…asses, (feeling) kicked…



Right now there are a lot of us who are reeling from things that we never knew could be possible. Take heart in knowing that you will make it through it all, and that it is very temporary…

I have a habit of always preferring to see the possibilities of what could happen after we have had to deal with a whole lot of crap that we never thought we would have to go through.  These last few weeks, for the very all of us, has been very harrowing, to say the least. These last few weeks, for the very all of us, the supposition has been that we are the ones who have brought all of this ugliness, all of these losses, all of this …bullshit…to our own lives. I am so sorry to say it, and I am now telling ANYONE AT ALL who would bother to be harsh to others in regards to telling them that they are indeed the reason, and you are not more aware of the shitty pain that you cause these people…y’all need to lighten up, and if you are in this weightedness and truly feeling this shitty energy right now, then you are the very last person or people who need to be telling anyone else how they ought to feel, and what they ought to do …you are not the only expert on this weird shit, not by any means.

It means that your lesson is to learn a manner by which you can still be you without hurting others with all of your fucking knowledge that you refuse to help with by imparting it GENTLY…meaning that no, not everyone can do things the way that you specifically do them. That they do not do things the way that you specifically do them does not mean that they are not able to do them. Only that they are not able to do them YOUR way – lighten up already. Yeesh!

…on to the lesson at hand…

There are a whole lot of us – myself, included – who have a habit of taking on the responsibility of other peoples’ …ability to be douche bags, to not take full responsibility for their actions or their not taking any action at all (which, by the way, stops the good Karma and …well…neutralizes it…keep reading). No one can blame any one of us for not wanting to take action, for wanting to take too much action, for wanting to stand in one place and stomp our feet and have a tantrum because seriously, it indeed seems like the good folks of Starship Earth are somehow being pummeled by the things in our lives that used to make us thrive.

We used to be able to talk to people who otherwise we would not even think to communicate with, even as we might not realize it at that time, that perhaps it was that we should have been paying attention to the one thing that a lot of us were taught the opposite of – that things and wealth are more respectable than are other intangible things. Over the course of these last few years, since right around 2008, the majority of us have taken it for granted that we are the only ones who have to change, because in doing so we would be able to fit better into our own lives.

Many light workers have worked so diligently on ourselves that somehow, in the mix of everything, we forgot that not everyone else within the confines of our own lives would also be working on their own selves.

Working On One’s Own Self Requires Bravery

I am a fan of the unbridled, even if it is almost broken, human spirit.

More often than not, when it comes to things that we do not want to do, we will put those things off until the last minute because we have not placed those things high on the list of priorities and very simply, we do this because we have prioritized things that do not warrant, neither do they deserve, the attention that we are giving to them, even as they might well be very important in terms of tangibility.

This is not to say that your work in the tangible world is not very important, because the importance in those things lies within what those things do for other people in terms of their lives. (Thereby we prove to ourselves every day that we are, whether we want to believe it or not, very patently important, because they are things and actions of importance that other people are needing from us…again, keep reading…)

We know that we are good at certain things. We know that when we do those certain things that we are going at it and dealing with it in a head-on manner. It is when we know that we have done every possible thing that we know, at least to our best ability, that there is not a lot else that we are tangibly able to do for one reason or another, that we will end up taxing our very selves for the benefit of someone else. Because we have been consciously living in this sort of energy for just shy of a year at this point, we cannot see this truth about this energy because right now we are distracted with the ugly energy that continues to hit us over the head with a truth that is not only our own.

By this I mean that the truths that we are living in right this moment are the ones that we have had a hard time thinking are real. Yet they are real, at least to us. They are tangible in the sense that we feel and sense them, they affect us physically, eventually, and most of all, those things that we are feeling also affect other aspects of ourselves and of our tangibly led and lived lives.

We want to believe that other people are the same callibur that we are in that when we feel empathetic towards others, we assume that this is also the thing that we will get in return – a little thing called basic understanding, which prompts us to have that thing that I have been writing about…a little thing called empathy.

A little thing called Empathy

We have a hard time thinking that these people who also have lives are also people who are somewhat empathetic in the manner that is they know, without a doubt, that we each and all have bills and lives to live. Yet some of them believe that their level of living and their …I don’t know what to call it…height of living … in importance weigh more than does ensuring that the other humans in their lives are also seen to, taken care of, and most of all, the debts that are owed to anyone, whether tangible or intangible, are seen to.

It seems anymore now that when it comes to our paying for what it is that we have to pay for, we want to scrutinize things, make sure that we do not end up losing in some small way. When we do this, we end up making other people lose what is theirs, and all because we seem to need this …control…over others. When we opt to control the outcome of things, and namely when we are covering our own asses, we are wrong – deadly seriously wrong wrong WRONG ! When we feel like we have this sort of right to control other people with the things that we owe them and that they need, we are setting ourselves up for some seriously ugly karma.

You see, the Ego is the thing that dances with the arrogance which entitles certain others, regardless of why, be it their income level, their level of education (NOT intelligence…two VERY different things, I promise), their social status, to believe that somehow, there are those of us who are above others…making a lot of us feel like somehow we are “the help,” and if we are as savvy as we know we are with our words, then we can also state that if we are “the help,” that those who would put us there can neatly be called “the helped,” and even in that manner, some are beyond the help that the Ego needs in terms of waning arrogance through method of being “put in their place.”

