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Pack Mentality

Humans beings. We like thinking we are more refined than any other species, but we are not. In fact, we are more like the animals than we want to believe, and more than that, sometimes, we can act like rabid pack animals.

Humans …we allow ourselves to love, to be loved, and lots of the time, it works out.  Other times, we love, and the thing or the people who we love are not as loved as we love them, or perhaps not at all. And lots of us have a problem with this in the manner that is “you either are with us, or you are against us.” This creates within a person an energy that is of panic, and it is such, in the person who has not raised their own level of vibration to the point where they are able to ignore such things (read: demands), that it creates the thought, as well, that if we do not choose to run with the pack, we will be…not might be, not could be but will be…left behind, all alone by ourselves, with no one.

My thought about that is to just let them go….just let them all go.

You are not required, by any means other than what is your own soul’s energy about certain things and ways of being, to follow the crowd, namely if what the crowd is thinking runs against the tide of what is the truth within you.

The Truth Within You

We all have our own moral truths. These are the truths by which we live our daily lives. Sometimes, those truths are not the same as the truth of the many and the many will judge the one whose truth does not match theirs as being the lie. While it might be the energetic opposite of what the pack finds as being its collective truth, it does not mean that it also is required to be your truth. In simpler terms, say you go to lunch with your friends. All of you are thirsty. You all know what you want, you all order what you want. The server comes back with the same drinks, meaning that you did not get what you expected. You do not like what is in front of you. Immediately, you make the server aware of it. The server corrects the mistake. Life goes on.

Yet, lunch with friends is not the best example, even as it is the easiest. When we are talking about the human toll in terms of pack mentality, I am not talking about the toll of human life only. I am talking about the toll of human emotional life and human emotional life is something that too many people do not understand. It is easy to get ourselves involved in a sexy little drama, and easy for us all to draw conclusions based on the opinion of the whole, regardless of the truth …the emotional truth…of the individual.

The Emotional Truth of the Individual

Alrighty…let’s think about this, shall we? Think about the last time that there was something on the news, something that was very, very emotionally charged, where lots of people felt compelled to wrap themselves around a certain individual, love them, support them, only to, a little while later, find out that there were things about that person, or perhaps about an entire situation, that did not match what any one person’s ideal of anyone else, particularly the certain individuals in any given situation, was.

Now imagine that this energy, the emotional truth of the whole, based on the individual truths of each individual in the whole, is compounded by the hurt within each individual being made bigger through the pseudo-support of rallying against the certain individual, because the individuals in the group that is the whole have been fooled, or perhaps parts of the story had been hidden, and in that secrecy there were the things that the certain individuals did not want anyone knowing, but  more than that, things that the whole of individuals might not have wanted to see, let alone be surprised by.

What happens next, typically, is that the hurt individuals within the whole begin to compare their own emotions, their own feelings, through the stories that they have been conjuring…the “what if” and the “Maybe this is how” and really, this is how it all begins, good or bad, needed or not – when the time arises and we are in need of confirmations of how we are feeling about anything at all, and there is an entire population of people who are, all at one time, rallying support and love behind others within their tribe of community, we seek out the nurture of the Tribe.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the Tribe forgets that it is a tribe for a reason, for a common good, for the wholeness that is the family, and ultimately the tribe becomes a pack of rabid animals waiting and watching for the weaknesses in others, waiting to attack anyone whose opinion does not meet or match their own.  Waiting, and watching, as well, for those who will, not just protect the innocent, but more, who choose to not deem what the whole deems as right, as Truth.

Once again…that which is our own truth does not mean it is THE truth…it only means that it is ours

Our opinion of anything at all – in some cases, that is our truth, because it is the truth that we have an opinion, a preference, anything at all, about anything at all- is just that…our opinion. We are allowed by our very human spirit to form and to have an opinion, but not always will that opinion need to be heard or voiced by us. Our opinion is not going to be the same as everyone else’s, and may well run in the opposite direction of the whole’s.  Because we do or do not agree with someone else’s opinion does not make us bad or stupid. It is when we are willing to enforce (yes- ENFORCE and not FORCE) that opinion onto others via the matching opinion of others within the whole that things begin to take on the color of the Pack of Energy Vampires (I can’t call them wolves, because wolves are Sacred animals and wolves are also, in MANY Native American tribal traditions, the symbol for the Pisces…need I say more?).

The Enforcement of the Injected Opinion as Truth

It is not that difficult to lead people to think that one person’s truth, if it is dressed up with the right bunch of words and energies, is the truth of the Pack. It isn’t. Think back to the days of high school, where it was that only opinions mattered. It mattered to us all what others thought, and lots of the time, what others thought compelled us to behave in one manner or another. We either did well enough on our own because we were held as the one person whose opinion matched what might have been the actual truth, or, we were one of the many who, through the matching of that truth to our own, and given that we were not strong enough to vocalize that one truth, we were, at that point, suddenly part of a pack.

