Nope… you can’t always get what you want…

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Sometimes, the things that we want are not the same things as what we need. Sometimes, what we want is in direct conflict with what we need. What we need is also sometimes what we want. We cannot forget that we can’t always get what we want

“…You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need…”

(“You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” by The Rolling Stones)

No one I know wants to not get what they want. At the same time, no one I know wants to know, or actually, believe, the truth behind the phrase (and the really great song by the Stones) “You can’t always get what you want,” and while that sucks, it is a Universal Truth that cannot be denied.

Another Universal Truth that cannot be denied is that sometimes, the reason that you can’t get what you want is because it might not useful for your life purpose, or, your intentions with what you want might not be pure, or, the biggest reason, you can’t always get what you want because it is not what is needed for you in your life, for your mission and according to your purpose in life.

The things that we need are not always the things that we want. In fact, the things that we need might actually suck, but the things that suck usually are connected to the things that we want, and if we choose to look at things in that manner, we can see there that as long as what we need and what we want are the same thing or are of the same vibratory pattern, we will, without a shadow of a doubt, get what we want and need. That is just the way this all works.

The Way This All Works

Whether anyone at all wants to believe me or not, the way that things in this Universe works is first, we find what sucks and deal with it (or don’t) and then we get what we need, and sometimes, really, what we need is for things to suck. Seriously.

Sometimes, some of us have chosen to be such a princess about things that if we don’t get what we want when we want it, we tend to behave in a very…Snickers Bar Commercial Diva…about things. Yes, even and especially the guys – y’all don’t like to lose, and not getting what you want when you want it can turn a couple of you into “Princess BitchGuy.” (Get over yourself already…yup…I went there…I said it – so DEAL WITH IT, ’cause it’s the Truth).

Really, though – when things suck, we have to ask ourselves what things that suck remind us of that is not right now and also sucked. If we go back in our memories, and we look at times past, and we can see something similar in that time that has passed, we can also know, too, that we have come up with the solution to the problem at hand, and that maybe, the thing that sucks right now is a karma thing, is something that you need to balance, and in that energy, you don’t get what you want because what you need is to balance the karma.

The Universe is a picky bitch about balance

Picky Bitches.

We ALL know one. I am one with certain things, namely when it comes to certain things that involve other people, especially people who I share with or intend to share with an extreme closeness. I am this way because for the majority of my lifetime, I have been shown that it doesn’t matter what something looks like, as long as it doesn’t cost a whole lot. When I put that into other words, and ask myself “are you sure you want to hang out with that person who appears to be a crack head?” my immediate answer is ALWAYS NO!

It isn’t because that person is a crack head, and it isn’t because that person might have issues that I could help them heal within themselves, it is because I am a picky bitch in that who I hang with is representative of me, and who I hang with, even though they might not be saying a thing about me in any manner, the moment that someone knows that I am hangin’ with a crack head, automatically I am going to be assumed to also be a crack head.

I am SO not a crack head.

That is neither here nor there. What I mean by that is that, the Universe demands balance, and when it is that our lives feel like they are not going in the right direction, and we feel like someone is playing a big, fat, ugly joke on us, if we bother to think back, as I just stated, and if we thought about how we felt when this shit hit the fan last time, and we can see how that turned out (or didn’t) we can also see to it that we know we will get through it, that once we are through it we can move forward onto the next thing, and most of all, we never have to go through that shit again, because in that one balancing act, we have found out something about ourselves and perhaps it was that something that the universe was trying to tell us we needed, even though we didn’t want it.

Seriously – you will not get what you want before you get what you need

Tangibly, we might be able to manipulate energy to get what we want, but, if we are not careful and we like believing that it doesn’t matter how we got that thing, the Universe will make sure that we KNOW we are incorrect. It is when we do things with the wrong intention, when someone else is going to lose something undeservedly, and when it is that we have placed on that one thing an importance that does not belong with it. It is when we have glued ourselves to the outcome that we want rather than the one that is needed, so as to open the door to what we want, if we need it, that we become hard to convince that maybe we were not supposed to have whatever that was, or that we were not supposed to have it until we are ready.

