Like Dominoes


All of us on this planet, when we think of the Domino Effect, most of us tend to think about things falling apart.  While things indeed do fall apart, what we are also not thinking about at that time is that while they are falling apart, there are also other things that we so dearly desire that are also, at the same time, doing that same Domino Effect thing.

I have a habit of wanting to see the good, but ultimately I will only see what is not positive when shit starts to hit the fan.

We are all like this.

We have all been conditioned to see what we don’t want to see in terms of things going on in our lives rather than the other things that are also happening at the same time and that are very good. Sometimes those things are not evident and sometimes we really have to talk ourselves into seeing what we cannot see because what we can see sucks a whole lot.

And really, the reason that we can only “see” the negative, nasty stuff going on in our lives is because it is what we have been taught to focus on.

For the very life of us all, collectively, we don’t realize that the reason, in large part, that we are still not that great at taking our focus off of the good things also happening and not giving even that energy to the things that suck is due to our over-saturated nature being made more that way by the constant negativity in the news, online and yes, also that is contained in the drama and the histrionics brought to us by those who are actively in our lives in one way or another. It all feeds the energy in one way or another, and most of the time, we are more inclined, because we are all built to survive anything, to see the things that suck.

And again…the things that suck are the only things that we have been conditioned to see.

What we have been taught

We all have been taught, very well, to survive.

In that energy, we were taught to not trust things that are of a positive nature, and because of this, we have all of this…intense…constant…negativity in our lives. Really, this is truly the reason why it is that a whole lot of us cannot, for the very life of us, seem to be able to get past all of the crap that is crap in our lives. I am no exception to this.

I am one of those people, at least now, who is able, again…now…to try hard to not lose myself in the negativity and the drama that is caused by it. It took me a very long time to not see only the bad, to see the opportunities which are brought out of us and to us by those things that we see as being bad, harsh, ugly.

Sometimes, the opportunities are there and are hidden in a big bunch of turmoil. Our job at that point is not to become Mr. or Ms. Sunshine Happy Face, but really, it is when we should be looking for the opportunity in it all.

Yes – the opportunity that is there, that is not very obvious, that is meant to be hidden and wrapped in the crap called “life from time to time.” We are so very well conditioned in the manner that is looking for only that which sucks that in order for us to see what we are not looking for because we are too busy looking at what we are feeling is what this blog is about today – to introduce you all to that thing called “opportunity wrapped in a shit-stained blanket.”

Opportunity wrapped in a shit-stained blanket


Sometimes we are so engulfed in the problems that are part of our own private lives that it can truly seem as though we are stuck in a wet, shit-stained blanket.

It is bad enough that it is wet, but what makes it worse is that we can see the stains all over it, and even though we have put that blanket through the wash a million and one times, those stains are there, reminding us of all the things that happened to that blanket in order for it to be stained in the manner that it is.

In that same manner, when we look at a pile of bills that just seems to get bigger, or when we see that the people or at least and only one person in our lives making that life very difficult for us, the only thing that we can see in that life are those things which could be equated with that badly, nasty stained blanket.

If we broadened the picture of us wrapped in that blanket, and we see in that broadened awareness what else is there, we find out that ours is not the only shit-stained blanket, and we also are given a glimpse at the things not made obvious. Yet, that rarely helps us or our cause to not wear that blanket, and sometimes, the blanket is needed, because it is the only one available and the outside world has become too cold and harsh to deal with without some sort of coverage – thereby making that shit-stained blanket a lot more appealing than would be the elements of things unknown are.

The Unknown Things

This is where it gets a little bit unbelievable, because of the nature that letting go of things, including outcome, being what it is – which is unknown.

This is where our conditioning really hurts us, because the word “unknown” carries with it such negative energies that for us to get away from that energy, we have to assign it a new energy and one that fits whatever it is that we are trying to do. For someone like me, the word “unknown” is simply part of everything that I do in this lifetime, namely when I coach others, to show them that there are two sides to the “unknown,” and depending upon how any one of us has experienced what was unknown to us in the past will determine how much work we have to do in order to allow anyone who is coached by me to learn another way of discerning that word and having that word actually help them turn things around.

