Creation is Medicine


As Spiritual Beings, we are meant to create the world around us. When we are stifled, we feel it. When we are stifled, we begin to feel, physically, the effects of our creative selves wanting to be expressed. Creativity and the things that we create are the very medicine we thrive on.

First of all, I moved my blog back here, to this site, for the simple reason that there were some of my regular readers who could not access the blog in my website. For real, thanks for letting me know. It sort of made me know that indeed, my words are read and sometimes needed by others. Big gigantic hugs and kisses of Aloha to you all.

This brings me to the thing that is being written right now – we are all creators, and in being such, we are meant to create beauty in the world that we each live in, and in doing so, we create beauty that is shared and beauty that is lasting, at least in the eyes of others. And really, we do not need anyone’s approval (even though when others like our creations, it actually helps our own healing process…keep reading). All we need to do is remember that our own method of creating beauty in the world is the medicine which makes us whole, which makes us do the things that we do for those we love the very most and is the one thing that is unique to our own selves and that no one else can give to us. Most folks would think that I am nuts in suggesting that we do for ourselves that which we desire others to do for us. The reason that we do this one thing is because we know that without it, we will cease to live the way that we are right now. Even though, for a whole lot of us, things are not that easy, neither that great, the thing that we are creating with others right now is part of the process of being whole beings.

Being Whole Beings

We humans are a funny lot. We believe that the way other people feel about us is the only thing that matters. When we are stifled in terms of what it is that we know we need, and we shun that for our materially inclined needs (they ARE needed, guys…and very important, so don’t think I am saying that you do not need your tangibles…keep reading) we do ourselves no good thing. It is not my stating that you gotta do a complete colon cleanse of your life. It means that you need to supplement your life with things that only you are able to bring into the material part of your own consciousness.

We each and all need tangible evidence of our creative nature. The way that the world has been taught for many years is to shun our creativity, because our creativity cannot make us, or actually, in terms of the work we all do everyday, someone else, any kind of ho’okupu (money or goods). Ho’okupu is great. I like ho’okupu. However, it is not the only important thing. What else is an important thing, perhaps even more important than whatever ho’okupu we feel is required, is evidence that we are great creators.

We create the worlds that we live in, the each of us. We are responsible for the beauty or the lack thereof within our own worlds and within our own lives. I will not lie and tell anyone that I would be upset if I made what I feel I am worth, but I also will not lie and say that the things that I create (new thoughts for others, or at least helping them create new thoughts) with others, or sometimes by myself and for myself, are not worthy of accolade. Everything we create is a thing of beauty, for no other reason than that when we are satisfied with ourselves and what it is that we have created and brought into our own awareness, we are actually sharing who we are. Sharing who we are is medicine. Sharing who we are through the things that we do that are of a creative energy is the gift we are each born with. It is sad that not a whole lot of us are prone to sharing.

We are not prone to sharing because we have been conditioned to believe that what we make and what we create and what we do with our time is only for ourselves. This is only half right. We cannot know, even if we tell ourselves all the time that we have done well with something, if we are not willing to give away a part of ourselves through the things that we create for and with others. Of course, there are always gonna be those times when we have created a thing of beauty that we want to and will end up keeping for ourselves, and really, that is also a measure and a method of healing.

Giving away our Selves

Ever thought about how great you feel sometimes when you have given something to someone else and that something that you gave was something that you not only made on your own, but was something that you really loved and had no intention of giving away at all? Or how about if it was something that you used in order to help you create something? We do not realize the inherent power in giving away something that we have made or that helped us make something until the day comes and we are ready to do just that. We come from a society that values things. This is where we get the idea that it is wonderful to have things. We are only taught half the lesson most of the time. The other half of the lesson is learning when it feels good to give those things to others who we know will benefit from them.

Things are awesome. I love things. However, the things that I love are also things that, when I can no longer create with them, I need to either put away for a bit, or, in terms of evolving to my higher self, I need to gift to someone else. Keeping things that have no purpose for us is like keeping used toilet paper (eww…come on…everyone…let’s give a great big EWWWW for that one hahaha). No, I am not talking about the things that you have received as a keepsake from some time in your life, or something that you have held onto for years because you earned it or it is something that you will not ever have again. I am talking about the things that, at one time in your life, those things were what fed your ego. Realize, again, that when I am talking about the ego, I am not talking about that part of you that gets bruised because you are ass hurt over something. I am talking about that part of you that wants you to protect yourselves from EVERYTHING, even the good stuff, because in thinking that you are protecting yourself from losing what you feel is “the good stuff,” you won’t have to sweat someone else coming along to take the good stuff away from you.

