“As Above, So Below” The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence

The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence is the thing that we all know better as “As Above, So Below,” and has everything to do with not only what we are thinking, but also how we think

I make no apologies, neither any excuses for the part of my Self that worries, a LOT. I know I do this, a lot, and I know that it drives people crazy, and while I want to believe that it is something that is just a part of who I am, I also know that it can be changed. While I will never not be a worrier, I know that I can put things into a new perspective and see them from another angle.

Even though this all looks really good in writing and even as I know that this is the very truth of me, it doesn’t help my cause at all in terms of becoming mentally blocked, which always causes me to become emotionally blocked. When I am emotionally blocked, and struggling for anything at all that will make sense to me, I become the epitome of Ridiculousness.

And really, it is not pretty, at all, and nope, I sure the hell do not like it when I become that person. I lose all sense of purpose, all sense of what is the real reality I have created for myself, and most of all, I find out that in terms of my own level of impatience, that I am very dearly still very impatient when it comes to things like waiting for what I need to happen for me.  At the moment, there is one thing that I know I have needed for many years, and in that thought I also know that what I need truly depends on what I think about what it is that I need. What I need is peace about a thing, and gradually, I have found out, through learning from this one thing, that I am not really THAT impatient about everything, just about things that I know that I need to happen.

Imagine my surprise when…

…when this last thing that happened, happened. I am not at liberty to let myself tell anyone about it outside of the idea that, as a healer, it is my greatest challenge. It is my greatest challenge in that, there are facets of the personality of the person who is in need of any sort of healing, and there are facets of my own ego self NOT wanting to see things from a different point of view,  and there are just things involved with this one situation that, for the life of me, while I cannot see things as I used to, I still see what is there. What is there is not what I saw before. What I saw before caused me to think in a manner that was not …correct, in the manner that is Spiritual.

When we are not seeing with or through our Spirit’s eyes is when we have the best chance at seeing the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence at work.

STOP! Haha…before any other light workers get the thought in their heads, once again, that I am off of my rocker (duh- BEEN off of my rocker…where y’all been all this time? Yeesh! haha) in stating things this way, bear with me, because the only way to show people (unenlightened ones, that is) how this is affecting them is to show them through the patterns of unbelief. The patterns of unbelief are the patterns that we, ourselves, create.  This affects our thoughts, and our thoughts affect how we see things in our lives.

Our thoughts are what dictate our lives

Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, the truth is that our thoughts dictate EVERYTHING in our lives.  Reread that and let it sink in real good. Every single thought that we think, if we all thought about it real good, has been the cause of the effects that we ourselves brought into our own lives.

Think about this for a moment, and maybe it will help to make sense for you a little bit more. The phrase “As Above, So Below” simply means that whatever is your dominant thought, and whatever is the energy signature of that thought, is also what you will manifest into being. Period. For me, that one thought came with conditions, and those conditions were that I need to not be afraid, that I need to not have my mind set on only one outcome, and most of all, I HAD TO vacate the energy that was negative about this one thing, and turn it into a thought that was neutral. Once I did that, and of course, once it was that a whole lot of other things that I was thinking no longer were the predominant thought about this one thing, things just began to happen in a manner that really, I was no way prepared for at all, even as the thing at hand at this moment are dearly welcomed.

This is the fun part of changing one’s thoughts – that we come to realize that indeed, our thoughts are truly things, that once we can change those thoughts from “OH NO! I AM NOT GONNA GET WHAT I WANT” to “Well, I knew there would be work involved, and even though it is a lot of work, I’m down for it all” – this is also when we will be able to also see this particular piece of Hermetic Philosophy working for us, even though at times it may well seem as though it is working against us. It is not that it is working against us but that we are not used to the idea that in order for our thoughts to become the things that we desire to be in our lives, we first must vacate the things that no  longer serve us with purpose or meaning.

Our thoughts are the guiding energy of our lives. Whatever it is that is in our heads most of the time (Predominating thought) will be the things that we will ultimately see in our lives. And those things are not limited to the tangible. When someone thinks that the opposite gender is the evil in the world, because that person’s focus is negative, naturally, the only type of person who is coming into their lives to share anything with them at all is going to be the sort that they have allowed to be the predominant thought in their heads. When someone thinks about having a really great life and focuses on what it is in their own thoughts that is a great life, it will not happen overnight, but make no mistake – that great life they envision and focus on is on its way to them.

