Have a Very Lenny Christmas


We were never born to hate one another, never brought into this consciousness to be divided. This year, instead of having a Merry Christmas, have a Lenny Christmas…

“A Lenny Christmas…”

Hi folks

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you already know to click on the photo and most of the time you will be taken to a video or a website. Of course, because it is two days ahead of Christmas 2016, and since it is that human beings in the United States have been handed what we have been handed, specifically just in these last few weeks alone, it should make a whole lot of sense to anyone at all that I wish you all a very Lenny Christmas…

“Love is gentle as a rose, and Love can conquer any war. It’s time to take a stand. Brothers and sisters, join hands…we’ve got to let Love rule…”

If you are any kind of music fan at all, specifically of Lenny Kravitz, then you will know what I mean by a Very Lenny Christmas.

We do not only have to let Love rule, we need to involve ourselves in the rebuilding of the world within our collective whole of human beings. We need…need to let Love, that thing that we apparently, at least a whole lot of the population of planet Earth seem to have forgotten about, rule.

We need to allow ourselves to fall into the depths of understanding one another at a much deeper, soulful level, and our thoughts need to be in line with healing on every level – from emotional to spiritual to financial to physical. On every level that is part of our consciousness, we have to allow ourselves to become vulnerable, to allow others like us into our Soul Tribes and allow it that they will meld into our lives, in our hearts and souls, and become what we were meant to be...which are even brighter beacons of light, so that those who hurt can find us, and we can teach them how to know what is the Truth of Love within themselves.

What we have right now is only half the battle won.

We have been through so very much that a lot of us professional weirdos are very tired, and it is a weary energy that is felt in the whole of us, in the collective of those of us who are thought as being the Keepers of the Divine Secrets, the Wise Ones, the people who are in your lives and on this planet in this lifetime to teach others, in every manner, what is Love. I am not talking about A Love Bizarre, but a Love so pure and contained of the Light within the entirety of us all, every single one of us, that our light shines so brightly that indeed, we have to wear shades.

We have been taught our whole lives that we have to see each other as a competitor, but were not taught that life is not a sport, not a game, but is a gift that we are given every day of our lives. We have been told that in order to do well, to have abundance, to be whole humans and have what we would each and personally consider as being “everything,” that someone else has to go without (no they do not. This is a lie. Please keep reading).

We have been made to believe that everyone else is out to get us, and then one day, typically the day after the fourth Thursday of the month of November, we see this competitive and…primal killing nature…alive and well in modern man.

We are treated to the foolishness, and the greed, and what seems to be the overwhelming need that some people have and display that tells the rest of the world that we are going to get our way, and no one is going to get in our way, and that if anyone does, we are going to make a freakin’ spectacle of ourselves…and up until recently, until some of us (the weirdos on the planet) decided just a few short years ago, that we were no longer willingly throwing our hats into the arena, no longer willing to be in the cage with the rest of the animals, and chose, instead, to give Love to others, rather than give an overpriced item that we are not sure our loved ones could use or even want.

All this does is prove that gift giving is a sport, and that we have to outdo each other in terms of what was spent, along with what we are planning to give, and that we believe will be a better show of whatever twisted form of Love it is to try to outdo others at a time of the year when we need to practice having a very Lenny Christmas.

“Love transcends all space and time, and Love can make a little child smile. Oh, can’t you see this won’t go wrong, but we’ve got to be strong…we can’t do it alone…”

Love is the thing that this world always needs, and Love is the thing that we think we have a choice about, but what we do not realize is that when it is the real thing, we do not know what to do with ourselves. We think we are meant to be crazy when we feel like that, but the truth is that we are giddy with excitement, because we Know Love.

And it is any kind of Love…the kind between two souls…and the kind between Soul Tribes…the kind that is the sort that heals, even though sometimes, it seems like it hurts. It hurts because sometimes, the Truth hurts. This is why we must, at this time in our lives and during this particular holiday season, 2016, let Love rule.

We no longer need to be afraid of who is and who is not going to be there for us, because we know this answer. We need not deal with what is not the truth, because we know, inherently and for sure, what the truth of us is and what the truth of us is is Love. We are made of Love, born of Love, need to Live in Love and to Be, in Love.

To Be, In Love is not only the way that it is typically thought to be -which is the sort that I mentioned in the paragraph before this one…the sort that is between two people . To Be, In Love means to be in a constant state of Love, and the kind that is of the higher sort, and is the kind that compels us to want to help others, want to be there for those we care about the most, and want, mostly, to live in this constant state, not only of Love, but what everything is that is Love.

We cannot know Love unless we are able to Love Our own Selves…

This is the truth.

We only know the Love within us, and we are dearly wanting to share it with the world, with one other person, but first, we have to know how to share it with ourselves. This does not mean that you have to not hope for Love from another, but, in order for you to know for real what it is, you have to be able to get past your own foibles, have to understand that you are who is meant to help you heal – not someone like me who teaches others how to do this, and not someone like the Gator who can do this from a distance and not someone like my cousins who are able to place hands on a person and understand what is a person’s damage.

We feel lonely when we have no outlet for this Love within, and that is when we are also being told, by Spirit, that we have to Love our selves completely, or else how will we be able to do that for another person? How will we know how to Love if we do not know this for and by ourselves? How will we know what is NOT sacrifice and what is sacrificed for the sake of the health of Love? How, indeed, will we ever be able to discern what is the truth of the Love that we each and actually deserve, the sort that takes time to build and the sort that wakes you up in the middle of the night thinking about this Love that exists within and eventually, outside of one’s own self?

How will we know this?

We won’t.

…meaning that it needs to be a Very Lenny Christmas if this is, indeed, the Truth of you and who you are.

The Bottom Line Truth Is..

We are here to Love one another, here to help each other learn and to heal and to grow. This is the gift which is inherent within us all, and the one that we seem more inclined to think is not worth the value of a tangible item inside of a box that someone in a land far, far away built and that a conglomerate company somewhere in this world sold, and which a part time employee at a mall somewhere was paid to wrap in a bunch of shiny paper.

We are here to Be, In Love, to be the ones who have this killer bent towards healing the soul of the planet, one soul at a time, through whatever means it is that we have been birthed into this consciousness for.

We are here to experience the joy that is the Love shared between two people, but not until it is that our souls are ready for it – we cannot Love anyone else until we can Love our very selves.

We are meant to be with one another, to hold ourselves accountable to the Love within us, to share it and give it away, because that is what it is meant for – to give, not to hang onto and play pick and choose….but to Love all, even if from a distance, and even if merely in the form of forgiveness, because we all know that we forgive others, not to let them off any imaginary hook, but so that we will have peace for ourselves rather than anger that rots and festers.

We are meant to be part of this great big energy that is The Very All of Us, and the Whole of Us is meant, without any sort of resistance, bother to be part of the global human family, even with the people who we would never give a second thought or glance to – yes, even those who you would consider as being “the least of us.”

We are meant to give this Love, at all times, unflinchingly, unabashed, and unconditionally, to others, regardless of their beliefs, their income level, their place of origin, their ancestral beginnings….every damned thing…we are meant to show this Love to this World, always.

We are supposed to do this, because this is what we are born for…this Christmas, please enjoy the company of those closest to you, and please Love You, as well, and give your Love to your closest soul family members.

Love is automatic when it is real.

Practice Love. Give Love. Know Love. Be, In Love…

To you all…please have a Very Lenny Christmas….

Please click on the links …the gift of music is always lovely to have…please enjoy!





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