Thought forms – How they manifest and how to get rid of them.

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

You are surrounded by billions of thoughts daily. They just
float in the air just like water vapors . When you look around you, you don’t
see these vapors in the air, but once the air comes into your house and the
temperature outside changes, the air condenses and forms.. water.. now you are
seeing a physical manifestation of something that was just floating around you.
You allowed the air with water vapors to come into your home by opening the window,
and once it came into your home under the “right” circumstances it condensed
and became something tangible that you can perceive with your eyes, and touch
with your hands.
Same goes for thoughts. Many thoughts are floating around
you daily, you are bombarded by thoughts, your own, those of your neighbor, TV
screen, birds, trees, anything and everything that has consciousness around you
is producing thoughts and vibrations…

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