The Deep…

wild orca

“Most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.”

(James Harvey Robinson)

Lots is happening in our world right now.

Lots more is happening on the personal level, as well, in our own personal and private worlds – the world inside of the each of us.

At this time, the very all of us are experiencing what can be perceived as losses but what if we were to think about them as our actually getting much needed soul-clutter out of our lives so that we can make room for better things to come? 

What if we are being taught things that feel really bad emotionally, and that in order to identify those things, we have to be taught those things and shown those things, and to make those things come out of the depths of where we hide ourselves when things get ugly…what if it is that we are being taught to no longer worry, care about, deal with those things, because in worrying, caring about and dealing with those things, we are doing anything but serving what is our Higher Purpose in this lifetime?

What if it means that we are not the only ones who are learning from these lessons, and what if it is that we are at the end of our learning some things, but that those who keep on impressing upon us what their egos want for us to do, on their behalf, even if the bodies housing those egos would never ever do as much for us? What if it means that in order to balance it all out, we have to let go of some things and at this time in our collective beingness, we are all purging the things that are of no good purpose in our lives and no longer serves who we are becoming? 

What if I told you that even I am going through these things, and that I am having a hard time with some of it, but that I have already conquered this …whatever the hell we want to address it as…perhaps as this energy that seems like it is forcing us to do things, not apart from what we want, but, apart from who we have been made to believe we are….what if I were to tell you that we are all going through this garbage, this ferreting out of things…essentially the cleaning the clutter from the closet of the mind?

Lots of events have prompted this writing…. and, yeah -I have been away for a while….but Iʻm Baaaaaaa-aaaack…..

Think about these lyrics:

“…There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark
Finally I can see you crystal clear
Go ‘head and sell me out and I’ll lay your ship bare
See how I leave with every piece of you
Don’t underestimate the things that I will do
There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch and its bringing me out the dark…”

(Rolling In the Deep by Adele)

The fire has been there for some time now, but I have been fighting the fire when instead, I ought to have been gathering my fellow weirdos and started dancing around it. I have depended upon the good opinion of others whose opinions ought to mean nothing to me at all. Yet I allowed them to mean everything for a very long time. Then one day, one of the people who started this madness for me in childhood taught me something without teaching me something…that I Am Who I Am for a damned reason and trying to break me is not going to work because of one True thing….

While I am never going to state that I Am Unbreakable, I will state, matter-of-factly even, that it is tough to break me. There are only a few people on this planet who know how to do this, and those are the very ones who have done all that they can to, without preserving what is not meant to be there, not harm me. We humans do not know how to not harm others. Harming others is something that we learn while we are growing up.

We are taught that in order to be worthy, we have to become someone elseʻs slave for years on end, just so that we can prove to these certain others that we are worthy. What is really going on is that they are merely keeping us where we have been trying to grow from since the time that we were children and taught not to fight, not to do lots of things with the one thing that we were taught was UNacceptable no matter what was having a difference of opinion from the people who would be the elders, or adults, in our lives. This was the lesson that I was taught, that was impressed upon me that told me that since I have ALWAYS WORKED FOR MYSELF that I canʻt be worthy to others (meaning that they would not hire me because I must have done something wrong instead of my just not being the right fit for the job…and even then…), because I did not earn my freedom from emotional slavery the way that everyone else supposedly does and the way that lots of people still believe you HAVE TO do things.

It doesnʻt matter what line of work you are in, neither what kind of stand up person you are in your community – when it comes to matters of the family from which you hail, there is a real harshness that too many will chalk up to being “tough love.”

Most folks know how I feel about that “tough love” crap – it is not real, is the reality that most people think is good for others when those others wonʻt back down from who they are and lately, no matter who wants to think otherwise, I have been bullied into backing down, harassed into not being Who and What I Am For Real and at this time I can safely say for real that I ainʻt havinʻ anymore of it.

Who they think I am, in relation to who they are not is the reason why I feel I have been done to the way that I have been done to – because a group of people cannot have their way, and having their way this time is symbolized by one thing, yet the truth in the reality is that I have seen through it from the inception of this nuttiness and all it means to me is that it is time that we moved on. 

From it ALL

And yeah…I am totally taking steps towards that happening and the more that I believe the things that you are reading right now, the more that I see the truth of my words coming to life. 

Not one of us thinks that we are going to be separated from the life that we knew so well just a few short months, and in my case, weeks, ago.

We donʻt think or believe that those who we believed ourselves to matter to the most do not feel that way about us. We donʻt think or believe that the person who we are will ever have to prove that we are not someone else or even someone who we might have been in the past. We do not believe ourselves to be anything other than who we are meant to be to anyone else, and always we forget about one crucial person who we absolutely need to Be there for the most, absolutely NEED to be so that we can help ourselves out of the jams that we are placed into by others. 