Now, think back, too, to that one giant rumor that spread throughout the school, and how, once it was that the truth was found out, that the majority of people who were off and running their mouths with a truth that might have sorta matched their own was no where near the actual truth in regards to what happened in actuality. At that time in your life you probably were glad that you were not the one who had started running your mouth, even though you might have been someone who’d agreed with what was being said. Now think about the people who these things were being said about…

…and now think about the things that were not true about the things that were being said about those people, and think, too, about how much of what was being said was not the truth, but merely the opinion of one person, or perhaps one group of people, and how much of the truth was skewed into the mix of the things that could have been the truth.

Think about the energy that surrounds such things, and think about how much each and every one of us likes being part of anything at all, and more, how much any one of us likes being part of what can be thought as being the “winners’ in a disgustingly nasty, men-involved, almost cat-fight over things that become emotionally heated over an opinion that one person or a mere handful of people voiced and others’ whose opinions were sort of like theirs.

It is not hard to adopt a Pack Mentality

We humans do not like being alone in any manner. I don’t care how many think they like to be exclusively alone, because for the most part, there are not a lot of us on the planet who like being by ourselves all the time,  and this includes in our manner of thoughts and of course, we love it when we are not alone in the opinions that we have about anything at all.

And really, we all love gossip. We love to hear it, and others, to create it, and still many, many more love to spread it, and the original message, the actual story, the things contained within the stories are the very things that get lost in the haze of the he-said-she-said garbage. All the while, lives hang in the balance, and as well, people forget that the more they run their gums, and the less they think about the actual human emotional toll, the more the pack mentality grabs our attention. And, unfortunately, sometimes even us!

It is hard to not let one’s self get wrapped up in the sensationalism, in the taking sides of things, of things that we wonder about, things that we are thinking about anything that is big and ugly and makes us feel like we have to take sides about .

Go ahead…take sides…the one called “your own”

I will not lie – there was a time, many years ago, that I would take sides. Then one day, when it was that both sides seemed to be against me, so to speak, I learned what it was to be the one person whose truth did not match the people or the groups which were having a difference of opinion from me. This taught me that it is not okay to take sides when it comes to things that are of a hurtful nature and that cause others pain that cannot be reversed as quickly as perhaps other things might.

How about trying this? How about putting your own self in another’s shoes for a moment, and ask yourself if you were who was being thought about in the manner that is derogatory and heated by the pack mentality, how might you feel if you were that person? How might you feel if you were that person’s family, friend, child, neighbor, coworker, employer…the list could go on and on…and the things that you have said, speculated, believed, all which may or may not be the truth, are the very things that you have to deal with? How might you feel if you were trusting someone, and they broke that trust, and even as you know the person who did whatever it was to break that trust would not do whatever it was that they have or maybe have not and are only being blamed for it, you chose to take on the energy of the pack?

Pack energy is addictive. 

Pack energy. We all know it well.  I know it really well. Over time, I have had to not only earn being the so-called ‘leader of the pack’ (in terms of The Sisterhood of The Soul…the healing group comprised of myself and a few of my cousins and a few good friends here on the west coast), but had to adopt the idea that what I say impacts all of them. No, what I say isn’t about “what I say- GOES”…it is about being able to represent myself to them, each of them, in the manner that is what I hope they can see in terms of my not wanting to hurt them, my not wanting to hurt the people who they work with, my not wanting to hurt me through hurting them.

In a short time, I have had to take who I thought I was and all on my own, with some help from teachers and therapists, and of course, other healers, my best friends, and the like, and become the best version of me, to this point, that I can manage to be, even with all the challenges I face. I did it. I did not think I could, and for a long time, didn’t want to do what I had to do in order to do what I knew I needed to on my own behalf. Which, easily, was to not get wrapped up in the energy that is joining the opinions of the larger populace in terms of what it is that we can allow ourselves to believe, all on our own, without the influences of others.

It is wise to think on one’s own, simply for the fact that sometimes, the pack is not right. Sometimes, it is your own soul’s leanings that are the truth and are the only truths you need to believe…

I Love You All !


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Home – it’s not where you think it is

If you feel like you want to go home, or have the energy of being homesick, of the thought that you just want to go home, it is totally NOT what you think it is

I grew up in a town called Covina. It was the grandest time of my life. I had lots of friends, most of whom I still am very close with. I have lots of memories, most of which were with those very friends, and lots of them still live in or around that area. I cannot tell you how many times I have been wistful for home, how many times I have been back to Grantland Drive, just to take a look at my childhood home, a home that looks nothing like it did when I last called it “my house” back in 1990.

Normally, when I take that drive down Grantland, it is an event which leaves me breathless, leaves me longing for something that, until now, I could not pinpoint. You see, too many of us still have not been able to make the choice to separate what is in our thoughts from what is in our reality. This is a lot of the reason why a whole lot of people suffer from the emotional stuff they suffer from. When I figured out that I was suffering…actually longing…for some semblance of what my ideal of “home” is, it was with sadness and relief. Sadness, because I had the best time in that house on Grantland, with those people in that neighborhood. To this day I still can see me and my friends, running up and down Grantland Drive when we were just little tiny kids. I see us now, as adults, and now our kids hang out. Now, we have those same worries that our parents had when we were our kids’ age.

