2014 -The Circle, Complete… Words from Kahu Mapu

Indeed…please read and share…mahalo nui… ROX

The Ghetto Allegory

The End Result is the Beginning

Lots of changes happened these last 12 months. The reason that this is being written in this blog rather than my teaching blog is simple – of course, it is always nice to have more readers for that blog, but more, because somehow, this morning, I am guided by Spirit, by the Mother Goddess, to be here, in The Ghetto Allegory, reminding you all, including myself, that 2014 is on its way out, that it was a very harsh year that contained within it those moments which were SO big and so very life changing.

The things that happened to you, for you, with you there, were all moments which could easily be thought as anything, with any kind of energy that any one of us could put into anything at all, but the bottom line is that, we learned, and more, in…

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