Halloween is not about Satan (I said it, so deal with it)

Nope…this is not a posting about why weirdos like me need to defend the things that spark the faith within us.  It is so that those who deem themselves “fine, right and upstanding” get it through their heads that while it might not be your holiday, it doesn’t mean that it is no one else’s day to celebrate.

Every year I am offended by the same thing, the same energy that permeates the air that is “us versus them,” and I promise you that the “them” I am talking about are the very ones who want you to believe that Halloween is somehow the day to celebrate Satanic rituals and such, and when those energies begin to swirl in the atmosphere, they are felt.

I am telling you all NOW that no, Halloween is NOT a Satanic holiday, and pox to those who would tell you this. Yeesh! How offensive!

For too long already it has been this “Us versus Them” crap, and yes, I grew up with it, but even as a kid I didn’t buy into it. Because my mother simply and likely did not want to buy candy to give out, she chalked it up to it being “the devil’s holiday” and until I protested, and eventually turned 13, I was forced to the hell of being in church on the one night a year that is truly like Christmas for weirdos and (yup) Heebie-Jeebie people like me.

I have a bitch to pitch

I would love to tell you all that “I don’t wanna go off on a rant here” (thank you Dennis Miller), but I’m going to. I am going to address that part of the human race who places themselves above the rest of the world, the very ones who want to tell all of us that we are all going to burn in hell if we don’t stop allowing our kids to dress up like who they are not, carry around a pillow case, knock on doors demanding candy, and continue to do so until their little legs and feet feel as though they will soon fall off.


I don’t know what idiot told any one of you that because it is not something that you or they or anyone else at all who think is okay, that because it is not in some religious text, that somehow, having some fun at this time of year is somehow not okay. Let me tell you what you thumping nut jobs have done to the rest of the world because of your own blindness, your own disrespect for things that are not like you and that some other human told you was the truth, because really, it ain’t the truth, and really, you are doing things that you should not, with the biggest thing being JUDGING OTHERS.

I have, on more than only one occasion, had to step into a heated argument between people like me and people like you, only to have the people like you actually and physically assault me, or try very hard to, and I want to know something if I may, please – when the hell was it again that you were the final judge and jury on what is, and what is not, evil?

How can an ENTIRE SET OF PEOPLE think that what it was that you, yourselves did, when you were children, and because one dude with his own set of minions, decided to tell you that you have to come to that organization’s “celebration” and that if you don’t, it means that you are either for them, or you are against them, and if you are against them, that means that you are not accepted by them, because really, that is what this is all about?

How is it SO easy for the majority of you to tell the rest of the world not to judge, even producing a few “holy texts” to back your play up, to tell children that this holiday is evil? Why are you not also telling these same children that Christmas and Christmas trees are Pagan….PAGAN IN NATURE? WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR PEOPLE TO TELL THE TRUTH?

Is it because for so many generations, you have held on to the belief, NOT that what others believe is wrong, but that since you are all you, and no, this is NOT for all of you….I know quite a few of “you” who are actually good examples of what faith it is that you follow…but is it because that since you have been told by a dude wearing a suit and smirk that you are above the rest of the earthly population, that somehow this excuses you from displaying that energy called RESPECT?

So…I am at the store this morning and a funny thing happened

Earlier today I was at the store – it might be Halloween, but Kimo the killer ninja puff needed a couple of things and well, he is not doing so swell these days…anyway…I am at the store earlier today, and I am in line paying for my stuff, and I hear this…woman…berating another woman about wearing a costume style witch hat. Naturally, and because it was my kid who purchased that same hat for me, I was more than just a little bugged by it.

I so wanted to mind my own business, but this…fine and upstanding woman carrying a leather-bound black book under her arm was SO sure of herself, that when I began to tell HER like it is, not only did she NOT do like she had expected this other young lady to do, she got freakin’ HOSTILE with me, and really, that is all it takes for me to start climbing into someone else’s brain and talk the talk of the Sages, which I did. It was not long after that did this insane woman with her book get in my face.

No. Seriously. She was PISSED! And she was not pissed ONLY because what I was saying made loads of sense, but for no other reason than that I got in her way. I would not allow her to attack this college aged girl, and I would not stand there and listen to her telling this young lady that said young lady would burn in hell if she did not turn tail and not only get her money back, but more than that, if said young lass did not agree with this nut job of a woman with a black book and all of the insanity that she was telling this kid, and a kid who was not even as old as my oldest – he is only twenty. I can only imagine what this young lady was thinking when this not young woman with her ominous black book approached her, attacked her, telling her that she would burn in hell if the big mouthed black book owning thumper did not get her way.