In the Unknown, there is the opportunity to NOT see only the negative part of that word, and in the Unknown, it is rife with possibility and filled with energy that can either be good, or other than good (thank you Marianne Williamson…”other than good”…I love the way that feels…don’t you all?).

Within that place called “The Unknown” there are lots and lots of little things called “other ideas about a thing,” and in that place there are opportunities for each of us to visualize the way that we would rather things turn out.

The visual of things is not what is important, at least not as important as what that visual is doing for you. When you can get behind a thought and it is believable to you, this is when you have taken the opportunity of that which is called “The Unknown” and actually derive a better, more usable and more agreeable energy that can be dealt with so as to also deal with whatever is your version of the shit-stained blanket.

When I say that just like bad energy can have a domino effect, I also mean and should tell you all, whether I am here and in writing or if we are in a coaching session on the phone, I want you all to know that the good energy also carries with it that thing called The Domino Effect.

We all know how the Domino Effect works, and we also all know  that if we are willing to believe that the bad things fall over like dominoes, we also have to believe that the good things will do the same thing. If we can get behind an idea that suits our need at the time that we are wrapped in that nasty-ass blanket, and we can do so in the same manner that is the ferocity and energy that we have that carries us through the time that we are wrapped in said blanket, we can also begin to visualize things in a different, more positive manner and in that manner also create a better, more “wearable” energy.

The most important thing, though, in no longer needing that blanket, is that we have to learn to let go of the things that we are willing to believe, things that might have applied during another time in our lives when we did not know that we also have opportunities within that which sucks and if we just looked for them, we might know that while we have been wearing that blanket, we forgot that there were other blankets and that those other blankets were there all along.

We forget, because we have not been taught otherwise, that there are always going to be two sides to everything.

We forget that sometimes, the grass really is greener on the other side, and forget that, sometimes, when we want to believe that only people who are awful will get ahead in life, that they are actually not showing you the other side of their lives and really, they don’t have to. All we need to do is remember that there are two sides to everything, including the things that seem to feel like they are eating our lives away.

What we are not thinking about when we are in that thought of life eating us up is that it might not be that way at all, and that what is really happening is that we are evolving, and that everything that was once the norm for us is being replaced by what is the new normal for us, and change, as we all know it, no matter how good it is for us or how good it will be for us, change SUCKS. Even good change, and it sucks because we are so busy waiting for things to fall apart that we don’t realize that when things fall apart, some new truth is being born and with that new truth we must do something.

Sometimes, the new truth scares the shit out of us, and it is meant to do that, because sometimes we do not believe that we are good enough to have what good things come our way. This is something that I have had the hardest time with – the idea that everything that has ever been good, at least in my head, goes away.

I found out, though, over the course of a year’s time, that this is not the truth. The things that I might have thought were good in the past were the things that taught me that everything that I wanted to and was taught to believe as being the ONLY truth is not the only truth.

What I found out is that when one thing goes away, something better is meant for that vacancy. The vacancies that have been filled have been filled with the right people, and the right clients, and the right energies that tell me that I am on the right path and that I am to stay this path and within this energy, no matter what, and especially if I intend for the good things to continue to fall into my life, like the dominoes that fell in a bad way in previous times.

No matter what it is that we are faced with, we can either see it all as bad and crappy, or we can see it all as part of the process of elimination of the bad things which have taught us so much, to make way for the good things that reward us for having been in that other energy for too long. Also contained in that energy is that thing called “the seed” to begin new things, with those new people, for all of the right reasons, and no matter how much we want to go back to that shit-stained blanket, the more we look at everyone else choosing to not wear theirs, we also take the opportunity to not wear ours.

In fact, we end up using that same blanket for things more appropriate for its condition…

…such as giving it to those who actually need that blanket.

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