Home is a lot more than just an address and a zip code

A lot of us at this time are longing for home, but the reality is not that we are longing for a specific zip code, a specific house, a specific set of friends. The home that we long for is with people who are just like us, people who we include in our lives for no other reason than that we have a sameness of soul energy with them. We meet these people all the time. Sometimes these people re-enter into our lives through means of social networking (Jimmy, do you even KNOW how long I looked for you? Aye YUH, bruddah!!).  Sometimes, we meet these people through other people, and while they might essentially be “new” to us, to our souls, it is as though we were only waiting for them to show up in our lives in this lifetime (Hey…April, Dannie, Noreen, Scott, Albert, Michelles 1 and 2, Ilyene….need I go on? Hi guys ! Love you!) And LOTS of times, our soul family never really leaves, but we take absence from them like they do us, even though it is not really that they are gone but are just off and doing what they are supposed to be doing (Hey…Dora…Alan…Lisa…yeah, hi guys!…oh man…HEY TOFILAUS!!! yup…you guys, too ! )

Home…it is where our heart is, and is also where our souls are most comfortable. It is where like souls live and where our soul family is created, meaning that “Home” is no where else but within us all.

We know who our Soul Tribe is

Upon meeting in this lifetime, and it has happened a whole LOT lately, not only for me, but for us all, the trickling in of the people who are either now in our lives or now back in our lives, and they are here with purpose and with good reason – because we have to carry out our combined, collective mission. Let that sink in for a bit and think about all the people who you have encountered in these last two years and you will see what I am saying here, and, as well, you will also know who they are and more than that, based on who you all are as a combined unit, you will also see how it is that you will carry out your combined mission with these people.

I know and have known who my soul family people are. They are the ones in life who have been labeled and judged harshly, the ones who have had to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and who have had to actually do the work involved where their own specific healing is concerned. Healing, to someone like me, is an undertaking that is not for the faint of heart or soul. I say this because when we are healing ourselves we have to think like a doctor and have to be rational, not about what we need to do for ourselves, but what no longer serves us. When we figure out what no longer serves us, we have the painful thing that we have to do which is to let go of those things, those people and the pain. These are things that we totally and dearly hang on to, even when we know that they are not good for us or even that what they served our lives with has been met.

When we finally let it all go is when the pain sets in and the pain sets in because we are not able to see what was detrimental in our hanging on. We can only see the Love that we felt. The Love does not die, neither does the memory, and if that memory is a good one, it is harder for us to think of it as being something that no longer serves us. Good memories always serve us well, that is, unless and until we are longing so dearly for that time and that exact same energy- this is when carrying it becomes a burden.

It becomes a burden because our ego will not allow us to believe that we are readying ourselves for a better, newer “home” energy, that where we were as kids, while it was nice, was small potatoes compared to where we are headed and never does it cross our minds that even though we are not those kids anymore, we are still very much those same people, just a lot older with a lot more time under our feet.

Think about the people in your life right now…what is it that you see there?

This is the one thing that was brought to me years ago, by a woman who a few people regard as being our Soul Mother. Her name is Noreen. Noreen is a Wicca Practitioner and one of the very best teachers I have ever come to know and to love. It was roughly five years ago that this lovely creature told me that the one thing that I have to hang on to, even though I had to let them go, is my family. To this day she has, in total Noreen form, NOT eluded to me what it is that I am looking for. She did this for a reason, and today I know that reason – it is because I needed to remember who I was back then so that the Mother Goddess could show me who these people are now.

The way that we are shown is easy – we are immediately drawn to them, and we also know that they are as drawn to us, for whatever reason there may be. In some cases it was an instant physical attraction, and others, the re-entry of like souls on this same path with us who were there in those times in our lives as our friends and confidantes. Still others we feel an immediately kinship with. These people, I have found, are those who are part of our tribe, part of our Soul Family.

Our relatives in contrast to our Soul Family

Please, do not get me wrong – I love many people within my extended family still, and while the family unit which I was spawned into drive me crazy, I must let you all know that I am as equally crazy about them as I am made crazy by them. Make no mistake.  Yet, even within that tiny little unit, there is something there that needs to be seen to, and I have seen to it.

Actually, Mother Goddess…Spirit…She has seen to it. She has seen to it because She is who has prompted me to seek others like me. She has sent to my life those people who mean the most to me who are not my kids or my tiny little family units. She has brought to me those who I will need to help me carry out my purpose, who are there now and have a similar, if not the exact same mission that I have, through means that, collectively, we serve, together, without realizing that this is what we are meant for and that this is what we should be doing.

It is not to say that our mission is the same as our daily work, even though our mission is connected to the work we love the very most and work which involves music, Love, passion, dance and that familial vibe.

