No matter what…PRAY !


Hawai’ians call it Pule…which translates to the word “Pray” in the English language. None the less, and no matter what, now is the time that we each and all NEED to  Pray for each other and more importantly, to pray for our very selves…

I am no stranger to the Hawai’ian version of what these African-American women are, which are obviously followers of the Christian religion, in one of its many forms. The thing that they are doing in this photo is obvious and ought to be obvious to any one of us…they are praying, and for the most part, we, as a collective, do not do nearly enough of it….

For the very first time in a very long time, the one thing that I am writing about, not only to remind me, but more, to remind all of us of is that there is one thing that none of these …self-help, new age-ish, “metaphysical” teachers, gurus, “experts” are telling anyone, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out WHY !

When all else (seems) to fail, do what your Nana taught you to do and PRAY!


This is a photo of my grandmother, the person to whom we each and all referred to as being “Nana.” Her name was (is) Katherine.

I sometimes loved her more than I loved breathing, still love her, and love her because she taught all of us the value of praying, the value of believing that outside of the very each of us is a power bigger than we are, and that all we have to do is believe that this power is there to help us along in our lives. While it is that I did not become the minister that I am sure she would have loved to know was her grand-daughter, I became one who would carry on her very spiritual tradition of praying, always praying.

My Nana, no matter who says otherwise, was always praying, always thanking her god for all she had in her life and while she was in her body, the thing that she asked me, even well into my adulthood, was…is…if I remembered to pray before going to sleep.

Of course I did.

Of course I do.

Of course!

Whether anyone reading this wants to believe me when I write this, the truth is that scientifically, prayer WORKS. Scientifically, and if you and anyone else reading this with you wants to check it out, the best thing that I can use as that proof is that in the world of Quantum Physics, and by the tutelage of two of my most favorite instructors at MtSac (Hello Professors Lane), prayer WORKS. Prayer has attached to it this thing called energy. In our Universe there are these things called endless possibilities, and within those things are the very kernels of miraculous things happening for the each and every one of us.

When we pray, it is our intention that brings us what we need, and most importantly, brings what is our focus rather than what is our desire, whether it is tangible or intangible. The fact of the matter is that when we pray, we send our fervent energies to the Universe, we send the very dearest and deepest thoughts and desires to the All That Is, and when we do so with full faith – even as it might take a little bit of time to get to us, the bottom line truth is that praying works, no matter what.

Praying Works…no matter what…

Here is the clincher in all of this prayer working and stuff…you have to believe that the things that you are petitioning Spirit about are going to happen – those things, or better.

That is the only way that the Law of Attraction can work – it takes an equal amount of energy that is balanced, and balanced in many ways and with many things involved and things that not a lot of us think about when we are praying. This is where the science of it all comes in and the way that we have been trained (read:LIED TO) to think is that there is only one way to get our way, and it is the right way – it is called Praying. What we are NOT told is that what we are actually doing is sending our very distinct energy along with our very distinct vibration along with our most prevalent thought and through this mechanism called prayer, we are getting our lives on the Paths we each and all belong on.

Once we can get away from the ego-sense of “getting what we want” and more, the idea that there are a few of us on this planet who still think that the reason we would pray is because we want to turn our personal god into the junkyard dog that it is not. Prayer, you see, is our direct connection to the Divine.

Direct Connection to the Divine

This is the part that I like the most – the part that I get to tell my readers things that they were not taught or told in church when they were small kids.

Perhaps it is just me and my thoughts about it all but, for some weird and odd reason, lots of pastors like to pretend that they are the very ones, are the only ones, who have the right frequency when addressing their specific god.

The thing that I like making clear to EVERYONE is that you can call your god “God” or “Godde” or “Ralph” or “Ignacius” and it won’t matter, because no matter what, we are all Divinely connected to Spirit. There is no level that is greater or stronger than is anyone else’s, and the truth of the matter is that in the eyes of Spirit, we are all the very same – there is no one who is better than anyone else, and there is no one who has more pull in the eyes of whatever form or name you address your own personal deity as – it is all One Source.

Let not one other human being tell you that there is some sort of …caste system…in terms of praying and who is able to get Spirit to hear our words better. There is no one better than anyone else, just those who are more adept at praying because it is their Spiritual gift.


Praying effectively is a GIFT OF SPIRIT

Not all of us are able to use prayer in the manner that a whole lot of people, specifically those who are considered to be “old school” are. This is where the thing our grandmas taught all of us of a certain era the fluid nature, the beauty inherent within, the truth in every word said as a prayer.

We do not realize that the other thing that we were not taught about, and that that is no matter what you want to believe – if you believe in your own prayers and the strength inherent in them all and each, you will get what you need – perhaps not what you think you want (which is always the truth, even if the truth is going to suck) but totally and truly and only what your soul needs to move on to the next level of things.

And bear in mind, please, that we are always and ever moving on to the next level of things, even when it seems otherwise. When it seems otherwise is when we are squarely in the middle of things, squarely in the heat of it all, and truly in the midst of change. This is the thing that we are not taught during those times as kids, sitting in the pews, told to trust an unseen god and to follow these archaic rules that this unseen god needs us to heed. I am here to tell you that those rules only apply to those who are following the tenets of that belief and that the idea that anyone’s big scary god picks and chooses is just and only that – a damned idea, but one that never pans out.