It was not that I said she was wrong in her beliefs, because that is just not cool to do to anyone. It was that someone defended a person, and if my own memory serves me correctly, people who carry that black book are expected to not judge, are expected, as it is said so in the New Testament, to be Christlike and turn the other cheek. This broad was doing anything BUT the things contained in that book. When she started telling me that I would also burn in hell for defying her, I let her know who and what I am, and I also told her that I was raised “in the church,” and that my mother, the one to whom I have always referred to as being “God’s Secretary” (gotta give props where I feel they are due) does not do what she was doing, and that it is very easy to manipulate people through fear, but not so much through love. I reminded her that the Christ which she claims was telling her she should get in peoples’ faces is not the actual Christ Who Is All Love and All Acceptance…

I let it be known that, under no uncertain terms, would her version of Christ not allow her in to HIS kingdom, but the actual Christ, the benevolent Son of Man, would never have approached her in the manner that she has approached probably MANY more people, right there, in front of that store, for a long time, would never have shamed her the way that she shamed this very bright young college girl, and that the actual Christ would have imparted Love and Wisdom onto that college student and would not have turned into a tyrannical lunatic wannabe mom to this girl like the lady with the black book and the menacing look in her eyes had.

And the thing that happens is always what happens – the maniac decided that it was me who needed the lesson. I left her standing there in her own foolishness and shame, because it was a shameful display of idiocy, for no other reason than to have control over someone else. I suppose that is how things roll when you have absolutely no control over your own self.

It happens every year at this time of year

…yeah yeah, I know…I probably should have just let the situation be, and I probably should have encouraged the young college girl to stand up for herself, but I could not help it, because at that point, the only thing that I saw was my own daughter, two years from now, when she, herself, is in college, and I could not help but respond. In fact, it would not have mattered had it been an elderly Medicine Woman, or a seasoned middle-aged Mojo Lady – enough is absolutely enough. I would have stood in defiance as well as defended these people, just because the thumping crazy person would have done as she did, as I assume she always does.

And since it is that I know, just from experience, exactly how hard it is to change the minds of firm believers in anything, I will stop addressing the tyrants, and tell the rest of the thinking and breathing world of humans that you are allowed to stand up for what you believe in. You yourselves might think that today each year, a day known in the western world as “Halloween” is not an evil holiday. It is an ancient holiday which is filled with many traditions. It is not for any other reason, whether anyone wants to believe me or not, that people will call us, along with this date every year, satanic, than that there are still a lot of people who are following what they follow in the hopes that outwardly stating they believe what they do is enough to get them through the gates of Heaven and not a head of the line pass to an eternal vacation on the river Hades.

I am going to tell the rest of us that if you want to dress up like something you are not, and if you want to celebrate the transition of seasons in the manner that you have always (dressing up in costumes that you ought to know better than to wear…lol…I get it…haha…you only get to dress up one time a year in all of that debauchery…I hear ya!!), and you want to do like the ancients did and thank Spirit for the passage of time, for the entrance of shortened days and nights filled with fancy near a fire outdoors, you go right ahead and do it. DO NOT let some pompous bunch of people who want more butts in the seats every weekend deter you from being a human who wants to have a human experience, and do not allow people to deter you from wanting to understand the origins of this day, a day called Halloween.

Do not allow people to tell you that you are going to go to hell if you wear that sexy costume store get up. Do not allow people to get away with telling any one of you that if you allow your children to go trick-or-treating, that said children will also be spending the rest of eternity lake side in Hades, where there is no sunshine but dammit it’s hot!

Understand now, too, please, that not ALL people who love that black book are like that lady was – AT ALL! There are actually those within MANY belief systems who KNOW FOR REAL that they are not allowed to do things like mighty Big Mouth Woman was doing, just as much as we weirdos and eccentrics know this. I know quite a whole lot of “them” who are very intrigued by what it is that I practice, and as long as they all know, very well, in fact, that no way am I judging them for what they follow, I KNOW that they will not judge me, ever. And I can say this because I have known these people for the majority of my lifetime, and all of them say the same thing to me about me, and more, about what it is that I believe – “Girl…you so crazy!”

I would NEVER call them “thumpers,” because that is not what or who they are. I would NEVER tell them that all the holidays they celebrate have Pagan origins, because it is not now nor shall it ever BE my place to tell them that what they believe is better, more believable, more acceptable than what it is that I believe, and really, what any one of us believes is no one else’s business but our own. My lifelong friends who do not believe the things that I do would never tell me without telling me straight up that I am not acceptable in their eyes, neither in the eyes of the One To Whom They pray. Those who I have shared many years enjoying a family-like energy with have never told me that I am wrong, only that I am very eccentric, and this is not a lie, because I am one who tends to do as Lou Reed says – I tend to not only take walks on the wild side, but I actually live there most of the time.

Today is an important day for a LOT of people.

Yes…including me. Stop taking away the joy that people have just because they are not like you…

There are too many people like you on this planet anyway.

…and for that matter, I don’t see your judge’s gavel….

Yup…I said it, deal with it…

I Love You All !


Happy Halloween Meme 2014

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