That Place Called “Enough”


We are collectively all there, right now…at that place called “Enough!”

I am pretty sure that I do not need to elaborate on what it is that I have had enough of. However, I am going to remind you all of what, exactly, it is that I have had enough of, and I am pretty sure that the most of those breathing the air on this planet have also had enough of…

I am pretty sure…

I am pretty sure that the thing that we are all pau hana with, that we have had absolutely the fuck enough of, is everything that is old. By this I mean that what we are doing, even though it seems otherwise, is not really fighting our own selves, but rather and only the ideals we had at one time of our own selves as our old selves. Becoming who we are takes a lot of patience, takes a lot of heart, and takes a very strong person to be able to do so. Right now, when I know that we are all feeling our own weaknesses, the reality is that it is not our weaknesses that we are feeling, per se, but actually and only the exhaustion that we are feeling from the emotional smack down we have all had to go through over these last few months.

These last few months have been a pain in the okole. These last few months have seemed to be the sort of time that feel like the Universe is kicking us all in the teeth, but, for a whole lot of us (called Light workers) this is not the case.

I promise you all right now that even as it might feel like the Universe is beating the crap out of us, the opposite is the truth.

The #Truth

The truth is that really, what we are going through is simply our own evolution.



This is what is happening, and we are each and all helpless to do a thing about it OTHER than go with the flow of things.

As much as I hate reading my own words, and as much as I know that this shit ain’t over with, at least not right yet (not much longer, I promise…balance is what the Universe is all about), read them, I must, drink them in, I must – or else I will end up more crazy than I already am….and no one needs that shit, namely not me.

What is going on, even if we do not want to think about it, look at it, tear it apart and mindfuck it….is everything that we were thinking to ourselves, regarding everything that is going on and everything that is sucking and everything that is making us want to cry and to lash out at someone (anyone), is actually more akin to our being honed to a point, sharpened to a life-ending-as-we-know-it-used-to-be sharpness, and none of us can wrap our heads around the fact that what we are experiencing is good for us.

Oh my goodness I can feel the collective “WTF?”

I don’t like looking at my own words, but I know that I am right – we are being made ready for the next stages of this shared life, and at this point in human history, there is evidence that should tell us all that we have made a mess. (Okay, not us specifically…but come on, guys…Trump is running for president – what the hell does that tell you?…yup…you’d be right if you are thinking that our circus full of monkeys has gone completely ape shit…keep reading…)

The thing that I have had to wrap my head around is that whatever it is that we think needs to stay the same…it can’t, because the same old thing that we were doing about…say three…maybe four…years ago…yeah, that no longer applies, and we are supposed to be changing it to fit not only what we need now, need in the future, but more importantly, what this world needs, specifically from us, and that we are here to do for it with our special and specific gifts, talents and knowledge.

It is, indeed, a good thing, even as it feels like it should, which is way, way shitty-like.

The reason that it feels way, way shitty-like is so that we do not ever forget what was more important…was it our mission and our specific purpose, or, was it what we wanted to continue to believe as being the truth of us…??? This is the hardest question, at least for me, to create an answer for. I am not someone who likes to let go of things, namely things that piss me off. This is how I have always been. It all boils down to other peoples’ levels of disrespect and how willing they have been throughout the course of my life to show me it.

The thing that I know I, specifically , have to do, is to learn to let go of all of the bullies who actually helped me become this me, even though they would not believe that somehow, this me is the me that is here, now and still becoming, like the you that you are becoming, to literally change the world in some big, fat way. All I really have to do is to learn to let go of the anger, because in letting it go and by not hanging onto THEIR shit, I have, already, at least for myself, changed the world and how I perceive it to be.

Triggers and other shit that make us mad, hurt us, do what they do…

There are certain words, actions, and the like, that many of us do not realize are called triggers. Triggers are those things that set us off and send us through the roof. People who have a “hair trigger temper” are a good example of how badly anyone who does not know what their own triggers are absolutely need to know what they are. When we klnow what they are, we are more readily able and available to heal from them. We might not like how those words or actions or whatever affect us, but the moment that we know that they exist is also the moment that our own personal evolution can happen for us.

