The Opposite Way

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When things seem as though they are one way and no way else, it may well be time to think in the Opposite Way.

Because of my Taurean moon, there are not a lot of things that, once it is that I have decided that the things that I need to happen absolutely need to happen, and once it is that I am solid on that choice, given all of the ways that I am able to discern an outcome, or possible outcome, that will not only benefit me but those who are closest to me, it is difficult to get me to change my mind.

Now, this is not saying that I am stuck to a decision and will not consider other things to do. It is saying that there are times when we know that what we want to see and what we need to see are the same thing, and we know that what we are sensing and seeing there as the outcome (or possible outcome among many other good, or even better outcomes) will be the actual outcome (or better…can’t for get that it can be better than what we are thinking), most of us humans being will end up sticking to that one way of Knowing, that one way of getting to the end result that we want, even if we have to manipulate things to go that way. Yet, manipulating things to go the way that we want them to go versus the way that they need to go is where we each and all get ourselves tripped up.

We are so making things harder for ourselves when we attach ourselves to a particular manner of doing things that we do not realize that we are getting in our own way. Some of us, like me, don’t care about it if we get in our own way, because some of us, no matter what anyone else thinks or wants to believe, need to “get in our own way” because doing so is part of our process. This is not the thing that too many other people want to believe as being the truth. I wouldn’t believe it either if, over the years, I did not “get in my own way,” most assuredly, I would have made a wait that was already making me go out of my mind make me go that much more out of my mind. There are so many different ways of being, and so many different manners by which we each and all singularly go about doing the things that we do, and there are so many people who want us to do things the way that was successful for them, that we become muddled with too many options. Having too many options is not a good thing all the time, namely when those options are ones whose only outcome is not that great.

The Opposite Way is the way that we have never been taught about. The opposite way goes against the grain of all that the general population does not want to accept as being viable and doable even as it is not the same as everyone else. That is where the confusion sets in for us all. On one side, doing something a certain way has worked for a number of people, and when it doesn’t work for us, we start thinking that somehow, Spirit hates us and wants to use us as a good example of a bad example. This is not the truth. What Spirit really is telling you is that you have a much different way about things, and that includes the way that you manifest things into your life. When that happens, it is not that Spirit hates you, it is that Spirit is stretching you.

When Spirit stretches you things are not easy in our lives, and when things are not easy in our lives, we tend to become just human rather than souls as humans. This is not something that we are not supposed to do. It is something that we do not want to do or like knowing about. We have no other manner by which to be other than to be flesh and blood. As flesh and blood we are meant to come up with different ways of being so as to accommodate the ways that we are not being or perhaps cannot be. This is when we do not realize that it is our prompting to go ahead and think outside of the box, and as humans we are not good at doing this, at least a whole lot of us.

I mentioned that my Lunar sign is Taurus. Simply put, if you know a Taurus, then you know that they are stubborn as hell, and this is as much the truth when the Moon in a person’s chart is in the sign of the bull or in any sign that is fixed. Yet, this is not a writing about astrological tendencies, but about human tendencies to not want to change the way that a whole lot of us does anything at all. It is about how we can recognize what our options are in spite of ourselves.

In recognizing what are our options, there other things that we need to see there that are not optional for everyone, including their right to do things in their own way

There is now and always will be one trait that is very particular to me – I dislike, very much, being told what to do. I am like this because my whole life I have been told what to do and actually took the advice of other people, and more, their words of challenge which did me more damage than good. When I was or am told what to do and followed another’s way of doing things, those things did not and typically do not turn out the way that the other person told me that they would. The let down is not for them, but for me. I am sure they meant well, but the bottom line is that we are not able to do things the way that other people do, and sometimes we do things in the opposite way.

Then there are times when we want to not let other people down and we take their advice against our better knowing. The only one who ends up with a big mess, usually, is us, because really, we cannot do things the way that other people do, at all. We might be able to mimic their actions, but what matters is not that we can mimic. What matters is that we understand, and sometimes when someone else is trying to get us to understand their way it causes us to have these feelings within us that somehow, they think we are not good enough or smart enough, NOT to get ourselves out of a jam, but, use our own way of doing things, even if how we do those things is the very opposite of the way they or anyone or even everyone else does stuff.

This is a very hard thing for us humans being to grasp, whether we are the person giving the advice or opinion or the person on the other side of it, and for the life of us, we cannot help ourselves but to try hard to take the advice, even when we know the energy doesn’t fit.

We try to do things the way that someone else tells us that we ought to because all humans like to think that if it worked for someone else, it will work for anyone. Yet, what they or we are not thinking about in terms of the outcome is that not everyone’s outcome is going to be the same. This is not because of more than the fact that we are all very different and in being so, we are all going to have different outcomes, even when those very outcomes have similarities to the outcomes of others. Sometimes, the outcome is the very polar opposite. This is not something, again, that we think about when thinking in terms of the emotional self and where all of the emotional pain resides within us. When we are taking the advice of other people, we are not thinking about things in terms of the damage that could happen if we don’t also depend on our own devices. We are only thinking about getting through whatever it is that we are getting through fast. Then there is the other side of that, the side that tells us that we don’t want to let anyone down, and since it is that we asked their advice, we don’t want to have wasted their time (never mind that what might have worked for us might not work as well for someone else – it’s that whole…sun sign and who we are thing that doesn’t allow us to successfully do things the way that others have …please …keep reading…). Instead, because we have been trained so well to take directives, we take their advice, because we don’t want to hurt them, and in turn we end up hurting ourselves and ultimately putting it further away, the outcome that we know is on its way.

