The Evolution and Rebirthing of The Shaman


Life as we know it is constantly in flux. This applies to us all. Right now, the Universe is shaping the next generation of Shaman.

There is a small number of people who, when they read this next thing, will snicker a bit, and it’s totally okay that they do, because it just means that they have no idea of the truth of what it is that I am writing about today. If they snicker, I’m okay with it. If they question, I am okay with it. If they want to bad mouth me, again…I am okay with it.

I am Shaman.

I am Kahuna.

I was not appointed.

I was born for it. Most folks don’t realize it when they are born for such things, but, after these last two decades, there is no denying it – I am Shaman.

Am I saying that there are no others who have also been born into this whole…Shamanic..reality, or am I even implying that maybe I might be the cat’s okole when speaking in terms of the things that we do in this lifetime that we do not realize when we are young that we were meant for? Not at all. I think it is safe to say that when we are kids is when we know who and what we are. We just don’t know what to call it.

I am an adult. I know what to call it.

I am Shaman. There are people who I share DNA with who might be reading this, who also might be getting in touch with other DNA-related-to-me people who are absolutely jubilant that they now have something to talk about. This is how you know, for sure, that what you are is something that is not meant for everyone, because if it were meant for everyone, then everyone would be comfortable in calling themselves “Shaman.” I am very comfortable calling me this, because this is what I am, and this is what I have always been, no matter who thinks otherwise. I have always known that there has been something different about me, even, again, when I was a kid I knew something about me was not like the rest of the kids. I knew I was a strange child then, just as much as I know that even now, as an adult, I am a bit on the eccentric side.

Shaman Among Us

There is an absolute crush of information on the web about “how to be a Shaman,” and there is nothing wrong with those things, until you realize that the first thing that is a must is that one must know that this is what they were born for. It is not something that a person walks the lithosphere telling people, at least not if they are not very comfortable with telling people, because people, by and large, like saying awful things about other people, like making sure to it that no matter what, whatever it is that anyone else is meant for, if it is not something that said shit talker thinks is real, it means that the person who is claiming their Shamanic gifts must be full of shit.

Ummm…no…hell no, in fact. And, in fact, the mark of the Shaman is NOT that people will talk shit, but that people will talk shit and no matter what they say, the Shaman will not ever back down from who and what they are. I don’t. I will never back down from it, will never be ashamed of admitting to the fact that I speak to the dead (because they speak to me), and I “know things” before most other people know them (because I have worked for many years to sharpen my ethereal gifts), and it took me a lifetime to accept it, but, I am Shaman. And I am not alone.

When you are with the people who you are meant to be with, you will see what are your own gifts through those with whom you spend the very most time. This means that if you are Shaman, that you are in the company of same said such people. There are people who don’t like the responsibility of being a Shaman, but it is something that a lot of people just simply embrace. I have embraced my strangeness, my empowerment through things and events in my life that at one time weakened me, but now those things have become the very tools that I have honed my skills on, continue to hone them on, and those are the things that while I no longer have to deal with the pain from it all, I not only cannot forget, but, now that I see them in a new light, I refuse to not recall when the time calls.

It took a lot for me to get over a whole lot, and it took a lot for me to accept that really, some people are just flaming shit bags left on the porch of other peoples’ psyches, and I have, even though I hated doing it, have had to let go of people and ways of being which no longer served what is my purpose, what is my shared mission in this lifetime. We Shaman don’t look like what one would expect us to look like. I look like one of those moms who likes to rock, and I am one of those moms who is a college student, an ex-wife, and another person’s “Pineapple,” and all of these things point to the markers and hallmarks in my life that have shown me, without it all being blatant (because blatant things in the lives of Shaman are not actually blatant things as much as they are a mirror for us to look into and realize that we are what we see looking back at us…seriously…) that this is what I am. I am part of a new group of Spiritual Bad-Asses who have taken it upon ourselves to not keep our gifts to ourselves, to let the rest of the human race know that we are here and in service to humanity, in service to the betterment of the world we each live in, which leads us to automatically lend our energies to the world and the Universe as we know it.

I am not bragging, and neither am I sitting here, smug in my “born into it” Shamanic life. I am trying to show you all a picture, a picture painted by you and your imagination, so that you can see where it is that you are, yourself, the Shaman. I am not saying that everyone is meant to do the things that I and many of those closest to me do (only because we do it as our livelihoods, because being Shaman is not a livelihood – it is our life). What I am saying is that we all have shades of Shamanistic qualities, and that all of us are evolving in our own lives as the empowered Shaman. We are who has control, not others, and once it is that we have bothered to open our awareness to that one truth, the world, itself, also opens up to us. It is like the can opener for a can that we thought was worms, but, turns out can be used as bait. (Think about it.)

