Consciousness IS Physical

Lightbody Manaoblog june 13 2016

Consciousness has been left to those debating if whether or not our consciousness on the personal and singular level is more than only thought, but also physical, as well.

Believe it or not, I am a skeptic and have always been. This is probably not something that anyone who does not know me very well would know at all – I doubt a LOT of what I am told until what I am told can be proven with facts and even scientific evidence to back it up. I cannot help being this way, because I have always been this way, way deep down in the bones of my soul. However, it does not cross anyone’s mind when they also know that I am a Pisces, because all of us fish live our lives in a bubble of belief that even for all of its bubbly flimsiness, that I am not your typical Pisces. In fact, a whole lot of us fish are not typical human type beings, and really, it is not that hard to figure that much out. What is hard to figure out for some folks is why it is that we tend to feel what it is that literally, we feel.

It is our level of consciousness, really. Every single one of us has a level of consciousness, and all of us has only what is our own awareness to depend on. Awareness is the thing, at the bottom of it all, that I write about, because out of our awareness are born our truths. Our truths are formed by the experiences that we have in terms of what it is that we are aware of in every manner that we can be aware. Awareness is truth.

Awareness is Truth

Our level of awareness of things and of things that we are not able to see with our physical eyes but only sense on the level of the soul is the truth. The level of awareness that we have is absolutely tied to what is our physical reality, including our Selves, but, there is the idea that other people, and in my case, other scientist type people, want the world, or so it seems, to not have our truth as believable by our own Selves. What those guys are not thinking about is the one thing that my English Comp professor told his noon class for the majority of the term.

“Only Awareness is Sacred,” (M. Harper, 2016), because for real, awareness is the truth.

Sometimes, the truth makes us cry, or it makes us mad, and sometimes, that same awareness makes us happy, even if only for a fleeting moment – it is our truth in that moment, the awareness that we are experiencing because the way that we are experiencing it is the way that only we, ourselves, will. Some philosophers want us to believe that we are not more than fancy meat that can think and reason (as taught about the truths of others, philosophically, by  the very lovely Dr.’s Lane…David and Andrea…hi guys), while others believe that we are connected to everything that is in existence (which, we are…particle theory …google it). Regardless of anything, the bottom line, at least in my own thoughts, is that indeed, Consciousness IS Physical.

Consciousness…it’s that thing you’re observing

Well now…this thing called Consciousness is apparently a big fat deal, so long as you know that it is a very personal thing for us each.

Whatever it is that I am physically  aware of, that you also might be physically aware of, is not going to be the same for us each. Unless you are my other half, you are not going to be able to understand the way that I see things, the way that I am consciously aware of things, in and out of my awareness, because the bottom line is that you are not me, I am not you, and we are each given to our own discernment of what is going on outside of us, which affects what is going on in our inner worlds, and that will make that which we see outside of ourselves, singularly, is NOT going to be the same thing. At all.

Something that might make me laugh might also be something that could make another human being cry. Something that might make me hurt for weeks is something that another might not be bothered by at all, and what enrages another might be something that the rest of us can’t figure out why anyone would get that angry about anything for. These are all things that we do not think about – the idea that Consciousness is Physical. I say so because of the following…

When you cry, it is because something made you happy enough or sad enough to have that physical reaction to what was just witnessed. When you are happy and joyful about something, perhaps something that you have been waiting to have happen, and you jump for joy, literally, that is a physical reaction. When you have been proverbially kicked in the head a million times by life, and people do not get it in terms of what you are going through, and you get very angry and end up hurting yourself physically (yet accidentally), the pain that you feel from the thing that happened is real – your pain is physical, as is the pain caused by the anger, thereby making Consciousness PHYSICAL, not just for me, but for everyone on this planet.

Awareness is Physical

I am one of those geeks who likes to think that once it is that she has her proof, that is that, and there is no one who will tell me it is not. When we are aware of anything, we see what we are aware of. Think about the things that you have physically about yourself, and you will know what it is that we are all able to do and more, what we are all able to have awareness of. The body, we all know, does not lie. The very idea that the body as Awareness completely flies in the face of things that state the two – the physical and consciousness – are not able to meet in the middle somehow.

