Do That Shit


We were not meant to be exactly alike. The world seems to like stealing our individuality from us from a very young age, and we are not taught, ever, to be anything other than conformists.

It is not some sort of secret – I am a non conformist

I do not like being told what to do, as much as I dislike telling people what to do. It is not my place to tell others who they are, what they should do, what I think of them.

Yet, this is not something that is very typical in our world, but it ought to be, because it is old already – the idea that we have to be like everyone else.

Because I have had two shitty, terrible, emotionally harsh weeks of bullshit, and since it is that I am really very dearly tired of reminding people to stand up and be stand alone, today I thought I might fill your heads with nice things rather than lessons of what to watch out for.

I can do that next week.

Don’t conform. It isn’t good for you on all levels. Instead, be you and only you.

Make no apologies for it – just go out into the world, starting today, and just be completely yourself. If being you means that you wear a hot pink lampshade and an orange gingham outfit, then that is what that means. If being you means that you choose to dress in drag, then do it. If being you means that someone else is going to be pissed off if you do, I say get your asses out there and do that shit, just because.

I say that, just because you are you, you ought to get out into the world and make a scene if you care to, just don’t hurt anyone when you do. I say that if being you means that you stand near a bus stop, guitar and portable amp in hand, shredding like there will be no tomorrow, then do that shit.

Get your ass out there and just do that shit. It don’t matter if good and upright appearing people have a problem with it – go…now….do that shit.

If it makes your soul happy, brings a smile to you, does not hurt another person (even though it might annoy them) get out there into the world and do that shit.

If you feel like part of you is ready to rip through your skin, ready to come out and play, ready to be and ready to be seen…you know it…do that shit.

If you want to run down the street or through a field, in the rain, through mud puddles, but not through the mall or in a crowd screaming your head off…fuckin’ A – do that shit.

If you want to cry, laugh, rage…do that shit

Do all the shit that you were told not to do, just because you wanna do that shit, and do all the shit that you thought you could never do, because someone else said it wasn’t right (even though it wasn’t hurting anyone) – do that shit.

Do everything that will make you happy, as long as it doesn’t outright hurt someone else, and I say that because when we do the shit that we know to do rather than the shit we have been told to do, someone always is going to be ass hurt – so, fuck ’em…just go do that shit.

This is a short one today, and it is because I gotta do some shit

I’ll be back next week…but…I’m gonna get out there in the world and go do that shit…that shit that I like doing…

I Love You All


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