soon, manifested greatness.

We are the ultimate proof of our own power, the absoluteness of the All That Is and the epitome of Perfected Imperfection that really, this is what makes us all the same, even as we are all and each uniquely different from one another. That part doesn’t matter, because our lives are dearly enmeshed, not only on the physical plane, but more importantly, in places and realities where, if we knew how great that level of Self was, we would be astounded in one manner, feeling foolish in another manner, and completely awestruck at just how important we each and all are.

If we knew just exactly our places in the lives of others, and we could accept our own level of imperfection, being always at its level best, we would understand, too, the importance of who we are and how we are and more important than that, what we are, even if what we are is not what we want to be – what we are is what we are, and the only people who can exact a difference in that manner is our very selves. We have become so dependent on our material worth, on our tangibilities rather than what it is that we are sensing on another level, that we want to believe that what we see with our physical selves is far greater to our soul than what is felt on levels that not a lot of us can explain.

Once it is that we have finally and with great joy accepted who we are right in this moment in time, this is also when the realities which we are not consciously aware of will come to us, effortlessly, and almost as though those impressions have come to us literally on the wings of angels, because really, sometimes that is how it happens – when we cry out to Spirit from within, and when we bother with ourselves on the level that is the same amount of deep caring and love that we say that we have for others, we realize that we are finite in body, but that we are boundless, unlimited and able in every other way. These are the things that we all take for granted. These are the things that we push aside and out of our own awareness all for the love of things we can hold tangibly, all for the things that we can look at and feel with our five senses, not realizing that we are far more than only this tangible reality.

We like to think that we are the only beings in the Universe, but how can that be when there is an infinity in the cosmos that we have not yet seen, known, heard of, can imagine being real? We like to believe that in our arrogance we are the only game in town, but our issues and our challenges prove to us that this is not the truth, because if it were the truth we would not be where we are right now, which is boldly measured and irreverently challenged by a cosmic ruler that is teaching us what we have, for many lifetimes, refused, not to learn, because we are born with the ability to believe, but more, what we have just not accepted as being our own truth, and a truth that we keep denying, even as we have done our very damnedest best to create it. We want others to believe our truths and want them to accept what is met as being their truths, which are also the truths that we are inclined to point out, no matter what it is that we think we are doing, but we are hard pressed to open ourselves to our own truths.

When it is that we need to depend on anything at all, depend on the truths that you have created, that you have shared as your own with others, and make certainly sure that what it is that you are giving away as that truth IS your truth. People tend to see through the bullshit, and people tend to not want to give in to us as much when it is that they can decipher that it is the truth of ourselves that they seek, even and as much as we seek it ourselves. When we feel compelled to look at another’s truth, and we are compelled to judge them from that place, and we feel the need to make it known to them and anyone else that our opinion of them is not that great, we want the world to see only what is not good, rather than our choosing insted to see there what is the good, what is the love, what is the thing that keeps us all going, what keeps us all alive, and that is all and only Love.

We must Love who we are in order to be who we are, and right now we are all who we are meant to be at this point and time in our loveliness, this time in our evolution collectively and on the individual level. We are here for a purpose that is Divine, and like all things that are meant, that are created and molded and given to us each as the gift of the Goddess are also as Divinely and timed and planned, so, too, are the truths which we are compelled to give silently and without our knowing so, about ourselves, and which is the one thing that we sense in others, and is a thing that we all need to tap into and touch upon or else we are left to the whims of the imagination run amok. We allow who we are to delve into places unknown, and in doing so are the catalyst for the unfolding and eventual blossoming of the whole self, as it is meant to be seen, as it is meant to be shared, not only with the world, not only with the Divine, but mostly, with our very selves.

It is within ourselves where this Divine intelligence lives, and within ourselves where it is that we are alive and well and knowing fully that who we are as we are is meant to be. We are meant to be these people who we are now, and in this consciousness we are also meant to draw to us the people who are there and now and who, by the very grace of the Goddess, are there, sharing with us who we are for the purpose of a shared mission. We share our lives with people for this purpose, with this energy and with this big love within that is meant for us to know, for sure, that we are here on purpose, and that Spirit has a thought in Her that is for us to crawl slowly like we have had far too much to drink, and sometimes for us to run like hell away from something that we might need, and sometimes, we are just meant to sit and ponder what is happening in our lives, all the time, and to pay attention to the things which visit us, delight us, enrage us, give a pause to think about why it is that we think that somehow, if we are not so great, why do we have a divine purpose?

