Headlong into the Light (via the darkness…a message from Spirit, as interpretted by RevRoxie22)



Whether you want to read this or not, whether you like the truths you are about to read, at this time in everyone’s life on this particular planet, a whole lot of stuff is happening, and most of it is not making any of us feel any other way than anxious, than like we are the lowest form of life on the planet, that we have lost all that we really need to lose, and that the more we turn inward and only into ourselves, the safer we will be. This is not the truth, and it will never be…

“Stuff is Shit…”

I won’t ever forget receiving that text, because it was right around that time that things in our lives as a collective whole started to become…well..shitty. This is not saying that things were not already horrific in the shittiest manner that they could be, but it is to say that as time passed, and a short time, no less, there came to be a whole lot more shitty things that have happened to all of us, in one way or another, and a whole lot of that shit made us all feel like we somehow have pissed the Goddess off.

Suffice it to say, there is a whole lot going on, and for the very life of the each of us, many, many of us are not understanding what the hell is going on. What I can say, for sure and with an absoluteness and according to the research that I have been doing for a long set of years now, we are in a pattern of learning, and the learning that we are doing right at this moment is sort of a make-up exam, or at least it feels that way.

Spirit tells me things…I say them to you all in writing…and what we each get from these messages is meant for us to think in another manner, which is EXACTLY what a whole lot of us are doing…even though it seems as though it is getting us nowhere. It is getting us where we need to be. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ like it…please, read on…

Let me tell you all about things that feel a certain way – you are not wrong. At least for the most part. I mean, you will know when you are wrong because (bear with me, please) the current planetary shit up above and going on in the cosmos is making it so that (a) – we are more inclined to state what it is that we are “seeing” with our mind’s eyes, and we all know how that works out (sometimes, we forget that it is symbolic, rather than actual, the things that we “see” there and more – most of the time, it really is only what we are not seeing as part of the vision…the actuality comes through via…) …(b) – we are also more inclined to see (and “see”) things from another perspective the moment that the actual truth of what we see there (and “see’ there) has been had by us. The (b) HAS to come from someplace else, because that is what we are also learning – we are learning to discern what it is that we are “seeing” and “feeling” versus what it is that our ego-selves are telling us to believe.

Our ego-selves, as I call it, is that part of us that interprets things but from the point of view that is only seen and known on the physical plane. Where it is that we are being directed to, via the planetary prompting (meaning that the push and the pull, the “yes” and the “no,” the things that make us believe something topically even though we know better…is directed by how we are interpreting the energies via who we are in our solar, lunar and ascendant sign selves…again…keep reading…Spirit talks…I write…and right now it seems like She is stuttering because She has SO MUCH to tell us all…bear with me…it’s a whole WHOLE LOT).

If you knew what it was that was going on in the cosmos, and you could relate the things that are going on in your specific life and apart from those within it who are the very closest to you, you would find there that there is a very blatant similarity this year to things going on as there was going on at this time last year, and it is likely – VERY HIGHLY LIKELY – that it is the VERY SAME THING. I could give a whole LOT of examples, from all of the very people with whom I share VERY VERY close ties with, but their stuff is none of anyone’s business unless they have made it that way.

However, and this IS Spirit telling me to tell you what is my own story, and it is a story that comes fraught with things that make a chick want to scream her head off, for no other reason than that I have already done what I thought I needed to do to get myself, in terms of being educated, as close as I could get, even with GPA, to earning my PhD. Imagine the fucking mind blowing electricity of anger that I felt when I was told, for the very last time, that the credits I earned via private university were USELESS toward that goal of becoming a college level educator.

It was not pretty at all. I was not happy, and I felt very stuck. There was only one thing that I could do, and that one thing was to start all over again. And you can BET your very last dollar that to have to do it all over again, from junior college at an Associates, is not something that I cared to have to do. I did not have the money to do it the way that I wanted to, and I did not have the patience to have to deal with all of the hoops that I knew I was going to have to and did end up having to jump through. None the less, I am now a full time student (again). While I much enjoy learning, and the one place that I know I belong is in a college classroom, there is always going to be that energy of impatience, that energy of “I don’t want to do this because I HAVE TO do this…and yeah, in order for me to rise to that level of what the hell it is that I am on my way to doing…I HAD TO and did…I started my way to my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Perhaps it is because there are things and people there that I need to discover, and it is because, also, I know that in order to know the animal called “a college student fresh outta high school,” just like any good research scientist will do – I am seeing this time as my own “Jane Goodall” moment. This does not mean that I see my fellow students who are younger than I am as chimps and me as the only one there for a reason. It means that through that understanding of people – young people – I will be able to better communicate with them all of the things that, to this point in my own human beingness, I have learned.

There are a lot of us who are hurting and we are doing so because other people have brought us the pain that THEY…not US….are supposed to deal with. Any time at all that anyone else at all brings us a modicum of pain, you can best bet your asses that the reason they are doing so is because they are also in a lot of pain.