There is nothing in the world that tells a person of their own empowerment better than said same person being able to take whatever it is that their lives are giving to them (as gifts of becoming stronger in the Soul), use whatever pain is there and waiting to be healed, and be able to turn something around in the manner that they never realized that they could. I, myself, as well as the Maestro, have, in a very few short days – for me, three weeks, and he figured something out today that, after many months of feeling like there was going to be nothing for him to call his own, he came up with a plan…and it is a very, very good one. I never had my doubts. I always knew that he would see what I have always seen.

…and Shaman, these days, I am finding, are happening in pairs. This is where the Maestro comes in, and this is where I know that in his own life, and after what he happened to happen upon by his own thoughts today, he also and now can believe it, too. I have never not thought this way of him. He is as brilliantly intelligent as anyone could be, and if I wanted to tell you what it was that he came up with, you would know that his intellect is just like mine – gigantic. That is also another mark of a Shaman – we have a different kind of intelligence, because we have a different kind of intellect. It is not that we are smarter than others, but that what it is that we have been given by the Goddess and was granted us as a gift and a thing that we were born with, but that what we are doing with it all that makes us what we are.

I am not the only one, either. In fact, if you looked around you, and looked within the boundaries of your own life, you would see there that there might be others within your inner circle who are ethereally intelligent. When a person is ethereally intelligent, it is a high likelihood that they also possess the power of the Shaman. The time now is the time for the evolution and rebirthing of what it is that the world wants to see as being Shaman. I am not someone who chants when in public (but I do chant outdoors when it is the second night of the full moon…the first night is reserved for Medicine Dancing). I am also not someone who, anymore, is afraid to show the world who I truly am and what I truly am all about.

It is not being a “Guru,” and it is not being an expert in the manner that experts are thought of (read: tangibly), but is being wholly and totally responsible for what you are and what you do with the things that you have been granted upon entrance into this lifetime. There are people who are probably rolling their eyes right now, thinking me as being full of myself, and that’s fine that they do. The truth is that they don’t know me for real, and that is why they talk shit. They don’t know the responsibility that this endowment comes with, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to do it because being Shaman means being able to know certain things and more, being willing to share them. Being Shaman does not mean that you get to “do” Peyote, or Kava, or Salvia, or anything else like that…it means that sometimes you have to do it, because it is the only way to access certain parts of the soul so as to delve in and heal it. It is not a person being able to control others through spellwork, and not our ability that we have with the Craft, with Magick, with anything that anyone has been told is wrong or evil or simply just make believe.

There are many who are gifted in this lifetime, and many more who don’t know how gifted they really are, and maybe the reason is because they like being in this world far more than they like riding the rope between worlds. It is not my call. What I know, for sure, is that the Shamanic Path is not for everyone, that those who are chosen for it, some of us are not able to get out of the bullshit that we go through all the time until we begin to take on the ideas we get as being a message from the Goddess, telling us that in order for us to realize what it is that we are supposed to be doing in total, not only do we have to let go of the things that we thought were all we would be, but more, we have to open ourselves to the possibility that maybe we have reached that level in what we do for our living, all the way to the top, surpassing it, and the only thing that we can see from the top is the bottom upon which we try girding ourselves for fall.

What we do not see until someone else helps us to kick start the engines of creativity in terms of what and who we are is that the thing that we “do” in this lifetime is absolutely the thing that we will always be a part of, but that, the way that we are about to become a part of it is NOT what we have always been. We go from being the seedling to the sprout in the pot, and one day, our roots begin to grow out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. The roots take hold, keeping us, we think, in the pot. Then one day, someone comes along and helps us understand that we have evolved beyond the pot and that now, we must either be transplanted into a bigger pot, or, perhaps even into Mother Gaia Herself. When we are more willing to think only about what we want, and we are only thinking about the one outcome that we see, we are not opened up to the other things that might not take all the work in the world anymore, that we have evolved from Grasshoppah to …I don’t know…Mantis…and all along we tried to hop, when really, we just needed to be still, ponder the things that we think about, and move toward a bigger branch on the Tree Of Life.

It is when we can see through the eyes of the Soul, wrap our tired arms around the world, embrace the good, bad, ugly, obscene, misunderstood….and every thing else that comes in to our lives…and when we can accept that sometimes, we cannot do what we cannot see we are capable of if all we can do is focus on what it was that we were and are still so good at, but that now must evolve for us so that we can go on with our lives teaching others the way of the Shaman.

So, I suppose that the next time you are in the middle of a struggle that you cannot think your way out of, perhaps it is not that you must think your way out of it, but that you ought to think in a far different way than you have ever before…


Think about it…

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