In thinking in terms of the words that we use to describe the things that are going on in our lives, where it is that others might well tangibly have the upper hand in any situation, to believe that they are without a need for our special skills and to think that they are somehow the ones who are calling the shots is not giving those of us who are much stronger than they are (obviously) our due credit. There is a remarkable strength in the words that we are choosing, even when we are talking out loud to our very selves. When we think about being “the help,” versus being “the helped,” we can sense, also, the very different energies in those two words as they hit our recollection about what they each mean to us singularly.

In a singular manner, the way that those two words hit me is that one of those people is the one who has the expertise, and the other is the one who does not. Yet, when we think about it in terms that we have been taught for the majority of our lives it is that the unskilled one is more powerful than the skilled other. When we think about those words in the tangible fashion that they really and truly are – it is not the one who has the social status and all the fancy friends who has the power, and for those with the fancy friends and the over-exaggerated perception of power we can clearly see where way down deep inside, they know who has the upper hand.

Where I am concerned, and you might be able to identify with this, is (of all things and places for me, specifically) where writing and words are concerned. It is not that I am doing anything particularly wrong, but that the people who I once was willing to write anything for have suddenly become more of a headache than an asset to me. Where it was that, at one time, I could turn an untruth into an “almost truth,” no longer am I able to do this, and it is not for any other reason than that it just is not who I am. I have a hard time lying. To me, words are the purest form of truth in that, they are what they are and nothing more or less, even as words are the most powerful things on this earth. Because words affect us so deeply and dearly, I know their inherent worth and I know the power that they hold and that they convey.

Other folks know this, too, and this is why I no longer will work with or for people who want to tell me that because I will not lie, that I do not know what I am doing. It is not that I cannot lie, but that I will not, and this, for some people, lowers my tangible value for words. This does not lower my value for me and certain others close to me – only those who have no real idea of what existence is all about.

Those with whom I did much work cannot and do not understand that I live by my own level of integrity. I cannot be moved any longer by the promise of money that I may or may not get, and may or may not get because this is how people are rolling these days – they are picking apart those of us who do our best, for them, for a certain price, and they want more than they are meant to have. They do not like this idea about me, at all, because of course, most humans want way more than we are to expect. What also is an issue is the idea that money can buy anyone and that money is more important or more powerful than anything else. This is where a lot of people are wrong. While it is that we need money to live, what we do not need is the idea that people will utilize it in the manner that is buying others out of their integrity.

And right  now that is what is being called to the forefront – our ability to see when it is that other people are demanding and expecting that we live up(actually down to) to their standards, which is a standard which also calls for us to be less than who we have evolved to having become at this point.

Less than who we are no longer fits

I won’t lie – these last few weeks have been very hard on a whole lot of us, and really, it is not just the things that we have to do in order to get through all of this stuff, but is also and even the things that we THINK will happen. The things that we think will happen could happen, but the thing that we are not thinking about is what can happen and what should happen in terms of how we feel about any of this. That we think they will happen, and that they could happen is quite another thing than is being absolutely sure that things will happen in the manner that is not benefiting who we are. The only way that happens is if we allow people who are not like us to sway us in the manner that is them getting their way through manipulation.

Less than who we are is one of those things that is not dependent upon things that other people think about us – that part is totally and entirely on our shoulders to decide our own worth.

Right now, it is easy for any one of us to fall into that energy that tells us that because other people who should know better are also behaving as though they are owed, are entitled, are somehow not meant to adhere to the unspoken rules of human behavior. The unspoken rules of human behavior should tell each and every one of us that there is a certain protocol to be followed, the sort that makes it so that on some level, we are empathetic towards the needs of others that we are, in small or large part, not just capable, but also duty bound to make sure that we do not create bad Karma for ourselves.

Being human causes us to think that there is something wrong with us. Being soulful causes us to know that this is the wrong truth because it is not our truth. On the human being level we are prone to feeling as though somehow we are able to make other people change their minds, and when we find out that they are being stubborn as hell about things, namely things they have no clue about, we end up thinking that there is a problem with us and our thinking, not realizing that we are not who is wrong.

Being soulful causes us to see the error in this thinking in others, even while human beingness also makes us mad as hell and want to shave their heads. Being soulful makes it so that we are able to see the two sides and not pick either. Being human makes us want to cry from the weight of the hurt, the scathing nature of the error that these others are making out to be our fault, thereby making us also think that it is our fault.

It isn’t.

You cannot be held accountable for the things that other people think. They are who matters in those terms, but in every other manner that is all about you…

…you are the most important person in your life, even if the others in your life are telling you that they are, directly or indirectly. It does not matter. Life will continue to kick us all in the ass if we choose to believe that what we are going through has anything at all to do with something that we did or did not do, are doing, will do.

I say it everyday, at least once, and sometimes twice if I have to remind me that the most important person in each of our lives is our very self. Without our very self, there is no us for others to enjoy as being part of their lives.

I Love You All !


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