That we are thinking beings (brain=physical) ought to be enough, via the bodily reaction to ALL stimuli (bodily reaction = physical) to show us that the two not only go hand in hand, but are very much not able to happen without each other. This is not my rule, but my observation (because, you know, I have a physical self, just like everyone else on this planet does).

To believe that somehow, that we are thinking beings does not equate to the idea that at the same time, we are also physical beings, is the thing that leaves open this mystery of if we are able to meld the physical to our consciousness. How could we not? How can we each and all just sit here, believing the thing that I deplore the very most – believing that we are not much else than fancy meat that can reason? If this were the very truth, then why is it that when we are emotionally wounded, we feel our tears, which are coming out of our eyes (tear glands in the upper eyelids = physical), and then when they are out of our eyes, they slide silently down our face (facial skin = physical). When we are angry, we don’t even think about it – we blow a fuse (adrenaline, produced by the adrenal medulla in the limbic system of our  brains = physical).

Everything in each of our conscious awareness is there because of our five physical senses. Without those five senses, we are not able to actively feel our lives happening around us, not able to know, through the knowledge and awareness that is the body, what it means to be alive in the sense that we are alive and well and happy to be here. Without our ability to think, we are not able to feel, and if we cannot feel, we have no idea that awareness is the compass that we have that will tell us when to run in fear, stand up and fight, or freeze in our tracks. Without this awareness we are also not aware of things that happen that are not within the body, but that happen to us all in the manner that is our wonder and awe at life as it happens around us, or our ire as life changes into what it is meant to be.

When we choose to be aware, we are also choosing to be in our truth. When we are paying attention to the way that we feel, this is when we are in our truth. When we are being willing to feel everything that we need to feel, even if we do not want to feel it all and all for the sake of learning, we are in our truth. When we are uncomfortable, we are uncomfortable because while it is that we are in our truth, we are also in a truth that does not feel right. None the less – nothing is more sacred than Awareness, because awareness reveals the truth, and the truth is who we each and all are, no matter if it is that the truth we are is the truth that we have to reinvent for ourselves.

If you are aware of your self, then you are living actively in your truth. If you are living in your truth, you are in the consciousness of that truth. If you are in the consciousness of that truth, you are feeling that truth in your soul. If you are feeling that truth in your soul, then your soul is telling that truth to your body, and your body is making you aware that you are consciously living and being within your own truth. If you are living and being within your own truth, you probably don’t get physically ill very often. If you are not getting sick, physically, very often, this means that you are consciously aware of your Self.

If you are consciously aware of your truth, this means that you can feel it bodily, because you are able to respond to your own body’s truths, and since it is that you are able to respond to your own body’s truths, you are consciously living the truth. When you know you are living the truth, your body responds, making you aware through your thoughts, about how well you feel, even though things might not be that great at the moment. It doesn’t matter. You are aware of how you feel and you are able to deal with whatever comes your way. You know that you are able to cry tears when they are most needed and expected, that you are allowed to be angry when the time calls for it, and you know that you are able to laugh at yourself. When you laugh at yourself, you are releasing lots of happy hormones that make you think of things that also make you happy, which lends to the happy in general.

When you are happy, you feel it physically. I have yet to feel sad when I am listening to music that I love with the one person who I love the most who does not call me Mom. I feel it physically, the way that my energy level shifts when we are in each others’ energy, and physically, like right this moment, I can feel the lowered energy of his absence, and even as I know I will see him again very soon, I can still feel myself missing him next to me. I can feel it when he is not around, just as much as I can feel it when something good is happening for him – I can physically feel it. I could feel it when my daughter graduated from high school last week, and felt it when I found out about my passing grade in BioPsych (it was a really challenging class…but I loved it).

All these things have made me sit here and sense my body’s awareness of my consciousness and my thoughts right now.

Apparently, I am a very happy chick….I am smiling, and that is a physical reality caused by an emotional and spiritual inner reality.

Hence, Consciousness is Physical.

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