You will know who these people are by the way that you are energetically affected by them. You will know who they are because even though you might not have the same talents or gifts on the physical plane that they do, you will find that those very talents and gifts will be complementary to yours.  I am a dancer. Most of my friends are somehow connected to music or the indie music scene and industry. I dance, and they play music. Dancers need musicians because dancers need music. Musicians do not need dancers, but enjoy the idea that the thing they make (music) is able to spark the fire of the Divine within their friends who dance.

The Point

All of this talk about dancing and musicians and soul families…it is meant to show you who you are currently “going home” with or to. Home is not a place outside of you, but inside.  It is that place where you feel loved, safe and accepted, and there really is only one place on the planet that is the same for us all, even as the facets of that place might be very, very different.

That place is in your soul, where these new people, and some of the best from another time in our lives, live, love and are.

The point is that the feeling of homesickness that you have right now means that there is someone else out there also feeling this way, and if we are lucky, there are a few someone elses out there who are also waiting to meet us on this plane, or perhaps reconnect with us. These people are meant to bring with us the grand measure of Love and acceptance that only you and yours can specifically bring to the world, and those things that can only be brought BY you all, because of that fire that is the passion for all that we each do.

Another cool thing that happens is…

I wanted to save the best part of all this homesickness feeling stuff for last. OKAY, now, I have already told you all about people coming in and leaving or whatever, but the one thing that none of us thinks about when we feel like this is that someone else, somewhere else, is also feeling this way and that when we feel this way, not only is someone else also doing this, but it also means that someone else, somewhere else, is actively looking for us, too.

Read that again, absorb it and let it sink in and then think back to the last time that you felt this way and how long it was after the feeling passed was it that you met someone who you are very near and dear with now.

Ahhhh…there it is….the collective thought that is “nuh uh!”

Oh…yes huh…that is what this is about. When we long, it means someone else is doing the same longing. When we are lonely, and when it is mixed with that longing (it always is), it means that instead of feeling lonely we need to be more aware. It does not mean to actively look for them, but it does mean to be excited about it, because somehow they are finding their way to you.

Again…absorb all of that. You are reading it correctly. When we ask, pray and wish for things to be in our lives, always, those things have to come to us by way of Spirit and through other people. Even when we tell Spirit that we are lonely, that we want to be held, that we want for or desire anything at all, I promise you that Spirit hears it. The thing that we humans do not realize is that when we are longing for those arms, for that pal, for that person, that while we wait, we are given that thing that I have said and written a whole lot about which, no matter how much you do not want to think it is the truth, actually suck – they are called distractions.


They have a purpose, our distractions, and normally it is that we are distracted by things and activities and even people so that whatever it is that we are learning that is appropriate for everything that is at the moment, we will learn. Spirit does not want us unprepared for the entrance of these very important people coming to our lives. I won’t lie to you – it took me a very long time, a lot of tears, MANY adult sized tantrums that could rival a very large, obnoxious two year old, and it was all when I felt like I was so very alone in this lifetime that in my petulance, I cried out to the Goddess – “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU MAKE ME THIS ME AND THEN ALSO MAKE ME BE ALL BY MYSELF? WTF IS THAT ALL ABOUT? !!”

Ha! Just reading it makes me giggle, out loud even, because in my own experiences with this, when I was impatient, it was always me who screwed things up with people, and they were always people who were meant to come to my life for the shared mission. It is never until we understand what it is that we actually need, and more, why we need it, that we learn who these people are. We want to meet our Twin Flame, and we do not realize that sometimes, in our overly emotional lonely state of current being that we are not looking for our Twin and that maybe we already know them and maybe they are already part of our lives and that it is possible that we are not to be romantically involved with them and that the ONLY thing they are meant for is to be with us as family and to carry out that one mission that is shared.

Does this mean that you are never going to meet that one special person? Nope. It means that you need to pay attention to the things that you are asking for of Spirit, and really think about it, past your own temporary loneliness, to the thing that you know you are meant for, the thing that your Soul is here to share in manifesting with the entirety of the whole of your Soul Family.

Does this mean that you are going to eventually be romantically involved with your Twin Flame? It doesn’t always mean that. In fact, the purpose of a Twin Flame in this reality is, as I am and have been mentioning for a while now, is NOT to get jiggy with ’em, but to get out there in this world and do what you are supposed to do with them for the world and the grander populace of Souls among us. And should you hook up and hit it off, cool beans…if not, no big…it IS a gigantically HUGE world and there are a LOT of other people here…just be patient.

That is what a Twin Flame really IS all about. It is NOT that you will be with them on a certain level or in a manner that is what you have been told (am I the ONLY one who is making people know that a Twin Flame relationship is NOT always going to be a romantic one and that it does not have to be?) or that you have read. (Although, typically, it usually IS and most of the time it is in manifest or perhaps even in another realm…) While it is nice that it happens that way, and again, normally it does, but there are those times when it doesn’t. Don’t trip…it is about the shared mission, NOT about gettin’ some squeeze…yeesh !

Does this mean that you need to look at everyone you pass on the street, does it mean that you have to act like a psycho, does it mean that you have to really do anything OTHER than continue as you are? Oh hell no! In fact, if you do any of these things what will happen is that you will push all of what is meant to come to you further way, because excited or not, you will be, in a way, telling Spirit that you do not trust that She knows what She is doing. I promise you that She does NOT jack things up – we do.

