Gratitude and the Reality it Creates

If You really want to see things change for the better, practice Gratitude daily and watch beautiful things take time to happen like Magick.



I say it a whole lot – in all of this life stuff that all of us are living, one of the very most important things that any human being can do is to wake up everyday and consciously practice gratitude.

The graphic that you are looking at might not scream to anyone who does not know what the photo means to me, specifically, or to one other person, but, the energy that is emitted from this photo, to me, and I am almost guaranteeing it, the one other person, that I am deeply thankful, every single day of my life for almost the last three years for the presence of this person to whom the world knows I refer to as “Maestro.” It is my daily practice, after I have opened my eyes for the last time after what seems like the 40,000th time throughout the night and into the break of dawn, to have Gratitude for this person I call my other half, my three kids, my soul family, my best girlfriends, my health, my education, the things that make me know that even though shit is shit right now, it is indeed showing signs of improvement.

…and no, I am NOT saying that “shit is shit” between myself and my other half. In fact, things between myself and my other half, even though all this shit is still shit, are beautifully gorgeous, happily magical, and the energy that is Love and deep and true. What I am saying that “shit is shit” is all about is everything surrounding our shared life, our separate lives apart from one another, and of course, our singular lives as our own selves. Our own selves are sort of a big fat deal. And indeed I am not only talking about myself and my other half, and in fact am addressing humanity as the awesome bigness that we are.

Since it is that we are all and each a very important part of this…bigness…it makes sense to this Kahuna that as big a deal as we each and all are, we each and all ought to be practicing Gratitude on the daily, not because you are waiting for better stuff to hit your life, but because you know that without having been through a whole lot of crap that hurt your soul, you would not be the Magnificent Creatures that you, that we all truly are. If everyone on this planet knew just how amazingly we are each created, and if we knew just exactly how very powerful we are, we would be more inclined to wake up daily thanking the Goddess for the ability to breathe.

What happens when we consciously practice Gratitude

Not everyone knows what I am writing about when I write stuff about Richard Feynman and “Feynman’s Flower.” Yet, I am pretty sure that everyone on the planet knows how to show Gratitude. When we practice Gratitude, we are giving that magnetic energy, not in hopes of more stuff that we can say thanks for, but, for things that we will, regardless of what anyone believes, automatically have an attitude called Gratitude about.

In a very basic manner, when we have Gratitude, we are emitting that energy out into the Universe. Anyone who is strange like I am knows that that which we give is also that which we will receive, because magnetically, like attracts like (and how many “gurus” have we heard over the years and in terms of the Law of Attraction, say to :have an attitude of Gratitude”? ….and how many of them were willing to explain what that meant without charging a minimum of about a hundred bucks for what I am about to share, right now?…yup…I sense the half grin/half grimace…please, keep reading…).

Anyhow….our thought energy (remember, please, that you are magnetic in nature) carries lots and lots of …stuff in it to make the matching stuff to that magnetic vibration find that which is emitting the invitation (signal). This is not some sort of new age way to get all of the tangible things in your life that you want (even though it does happen). What it is is something that we are born with – we are born with the ability to attract what we need, and when what we need is also what we want we have the very evidence of our magnetic nature in front of us, in a tangible manner, and it is undeniable.

And this does not only work for good things. You see, when we emit a desperate energy (“want”) we get more to be desperate about. However, when we emit a neutral energy (because we cannot immediately go from desperate to neutral that fast and hope that the energy is pure enough to not get all scrambled), and think a thought about that one thing that is believable, lovely things happen. I know that lots of folks reading this right now will think that I am bananas, and you would be right (three shrinks worth of right at one point in my life), while others would think I was ….genius, sort of….and again, you would be right. When we have doubts, when we think we do not deserve something in our lives, when we are desperately seeking some sort of evidence that life is “meant to be shit” at the moment (and temporarily so)…whenever we are in need of relief, the one thing that we gotta remember is that there are things in our lives right in this moment that we can have Gratitude about.

If we think deeply enough about it, the very all of us can each and all think of one thing to have Gratitude for.

How to practice having Gratitude (on the daily, even)

So, there is this “guru” guy on the net. I am not going to mention his name and neither his company. All I am going to say is that this cat believes that it was HIS “invention,” the practicing of Gratitude everyday. It isn’t. NO ONE CAN CLAIM TO OWNING SOMETHING AS HUMAN AS BEING ABLE TO SHOW GRATITUDE, and even though he is selling this as somehow something that we each and all do not already have a damned clue about, I am going to tell you now how to do this.

