…on Being Jedi…


We are all Jedi. We are all Sith. We all have elements of both sides of consciousness.

Star Wars.

Everyone I know, just about, LOVES Star Wars.

We all love thinking that if we could only have the gifts of the Jedi Knights that everything would just change for us, and this is the truth, but first you gotta understand that you have to get through the Sith part of you before you can even begin to think in terms of being Jedi.

The Sith part of you

To think in terms of being Jedi, you have to think not about what is best for you only, but also and more, what is best for whatever situation it is that you have found yourself in. That really is what this is all about. One cannot hope to be able to do what is right and good for themselves, let alone the world in which they live, if one is not willing to release parts of themselves that causes the things that happen that are other than good to continue to happen.

The best rendition and example of this is an adult who grew up with privilege and who no longer has that privilege. Perhaps it was that they were so comfortable in the idea that always, someone or something would always be there for them to parasite more and more of what they think they need. Then one day, the host from which they derived all of their perceived power from, typically in the form of money or other tangible goods, is no longer there.

The host either decides that they have had enough and is no longer available to their taking at a constant, or, physically, the host dies. This really happens. I am watching it now.

I mean, not right this moment, but, I am watching this happen, where someone who I know very well has chosen to not do more for themselves than what it is that they have expected from themselves, and also expecting others to pick up the slack, just because that is what they have always expected and have just grown accustomed to. This is not my rule. At all. This is the rule and the law of the Universe in that, whatever it is that you put out there into the universal climes, no matter what, comes back to us- always, and in the same energy that it was experienced by others.

To “Be Jedi” means that you have a deep knowing, a deep belief in the things that you and your mind and every bit of your own power can make happen for you, whether it is good … or other than good.

You have to know that what it is that you are leaning towards, in terms of Being Jedi, while it hurts and sucks, it is meant.

It is meant because you have to learn that while it is that topically, and in a tangible manner, you want things to be a certain way and you want things to be YOUR specific way, so that you can have comfort, even if it is at another person’s expense.

And why not? Everyone likes it when things are a certain way, but when it is that we actually need things to be a certain way, what we deem as being the “correct” certain way and the way that we want things to be regardless if we know this, we realize that there are bigger things at work and that really, there is not a lot that can be done to make those things different right this moment.

That is what is meant by “Being Jedi” – to be able to not only do all those really cool things that we see the Jedi Knights accomplish with their minds, but more, to also be able to face any dragons that we think are the reason as to why it is that we are not getting our way.

And by the way…

If you can recall for a moment the fact that, throughout his training, Luke Skywalker RARELY, if ever, until he got his mind past his fears and the things that could be called the Monsters in the closet of his mind…well, Luke felt like a failure. In fact, he felt like he could not take his rightful place as a Jedi Master and throughout all of the movies, he showed us all that this was not the truth of him. He showed us all both sides of himself – his Light and his Dark, and throughout it all, we each and all rooted for him, the underdog.

And really, that is what it takes, in part, to being Jedi – to know that no matter what, you are the underdog. You are the geek that people shot spitwads at, and you are the very one who people bullied and teased and told would go nowhere, because you were not cool enough to be like they were. You were different and you knew it, and you being different is really what they saw and whether you want to believe it or not – it was that you were and are different than all of the population of this planet.

We are all different.

We are all the Jedi.

We are all the Sith.

We are all the human beings with all of these qualities about us, and we are all prone to not thinking like we can make a whole hell of a lot of difference because we are too busy worrying and believing that what other people said of us was and is still the truth.

The truth is what it is.

The truth is something that not a a soul on this planet can ever escape and ultimately our truths always catch up to us.

Ultimately they come to us in the manner that is someone else not wanting to help us, come to us in the manner that is the very same bully we encountered throughout our lives, and ultimately, these things are not supposed to be there because we are meant to reach into our Jedi-like souls and clear from our lives and our selves these things that no one else seems to be able to deal with within their own selves and their own minds.

We are blamed for the things that we cannot control, and we are accused of things that we know we would not ever do, and these people who bring this to our lives don’t see that they are their own Jedi, and they are who brings to their own table the solutions to everything that they know they have control over. Lots of times, though, it is the ego, the Sith part of us who wins out, and does so because we are, for the most part, egotistical, arrogantly so, and we are, for the most part, afraid to face truths that we know have always been there, lying in wait in our twelfth house of self-undoing.

We do not have to answer that energy with anything more than acknowledgment, anything more than what is the truth of everything at hand at any given moment.

That’s what is called “Being Jedi.”

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