The Black Flame

FEar Not the Black Flame

Our fear has a color. Our fear has an energy. Our fear has led us into the darkness. Our fear has brought us to our knees. Our fear exists for a reason. Our fear is ours. Our fear is powerful and can empower us.

When things seem like they are taking a toll on all of life, and when things seem to want to take us out of the game, so to speak, it is at this time that we need to open our hearts, our minds, our souls, and listen for the message from Spirit. It has been a very long time since the last time I was the vessel through which the message of empowerment, a message Divine in nature and for the all of us has been received. This is a message from Spirit, reminding us that we are not meant to live in fear, but that we are supposed to use that which scares us as our tools for empowerment.

“Fear not the Black Flame…”

Many Souls do not understand that what is happening now is meant. It is meant so that you each and all can realize the empowered souls that you each and all are.

You shun your fears, embracing what was, giving life and self to it all, sacrificing all to the nothing that is the past.

You cannot see past your fears, and it is your fears which you do not know and neither realize will empower you. This is not the time to see only the Flame of the Violet comfort, but rather, also and a time to embrace that which scares you in the depths that offer you the quiet comfort of the scars and the wounding that the past has gifted you with.

Without those scars you have nothing to refer to.

Without those scars, you haven’t any fears.

Without those scars, you are not the powerful you incarnate.

You walk between the worlds, confused, feeling alone, but the truth is that you are not ever alone, are always guided, kept safe in the arms of Spirit. Your tangible selves cannot discern the difference between the pain and the lesson, and from that vantage point you see only that which harms.

You do not see it as a rite of passage, only as the harm brought to your ego self’s comfort, your ego self’s inability to conjure those things through tangible means, that which empowers you.

There is no empowerment in having, only in not having, and this is not what you have all been shown, been taught is the truth, had the chance to live inside of, unless you have chosen the path of the Black Flame.

Many choose this path, and many choose also to not complete the walk on this path of the Seer, the Prophet, the Healer, the Shaman, the Sorcerer, the Warrior. You want this energy, this power, this ideal about you all to be seen but you have not been willing to release yourselves to the sweet comfort of the pain turned into power. 

It is in those things of a tangible nature not realized that hurts your ego self, but in the Spirit’s natural state, you do not understand that you are more empowered when you feel as though you are at your lowest and weakest point.

Many have come before you, to this place within, where it is that the monsters of the past come to eat your soul and find you wounded, but wounded in the sense that is the Warrior, the Warrior who is battle scarred, the Warrior who has only one way to walk, the walk of the Black Flame Path. 

This is the Path that you have chosen, the one which you know, deep within, is the very one which you will ever revel in, the one that you alone, even while in the company of others within your soul’s tribe, was meant so that you would, upon completion of this part of the journey, know that your power came through your broken self, through heart ache indescribable, through losses on more than only the tangible level, through the very beating down of the soul within you.

Yet, you do not know that it was not a beating down, but was meant to bring to the surface the treasures within, through the gritted teeth and the rivers of tears which fell. It was the Black Flame, with its sharpened and heated energy that scored you, that showed you who you are rather than only who and what you used to Be.

The Black Flame is the darkness, is the part of the soul within you, within all of you, even in its dark manner, has brought you to victories, brought you through the illusion that is sometimes the arrogance of the self, has shown you the way, even as you each and all, every time, looked away. You saw in the flame your fear, your shame, your pain, the harm, and in that instance of remembrance, you were intentionally brought low so that you would know what it means to be who you are, for real, and in this lifetime, which is special, and more than you care to accept.

It is the Path of the Black Flame Warrior, the one who carries the Light of the Violet Flame in one hand, tools for battle in the other, combining the two energies, and coming to the peak of who you are, and it frightens you down in the soul.

You truly only know that one fear – the one which resides within and within the very depths of the soul.

In the tangible world you are fearless, because you can control what it is that is without you, but in the soul sense, you do not recognize what scares you, and you look away, turning your gaze toward things recognizable rather than that which needs your attention.

You must be willing to retake your battle gear, to look deep within the Black Flame, see your very tired selves there, and continue the Path.

It was not ever, nor shall it ever be, promised that the Black Flame Path of the Warrior is anything but a difficult one. Within the ranks are many who have lost what seemed their lives, but that is not the truth of you, not one of you, as each of you has a guided, important mission, one shared with others like you, and one which you traverse with the strength of the heart of the Warrior that you are, that you have always been, even upon entrance to this consciousness.

You have never not been this you.

You have always been this you.

You chose the Path of the Black Flame, the Path of the Warrior of Spirit.

Walk not in Fear.

Pursue your fear like the prey that you have felt you have been, and eat the face of the monster that haunts your every bit of being, of Soul, of Heart, of Thought, of Being…

…Yours is the Path of the Black Flame Warrior. 

Stand Up and Be within your Power, never allowing your fear to be more than what it has always been meant as…

Yours to use as the ultimate empowerment, as the weapon of choice, and the light which guides you along this chosen path which you tread, not trudge, with the others who are as battle scarred, wounded by the fight between the darkness and the light which we all live and breathe and call Life.

Fear not The Black Flame. It is Your Power.


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