That person is our very self. 

It was not that long ago that I felt this way about the very ones who I am feeling this way about right now. The photo of the pod of orcas speaks to my Pisces soul. It breathes life into me in places that I did not know existed, and tells me the story of what at least my mom taught me in that real families stick together, are supportive and not harmful, will do what they can to make it easier for us to get through the tough times. 

I write a lot about family dynamics and about how it is that we label ourselves in those dynamics, believing that they are the things that a family is built upon. We state that it is Love that binds a family together, but it is the opposite of Love that banishes those who find themselves apart from that group who we know so well. If I thought about it more deeply, I would know that it is deeply etched in the bones of the soul , these beliefs that we each and all have hung on to for so long that to no longer do things the way that we always have becomes the most painful part of the process. 

I liken it, now that I am squarely in the middle of it, to birthing a child into this lifetime. It is harsh and painful, is messy and can be considered a bloodsport by some, this thing called giving birth and which is a most beautiful violence. I call it this because bringing life into this world is a painful process, and there is thrashing and pushing and your hair gets messy and in my case you end up with broken blood vessels in the eyes…and yet, at the end of the struggle, there is this tiny little life that is vulnerable and meant to be taught how to be the best human ever. 

I canʻt say truthfully that we all see it this way, this thing called bringing new life into the world, and right now we are all birthing ourselves to becoming the best version of ourselves that we have been fighting to become, and at the same time, fighting to not be, and not be because even though new life is awesome, it is very dearly scary, but because we are afraid to be everything that we are.

Each one of our souls knows that new life comes without an instruction manual, and this does not only apply to babies, but applies to us all. 

We are without a clue, even though we have every clue because we were born with the capacity to love and the ability to learn to reason and it is in our reasoning that we end up using and strangling ourselves, and all because someone else, a long time ago, wrote the rules for behavior and those rules were kept alive through making it difficult for us to want to break them. We had the love of those who were supposed to love us without condition suddenly becoming conditional the moment that we chose to think an original thought. We had the thing that we thought was who we were and who we would always be in full tact until someone else came along and told us that that was not the acceptable version of ourselves that they preferred and then one day it happened. 

We became brand new, and those who are averse to growth made us know they are averse.

You donʻt have to be.

Youʻre allowed to be brand new.

Reasoning is why we end up in Soul pain…

My reasons for hanging on to certain others is ridiculous. When I think about that reasoning in another manner I can see where it is that I have been held captive by lots of people throughout the years, and all of it has to do with them, never with me. It guided me to the thought that there are others on this planet who will go to great lengths to preserve what is their highest level of thought, even if that level of thought is based in untruth and flat out lies – and as always, the Karmic wheel turns and turns and for the life of us, we see it, through our unenlightened selves, as being this thing that for too long has been the excuse for abuse – tough love. 

The Karma that people do not think they are creating comes to them as the messy situations that lying causes, that trying to make someone else do something or be something they are not will create, not only for anyone else but also for everyone involved, even and including them more than anyone else. No one thinks about the damages that happen to other peoplesʻ lives until those damages are brought out front and center and made into the thing that has to be considered because we do not really know what those others are really capable of. They donʻt know the messes that they make until one day it comes home to roost. 

And of course I am going through a whole LOT right now with everything that you are reading and of course, I am trying NOT to lose myself to this sort of energy again and make no mistake – I have been the one who has volunteered to help me make me recognize that there is strength in my convictions, enough so that when it comes down to it I am not really giving very much up other than the chance to, for the rest of my life, again and again, go through this karmic crap with anyone ever. 

The Deep

“The Deep.”

That is what I refer to as being the levels of consciousness that we are not aware that the rest of the world sees in us.

We do not see ourselves being treated like crap, but the rest of the world does. We do not see ourselves begging for things that otherwise, we would be remiss to believe that anyone would have to go through and endure things that they, themselves, did not and would not ever bring into their own lives. We do not think about the thing that we are being shown blatantly.

I Am being shown, blatantly, that I do not fit in with certain groups any longer.

On the top of things where my ego lives, I am trying hard not to fight this truth. I am trying hard to not “go there” where it hurts me and I am trying hard to not get so angry at myself for not trying harder to see these people in the manner that I assume they see me, which is not really that great. And really, when I think about what I am looking at, even as it is the same set of people with whom I have gone through more than my fair share of shit because of, is actually the past. 

Our past, as I have stated in the past (haha) many times is only good for reference and nothing else.