Work involved…and it is not fun work, mind you

All these things that you have just read are the truth. The harshest truth of it all, though, is that in order for us to change our thoughts so that we can deal with them and more, so that we can, on our own, create the life we envision, entails a LOT of self work. Self work is that work that we have to do with ourselves that tells us that in some manner, we are a bit “off” in terms of energy. I can’t sit here and tell you that it is easy. I know the opposite is the truth. Self work requires that we are willing to look at ourselves and take into our selves not only what we think is so great about us, but, more importantly, what we know is just NOT.

Self-work requires that we ably and willingly not argue anymore with our ego, not tell our Spirit and our truest self that it’s wrong. On the top of things we know that there are parts of us that are just not in line with all of who we are in totality.  We know this but still end up doing as Einstein stated in that we feel like if we keep on trying to fix old problems with the same old fixes we thought would work but never did, that those things will just (haha) end up fixed. It never works out like that. What happens is that we go through the same things we went through, the same emotions and the same frustrations, and all because we want to believe that eventually, our tug of war will be won by us.

Again, it never happens this way, ever.

…and no, you cannot make deals with Spirit about this 

We humans dislike pain of any kind. We dislike discomfort, and we dislike things that make us have to learn another way to do anything. The one thing that we cannot stand the very most is that we are not always going to have every answer that we need, and in knowing this we also know and cannot stand the idea that not one of us is perfect. We might believe this from time to time, but on the whole, we know that we are as imperfect as the people who we like to judge.

I said it, so deal with it.

This is where the idea that what we think about can be seen for real, can be seen for what it is, and can have the effects that we do NOT want in our lives.  Our opinions of others are our own thoughts, formed in the “above” part of our Selves. Our thoughts and opinions are what we go by when thinking in terms of things that we want, or, of course, so don’t want.  So, let’s go back in our heads to the last time that we were thinking thoughts that might not have been very nice about someone else, and let’s think, too, what the outcome of all of those things were.

It wasn’t great, was it? In fact, it was SO not that great because already, the formed thought and the opinion that we had of this person was already saddled with a whole lot of judgment, a whole lot of truths that may well be our truth, but is no where near what might be their truth.  You see, it is when our truth, which is only ours, and anyone else’s truth, which is only theirs, meet in the middle that we are more prone to thinking in a manner that is not the best. And more, when we are judging anyone at all,  we are also and actually placing judgment on ourselves.


For real – when we are inclined to judge someone else, harshly or not, what we are actually doing is also judging our very selves. This is called mirroring, and everyone in our lives, for whatever time they are in our lives, is a mirror to us. What this means is that whatever we “see” in others is also alive and well in us, be it through our own reflection in them that is in opposition to what we see, or, be it through the idea…no, the fact…that we only draw the same kind of people who we are to our lives. (Because like attracts like, duh)

So, if you are a douche bag, you will ultimately draw others like you to yourself. If you are a pantie-waist, again, you will draw those types to you. If you are a bully, a bad-ass, an angel, an idiot, a crazy person – doesn’t matter, you will ultimately draw whoever and whatever you are to you. This is not my rule, neither my law, but that of the Universe.

Not one of us likes to see the ugliness that resides within us, and when we see the same ugliness in others that maybe we might not believe is also within us, we are prompted at that moment, through our denial of that similar energy with those people in some manner, to look at ourselves rather than toward others. The only way that we can make any sense at all of who we are is to not deny every part of us. The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence teaches us that whatever it is that we choose to send out into the Universe, it always comes back to us. When we are more inclined to send out the energy that we are better than others, always we will be met with other people like us.

Whatever it is that is in others that is like us, we are prone to seeing it. We cannot deny that it is there, and the reason is because we know the energy.

So, if you know the energy that is of that of “douche bag” then perhaps you might want to start thinking in terms of yourself otherwise.

Ugh…I suppose that perhaps I should just say it, and then you can deal with it…

If you want your life to be grand, it starts with you and your behavior with others.

So, behave, dammit

I Love You All !



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