This is the true beauty of creating – we can replicate what it is that we are not able to buy from anywhere else.

We can recreate another “thing” like the one that we initially made, even though the two things will not be the same. They will be as unique as the thought that you had that first initiated the energy to make those things. Think in terms of a crazy cat lady. She collects cats because they make her happy. They make her happy because she wants to help them survive, and in return for her efforts, she is given what she thinks is pure and unconditional love. She is correct in the idea that she receives love back from her herd of felines, but, on the other side of that, her “crazy” comes from the idea that she cannot live without one more animal in her life to love her. We all have this same propensity toward having in our lives what we think is there and beneficial to us. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all of our crap that we cannot feel the healing happening. The reason that we cannot see or feel the healing is because we have overload of some sort, and in this state we are meant to see what we can live without.

To “live without” something is not a bad thing. Think in these terms – we cannot live without certain kinds of people in our lives, but we are all able to live without certain people in our lives, no matter the significance of them in our lives at one time. Think, too, about the way that we hold onto people, and how much it hurts us when we see that we have done ourselves no favors in hanging on to them because we know what is their agenda, and we know that, for the most part, they are not in our lives, knowingly, on their part, as a benefit. In fact, for the most part, those people who we think we are inextricably glued to are glued to us because it benefits them, and they do not give one tiny pebble shit if their presence in our lives means anything to us at all.

We are so prone to not wanting to let dead people down that when we finally come to terms with the things that we have gone through for others, others who have never done as much as we have for them, and we continue to see ourselves as trying hard to make it so that they see our worth to ourselves, what we are doing in that moment is giving our power away. We do not realize just exactly how dependent we have been made to be on the opinions of others.

Read that again. It is what I mean when I say that we are all very ready and willing to continue to adhere to the rules set for living by those who have passed on that we do not realize that we are primed and ready, through the pain and the bullshit that we go through, to believe our own selves. This is when we are ready to create our own rules, and in doing so, we create our new standard of living. Through creating our new set of rules and our new standard of living, we create, or begin to create, an entire new world for ourselves. As much as we all love our ancestors, they lived their lives, and we need to live our own by our own set of rules created by us.

A New World

Yep – it sounds a bit creepy to me, too, this whole…new world…thing. In fact, it sounds and feels terrifying, really.

We like the tried and true. We are remiss to allow ourselves to proverbially jump into a swimming pool without first dipping our toes into the water to see if the temperature is comfortable for us or not. We are not swimming, guys. We are living. If we continue to be afraid to face ourselves when we have done something good, we will always walk with an energy of reluctance and fear. We can no longer bother ourselves, in terms of creativity, with self-preservation. Self-preservation is a good thing, but it can also be a very stifling thing if we allow our fear of what is not known get the best of us. We all want the guarantee. We all hate to lose. We all think horrid thoughts about ourselves when things do not happen the way that we see them in our mind.

We like our sameness. We like familiarity. We like not having to change our ways, even if it benefits us. We like not having to deal with the idea that maybe what we have been doing for many years was not exactly not right, but that it might not be what fits anymore. We do not see it this way because lots of us (yup) have never been taught. The other side of that “never been taught” is that we refuse to learn. ( I said it, so deal with it ).

If we can allow ourselves to see the things that hurt as also being the things that will make us grow, we will be just fine. If we do not allow for the growth we are all due, we will end up going around and around in the circles we find ourselves feeling like we are stuck in . It is not a secret to any one of us that we like familiarity, but, we must also pay attention to the idea that familiarity breeds contempt, and in this case, where change is inevitable, it also breeds karma. We have been trained to fear karma, because we think it is that thing that we can do with like we do with a junkyard dog – chase it after those who we deem beneath our level of self. If we have to compare ourselves to others in terms of them being beneath us in any manner, we have not learned a thing, and we are adhering to the old ways of thinking that no longer apply to our lives.

If we adhere to our current level of creativity, we also adhere to the things that stifle us, that make us sick in the soul and ultimately, sick in the body, as well.

Think about it…




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