Because we do, that’s why, and Spirit doesn’t have to tell us what it is, why it is, when it will fully mature – all we need to do, all we need to ponder, all we need, period, is to know that whatever it is, it is meant, and whatever it is, it is purposeful, and whatever it is, it is meant to hone us to the brilliance that we have always been, to remind us that we are not just people, but people with a mission, and one that is shared, and that all that we go through, all the things that we have and have not, all and everything that we know, is meant, even if it sucks and hurts and seems as though it has taken from us the thing that made us who we are. We make us who we are. Nothing outside of us makes us who we are. Nothing that we can hold, unless we are so blessed by Spirit and told so, tangibly, is anything more than the result of the power and can be seen only as that – as the ultimate proof that indeed we are the most powerful people in our own lives, so why are we worried about so many things that we might believe are the most important things in our lives?

Because as sentient beings we have been allowed to learn our lives long that we are empowered by our selves, through our selves, and within our selves, and the moment that we are in disbelief of this one thing is when we also begin to notice what are the limits that maybe we have imposed upon ourselves so that we would better be able to learn the things that we do not want to learn, in the most compassionate way that the Mother Goddess can provide, even when it means a significance of loss so grand that on our human own, we cannot comprehend, and when it is that we cannot comprehend the why, and we do not want to think anymore about the how, it is at that point that we know, based on all the other things in the past that we should be looking at, worked out for us.

The past cannot be changed, but it can be referred to, and in grand form we look back there and only point to and out those things that broke our hearts and made us hurt, all the way down the to bones of our souls. We cannot ever take away the measure of the pain from the losses we end up going through, but we can gauge the way that we have evolved through how well we make it through them.

We cannot measure what is someone else’s loss according to how we are measuring our own, so without a thought, we choose to judge who we are in relation, not to them, but to their experiences, and we end up judging those who, we do not realize, love, unreasonably, the human potential to harm others. We should not be learning further the power that is in hurt, for it is within this power that we are able to create pain for others, and no one needs that. Instead, we should be otherwise inclined to do only what does the least harm, and what makes the least chaos, and what is, in fact, a form of Love from Spirit that can only come from hardship, that can only come from the lessons that we alone must learn, even as we are in the company of those we love the most.

I suppose that I wrote this particular thing today because of all of the major losses, because of all of the things that we are each and all going through, and it all makes us feel so very all alone, and while I know that this does not take the sting of anything away from any one of us, I do know that when I write in this manner, when it is that the message that is being given comes to me in a hot instance, and when it is that we are all grinding our proverbial teeth, readying ourselves for the thing that comes next, we are empowered. We are empowered because of who and what we are, not what we have, not who we know who we might perceive as being empowered by some outer eminence that only they have contained within themselves.

We are all great, and we are all prone to moments of clarity through the measures of pain and heartache that we all end up going through. Mostly, we want to crawl inside of our inner hiding places, and we want to stay there in that warmth of darkness, of not having to deal with the things that our lives, as storied as they may be, give to us. We want to pretend like the things that shatter us, no matter what those things might be, are never going to allow us to have the completion and the wholeness that we each and all crave. It is in our losses where we gain, at least the most of us, and some of our losses cannot be gauged in human terms – only spiritual ones, because those are the very ones which count the very most.

No, I am not talking about when someone leaves our lives through means not our own or perhaps means not ready for. I am talking about things that take us away from our own ability to be reasonable, to not think in terms of what it is that our imagination is giving us in terms of who we are. Who we are is infinite, and the moment that we wear this on the outside rather than only hiding it from the rest of the world for fear that what it might seem to judge us for, this is when we are in the energy of the infinite, the energy that is wholeness, Divine on every level and where it is that finally, we are living from the middle of our soul rather than the platform of our ego selves.

Nope….this isn’t a writing that was honed throughout the week, but is a message from the Divine that reminds us all that yes, indeed, we hurt, on many levels, and for a whole lot of very, very, very good reasons. The people who hurt the most right now do not need to hurt the most, but it is the only way that they can get through what it is that they are faced with.

…the rest of us?

Yeah…we need to not forget that who we are, all the way to the bones of the soul, is infinite, and that the things which are outside of us are not.

