The Monsters in the closet of the past

Two weeks after The Day I Chose to Survive

The Mana'o Blog

Fearing the monsters of the past

My other blogdiscusses the price that we must pay for forgiveness. Survivors of emotional and physical domestic abuse are very good at retaining the memories of what happened to us. I used to do it a whole lot. I feared everything, all the way down to the color of nail polish I would wear on my toenails. We do not need to fear things that happened to us. I know that this sounds and might read easy, and I also know that there are some of you right now, tsk tsking me and shaking your head in disbelief that someone like me would dare suggest that you should just get over what has happened to you.

No, I am not. I would never suggest that, but at the same time I also know that to be a victim who has raised her…

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