There is nothing there in the moment called Now, and there is nothing there in the future which is in manifest. The only thing there is a memory, and most of the time it is the memory that hurts us because embedded in that memory is a time in our lives when we might have loved our outer selves more than we did not think about our inner selves because the outer self had it goinʻ on. We loved those times in our lives because everything felt right and was right but when I look back, the only thing that was right was the thought in my head that I was not a right fit for a lot of things, a lot of ways of being, a lot of people….and yeah, it hurt like a bitch but back then, it was normal to me to hurt like that. 

It isnʻt normal to me anymore.

It does not fit.

I have been shown that I Am Worthy, that I Am Loved, that no one in my world will ever treat me any other way than the way that I treat other people. I have been pushed and pushed and pushed, and finally I find that I have gone through this garbage so that other people can see there the things that they need to learn in order to grow away from the things that essentially harmed them, possibly since when they were very small children. What those other do not get, what they might never get, is that they have the right and the ability to be honest, everyday, that they have the right to defend their Kuleana – their sense and level of integrity, and that they have the right to defend who they are to no matter who it is that wants any one of us to believe that we are not meant to be our highest, best selves. 

Our hurts are meant to teach us things. I Am learning that I Am a force to be reckoned with. When I am harmed, the whole world knows. When I am harmed, the people who harmed me also know because these days I am none too shy about letting them know that I feel as I do. 

How we feel is how we are, and how we are is what the world sees, and if what we are feeling is how we are then this means that lots of people assume that this is who we are.

I Am damaged, but I Am Healing, and I know this. I Am a Beautiful Wreck of Damage whose energy can be compared to the meat that rots into the earth, going back to its origins and giving it back, in death, the life that once sprung forth from it. While that last statement might seem a bit harsh, because I Am Laʻāu Lapaʻau – a Plant Medicine Practitioner – it is one of those statements that I take very seriously. 

It means that even in losses, there is much to be birthed of them, and that even when the pain feels like it is too much to bear, it is there reminding us each of what is next, of what we have the opportunity to do even if it hurts us, as much as it will hurt anyone, and more, the things that will happen after the fact. 

Everything in our lives is custom made and tailored to our needs, even the things that suck, even the things that hurt. The things that suck are the things that we need to as why they suck, and the things that hurt we need to ask why they hurt. Everything has a reason, and if we are to believe that the reasons that we are in the circumstances that we are are due to our inaction alone, then we need to stop judging others for what it is that they are not doing the way that we, ourselves would do them – everyone is different, and no one is going to do everything the way that anyone else says they ought to. 

Every lesson that we learn is also a lesson for the others in our lives and who are dearly  involved in our lives. The things that have been brought to my awareness are the things that people believe are my doing. Yet, the people who brought these things to me also know that these are not mine to own, but theirs. At the moment, I am the one who is not scrambling for much more than a better place, spiritually and emotionally, and of course physically (the roaches are bigger than my daughter-in-lawʻs Sparky Cat) than the one that I live in now and where I do not have to feel like I am constantly trying to stop being put in a position where I have to compete with other peoplesʻ truths. 

In our lives, we are not those who have to prove anything to others, just because someone else – ANYONE ELSE – called us out for the fight. It is just our way of knowing, without really knowing, that it is time to do that whole…Jedi mind trick thing….and blow their minds by not blowing your stack.

Just because you are not who others think you are, it does not mean that you have to prove that you are not what they want you to be. In fact, you have nothing to prove at all, and the only thing that matters at any time at all is that you are being true to yourself, being authentic and in your place as the higher being that you have aspired to for all of your human life. 

We donʻt realize that the pod we came from shows us what we are meant for and yes, what we are NOT meant for. 

I have been shown that there are some of us who are not meant for trying to fit into the mold that someone else has set for us because it makes THEM feel better, not about us and who we know we are, but about their own tortured selves and who they know they are not.

I said it

Deal with it…if you donʻt, it wonʻt change, and your life wonʻt change even the tiniest little bit. 

Ask yourself if you like the things that keep on showing up in your life. Do you like the feeling that you get when you have to defend yourself against an untruth, or would you rather just continue living your truth as you keep on creating it? Do you think that if you tried harder to please those others that they would love you more, or, do you believe the other way in that they might just not ever be satisfied with you because they might not be satisfied with themselves?

Do you really like what you are going through everyday, just because someone else, a long time ago made you feel like you do not know what you are doing and that they have a better plan for your life?

Most of all, is it their business who you are?

#Think about it for a moment.

No answer that you give yourself is the wrong answer.

I Promise…

#LosAngelesKahunaRox #TheCrabAndTheFish #NeverBackDown #UnSilenceTheViolence





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