The Guy in This Photo

Slayer day at the pet rescue motley zoo

We are Compelled to Help those in need, namely and specifically when it seems like there is no help for them. Sometimes, where it is that we think we know who would do this…helping…thing…we know nothing. Tattoos and a foul mouth are not indicators of the depth of Unconditional Love.

The large human being with that small animal is a member of the heavy metal rock band Slayer. MANY people who are (ahem) “spiritual leaders” in our midst happen to believe that the people like the man in this picture are somehow not good humans, enough so that the God to whom those judgmental people kneel to will end up, by reason of the idea that someone like this person in this picture is not “saved” or “born again,” that guys like this guy are going to, regardless of how much good they do in this world, burn in this…hell…that most of us were raised being terrified with, by well-meaning parents, and of, because until we stepped out of our self-imposed comfort zones, we had no idea that if a person looks like the guy in this picture, it means that he is a bad person who will not help others. He has tattoos and he plays loud rock music and I am betting he is even an expert at the colloquial use of profanity.

That this is likely all the truth is one thing, but, that there are people who will judge this gentle giant for his appearance alone is the reason that this blog is being written today.

You see, I have a certain affinity for people who outwardly appear as this gentleman in this photo with this small animal does, because for the most part, these sort are the very sort who are willing to do the very most for those who can truly do nothing for themselves, who have no ability for words, who cannot, on their own, let the world know, regardless if animal or human, know that they are in need.

We humans seem to believe, at least a whole lot of us do, that the way a person presents themselves in terms of their outward appearance is the only thing that matters. This is a really sad, really ignorant energy in our world – we are still, a whole lot of us, allowing what another person’s store-bought appearance tells us and we are more inclined to think in the manner that is our always being in charge, namely if that is what we actually are (“in charge”), and we carry out that thought to these types of people who are actually very lovely people.

I know this.

For sure.

I am one of these sorts of people, and the only people, for the most part, that tend to gravitate toward me are these sort.

They are tatted out.

They play very loud music.

They are profane in more ways than one.

I am, as well.

What they also are is loving in an unconditional way, are gratuitous in many more ways than only one, are creative, not only in their manner of employ, but more, in their manner of life, period. They are typically artistic, meaning that they are also highly intuitive and able to tap into the grander energy of the All That Is and able, too, to be very, very empathetic towards those who they know…(ahem) “WE” know…cannot, for whatever reason, speak for themselves, meaning that in a certain way, they also cannot do things for themselves.

And the ugliest part of all of this beautiful Unconditional Love given to the world by anyone at all is that there is a segment of society which is not only religious, but there are also those within that segment (who actually are NOT religious) who seem to think that it is not this moment that matters, this moment when someone like the guy in the photo who is expressing love to a creature that absolutely thrives on it, and more, that what this gentle giant is doing right in this moment in this snapshot.

And we are all meant to do this thing that this man in this photo is doing. Yet, there are some on this planet for whom the past, for whom the outer appearance of a person, for whom everything that can no longer be changed, because it is in the past, means more than does what anyone would be doing, for themselves or for others, because in that past, there is one thing that no one thinks about and that one thing is control.

And really, to try to have control over someone else because of what we assume that they’d done, perhaps a very long time ago, still matters now in terms of who that one person became to this point only tells me that the person who is judging these do gooders, these people whose outward appearance, whose lives are a bit chaotic through no energy of their own that could have been avoided – yeah…these people who need that control and who need someone to be better than are the very people who dearly need to read this post. I don’t usually like calling others out, namely not in the writings that are meant to shed light on things, namely not when I am writing about healers and how it is that healers come into our lives in all sorts of different ways and in all sorts of different outer appearances. They come into our lives as those who are as broken as we are, and they show us their real selves through the actions that they take on behalf of those who The Christ defined as being “the least of us.”

This did not and does not mean that what Christ was talking about in using that phrase that he was telling us all that those we think are beneath us, we are required to assist. What he meant was that those who are not as fortunate as a whole lot of us do not realize we are – those are the beings with whom we share the air that need us to do things for them in the most unconditional manner that we can. When we are helping others, the most joyful thing that we can do is to do it all willingly, without expectation that we will be rewarded for the things that we were born to do in this lifetime, which is simply be the example of Love, of being one giant global family, of making certain that we know we need to be there when no one else is able to be.


Judge Not…unless you are willing to be judged the same way and with the same harsh energies

Now…NOW I am going to let people who deserve it, have it.