This has been a public service announcement from Spirit…

I Love You All


Soul With Teeth Shark1

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Cutting Cords

I could sit until I am blue in the face and say that the things that we are attached to are also attached to us…no matter what those things are. We have the option to free ourselves from the ties that bind us to the unreality in our heads, and it is an unreality which lends to the energies of our actual reality, which normally turns things on the inside of us…well…not so great!


I have a deal to make with you all…let’s all, every one of us, practice cutting the ties that bind us to things, people and the unreality that we all have living and breathing within us. I know I know…hard to stop being who you have been for so long and try on the new you. I get it. I have a hard time, too. Yet, the thing that I am writing about is so not what you think it is. This is not a pep talk – I tend to not give those these days, for the simple fact that humans, by and large, like solutions, all of us, and sometimes, those solutions we cannot think of are directly tied to the things that we are willing to believe, if for no other reason than that those things are what we have always believed.

If there is anything a Pisces knows, it is all about belief, of any kind, but mostly the kind that remind us that we are not the only game in town, that we are not the best thing on two legs, at least not for the whole world, that is, and most of all, we believe in what we believe in, even if it is a fat guy who shimmies down the chimney once a year to leave stuff under a tree that should have been left in the wild to be what it was meant to be and not … literally dead in the water.

Our beliefs – no, not the sort that tell us we will or will not go to hell, will or will not be reincarnated, not those kinds of beliefs – are the things that plague us for the entirety of our lifetimes unless and until someone else comes along and tells us that indeed, there is something that we can do about the things that break our concentration, that make us want for better days, that make us think things that we know we ought not think. When we are talking about truth, we are also talking about the beliefs that we took on in another time in life, or perhaps are things that are still being actively said to us, or perhaps were things that we were witness to that we never really bothered to question. I know well the idea that all it takes for anyone to have a big fat mess in life is for us to think that we will not ever be able to get out of the messes that we have found ourselves in, regardless if whether or not it was someone else who does not know us at all brought the thought, or the reality that makes old beliefs materialize, to our awareness.

What no one ever tells us, because really, not a lot of people understand the importance of our own symbolism, is that EVERYTHING in our awareness is meant to show us, not only what we are made of, not only what we are worthy of, not only the things that we know are good and there for us and meant only for us, but more, our awareness also shows us the things that are no longer needed in our lives.  There are things in each of our lives which, until we have learned what we need to from it all, we will not be rid of. This tells us that all of our situations, be they good or other than good, are temporary. This tells us that what we have at our disposal is not only the issues, but also the way that we choose to see, or to no longer see them. There is also there the energy that is feeling like we are somehow so tied to someone or something that the fear inside of us takes hold, we panic, and then, suddenly the things that we were able to face and to deal with become these …monsters…the very ones which have followed us around for a long time, perhaps even from the time that we were children, where said fears of abandonment, of insecurity, of things that make us so very afraid of life, that we begin to think thoughts that we would rather not, that we know are so not the truth of us.

When it is that these things become dearly entrenched into our ways and means of being, and when it is that these thoughts become the very things which tell us that we are not going to be able to do something, or that we are not going to be able to be something, or that, in any manner at all, we are not – this is when it is time to ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe and pay attention. We need to pay attention to the things in our awareness and how those things consume us until something else comes along to add to the things or perhaps one thing that seems to be more looming and dooming than is much else.

When it comes to that point, and we want to break free from those things, very simply, perhaps too much so….it is just time to begin to cut cords.

Why the proverbial cutting of cords is very important

A few years ago I was introduced to one of the strangest things that I had ever heard of and that I eventually integrated into the teaching that I do with others, and that thing is called “Cord Cutting.” It was introduced to me by more than one teacher, and employed by another person who, at that time, while she might not have been in her right mind, what she did give to me was one of the most powerful tools that any one metaphysical teacher could have in their reach and at their disposal. That one thing is called cord cutting. I will not lie and say that it is easy, because when I was first taught this technique, I had a hard time thinking that what was happening, because of the energies of my wanting to let go of things and ways of being was directly related to why it was such an important thing for me to learn. While I won’t tell anyone that I was anywhere at all near where it was that I needed to be in learning this, it was not long before I was cutting cords all the time, and at that time, I couldn’t see past what it was that my Soul was showing me because my ego was still hanging on to the things that hurt me so badly. I had a very hard time with letting go of anger, of hurt feelings, of anything that was beneficial for me and the thing that, at this point, I know I was to Become.

