…about Standing Rock





It means “Unity.”

This is what all of this…chaos…with all of this unneeded pipeline was all about…it was the Universe’s way of making us look at ourselves.

We are not in as bad shape as we thought we were, at least not in the way that we were interpreting what it was that we were all watching happen…yes, the 2016 elections.

We were in unity, we were in lokahi, but, at the level that we did not need to be. I have to put it out and in front of everyone, right now, and that is that in the most unconscious manner, we let our egos out to play.

Yet, what we were not prepared for, at all, was that the other team…the pipeline investors…wanted to take the ball home, because they were losing. They found out that the kids in the neighborhood were not having that. They found out that throwing sand in their eyes …that we meant business – we were no longer, on many levels, willing to allow ourselves to be bullied by the kids who lived in the more affluent neighborhoods. This is the only way that it can be described because this is the way that it felt, at least to this intuitive.

We found out a whole lot about ourselves, and lots of it was important.

We found out that we don’t play well with each other and that it is not now, nor has it ever been our fault. We also found out that we were not willing to let our indigenous family ever have to fight for what has always been there, were not willing to make them repeat the travel on the trail of tears. We showed up, in droves, because they were not the only ones who were not havin’ that.

None of us were, and at one moment we forgot the actual reason why- the children, not just of Standing Rock, but, all of them, all over the planet, and not only here at home in the United States.

The children, all over the planet, were watching…even the ones in the ugliest neighborhoods on the planet, the roughest places in our communities…I know this, because I reach out to those ones in particular, because those are the truest people, the golden people – they are the ones who know struggle. They are children turning the ugliest places into the playgrounds that they don’t have access to…the harshest thing to hear is the laughter of children at play in places they ought to not be laughing, but laugh,they do.

…because only in childhood can beauty be experienced in the midst of chaos…because childhood is chaotic, but it did not have to be this chaotic. We forget that it doesn’t take much to scare children. Then one day, we remembered, because teachers in our public schools are talking about it…and it reached our kids, and it became real to them.

We saw the fears of the kids at Standing Rock in our own kids.

We remembered what was important, and it was not what we thought it was. We found out that we are legion, are numerous, are here in droves. We found out, on a large global scale, that we care…and it is not just a little bit, but a whole, whole lot. 

This is who we are, we, the people.

We care.

About each other.

About children in particular.

We want to save them from the monsters of life, of our times, and we want them to be what we were never, which was living in an actual energy of feeling safe and secure within our homes, in our lives and most importantly, in ourselves. We have, without getting ugly, and only with the heart and soul of the planet, of the Universe, of the Goddess, right there, prodding all of us who are called “Mom” to do what is right, no matter what, and that was to make certain that this tiny little patch of land that does not belong to anyone BUT those Sioux children, stayed theirs.


And it happened.

It Happened…Lokahi WORKED

Our unified stance, NOT AGAINST anything but FOR the generations to come...THIS is what caused this outcome, this beautiful beginning, because this is not about an end to anything other than that making it completely clear to the powers that WANT to be, that they are not above the populace, and that the populace, when the innocent are involved, is GOING TO be victorious.

The populace came to the call of duty – even the retired military…one of them walked 800 miles to make it there, to be there for his people, the tribal Nations of America…the Native American Peoples. This was an ugly time, a time that showed us our black and our white, sometimes literally, and we had to face ourselves. When it came to looking at the vulnerable nature of children, of any nation, we began to remember who we are.

We began to recall the things that were important to us when we were children.

As parents, we are responsible to make our kids feel secure, not only physically, but, within themselves and emotionally. They hear everything, and they are lot more intuitive than we think they are…and I only recall this because this is what I was. I had an imagination, and it is not always beautiful. Sometimes it is scary, because I have been that child who felt alone, and who sometimes, in her own confusion, was alone, because I was so…different. The children who are different – these are the ones who are most affected. ALL CHILDREN WERE AFFECTED BY THIS, whether we know it or not, believe it or not...this is the truth.

They know now that people are unkind, but there are people who will always love them, and people who will be there, in their corner, if not in their lives, pleading with the world to please, remember them, and more, remember you and who you were and what scared you when you were just a child. Remember that you were this vulnerable, and that there are big people who will think about themselves, who will spend insane amounts of money, thinking about their own children and what that investment can do for these kids of theirs.

But, the world has children outside of those golden walls of affluence.

Not all children live in affluence.

This was not what was thought about, two years ago, when it was that this pipeline came into meetings and think tanks and things that the rest of us know nothing about…at all. We cannot even begin, the majority of us, to think about how much money that we are talking about, only that it was an amount of money that we cannot even begin to think about making, let alone seeing, in our lifetimes, even combined with those who are closest to us.

These are the people who we are talking about, and these are the people who are not seeing past their bottled water and their ability to make us all think that that level of purity is in a bottle, rather than in the core of the Mother…Haumea.…Earth.

We are mere humans, and we are not here to change this place. It is here to help us change to do what is needed to keep the future safe.

