* GEMINI NEW MOON (June 4) with Grand Mutable Cross: Movement from Our Heart Hub

This is very pertinent information for us all…think about it…#LosAngelesKahuna

Melanie's Astro~News

The recent sequence of significant planetary alignments is still active. Quite the ‘domino effect’!

And it’s going into the ‘alchemical mix’ of  the Mutable Grand CrossNEW MOON which is like a ‘Crest of the Wave’ – all met in the Heart.

HeartwaveHere they are, ‘in order of appearance:

May 26:

JUPITER in VIR squared SATURN retro in SAG (# 3 out of 3 alignments Aug 3, 2015, March 23, and May 26, 2016 – all Spring 2016 affected by this challenging alignment between two major ‘players’):
Crisis and Perspective

  • If things don’t ‘work out’, are not aligned, and ‘don’t go anywhere’, what is the paradigm shift that’s giving you a new perspective and ‘WHY’?
  • Maybe not now, but soon in hindsight (ha, good old SATURN…), circumstances might show how what looks like a ‘bad thing’ carries a valuable lesson?
  • What does the Heart and Loving Kindness say…

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