Do like the Beatles said…”Let it Be”

I will close today with the most important part of this all, and that is to please, just let things be. I recently told a friend of mine, when querying me about something that he says he had a hand in screwing up, to just please let things be. If it is that the person who he was asking me about is his Twin Flame and they are meant to be together on this plane, there really is not a lot that he or even they can do to change it. The only thing either of them can do is say yes, or no, to one another. Either way, they are both right.

When we have the longing energy of wanting to return home, and we just feel as lonely as we have in a very long time, remember the last time that you told no one (it is never No One…it is always your guides and ultimately Spirit who hears us…well, them and our closest best friends, that is) that you were lonely, that you wanted arms around you, that you were desirous of people who are like you are…remember that you were heard, and that when there are other people involved in the desires of the soul that it takes time, and more, it takes some very harsh lessons that almost all involve releasing the old to make room for the new.

Yup…letting go hurts..a lot, but remember that we asked for new…and we will get new, but we have to release the old, first…



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The darkness is scary, not because it is darkness, but because of what is in it that the Light reveals. 

We all have a shadow, all of us. There are even elements of our Shadow within our Light and it is meant to be this way for one singular purpose – balance. Without the darkness we float along the ether not realizing that we need to come down from the clouds and that we should opt to come down willingly rather than wait to be knocked down . It is the ego self that makes it this way, because the ego wants nothing to do with the pain that it causes for us. It is the ego within that tells us that we have to hide from the light when in the presence of our own darkness.

The presence of our own darkness

it is not the presence of our light that scares us, but the presence of our darkness that is revealed by our light that hurts. It hurts because for a long time we have tried to wear only the lighted smile, and have only tried to carry the weightlessness that is the Love and the Light as One. We recognize the light, and we adhere to it, and we do so thinking that we have no darkness.

I am sorry, loves, but just as nothing can be hidden when the light is there, neither can that which be called “darkness” exist without our being afraid of it being exposed by our own light.

More than a lot else, we are more ashamed of what we are not aware of, of that which the light reveals that we are either not believing is there, do not want to believe is there, or really, we just do not realize that it is there, this thing called the Darkness. We cannot be fully aware of who we are without our darkness. Where it is that a person has been told they are way too vain is someone else not acknowledging, at all, that they are as vain, if not worse. It is the same with a person who is addicted to something, or an activity, or yes, even a substance, and who points out the things that another is addicted to and by. Where it is that we might not have a drug addiction, the moment that we point it out in someone else, we know, right at that moment, that we, too, are addicted to something.

It happened to me…and probably you, too

I will not lie to anyone about it, but I know that part of my darkness is my vanity. While I am not one who wears any make-up, I am one who has an issue with one stinking little gray hair poking its way through the black madness that I have the nerve to call hair. If my hair is not all one uniform color, and yes, I am aware that it is my age and nothing more than that which makes the grays poke out of my skull, I will refuse to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone who I have not seen in a few weeks until I have dyed it all. I am not one to pay much attention to fashion trends but when I wear something “trendy” I have gotta be the only one in the room who is wearing it.

I am not one who bothers with the attention given to what is on the outside of me, but when it comes to my large vocabulary and my penchant for using big words, regardless of the company I am in at the time, I like using big words. I do this because I like to pretend sometimes that I embody the phrase “All brains and this, too.” Yes, it bothers me sometimes how vain and arrogant I can be about (of all things) my ability to be the world’s greatest word snob anyone knows. It bothers me sometimes that I will stop and look at my reflection but only to see if I have anymore gray hairs. It bothers me that what my darkness is happens to be the same thing that I am able to just point out, in anyone, no matter what, and always, I know that i am correct.  I know when I am in the presence of other snot-nosed women who think they know better than everyone else, who think, by the very degrees that hang on our walls, that somehow, we are just the best things with brains and walkin’ on two legs.

I hate admitting it, but it is the very truth of me. I like being very intelligent, and for a time it was that intelligence that also was my crutch and my darkness. Because I was told for many years that I was brilliant and bright, intellectually, that when I was younger I did everything I could to dumb myself down so that I could fit in, and when I got older, and sometimes even to this day, depending upon exactly what it is that is being discussed, I did and do everything within my power to make it known that I am not a stupid woman.

Yet, this does not mean that I have to allow that part of me be the only thing that is awesome. And it is awesome in a dark and imposing way, because I know that if I were not this version of me, it would be that hauntingly intelligent, big giant IQ that would be the fodder for the ego’s growth. Well, none of us needs help, really, growing our egos. We all need help understanding it more than much else.

The Ego is the part of us each that makes us think that no matter what, we have to be better than someone else.