By ‘pain’ I do not mean the sort that they are putting on us. What I mean is that their pain is caused by their own selves. They need someplace to let it out, and rather than running headlong through it so that they can figure out what the fuck it is that they are not seeing and that they are projecting onto us, they avoid the healing and give that…bullshit…to whoever they want to make suffer. And suffer we do, because people are, at this moment, and for MONTHS now, living out their ideal of being the biggest, most selfish assholes that they can muster being. What I have been ‘shown’ and ‘told’ is that it is gonna suck (and we all know that it indeed DOES suck), and that we are going to live through it (because all lessons are temporary, even for selfish assholes like the ones who we are ALL dealing with), and that in the end, when we think it is the end, it will only be the end of that particular turmoil for us, but for the people who brought it to us.

They will continue to suffer if they do not see with their own souls the things that they are going through and are putting onto others to have to deal with. it is all ego based, and all of it points to people NOT wanting to take responsibility for the things that they have already gotten away with in the past, that they want to believe they will continue to get away with. But the ‘alas’ is on them. The “Alas” is on them because this is their M.O. – to do nothing, meaning that they will also change not a fucking thing about themselves. They will continue, with purpose and through the energy that they think is all about themselves, where instead of being angry with the situation, they would rather go with what they know and start the same fucking situation, with new people (read: US…lightworkers, healers, seers, alchemists…you know…PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING HARD TO STAY THE COURSE OF THE WARRIOR). Their onus is that they do not realize that the people who they are trying to bring this to are the very people who are, somehow, GOING TO reveal their sins, not only to the people who need them revealed, but on a much larger scale.

The thing that is most prominent and stands out as the prevailing thought (even as it stands right next to the one thought that is ALWAYS the most predominant one at all times) is that, yes, we are going to go through a whole lot, but, once it is that we have completed this particular thing, once we have learned something of value, not about the situation, but how it brought out of the each and all of us, both singularly and collectively, the very highest best person at the moment that we can be (because we have suffered enough these last twelve months to at least be a good candidate for a straight jacket), even though at that moment, the last thing we want to do is be good about things.

We are sick of crying, and sick of trying, and sick of doing things that make us feel like we are the lowest form of life on the planet. We are tired as hell of explaining ourselves, and most of all, we are dead tired of thinking that the people with whom we share the most are somehow suffering at our hands. We are not. They are not.

We are not going to have to suffer like this anymore, and the reason is that from this place where we think we are not sharp, we are being sharpened. And from that place where we think there is no hope, it instead springs eternal because that is just how a lot of us workers of the light roll, not because of anything other than that is who we really are. We are not going to have to deal with this sort of shit anymore because we will see it, and we will feel it, and when it arrives, we will already have things well in place to make sure that when…or if…it rears itself again, we are prepared for the fight that will not feel like a fight but instead will just be reminiscent of things.

Reminiscing is the thing that we are phenomenal at, but we do so with things that either make us feel really really great, or really really lousy. I am great at feeling lousy. I am so good at feeling lousy, and none of what I am feeling lousy about is anything that I alone can do much about. Not because it involves other people, because on that level, it doesn’t. It only has to do with me and the things I am perceiving as others trying to make me feel the way that I feel right this moment. It is not anyone else’s fault that I want to cry, or that I want to not have to deal with anything that I am going through right now, because everything that I am going through right now, on my own and with my own life, are things that no one else can do for me. This is the other thing that I dreamed about last night, which was not something that I do often, at least in the manner that it sticks with me throughout the day during waking hours.

The dream showed me that we are all on this same path, and the path is one that is not without its challenges. We are all on this path with our tribes. To this dream I can add my cousin’s vision of an elder handing her something, and that something she was handed made no sense to me, but when I thought more about it, suddenly it made sense. We are on this path, and it is chosen by us long before we show up in our skin. What it is is that we are each handed lessons, and some of those lessons are make up exams in that, the way that we are supposed to handle things is right in our faces. I know that I have to go to school. HAVE TO.

Collectively, we gotta do things from that place within us that is the fighter, the place that is NOT “dog-eat-dog” but rather and only “It’s a jungle out there, and I am the biggest, most battle-worn cat in the joint.” We have to come away from the fear, from the things that rip us into shreds and have to turn those shreds into something palatable. It is no easy task. As long as we know, for sure, who is in our corner, with us there, battle-worn and scarred, like we are, and as long as we know, accept, believe that no matter how bad things are right this moment, that there is an end, and it is an end that is needed and that we are the ONLY ONES who can produce that end for the shittiest people who we know, already, half the battle is won. (Said she as she tries to talk herself in to this truth)

Running headlong into the light is what is in order, as per the message of the Goddess. Running headlong into the light, where the darkness is known but is what it is meant to be, which is nothing short of a lesson learned through that period and those times in our lives when we would much rather just sit and wait for the last ball to drop.

What we do not realize is that this time, it is not a sport, not a game, and is the one time in all of our lives that we also do not realize that we have already won, even if it feels like we are the biggest losers on the fuckin’ planet.

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