You see, other people are not going to know what our triggers are – because they are not for everyone else…they are only for us to know about, to learn from, and to be able to overcome.  The way that we each have been taught, at least a whole lot of us, is to believe the things that others say about us, even if it is not believable. Whether you want to believe what I am saying, and I say it a lot, or not, is irrelevant. What is relevant is the absolute FACT that for the most part, we were talked out of trusting ourselves. It happens when we are kids. The adults in our lives mean well, because they are trying to teach us, through conditioning us to, how to respect. The injury to the soul comes when we do as we are taught (show respect) and the adults we show this respect to do not return it, simply and only because we are kids. This creates within us a trigger.

What the trigger does is activates within us is the feeling that we need to make it known, not only to these others, but to ourselves, that what is being said is not the truth, or, at the very least, not believed by us. The more we hear it, the more it irritates us, and as we get older, we begin to form a thing called a habit. It is this habit that we take on, this habit that we use to make their truth not our truth, even when or if they do not change their stance – we know, based solely on the triggers that make us say and do things that we don’t want to say or do- it is this habit that we have and this action that we take in defiance to their truth about us that we use as protection, NOT from the things that they are saying or doing, but, from our own habit of taking on their truth as our belief about ourself.

We are not meant to save people – we are meant to be with them, to teach them, to show them the way to their own enlightenment. It is our job to love and to protect, to help rather than hinder, and for a whole LOT of people who share the air with us on this rock, it is a sad day, everyday, no matter what things they have that make their existence seem to be easier because of this one thing that they seem to be clueless about, but, really, they aren’t. They live securely, and lots of us don’t, because we have been evolving and some of us are not aware of it. What none of us thinks about is that while they might have their things and their comfort, they have to still live with their own selves, and they have to think about it every time we mention to them how it was that when they needed us, we were there for them. When we need them, we hear excuses, and we hear what reasons that they have that they (not cannot but) will not help us.

It has nothing to do with us.

I know that seems unbelievable, namely if you are like I am and tend to take on the blame for things going shitty for other people. It is their turn to take on the accountability, NOT for the harshness in our lives, but for the shitty way that they are being to anyone at all, and it is the shitty way that they are being that is going to eat them alive. It happens this way because Karma reacts this way.

I have said it a million and one times – the Karma we hope to see others go through is the same thing that we will end up going through. If we have not wished Karma on others, and we keep on keepin’ on through the shit that we are facing, what we end up being is bad ass, even though it might feel otherwise. What those certain others end up being is in the middle of the thing that they could have helped us or anyone else with, that they could have made different, that they could have chosen to do had they been the tiniest bit within their own soul about things. Yet, typically, those who are not on the enlightened Path will not now, nor will they ever, see the things that are contained within the souls of others, see there what it is that they were not aware of or were point blank ignoring.

It is not that they cannot help, but it could be that they are simply being shitty. Another thing that they might not be telling any of us is that they don’t know how to help, and this leads them to not ask how they can, because, again, it is easier to ignore our human family than it is to actually reach out and care for them. This is really what happens, and this is really how any one of us got here.

Myself, I am rather enjoying the weeding out of harmful people from my life. Sure, some people are harder to rid my life of than are others, but, none the less, I see them leaving. I would like to say, truthfully, that I hope that in all of the time that they have known me and who I really am, that they will be able to live with themselves once it is that they finally come to terms with the actual damage and more, their own severe lack of compassion for other people, not just me, not just others like me and not just those closest to me, but just…period.

When we feel like shouldering everything ourselves, and we want to believe the shitty things that we are believing as being our truth, the best thing that I can ask of anyone is to ask themselves if what they are hearing or being told (big difference between the two things) is believable and more importantly, why is it believable? Why is it that anyone with a good heart and soul impose upon themselves the energy that is their own not being good enough a human being to at least warrant others being truthful with them? We have to be able to honestly answer these things without our making good enough reasons as to why it is that we want to believe that these people who were there for us in the past or, all this time, maybe they were not really being there for us.

Maybe they were simply securing something that you were or are still capable of helping them with for themselves….ask yourself if you would trust them now that I have given you that to think about…seriously – do you trust them now that you have had revealed to you the actual truth of who they are, even if they did not mean to expose it to you?

Can you trust anyone who is not willing to reveal to you their own truth about who they are, let alone you, and can you depend on them to be there for you when the proverbial shit hits the fan?

I think every single one of us knows the answers to all of these questions, yes?

Yes…of course you do

Now, get on out there and shine…and fuck anyone who thinks you are anything less than what or who you know you are. I say fuck them and their crap, and I say that you…me…we…not one of us is starting over…we are merely starting from here…

…hey, ya gotta start somewhere…

Here and now is a pretty good place for it…



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