And more than that, in speaking in terms of energy, when we are loaning who and what we are to our fears, we are taking away our life force and handing it over to things and ways of being which no longer serve us. What we think protects us actually and only inhibits us. What keeps us safe from assumed harm actually also keeps us inhibited in our growth. What we think has helped us will always help us is doing anything but helping us, and what we end up with is a gigantic jumblefuck of confusion. This is not a mistake – it is how energy works. When we confuse our own truths and focus on things that are not there or that we are not truly aware of, and we have not yet figured out what our own symbolism is all about is also when we will react and not respond. Life requires that we respond, but human nature is about the reactive nature that is the biological need for survival on all levels. Not one of us wants to “put ourselves out there” exposed for the elemental climes of turmoil, but turmoil is part of life, and while it sucks horribly, it is also something that teaches us that we are proverbial rock stars made of the stars, that what is in front of us is nothing compared to the beauty which awaits us if we are willing to look at what we are faced with right this moment in another manner.

If we can see things for what they are right this moment, and can think, too, with possibilities being masked as our having no choice, and can see what are our opportunities for stretching and becoming what and who we are meant to become, we can also see where it is that we are corded, in some cases, by our own choosing, to the things which have no more use for us. For some folks this is hard to do, because most folks, when we find a use for things, we keep them. I do it. I know other people who also do it, and all of us know if whether or not, at the moment we think that thought, if we will be using that particular thing any time at all in the future. It is in the “maybe” we will be able to use those things, real or intangible, when we have caused ourselves the imbalance that we do not realize we are striving for. Yes – we strive for imbalance because inherently, as humans, we need to fix things. Sometimes, we cannot fix things, and sometimes, we have to understand the reason why what at one time what worked for us no longer works for us.

And this next thing…the unbelievable part…is the reason why things don’t work for us  – it is because globally, we are all going through this…hard bullshit… in some manner. With some it is people, others, situations and life-sustaining parts of our lives (jobs, houses, etc), some of us are releasing (and having  a hard time with it) old patterns and ways of being, and for some….NAMELY those whose lives are to be lived as light workers….it is all of this. I know the “all of this” part, because I lived through “all of this,” and in some ways more than others, I still am in the middle of this, and if I can do it, this means that there are not a whole lot of people on this planet who can’t.

No…really…keep reading…

How to know when it is time to cut cords, and more, how to cut those cords

We know when it is time to cut cords when the things that we know we have learned keep on coming back in the form of the person or the people who we were trying hard to deal well with and couldn’t. When it is that you have found your own self at peace with things that have happened, you know that it is also that the cord can be cut. This goes for anything, anyone, at any time. Again- I know this because I was taught this and taught well to use it, and this is why I also know that this totally works. The reason we stay corded to people, ways of being and situations is because we emit that energy toward it all, and that energy is bounced back to us. In this reality – hell, in any reality – everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy. When we think about bad stuff, we are presented with more bad stuff, and the lesson there is to stop thinking about only bad stuff and the possibility of only bad happening (because ultimately it will happen). You are human. You are not going to NOT think about bad stuff – we all do it…even silly, happy, rabid cheerleader me…yes…I think about bad stuff…things like people leaving my life (abandonment), and my not being good enough at what I do (but in my own tribe, I am the only one who does what I do and am quite good at it…thanks guys…I love you!). Yet, the way that things which have hurt me for so long have always been presented to me, and the way that I have been molded by my life and everything in it has caused me to look for the beauty in the excrement, for the needle in the haystack, for the monster in the closet that we have highlighted with our flashlight and that when daylight came and we opened up the closet door, we saw there that it was not a monster, but a tiny little spider.

It was the tiny little spiders in our lives, the ones that say horrible things about us and have for the entirety of our lives, and the ones that broke our hearts a million and one times for seemingly no reason other than that those people could do it and get away with it, even if only for a limited time. It was every time that someone else made you doubt yourself, your worth, who you are, that you are cherished and loved, if by anyone at all, your very self. It was everything in life that made you suffer, that made you feel like you were being treated as though somehow, you were the kid at your own birthday party who had to wait for their own birthday cake until after all the other kids got theirs, and what you were left with was a whole lot of birthday cake soup, mixed with the tears of the non-acceptance of us by others…this is what needs to go away.