No, we do not. We cannot. The reason that we cannot is that we are each and all awesome, period. I am not awesome playing any musical instrument, but my friends, most of them, are, and in likewise kind, my musical friends would much rather read my writing than help me write anything – they are not writers, but I am, and I am not a musician, but they are. This is our light, respectively. They bring beauty and love to me in the manner that is warming to my hula soul. I bring to them a different thought about the brainy chick and about how I apply my brain to their life situations. Together, while I am not musically inclined, I am beauty-inclined in that I appreciate their beauty in the music that is their light borne of the darknesses that they each have in their lives. In kind, it is with my words that i am able to tell them, through poems, through my blogs, through my simply emailing them and venting, what is the condition of my soul and pour out onto them the things that are making me hurt.

If it were that I was way more egotistical and arrogant about the reality that is my love for words, or, if it were that they were somehow more inclined to think that maybe I can hang with things on my own and without their input, thereby not reciprocating back to me the energy that is healing on the soul level from and by them, not one of us would be able to well understand one another, namely on the soul level, because we would only be doing what it is that we each do for the gain of the glory given to us by others. But it is not like that, at all. It is a beautiful thing to know that my musicians love me as much as I love them. It is a beautifully glorious thing that we all relate to one another on the level that is all and only the soul. It is a grandly gorgeous thing that because we have this understanding of one another that even when we are not being our top-notch selves, we are being true to who we each are and also true to who we are within the boundary of the soul family we created with one another.

Learn to embrace your darkness

I talk to a LOT of people. It is my job in this lifetime. Through those people I am able to see my own darkness, able to bring them to a place where they are allowed to be who they really are without making up a good enough reason for being this person. The one thing that I notice first and fastest is that on some level, they feel like they are responsible for the things that other people say and do in regards to them. They fall into a melancholy state and are not aware of the fact that they are carrying a weight that is not theirs. The moment they realize this is one thing, but the moment they accept it and believe it is an entirely other thing all together. They learn that who they are is not what they have done, but that what they have done is how they ended up where they are at any given moment. When they accept that they are not perfect and that only they have the right to judge themselves is when they also begin to accept that sometimes, things are just going to be the way they are, no matter what. It is the acceptance of the darkness and not only the light that comes into play for them.

Don’t fear the Darkness

We need to not shun our dark places, because in our dark places we always  will be required to return to the light within us each. It is never the darkness that kills our spirit or our inner flame, but rather the fear of the light which will shine on those places and reveal parts of us that we are not that proud of.  What no one thinks about is that all of us has a shadow side, and all of us has stuff about ourselves that we are not really too thrilled to have as a truth.

At the same time, while it is that we are going through the things that are our darkness, we can feel safe in the idea that the darkness is being revealed because of the light. The light will never let anything not be seen that needs to be seen, and no matter what we do or try to do in trying to hide things, they will, no matter what, come out. Better to let them come out to breathe, to see the light, to be part of you and who you are becoming than to hide it all, there beneath the surface of what is and hiding in the mask that is “what is not.”

There is much fear in the darkness, because it is where things hide. It is when the light is allowed to seep into the cracks in our resolve and break through the barriers of who we think we are to the truth of who we are that through the pain caused by who we are not and have never been that we can utilize our darkness.

So, you see, it is not the darkness that we truly fear as much as the light who we are is and shines on those places we fear being and showing the most. Embrace the darkness.

You cannot recognize what is the light without the darkness.




‘Tis the Season: The Gift, Part Two (Yep…long)

“Signs! Signs! Everywhere, Signs!”
(Originally composed by 5 Man Accoustical Band and Performed by Tesla)

Here it is..the 2nd half of the message, as was “delivered” to me an hour or so ago…

We are being given signs, folks, and everyday those things and thoughts and such that you have that tell you that you should do this or that, that guide you out of danger that cannot be seen right now, those things are the very things and stuff and energy that this, the opening of  a brand new era on Earth, requires of us.

There are a few of you reading this who will say out loud after reading that first paragraph that there really is not anything that we truly “have to” do, but at the same time if we are not willing to give a little more of who we are to lend to the entirety of the Whole of Humankind, we can be guaranteed that that which we hold collectively and dearly as the Wishes of the Collective Soul will not materialize for us all. This is not my rule. This is the rule of the Law of Attraction, which tells us that most of all, the things that we want and desire and hold in our Souls are in manifest the moment that we have a clear thought about them, have a pureness of intention when the thought first is created, and are without the energy of our being in competition with anyone else. When we are desirous of a thing and we are ready to receive it – and make no mistake ! We are all being made ready to receive a LOT…a WHOLE LOT – this is when we are meant to have what we desire the most. Nothing good comes from a Soul which is beckoned by the darkness other than the ability to see Light and to feel the penetration caused by that darkness.

We must, at this point in time, be willing to release the darkness, the fear, and the negative intentions set forth by those fears. We must relinquish the thought that we have to drop the illusion of trying to best another and of being better than other people and realize that we have already manifested the proof of our having done well thus far. While many do not want to think that this is all there is, many more are in this energetic pull of “maybe,” and right now what we need is not a maybe but an absolute.