You have heard it a buncha times in the past – how we get there is not ours to deal with, but that of Spirit’s

Humans being…we don’t like being out of control, and we will go to great lengths to control other people. It is the reason that I am constantly “on guard” with my own self in terms of other people, because I do not want anyone else thinking that I am trying to control or to manipulate who they are or what they do so as to better serve me. There are, however, a whole lot of people on this planet who still believe that they are able and even due the very right to do this and do so (or at least I have been told) that it is for “our own good.” What I really want to know is how it is that another human being is going to tell anyone else what they ought to do if their own life is not what they envision as their future. While my methods these days of doing anything are truly not the most conventional way of doing things, where it is in my life that I am concerned (Read:EVERYWHERE) and which require me to do what I need to do for me so that those who share my life with me won’t stay stuck to the idea that I can become quite a bitch if you give me reason, the bottom line is that I am who is meant to guide my life, and this gives me the right to do things my way.

Sometimes…okay almost all the time…because of who I am and what I do in this lifetime OTHER than go to school, I cannot, and neither will I ever, do things the way that anyone else does them, and unless I ask someone for their opinion, rarely these days will I give a shit about it if the way that I do anything regarding me somehow bothers anyone else at all. Why? Because they are not living in my shell of a body, and they have not experienced in total or in depth the things that I have. That is not something that I can change and not something that anymore now that I am willing to change so that someone…anyone…else will be comfortable about how they feel about my “things” in life. I get it…it is out of concern, and that is fine, but the concern needs to arise from other things, like having witnessed something actually happen to me because of the way that I think and the way that I do what I do.

There is no one else on this planet who can do for the each of us what it is that the each of us can do for ourselves. I mean, yes, the people who give us advice do love us, and the more that we are able to see this, the more that we will know this. What I am talking about is that, there are folks we share the air with who cannot come away from the idea that they have all the right answers. The worst part about our not taking their advice is that when we don’t, they want to tell us that things will never work out to our favor, because we didn’t do things their way. And really, who is anyone at all to tell another person that the way they are handling anything at all is wrong if it is not done the way that they…the others…have instructed and directed us to do, as though we are dependent upon their outcome.There are even people who give advice solely for the purpose of having been right and patting themselves on the back for “saving” someone else.

I can’t do that. I am sure that in the past I have done that, but these days, I don’t give advice – I advise, and that is a different thing all together.

I advise others that they don’t have to do things the way that the rest of the world does things – they can do things the opposite way, which is not always the exact opposite way, but rather and only the way that is not everyone else’s way.  Think about that one for a moment. Wrap your head around it and see it for what it is – because what it is is the truth.

The Opposite Way

I am a Pisces. It is a sign which lives by its dual nature, and those who know me personally also know, for real, that I live up to that energy of duality. There is no one else in their lives who, like me, will delve into every possibility of outcome, just to make sure that whoever it is that I am talking to has more than only one thing to choose as what it is that they want to direct their energies toward manifesting. I am not one to be held back in terms of thought process, in terms of how it is that I care to do things in the manner that I do them.

There are a few people in my life who I probably drive crazy based on this one thing alone. There are people who know me well enough to know that I might ask their opinion, for their assistance, but never their advice…unless it is something legal, then it is advice. Anyway, there are few people whose advice, lately, I will take. Sure…I will convene minds with other water signs, because they are like I am, but for the most part, when I am advised, you can bet that from all of those people and all of the piece of advice they give me, I am making sort of an “outcome salad” with it, in that I have been offered the pieces to this puzzle called “The outcome,” and because of my duality, really, there is not another sign on this planet other than a dual sign who can effectively make shit happen when shit is done in the opposite way.

I am, by and large, a nontraditionalist. I cannot, by my very own personal energy signature, do things in the most conventional manner. I am, like any other water sign, highly artistically creative, and this does not only mean in the actual manner – it means in every manner. There is not a person alive who knows me who does not know this about me. I have real issues with people who tell me that being this way is wrong. Note that I did not state that I have problems with people who are traditionalists…I have a huge issue with people not accepting that I am not the same kind of traditionalist, and as such, at least in their opinions, I do things “ass backward.” A person can tell anyone at all that they are doing things “ass backwards,” but the bottom line is that it is not that way at all, but rather and only a way that is not the way that has worked for everyone else.

Being that I am like this – that I will come up with a lot of different ways to come up with one good solution to try, one after another – means that everything that I do will be done in the most “me” way that it can be done, and from my own experience of walking around in this body for forty five years what I can state as being absolutely the truth is that I do things in the very most opposite way that most people do things. Yes, it very dearly irritates some of the most wonderful people in my life, makes them want to steer clear of me and that is okay – I cannot be this way and not allow the acceptance that others are also this way. However, there is the fine line drawn at the idea that doing things one’s own way, namely when it is the opposite way, is doing things the wrong way.

It is not wrong to be who you are. (Unless if who you are hurts other people, then you might not be wrong but you surely need to get some help) It is wrong to impose your way onto others. Sometimes people are going to do things their way. It means that they, like you, might not be able to be told what to do and more, they may well not appreciate the idea that you think you have all the answers. I was this person, the one with all the answers. Then one day, I didn’t have any answers, not even for myself. It was the realization that no one way of coming to any conclusion is going to be the only right way. It taught me that we are not required to think along the lines that the rest of the world does – we only have to think our way and do things our way and not everyone else’s.

It bothers some people that people in general will not always take their advice. It bothers people that not everyone will follow their lead and sometimes, we don’t need to be a leader, we don’t need to follow, we just need to be and to trust our damned selves to do the right thing, even if the right thing is the opposite way.

Doing things the opposite way doesn’t mean you are doing them the wrong way. It means that you are secure enough in yourself in doing things your way, which very well might be the opposite way from what everyone else does them. There is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, thinking in our own way and for our own selves is not the wrong way at all…

…it is indeed the opposite way and the way of the Soul…

I Love You All


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