These feelings have to be gone from us, because if we hang on to them, we cannot grow. If we choose to allow these fears to be what is the equivalent of the perceived monster rather than the teeny tiny little spider (and y’all KNOW how I feel about spiders…ewwwww) that it truly is, there is no doubt in my mind that you will never see what is on the other side of the ugliness, the lesson and the hurting that happens in life. Sometimes that hurting is something that seems monstrous, but in reality, the Mother Goddess NEVER gives us more than we can deal with, ever. She’s a good Mom. That’s how we good moms roll.

Very simply, the way to cut the cords of all these things which seem like they are  waiting to eat us and that live in our thoughts is to simply go within and visualize yourself actually and physically cutting those cords. You have complete control where your thoughts are concerned, complete control over the things that you believe and do not believe, complete control over everything that you see, know, want, do not want, and all of us keeps on giving our power to these things rather than getting on in there and simply, again and again, for as long and as many times as is needed, by our own means and through what is our own choosing of cutting instrument (I use a green or purple light sabre…quit laughing). The point is that, at any time at all in our lives, we are going to be met with things that just plain suck, that make us think there is simply no way out of through typical means.

It is ours to realize and believe that sometimes, our stuff will not be made to leave our lives through typical means…

…sometimes, we need to use a light sabre…

I Love You All !



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Up all night

Migraines. Nausea. Uncontrollable urges to cry. Raging. Melancholy. Unable to stay asleep for longer than a few hours through the night. Extreme highs and lows which shift like the wind. All at one time. No, you are not insane, you are shifting.



There are a whole lot of websites which tell us about this thing called “The Ascension,” and there are people in your circle of friends and family who might even be talking about something called “shifting,” and you are totally clueless as to what they are talking about, even though you are experiencing all these physical happenings in your body.  Sometimes you might see something out of the corner of your eye, and never before have you seen things like that. Sometimes you hear things that no one else hears, and sometimes, you feel aches and pains that you “feel” physically, even though, on some other level, you don’t.

You are not crazy. You are doing what is called “shifting,” and what that means, very simply, is that your physical self is doing what your Soul-self has been doing for a long, long time – raising its own vibration so as to accommodate all of the things which are also evolving in the grander awareness around us.  Just like “as above, so below,” the same thing could and does apply to the world around you and also your inner, personal world of thought, soul and feelings. What  is happening within you is also happening outside of you, and in your limited human thinking, you want to believe that you are sick and ailing in the body. The reality is that you are perceiving the changes in the only manner that any human being who has not opened his or her awareness to the point where you know that what you are going through is on the ethereal level and not only on the bodily conscious level.

Your Higher Self is expanding, meaning that you are opening up to a greater awareness, not only of yourself, but of the world around us all, and in particular, your own personal world.

In that way and in that awareness you are starting to understand in the manner that you never have before, or at least were not, until this moment, aware that this is how you have been communicated with by Spirit for a long, long time. Another thing that is happening is that, at this moment in our history as evolved beings, we are ridding ourselves of energies and things and people and situations which are not useful for our personal AND  our collective purpose in this lifetime, and, as well, our collective mission with the others in our tribe. What no longer fits in our lives, or is in not in accordance with our purpose, and specifically what is not aligned with our mission that we are meant to carry out with others, simply is just being ushered out of our lives and is doing so on a grand and global scale. Since it is that we are all connected to one another, we are not only feeling our own stuff, but that of the collective whole in terms of what others who are like us are also going through that mirrors our own stuff.

As crazy as that all might sound, the truth is that humanity has been doing this shift thing since human beings first traversed the planet upright and via only the Ten Toe Express. Now, though, in our very technologically evolved state, it seems that things like this shifting stuff happens at an alarmingly fast rate of speed, and on the flesh-and-blood level of awareness, we are not getting it and we are medicating ourselves literally into oblivion (mostly youngsters because they are having a hard  time with their own growing AND the shifting of consciousness) because we were never taught about how to really deal with the changes, and- yes – the generations prior to our own were bullied into thinking, and even believing, that what I am saying here and now is somehow the ramblings of a madwoman.

I promise you, it is not.