Keep the Future Safe

Water is life.

It is.

My Astrological element is water. So is the Maestro’s. If anyone can tell anyone else about the destructive, or the transformative, or the life giving, or the anything else…of water, because we are each of the water element…it is either of us. The each of us. We get it. It sucks, but we get it. It is scary how much we understand things that happen around us, but, when it happens to us, because we see it outside of us, then it happens in our lives, perhaps to us, or to the other, and we just don’t get it.

Even though we totally get it. Because we are water. We know that water is life. We know that damage to the self is unneeded, but it happens, but, who would do this to themselves – what would cause humans to think that other humans would want their own children to go through what a special-to-themselves-group of people would think of themselves, but not of children, from anywhere, and who are any children?

Who would do all this damage…and why?

Why would anyone Native want to hurt anything Earth? They wouldn’t


And then this whole…#NoDAPL thing happened, and suddenly, the mom in me comes out, and she comes roaring to the forefront of things, at least in her own world, where she makes the very most difference. And the way that she tells people about this ugliness happening, this crap that was going on to these indigenous people in North Dakota for a very, very long time now in our lives, in these times…is to relate it to them in terms of their children.



That me…the one who celebrates holidays with her children because of her children and their existence in her life. That me, the one who understands being the child, as well as being the mom, and being the intellectual, and the behavioral scientist, and looking at it as though it is a people soup and not the sort that I like.

It is like the ants in the pile of vomit that a bunch of over-indulgent investment bankers who just got a little too …indulged…with their need for us all to be invested in the idea that we need oil, rather than realizing that the Beatles were right in that indeed….here comes the sun and all of its life giving, energy producing goodness. We don’t realize this. They needed us dependent on their oil, and they wanted to poison water, because one of their own people – another super rich guy – wants the human race to believe that we do not have a right to water.

And a lot of us believe this crap…until we bring it home to them, and suddenly someone like me puts it in perspective for other people and remind them of what it is that they would do for their own children…and why was it not that big of a deal that we not allow this to happen, no matter what. We do not see what is there until it comes to the forefront of things, and then, we want to know how it is that we have been involved.

Then we think about things in another manner….

Until it happens in our lives, and sometimes, when it happens on the grand scale, where what we have to say feels like it is not about us or our own, but that on the large scale.

North Dakota is that …or rather, was that grand scale.

Global scale.

Together we made sure that we all knew what was happening, and all of the moms could relate to this, because in most indigenous nations, it is the women who are the power behind the people.

Women are typically peaceful, intuitive, nurturing.

We protect the young, no matter whose young they are…we protect the future, because that is what we do…we literally bring into the world, the generations of the future. We are the moms. We are the ones who bring the people who change this place. We don’t know this, but we each and all hope this. Then one day, we realize that it is only our world that it matters that they know this is important. Because this is the thing that they take into their world, so that in that world, particularly with their kids, they want the thing called Love to be recognized and that they created and exists in their world.

They have to learn this from somewhere, and the people who teach them what they know are the moms.

We are who teach them Love. We are their first Love. We matter to them. We are the ones who show them what a mom is supposed to appear to look like, but, then we grow up and we find out that there are moms on this planet who look apart from the thing that we have been taught. We end up realizing that Mom, in and of her place in our singular lives, is important.

But, on the level that is global?

Mom is every single one of us who is actually called “Mom” to at least one person, whether we birthed them or not, blood or not – this is our place. We are here to protect the future. This is why the Water Protectors are Women. They are the Women of Standing Rock. These women are the face of the collective of warrior women, for real, in their lineage. It is the same thing that is Hawaiian, and on that end, we are as tribal as the women of Standing Rock.

We are ka po’e o ka wai…the People of the Water, we Polynesians.

We are the ones who understand, very personally, the connection humans have with water.

This is why this was very, intensely personal for us.

This is why all of the Polynesian Nations were represented at Standing Rock.

This is why we knew what we were fighting for alongside these other global tribal peoples, and it was a very beautiful thing that was born of a very vile thing…a thing called greed.

Yet, in lokahi, we showed the powers that want to be, and together, online and in person, all over the world, we showed them our war paint…and it was not what they expected.

They expected savages, and they were not met with it. Yet still, they fired, because that is all they were ready for…this cowboys and indians thing. It didn’t happen that way, at all.

Instead, they were met with the women.

They were met with the leaders.

They were met with the scholars.

They were met with the clergy.

They were met with everyone in the world.

But mostly, they were met with the future, met with the children.

Somehow, it worked. The power of immense Love, immense Faith in ourselves, in each other…this is what happened at Standing Rock. We fought on the side of Love, not against Hate. We prayed, and broadcasted, and wrote, and supported, and prayed, and shared, and liked and we did it and we did not stop.

We did not give in.

We were, the very all of us, the People of the Water.

We were very, dearly the People of Aloha…

This is who we are.

The People of The Water.

Standing Rock made us all become the People of The Water...

…we did it….

We did it







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