Yet, that is beside the point. The thing about this writing today is that we all need to understand that when it comes to the things in our lives that we need on the ethereal level, the one thing that no one thinks about is that always, prayer works, even though the way that it works is NOT to bring us what we want…because those things are ours to see to with the help of Spirit backing us. Prayer works because we have a belief in our own power as souls who are worthy of the beauty that is life, and that even as we have to (yes – HAVE TO) go through things that we do not understand are actually serving us, we forget that all things come to an end, and that this also applies to things that suck.

The way that prayer works in terms of changing things is on the internal level, where it is that the quantum field reacts the best, because the quantum field, according to Richard Feynman, is composed of “little things composed of littler things that jiggle.” It is in the jiggle of the prayer energy where we will find the miracle we plant the seed for, and not in the end result we hope to see happen. When we pray with the intention that we are praying for the entirety of human life, with the thought that the thing we are praying about is the thing that will bring us the most good in terms of life on the planet – we are praying for the highest best good, period, not only for ourselves, but for the entire race of humans, even the ones we don’t get along with.

When you feel like nothing else will work, and you have exhausted the monies you have set aside for all of these great self-help things, and when you are done with spending money on other peoples’ methods for addressing the Divine, you can pray.

Praying is free. Praying allows you to hear your own fears as they present themselves in the manner that they have that would cause you to feel like you need to do something in order that you can feel better about anything at all, specifically anything that you are confused about.

Praying is private and is the one thing that anyone of us can do at any time at all, even if it is a last minute thing. Praying brings the very soul to the body for assistance, which is not something that all of us thinks about when we are praying – typically it is the body coming to the Soul, but when we pray, because prayers are spoken, even whispered, it is the Soul coming to the body for assistance.

Prayer is personal, and it includes our very personal energetic signature, meaning that so long as we are ever true to who we are, and even though it might take a little longer than we care to wait for things to change, prayer is the thing that, so long as we believe (and do so like a Pisces – it is our motto = “I Believe”…and typically, we are right in our belief…rarely are we not) in the power, not only of our words, but more, of our Souls as Self.

It is the Soul as Self that actually directs things. When we pray, we ought to do so from the very core middle of our Souls as Self. The Soul as Self is the Soul with your distinct and unique personality attached to it. It is the part of the very each of us that reaches out when things are ugly, when things hurt, when things are a confusing mess and when things just seem to not be agreeing with what it is that we have had mapped out for our lives and our future. I know this one very personally.

Very Personally….’tis the Goddess Who I Know so very well

Like my mother knows her own personal god so very well, I, too, know the One to Whom all of my fervent prayers go to.

We all have our own deity.

Mine is the Goddess.

I come from an indigenous culture, and one rife with many different gods and goddesses, and all of them created by us, in our own image, and through us, via our own personal power. This way, there is no chance that what has happened the world over in terms of gods and religious belief cannot happen when we are talking about being personally connected with our own beings of Divinity.

Mine is the Goddess.

I know the Goddess, because I place my own well-being, not in Her hands, but, in my hands and trust that She will guide my hands as they write, and as they research, and as they give love and receive love. My hands do my talking for me, in both writing and in dance, and my hands are the things that I ask to please continue to give to me the things that I need to get my own point across, to please be the very vehicle through which understanding by the masses in terms of Spirit and all things strange comes to the world by, and most importantly, to please never allow these hands of mine to become violent, to do harm to others with them, knowing that I could do a whole lot of damage that way, and that way does not need to happen, at least not by my hands.

Seriously – PRAY

Pray for EVERYTHING in your life, and believe the things that you pray for are the very things that, in your life, are needed so as to make that life become all that you envision it being.  Pray when things are bad, but more than that and more importantly, PRAY WHEN THINGS ARE AWESOME AND WHEN YOU DO, DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE AN ENERGY OF GRATITUDE, even if you feel like you don’t wanna do that, because maybe you might feel like you have nothing to really be grateful for. And really, there is ALWAYS something to be very dearly grateful for, even when things are shitty,there are things to say “thanks” for  (such as our ability to think, to pray, to make shit happen on our behalf….)

Seriously, when you have no peace, and you need some, practice your own measure of prayer.

Seriously, when you have to think about something that you would rather not, and you believe that you have a choice to make that the only choices are “shitty” and “shittier” and of those two choices, you have to take the shittier one – PRAY, because in your whispered moments you will find out that all along, you have had the very answers that you needed.

Seriously, when the shit hits the fan, as Polly Ana as it might seem to be, pray. Pray right then and in that moment, and pray because it was the thing that you turned to as a saving measure, not for anything more than to save you as a child from being terrified of things that you have had no control over.

Just pray.

No matter what, do like your own Nana taught you and pray child, pray !! 






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One response to “No matter what…PRAY !


    Prayer is the rain that scatters upon all to spred it’s living waters of growth to that which may seem insignificant to a place of purpose and grows the spirit of that seedling to the point of an enormous tree of faith. Standing tall grasping the very existence of GOD and giving it’s life back to the creation of which it came, then dying to give it’s life back to the soil for more to come…………Eternal life GOD HAS BREATHED into a soul. THAT’S PRAYER! ….so let it rain>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the greater the storm the greater the growth.

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