Let’s think in terms that are “as above, so below” for a moment, okay? Let’s think about the last time you had a very, very bad migraine headache – the sort that makes you deal with nausea and makes you want to hurl, and where it was that you thought it came from, even as it came from the same place that it starts with everyone physically (your liver…Google it). Think about the times that you were in such great pain, or perhaps you were having to deal emotionally with things that, if they were familiar, the headache was also familiar and likely brought you back to the thought in your head now and which was similar to then, which in turn also created the same energy that it did back then, but in the now.

The result was a familiar headache from a familiar feeling about a familiar pain in the ass from the past, no matter how distant.

And like we are willing to inoculate ourselves via modern medicine to get rid of the physical manifestation of our emotional and spiritual crap (lots of us turn to #thepharmaceuticals), we are also willing to believe that things within our awareness are the reason that we are Spirit sick, but in reality, things outside are not the cause, but the trigger.

The cause is within you, and the cause is why it seems so hard for anyone who does not know this stuff , to go through all of these spiritual shifts in our own awareness, our own physical selves and the things that are there and present. We are each being called to accept, to deal with and to embrace whatever it is that is bothering us.

By this I do not mean that we have to accept or deal with or embrace them in the manner that we thought was correct the first time all of the really big stuff came to us. What I mean is that we have to accept that we have been where we have been, deal with the things which have culminated over the years, not only to us but to those who we care the most about, and need to embrace the idea that really, this is all meant and is totally part of who we are because we were shaped, not by the actual “bad” things that happened, but rather and only how we went headlong into the fray, choosing to survive it, not worrying about losing whatever it was that we thought was going to be lost, and in that line of thought, we survived.

Survivors. I am one. I love people who want to survive, and I love that they are more willing to come away from something because they had the thought in their heads long before they even got out of something and long before now, that they were going to make things in this particular part of their lives, count, and count on a level that they even didn’t realize was why they went through what they did, why they go through what they do. I just finished telling a very close friend of mine (Hi Jimmy!…no spiders haha) that the reason he is being shown what he is being shown at this moment in time, by someone who he would rather not even have to deal with anymore, is so that this time around, he can say what he has to and needs to say to them, and more, so that this time, it will be with a different, more reasonable, less emotionally driven, more “oh NO! AGAIN?” but not in the same manner that it had always been in the past, kind of energy.

This time, my boy Jimmy gets to have his say so, and this time, gets to walk away from it all knowing, for sure, that he is done with whatever is the energy of that time. This is not only Jimmy’s, but everyone’s lesson right now, to accept that we get to say what we have to say, and we get to say it in a manner that is not like the assholes we once were and we are to expect that, no matter how the other person or party takes it all in and processes it, we get to finally let it go, all of it. And more, we also get to say “to hell with you if you don’t like it if I am not willing to play your high school games anymore. I graduated…deal with it.” Perhaps not in that biting of a manner, but I am sure you get what I am trying to say. You are older now, making you more inclined to know what is important enough to become emotional about, what is just there and being a pain in the ass still. The time has come to us all to let go, for real, of the things that still haunt us daily. Really, the only way that what is there now in the physical cannot be gone from our physical awareness until we have been able to evolve our emotions to the point where we are more tired than compelled to give a damn about things that broke our hearts and made us crazy. Very literally, like Snoop said a long time ago in a lyric in a song, the title which escapes me, but certainly NOT the lyric…it says, and it totally applies to those in mid-shift and applies in the sense that is the others who harmed us…“When you find out what to do with it, I’ll be done with it…”

And really, things like this are happening everywhere, for all of us. Where it was in the past that there was an issue and a situation that called for our emotional selves, and seeing as how we were likely much younger (making us much more emotionally inclined about certain things and FAR MORE egotistical about them as well) and much more able and willing to try harder to not only make things nicer for everyone else involved, but we were more willing to give away pieces of ourselves, only to come back to that energy that lived there for as long as it has been that the initial lesson began, so that we can end it, once and for all.

Ending things, as somehow hard as it seems, even the “bad” stuff, is needed. We need to let go of, finally, permanently, not the lesson or what we have learned, but the emotional stuff that we are prone, as humans, to hang onto.  Our egos want to hang onto the things that hurt us and pissed us off, and while it is that we are meant to retain what we have learned, what we are not meant to hang onto is the pain and the bad stuff – only what we learned. This does not mean that the memory of what we have experienced will go away, because it never will. It means that the way we perceive the memory will evolve into being just that – the snapshot of the thing that happened in our lives that taught us a major lesson about something and that impressed upon us the thing that we learned, and imprinted into our psyche the ability to sense whatever it was that we were given as a lesson so many years ago, possibly lifetimes ago.