And, “until we are ready” is about EVERYTHING, including relationships. Relationships are the one thing that a whole LOT of other women come to me about, because they want to know how it is that I am so very happy in mine. I hear them say things like “if he expects to be with me, then he is just going to have to change (insert thing that she has no control over here) for me.” You can imagine the shit-storm of nonsense that I hear once it is that I tell a whole LOT of them that to expect someone else to change for us is like expecting to make rain fall without a cloud in the sky – NOT gonna happen (unless you can do that shit…then it could…no, really…).

We want perfection, but we, ourselves, are not willing to be perfect. In fact, we are, ourselves, are only willing to point out in other people what we think is “wrong” with them, and we do not even think that maybe, just maybe, it is not the other person who needs to fix something within them, but really, it is us who has to do that.

Oh man…wow…I can hear the hushed murmurs of women from one end of the planet to the other, all of them asking why it is that if I am such a great feminist, then why is it that I am not taking the side of the women in my example?

Umm…because – what is this article titled as? Yeah…it is also because I have a problem with people who have an air of entitlement to them, and women all over the place have this about them when it comes to the most important relationship that they have that is not with their kids – the one with their significant other. They want their partner to be this perfect guy (or chick) and when it comes down to it, and they end up being disappointed, what they are not thinking at that point is that it is THEIR expectations which has caused the energy of disappointment in them – NOT their partner’s

This is not to say that anyone’s partner is without sins and warts – but, it is to say that we, ourselves, come complete with the same things that anyone else does, so why are we judging and why are we expecting someone else to change for us when we will not change for ourselves, either? Who the hell are we to think that somehow, we are above that man (or that chick) (haha) and that somehow, they have to go by what rules we set FOR THEM but that we are free and able to be who we are, even if who we are is an asshole?

Again, it doesn’t work that way.

And I dare you to challenge me on it.

I dare you to sit there, get all ass hurt, thinking that somehow, no matter what the relationship is and with whom, you are somehow above the other person, because you are you. Did it ever occur to you that you cannot walk on water, and that you are not the only person on this planet who can be the thing that fills the void in any relationship and that you are not the cat’s okole that you think you are? How would you feel if you were the one who was being judged, expected to change, and for what? So that someone else could find you good, right and acceptable? After a very long time spent in a hellish marriage, I am here to tell anyone at all, there is no need for another person to be up to par according to you. Where you got that idea from is wrong, and you need to stop thinking in terms of only yourself, because that is going to get you nowhere.

For reals, though…you can’t always get what you want…

This is the bottom line truth here, folks – you can’t always have your way.

You can’t always get what you want when you want it. It takes time to not be an asshole, namely if you have been an asshole your whole entire life. Sometimes, it is that you are being made humble that you find yourself feeling all alone in the energy that is “by yourself.” Sometimes, you are being told things that you don’t want to hear but that you might need to hear. Sometimes things suck ass, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it other than check themselves before further wrecking themselves

When we think in terms of the bigger picture, we have to ask ourselves if we want to go through the things that brought us to this place of want, over and over again, or, do we want to suffer just a little bit, go through the things that we have to go through in order for change to happen for us and so that we never have to go through the things that we have been through to this point, because we chose to do the work, learn that we can’t always get what we want and that maybe, Spirit has something way better in store for us.

I promise…I know this.

In fact, I know it so well that anymore, I wear it on my sleeve.

Think about it – would you want to be someone who you are not, just so someone else could accept you as something other than yourself? Are you thinking about the things that you want as also being something that you do not need? Are you up to the task of doing everything that you expect your partner to do?

If you answered “no” to any of these things…yup…time to check yourself before you wreck yourself



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