I do not know why it is that people are judged primarily on things like (of course) the past (namely because that keeps those people who are no longer those past-people), or what they look like, or really, most of all, what it is that we do not want to let ourselves see as being the truth NOW. Now is the most important thing of all, in terms of helping others or our needing help from others. When we are in need, and we are already hurting, and we are already feeling like we are at the very bottom of the barrel in terms of having to listen, one more time, to others (and it is usually those who we have known for the majority of our lives) the last thing that anyone wants to hear is that somehow, we are not worthy to be helped, and we are not trusted because of something that we have yet to have been forgiven for and that happened a very long time ago.

When we are not willing to help others without our conditions being met, we are not helping – we are judging. It is not our place in life to judge why it is that anyone else will need help from us. We are meant to help them, period. We are not meant to be the one who plays God in our own universe and we are not meant to expect that people in need will just conform to our ideals of who they feel like they need us to be. Things that are supposed to help, at that point, become a noose for those who are already in a state of mind where one more little thing that damages their emotional selves will be the one thing that also makes them turn on someone else. By this I do not mean they will turn on someone else in a violent manner. I mean that they will turn away from us, and for the most part, if those who judge rather than care and those who condemn even as they know the things we go through are not that great could place themselves in the soul-space of others, just for one short moment, and become empathetic towards them and stop judging them, we might be able to heal ourselves lots faster than we do already.

The Ego-Self Does NOT Rank Higher than the Soul (And it never will, no matter who thinks what)

Think what you will, but the truth is that we are not this body, are not this experience in this body but that for sure, we are the Soul.

I know…the ego-self is part of the soul, and is the part that can be referred to as being our “game face,” and the unfortunate part of this is that the majority of us live from the ego-self and truly, it is time for the Soul to come out and have its place in the Sun. As much as we want to be seen as what we think we are, who we are for real comes through very prominently and who we are is not this…darkness…of the Soul that a lot of us wants to believe that we are. We cannot continue on with the idea that we have in our heads that who and what we are is somehow the only game in town because it is not.

We think we know others well enough to get them to a point where what it is that we do not know and are merely guessing about will matter the most, but nothing that hurts matters at all if all it does and all it is meant for is to hurt someone else without the idea that maybe they do not need to hurt more. They need to heal. The truth of the matter is that when we seek to do harm to others, no matter how small we might think it is, the reality is that we are not harming them, but rather and only harming ourselves. Sure, there is hurt on either side, but the hurt that lasts the longest is the hurt that was meant to hurt someone else. NO one escapes it when it is meant.

This is how Karma works.

This is how Life from the Soul, out, also works.

This is, no matter who wants to believe what, how we end up with what we have in our lives or, is how we have brought to others the things that we wanted to see them go through, good or bad. When it is bad, we have to look out for the things that we are not thinking are going to happen – to them OR to us, and we also have to watch ourselves in terms of what we think WILL happen, so that we do not give too much energy to those things and more, so those things will not happen if they do not need to happen.

This is why balance in our lives is so important. This is why when we see people who look like the guy in the photo, we have to stop ourselves from the thoughts that are always there and prominent in terms of peoples’ outer appearance, and also, why it is that we have to learn to forgive at least ourselves. The reason that we need to forgive ourselves is so that we can also know how to forgive others and so that we do not have to live in the heaviness that is not ours to carry.

The reason that I think we are hard to forgive others is because we are so busy being angry at ourselves for not having been aware enough to see the lesson coming that when it came to us, we were slapped hard with what was the truth, even if it was not our own truth, and that is when it sucks the most -because people are glued to old ways and patterns and are not giving themselves or anyone else the chance to grow out of that. That we do this is one thing, but that we do it to other people shows me and ought to show anyone else where it is that we should be focusing our own healing measures on until we are able to get ourselves to that point where we can let go of the things that hurt us.

The guy in the photo is a beautiful human being, no matter who wants to judge otherwise.

In fact, the only time that a human being is not this lovely is when said human being cannot allow themselves to rise above the slings and arrows that others have shot into them over the years. Most of the time, when someone judges us and we know it is not the truth, it is because THEY have to maintain that level that they keep anyone else on or else if anyone else rises above it, those who judge HAVE TO figure out how to either rise to the level that they now deem these others as being at, or, (this is the one they hate the very most) they have to accept what is the actual truth.

Accepting the truths of others, truths that are good ones and that we did not create, for a whole lot of us, is a difficult thing and is so because then what must happen is that those who want to believe the not-so-great stuff have to learn to accept it that way. Lots of time, they never do, rather and only preferring to stay “safe” in the ugliness that they have created in their own heads about perfectly lovely and Unconditionally Loving people.

The only thing that I can say about those who judge is…go for it…judge others harshly…

As per usual…it will be your loss…

I said it, so deal with it…

I Love You All !


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