By this it is meant that our absoluteness must be true, deep and fluid. We must be more inclined to Be, In Love, more now than ever, and yes, Life depends on the mass infusion of Love Energy from all of us, all the time, and all at one time, and it is the evidence around us that prompts this pleading, prompts this begging for your Kokua, asking that we all include ourselves, not only in our thinking about others, but also for our very selves.

We are at a point in our Spiritual One-Ness that we HAVE TO be able, sooner than we care to, sooner than we think we need to, and as soon as two weeks ago, give, of ourselves, or else we surely will be met with the same things, people, situations, everything, that we have evolved to to this very point in our storied human history.

We must extend of our Spirits, and we must be true to our own selves as well as we remain true to the intentions which we are setting into motion for manifestation. Without purity of thought, heart and soul, none of what we desire to have in our lives will be in completion, to the extent which it is meant as being. We are each singularly as well as collectively the example of the existence of a Grand Creator, of an energy which is imbued with Love, with Soul, with the very things we each all need and desire and have, collectively, requested. We want what we want, but we want it without our having to give up who we think we are for who we really are, and who we really are is a whole, whole lot. We cannot know this if we are not willing to shed the old truths for the creation of the new truth within us that is waiting to Be, is waiting to be Known and Utilized. You Are Waiting To Be, but what you do not know, are not aware of, cannot possibly fathom, is that you already Know You, but you have been denying yourself the ultimate in Spiritual Partners – Your very self.

It is time that we all chose to include ourselves in prayer, with one another, alone with our selves, with our animals, with the Creator, with our Guides, our Angels, our Soul Tribes – we must remember our origins, remember that we were never meant to be “at each other,” but only at each others’ service. We have come to a point where we know what is plenty, are living through what we see as “lean,” we know heartache, loss, anger and resentment, and right now is the time that we must release it all. We must allow our Souls to release the toxicity of the past, and we must understand that that which no longer serves us is also that which is no longer of use to our Path. We must release the old to make way for the new, and we must gladly allow ourselves to allow God to fill the void which is left by the absence of the things which insult our souls, and we must …MUST do this on the level of the collective, because as it stands, there are many of us who are already ahead of the idea that we need to clear out, ponder, wonder what it is that we think is the reason that we are hanging on to the things which hurt us the most.

When you pray, be fervent, be true, and again, Be, In Love. Know now that you are the very Highest Representation of the All That Is, that yours is the face of God, as is your Brother’s. Yours is the Soul of the Cosmos, as is your Brother’s. Yours is the heartbeat of the Universe, as, too, is your Brother’s. We must take care to the Malama’aina, to care for the Land, and in this instance the Land is two fold – it is our Mother, Gaia, and it is us, collectively, singly, and we must be more inclined to remain as gentle souls, here in service to others, no matter who and no matter for what reason – we must return to our own gentleness, and we must be able to impart this gentleness on the Whole of Mankind. We are who permeate one another with the beauty that is Love, that is Life, that is the Alo’ha within us all – we are the Breath of Life, the part of one another which is us, in Wholeness and totally absolutely not with the thought that somehow we need to be better than someone else, that we need to give others a reason to mistrust us through our own mistrust for them. We must be willing to see the world, not through the rose colored lenses we have chosen to this part of the Now, but through the Eyes of the Soul.

For many centuries we have passed down through the generations the aches and pains which were evidenced by the Bones of our Very Souls, through our tears and through the gnashing of our own teeth. We have been willing to raise arms against our Brothers, have chosen to be the Soul Murderers of our very Sisterhood globally, and the time has come where we must accept that this is not our Truth. This was never our Truth. Our Truth is within us each and is waiting to be birthed for the beauty and the Promise that it all is, collectively, singly, Universally.

We are being called to the task of becoming the Village which raises the Children in a collective manner. We are the children, Na Mamo, the Chosen and Cherished, and the Village is the world of all the different lands and the oceans which no longer separate us but instead connect us through the representation that is the emotional element of Water, and the world is covered mostly with water, meaning that we need to tap into that emotion collectively and for the very first time in any of our very human lives and stories, we must choose to See each other with Holy Eyes and through the Spirit’s sight. We must look past the things that hurt and the past which marred and scarred us. We must bother with the idea that we are so not alone, and we must choose to Live Through only the Thoughts produced by the finest of minds. We must think that we are all that we are, even as we simultaneously are very personally different than one another.

We must choose Love above all else.

And yes, Ohana, it is the most important thing that we can do for each other and more, for ourselves, that we have ever done. We must Love our own selves if we expect anyone else to, and we must learn from the things that could have been seen as an infraction against us, and instead of thinking of that one thing in a negative manner, we must choose to see it as yet one more lesson that we are meant to learn and that we never have to learn ever again if we should so choose to not. Right now we are collectively as One, and it has taken us a long time to get here, and it was a lot of work, tears and loss, but here we are, at the top of the proverbial mountain, and all we have left is the view. Yet many of us cannot see the view because many of us are at the top and do not know we are all here and all together, and many of us are choosing only to look at where we have been and have chosen to judge it. Stop judging it. Stop judging you. You are here for a reason and it is not a hurtful but a healing reason.