  1. Wake up and think about one thing that you have Gratitude about
  2. Have Gratitude for it
  3. Try to think of something else that you can show Gratitude for.

As ugly as my life has been at times, and even as I have driven my friends, a few cousins, my Maestro, Mama No up the damned walls with my impatience towards certain things and people (oh my Goddess!)…the one thing that I KNOW I have done, for as long and as far back as I can remember, is to have Gratitude for even one damned little thing, each and everyday.

When I think of that one damned thing everyday, and place the energy that is Gratitude for it being in my life, I am typically going to receive more of it..again…Maestro is my greatest example. When I respond to his lovely words to me, about me, about who I am and what he believes are my greatest gifts and talents, I am easy to show Gratitude, not only to him, but to the Goddess for him. I am true in this energy, because I know that he is true in his. I am comforted by the fact that on the other side of the freeway and not very far from me is this person who I have loved for what seems like many, many lifetimes. Because I am very Gracious about his presence in my life, The Goddess has gifted me with more of him, more of his goofiness, and more of his singing to me about me, more of his lovely words, more of the promises that he indeed does keep. Sure, he gets upset a lot, and right now no one with a heart and soul can blame him – he is experiencing a whole lot right now. I am Grateful to be there for him, as much as I am able to be. He shows his Gratitude by being very good to me, so much so that he has formed it as a habit in his brain to be this way with me.

I cannot state that this is a small thing, because it is not. It is indeed and in fact a very BIG thing that he and I have this lovely exchange happening all of the time, and the energy that fuels it is that of appreciation, of Gratitude of the Spiritual sort.

So, like any other time that I write this blog, right now I will show you through an example what my offerings of Gratitude to Spirit (AKA “The Goddess”) looks like during my morning. Lots of “experts” will tell you how much you ought to do in terms of how long it takes or how many things you ought to show Gratitude for. All I am saying is that once you figure out one thing that you are magically happy about and that you show Gratitude for each and every day, you will be able to put on this list that you have more than only one thing. That is how the mind works – it tends to expand itself to the point of limitless once it is that we realize that we are truly limitless, ourselves. Here is what it looks like….

…Thank you for my Maestro, and thank you for how much he cares about me, about who I am and the fact that he calls my sometimes insane manner of thought ‘cute.’ Thank You.

Thank you for my three monkeys, and for keeping them safe and making them know, for sure, for real, and as deep as the marrow of the bones of my very soul, how much their mother loves them. Thank you.

Thank you for this…impossible curiosity about everything ‘school’ and ‘brain’ and being where I am meant to be and finally, forgivingly and after many, many years, being brave enough to conquer the fear of what was, and pour that energy into my studies, into my research, instead of into a towel that is catching my tears…oh MAN Thank you! 

Thank you for the this new ability to be able to see opportunity in calamity, for the ability to see the rubble of my life simply as the mosaic pieces that, once completed, will be the beautiful work of art that I am making it become….

Thank you for my girlfriends…without them, I have no other women to share my heartaches and my girlish dreams with…things that the Maestro cannot relate with, because he is a man…thank you for my girls….and indeed for my only daughter who is one of my most favorite girlfriends on this planet…Goddess thank you so very much for my daughter Gracie…

Thank you for my two sons, the Philosopher mechanic who golfs and the little Shakespeare who loves to skateboard…they are my guys, are my heart and soul….thank you…

The process takes me about thirty minutes in the very early morning hours here in Los Angeles, but without failure, it takes place, and for the last year, I have documented the process, as well as the progress, because yeah….this is brain stuff, too, and because of this much, I am certainly very Grateful for my ability to glean from one thought, many, many others, and those many, many others typically lead me to write down a note or two about the next thing that I am intending on doing in terms of brain research.

This, guys, is how this is done. This is what a whole damned lot of new age ‘gurus’ are trying to sell to you. You don’t have to buy what they are selling. You already know how to do this. You might just not have known why having an attitude of Gratitude works for other people, but did not seem to work for you.

It wasn’t because you did not want to purchase a guru’s program, but because you were not sure that it was going to work for you. It is as easy as saying “Thank you” for one thing, everyday, and truly meaning it.

Ask yourself why it is that you believed that you were somehow not good enough for what it was or is that you want to see and have in your life…then remember it is not that you did not ask, but that you did not know how to get there, or perhaps even how to ask.

So please…now that you know…get there….







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