‘Auhea wale ana ‘oe – please kokua me and pay attention – you are safe to let go of the pain part, of the things that broke your heart, again and again, and the things that raised the heat of your vibration to the point where it became toxic, and you are safe to rid yourself of that part of whatever it was that you experienced, no matter how long ago. If you have learned what it is that you know you were meant to learn, you can now close that book, and you can now safely, because you no longer need that particular teacher anymore, thank Spirit for that teacher, and in that same energy, you are also safe to release the pain, and the anger, and hell yes – that particular teacher- and retain only the lesson which you have been made stronger and more brilliant because of.

In their place will be the glorious incandescence that is You, shining white hot and brilliant like the stars in the sky, and ever stronger for the things that now, you know.

I Love You All !


Do you see what I see? (Probably not)

Awareness. It can serve us or, through our not wanting to look at what is the truth and the reality, it can hinder us. What is in your awareness, and more – do you know why it is there?


It is my opinion that being aware of things is far more than watching one’s own okole. True, in our physical awareness, and with everything that we see within it, we can see the basic truths of things as they are in the physical sense of things.  We are not really sensing, unless we have been taught to do so, what else is there, in our awareness, and why it is there.

In the lives of Light Workers and Healers, it is awareness which makes us seem as though we have some sort of magical ability to sense where it is that other people are in need of healing (we do, but that is for another blog post). By healing, I do not mean of only the physical sort, but of the emotional and soul sort, which really is where all of our ailments in the body come from. Our thoughts dictate our perception of things, and our memories and the imprint left there by past events help to confirm for us what has come into our awareness.  How we see what has come into our own awareness is how we will always, until we learn to replace whatever it is that is symbolized by what we are looking at, feeling, smelling, hearing, etc., through the limited capabilities of our five physical senses, see what has come into it. The things contained in those thoughts become the symbol of whatever emotions we have behind those thoughts.

And for real, that is where our own personal reality begins – with our own symbols of what we are aware of at any given time.

Turtles, Sharks, Pineapples, Crabs, Alligators, Teeth…

You are all likely wondering what these seemingly random things are about.  For each of these things, there is a corresponding reason for the symbolism produced by each of them, for me, which relates to something or someone else.  Each of these things carry specific meaning and energy for me, and each of these things is related to something as well as someone else.  However, what each of these things means to me does not mean that each of these things will also mean the same things to you.

What are my personal symbols and the reasons behind them are mine. This does not mean that someone else does not have the same symbolism, for the same reason, but normally, what is my “Gator” is someone else’s “Monkey,” and what is my “monkey” is no one’s business but my own.

Symbolism plays a huge part in our own personal awareness of things, of situations, of people. It also is sort of a holder, a container, if you will, of memories which give us each its own personalized energy that was not only created by us, but also has been stored in the capacity in which it was presented to us.  If someone told us something years ago, and we mentally relate that thing to something else, usually a visual, like a mental picture of even a movie scene (no, really), the way that we will remember that is either that it was a good thing (such as the word “Pineapple,” and how it has always made me feel) or perhaps a very bad thing (such as the word “Turtle,” and how, from time to time, it makes me feel), and that is how we will store the memory – it was either good, or it was bad. It is not the actual symbol, but the event related to that symbol that is also where the energy, at least in each of our heads, is stored, good or bad.

What is my “Pineapple” will not be yours, but it could be your “Coconut”

Now, while I am sitting here writing this, and as I read my own words, I am given to a bit of laughter, because what those two words symbolize for me, at least, will not be what they are for a whole LOT of other people, unless those other people know what each of those relate to (only a small handful of people know what either of those two words mean for me…I know they’re  just fruit to you, but they mean a whole, WHOLE lot to me…). My whole point here is that, with just the opening sentence to this portion of this writing, I have effectively planted a seed, not about pineapples and coconuts, but about other things that you, the reader, relates those things to.  At this time, there are some of you whose immediate mind picture was of Hawai’i, and for others, summertime, and yet others, people (yes, people). No matter how anyone looks at each of these words, and knowing what they are technically, no matter what – each of us at this very moment is seeing a different mind-picture, even as we are all seeing the very same words.