You are meant to Be, In Love, and you are meant as a Divine and Holy Beacon, a Light shining in the darkness of your own fears. You are meant as an important piece of this intricate puzzle and knowing we all came into, each with our own lessons, our own Path to walk. We should live joyously in this time, regardless if we are in the mindset of Loss, of heart ache, of things that we do not want to look at. We are here in this time together, and at this time we are meant to be together in thought, in prayer, in harmony with the All That Is. Sadly, there are those among us who doubt that this time in history is real.

I implore those who have doubts to please take this time right now to sense with your body the things that your Soul is telling you, and I begging you all to not turn a deaf ear – the answers are there, are yours, and they are not the ones that you had hoped for, but are the ones that you need the most. Take heed to this message for it is meant as a catalyst into the New Age of Aquarius, where more and more of us will rise to the levels of greatness that we are no where near having the idea that maybe we deserve what we have now, what we see as ours in the future, and no matter what, whether you like it or whether you do not want it, whatever the “it” is, it is right, it is what you need. It is helping you to clear what is no longer useful, is applicable to the person who you were before the Shift within you began to take place. Your Soul will not allow you to go backward, and your Soul will wretch at the idea of doing things for the sake of others if it will also be to your own detriment -physical, emotional, mental, and especially Spiritual. We are fighting with each other, but what we do not realize is that truly, we are being called to be all the Soul Warriors we were born to be, and we are instead fighting our very selves.

Stop making your Soul beg for its Right to Be. Stop telling yourself that you do not deserve what has come to you. Stop being in the energy of denial, for it is not anyone but you who will be denied.

Right now, we must choose to Be, In Love. This is the entirety of this message – to Love with unfiltered energy, to give with much glee, to be open to receiving much of what we give to others. We are being taught through our experiences with other people exactly who we are. We must take heed and bother to learn.

We must be without fear of change. We must know in our heart of hearts and in the very deepest part of our Souls that this time, whatever is happening in our lives is needed. The clearing away of the old for the new is needed. We must release through forgiveness, and we must give Love, show graciousness as well as be Thankful, yes, even for the things that hurt us.

And again, the only thing that we are afraid of is change, because change makes us stretch.

Do not Fear. Fear is a negative vibration. Embrace the Fear and Know that the Truth is there and is Yours.

Know that you are the evidence of Truth in the Universe. Know that you are the Divine Measure brought about by Spirit. Know and Believe that you are as precious and as important as the Sparrows in flight, as God cares for the birds of the air, so surely, too, God must care for you.


We can only do for ourselves…

For our own sake, do for You

We cannot save other people. No matter what we want to believe and no matter what we think and no matter what we are trying to talk ourselves into, we can only save or do anything at all for ourselves.

We silly humans don’t understand this, or maybe we do and we just cannot bother with thinking past the idea that we have to Do in order to Be. No, we don’t. In fact if we each paid attention to the things and the situations in our own singular lives we would find evidence of this one fact – when it is that we have started our trek to wholeness by walking with ourselves, all the pieces that would have been in place for others to have help from us sort of just happen. When we leave things alone that we know we should, and when we choose to stop obsessing about those things, and when we realize, after we have become so exhausted from the mental bruisings we have experienced which led to our own Spiritual ailment and in turn which led to our physically manifesting the things that we didn’t want to happen, life happens just to fall in to place.

We cannot do for others what they refuse to do for themselves, and we cannot expect that that which we want so badly for them will happen because the frank truth is that they may not see things the same way that we do, and when it is that we find that this is the truth that has not changed, we can allow ourselves to no longer wish for anyone else but ourselves the kind of healing that we can only bring to us, through us or perhaps through another person, and that healing is Divine because it is the Soulful type of healing and is the kind that, even though it hurts at the onset, it is the thing that brings us the Wisdom and the Strength that we all each so badly need, sometimes just to make it through the day.

Make it through the day

Make it through the day, guys, and try to do so without the idea that you have to do anything to make anyone else comfortable about anything at all. It is common and even arrogant of us human types to not so much want something better for others, namely those who we love, but more than that, we want to save everyone because somewhere within us there is this inclination toward our thinking and believing that we can save anyone but our own selves.

Make it through the day, guys, because if you don’t bother with looking at the things that dearly need to be seen you will find out that all along we have been moving quite nicely toward a goal, that we have been stopped a few times along the way but for not much more than to smell the roses.

Make it through your day, guys, without the feeling that you have to do anything more than simply Be You and to simply do what you must in order to make your self available and ready for the things that are headed toward each of our lives in a collective manner.

I Love You ALL!

Reverend Roxanne Cottell is the Kumu Hula and Creator of the Spiritual Hula Program for Women and the Co-Founder of Na Hula O Ka Wahine ‘Ui. She is a blogger, book authorchoreographer and Spiritual Adviser. To contact Roxanne for information about the Spiritual Hula Program for Women or information regarding private hula or Spiritual Guidance sessions with her feel free to send her an email.

(c) 2012 Roxanne K. Cottell. All Rights Reserved. 

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