It is our awareness of things, of these things which we each have and call our own symbols that bring to us the pieces of reality which we have created.  This is what is meant by anyone at all saying that we create our own reality. Everything that we see and know and feel in our lives, somehow, we drew to ourselves.  What we are not aware of at the time that the things in our awareness is created is that, really, we called what we have in our lives into our lives, because through those things and of course, through those people, there were and are lessons that we also called into our awareness.

Reread that. Reread it because what might seem like I have said that you invited that horribly abusive spouse, that you invited those less-than-desirable people who stole from you into your life, that you invited the way you were treated as a child, that you invited all of the turmoil to your life that you are faced with, in reality, what was really brought by you was the lesson you wanted to learn. It was through means that you could understand why it is that you did not understand why you were someone’s victim (…really, it was so that you would find out that in reality, you were never anyone’s victim, but that you were your own survivor), why those people who swore they were your friends went out into the world and said some really awful stuff about you (…really, it was so that you would know that you truly were NOT with the people who you were meant to hang with, and now look at who you are hangin’ with…yay you!), why it is that anything you have gone through and that also sucked, sucked as badly as it did – it is because you called the lesson into being, that’s why.

You wanted to know some things, and, in wanting to know some things, you needed to have something, some sort of symbol, that you would recognize and that would stick in your brain-cave.  In those things that you needed, there were symbols that you attached to them, and throughout the time that you were learning, you were also cementing into your head whatever symbolism it was that you associated with that person, that place, or that thing, and no matter what way any one of us looks at where we have each been and what we have each gone through, it cannot be denied that whatever it is that you were meant to learn, you probably learned, because you bothered to pay attention to your awareness.

I recall being a little kid and hearing my “Tutu Aunties” (My dad’s aunties…they were ancient to me when I was a child) always scolding us all to ” ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe – PAY ATTENTION!,” and yes, that is what that phrase means, to make sure you are paying attention. I say it often, mainly to some of the teens I coach, that they will want to learn to ‘auhea wale ana ‘oe, because it is not only through what I teach them that they need to retain, but more, what it is that their own good thoughts produce for them as their symbolism and why it is that they associate certain words with certain pictures.  No matter what their reason is, it is their thought associated with a past event which brings to mind their symbols, just as it does for the rest of us.

It is our own symbolism which shows to us, in the manner which only the Mother Goddess can give to us, from our own souls, which help us make the most sense of things, namely when it seems as though there is nothing but nonsense about certain things we have to deal with.  In thinking that we would like to have a better life for ourselves, and for those who we love the very most, we create things that remind us of things associated with the people who are a part of our soul tribe, a part of our family, the family which we were not born into and have instead created for ourselves.

We created the family for ourselves that we do have by calling into our lives and into our awareness the lessons needed so that we may, not seek out these people who we call “family,” but so that at just the right time, when our souls were ready to receive them, and theirs, ours, we just sort of happened for one another. To our lives we draw the people who mean something to us, the very ones who remind us of things, of places, and whenever we think about these people who mean so very much to us, automatically, there are our symbols, our signs telling us that indeed, these people are truly the reason that we went through anything terrible at all with anyone else who is no way associated with the people who hurt us the most and who were also the greatest (harshest) teachers we have ever known or had in our lives.

These new people (and many who are not new and who just happen to happen upon our lives) are the evidence of our awareness, of our paying attention to our symbolism, and about how much we really, really thought well enough of ourselves.  No matter what anyone thinks, the people in our lives are there and there with purpose. They are meant to share with us, and they are also meant to teach us. For those who were treated poorly by someone, the end result has been that the people who show up when we are going through our own healing process are also people who, themselves, need to heal.  The beauty is that, even thought it may seem that you are all somehow out of your minds, you aren’t, but above all, you are with and in the company of people who are worthy of you, of your soul and everything beautiful and magnificent that is contained within it.

The people who mean the very most to us are the ones who seem to show up just in time, who know us without really knowing us, and who seem to be the breather that really no one believes will show up. When they do, it is like being a child again, waiting for the fat guy in the red suit to show up on Christmas morning, except now, the child is an adult, and everyday can be called a reason for childlike, Christmassy excitement.

And hell yes…we all earned whatever it is that we see and feel and know that is within our awareness…no matter what, you brought into your life what you see there now.

Love it…or not…you created it.

Gee…I wonder what else we are all capable of?




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