The End is The Beginning

When it comes to our lives, and we know that there are changes ahead, and we come to a place where it seems that there is but one thing left to do, because that one thing changes everything else, but there has come the end of one proverbial road and we don’t know what to do? Well…we do what we have to, that’s what. Sometimes what we have to do is not what we think we have to do and has nothing to do with anyone else, at least not directly.

I am not the only one for whom there is one gigantic decision that we each needed to make, because in making that one gigantic choice, we know that every other choice that comes afterward will be affected by our acting on that one decision. I made one such choice a few days ago, and the people who need to know what that choice is and who are in support of me in making that choice know what I have to do and I like believing that, with all that they each have happening in their lives right now, that they know that I know that their hearts, souls, ears and eyes are always open to me, but also that they also know that being who I am, I’ve actually “got this.” I might allow my little old ego to get in the way of things, and I might be afraid on many different levels, but what I fear more is that if I do not act on this choice and do all that I have to in order to make it happen, that nothing that is needing dear change will be able to go through that change because I refused, because of my own fear of ridiculous, even as they are real, things, to change what I hold the power to change.

And really, it is the fear within us all that reveals the very weaknesses we each hang onto that make us believe that somehow, those weaknesses are making us strong in that, we can hide what we think they are so that we do not have to give away certain mechanisms of control over us that we are keeping in place all on our own and for what reason? 

That’s easy…

Fear is our security sometimes

I know this one real well. I know what it is like to be scared of not knowing if what we choose to do will cause us more havoc. My thought about chaotic things and people is that of course it will cause more havoc. I liken it to walking into a room where a toddler has been playing and playing with everything he has in his toy box. A toddler only knows that these are his toys, and that he is allowed to play with them. Yet, because he is so little, he does not yet understand that he needs to pick up his toys when he is done playing with them.

If we do not bother to teach him this one thing, he will always leave chaos where he has been, no matter what, and it is a chaos that his mother or his father will have to see to should he not be taught this one thing. This one thing leads to our being able to teach him more than only this one thing, but this one thing is where we all start them in terms of being responsible for cleaning up one’s own messes. If we do not teach our kid to be responsible for all the things that he does, he will not know later on in life that his learning will contribute to everything else he does, including what he is willing to continue to fear.  If we teach him to fear responsibility, and we teach him that he will always have someone there to pick him up when he falls, that little boy is going to stay a mommy’s boy and will not grow into the man that Spirit has sent him here to become. When we teach them dependence that is permanent, they will remain to be dependent on us for EVERYTHING. And indeed – there are a lot of parents who do this TO their kids, and all for their own benefit (but that is a topic better left for another thing and another day and in another website...), and a benefit that is not really a benefit but more like a forced manipulation which starts very early on in the lives of children…again…another website but still, it applies to this writing. 

We are taught from a young age what we should deem as valuable and not valuable, but the challenge is NOT what we are taught. The challenge is being able to seek out other ways, not really around them, but through them, so that we can eventually grow from the lesson that we learn about becoming independent. In this case and in the case of many young adults the challenge, as was ours as the kids we were, is to overcome all of the weaknesses that were instilled in us by our parents if those weaknesses are not helping us become stronger.

That is what our weaknesses really are, by the way, and it doesn’t matter who thinks otherwise.

Our Weaknesses

Our weaknesses, in reality, are the very things that will make us stronger. I never believed it until I came to the conclusion a few years ago that my fear, which is a weakness, of things that I do not know will happen to me should I have, at that point, made the choice that I made recently. I was not ready at that time to make this very big decision. I did not know at that time, in 2012, that the fear of choosing as I have at this point was in the making at that point and at that time. You see, when we are given challenges, it makes us reveal our weaknesses to ourselves. It is through these things that we have been born with, and then later on learn like animals learn – through experience, and are prompted to use what we are not realizing are ours for the purpose of Soul strength training. 

Very basically, when we are revealing to others the things that are in our face and up our asses, we are also telling ourselves our own story and giving ourselves, through the things that we are stating to anyone at all, where it is that our soul is in need of some strength training. The only way to get through the weaknesses is to roll with the punches, take on every challenge in regards to the big fat choices that we have to make, and learn from the things that are coming out of our mouths, not only about our very selves, but, if the challenges have been brought by people who we know well (but would rather not know at all) and the challenge is the same thing, every time? 

Well, that is almost a cheat sheet, almost like steroids for the challenge at hand and whether it seems like it or not, those other people have given us instructions on what are their very weaknesses. Where some people feel like they have the upper hand in any situation, and those people have only the past and our reaction to their actions to go by, and these others have NOT given thought to the idea that people indeed DO change, and when they change, so, too, do their weaknesses. This is not something that is new to anyone at all, and this is something that I have spent many years not only studying, but being caught right in the middle of. It was a very long time, a very long time, that it took me, to make a choice that I have known for a long time has been in the making, but make it I did, and I did so using every single strength that I had, which contributed to the biological changes at that very moment of the singular weight that haunted me and continued to do so until but a few short days ago. 

And being true to my very self, I will not lie – I am scared as hell of doing what must be done, but as always, when something like this choice is made, always, no matter what, The Mother Goddess, being the good Mother that She Is, always has my back, and, too, while you are guarded in your own choice making these days, maybe, know now that like She has my back, She also has yours, no matter what everything appears like in your own mind and thoughts and reality at the moment. This is what Strength Training for the Soul is about – bringing you up to speed at being who you are. 

Without these things which visit our lives from time to time, and at this time, it seems that those things that have come knockin’ on our doors, like pushy relatives who don’t call before they stay with us for a week, are more than we care to deal with, it is not time to allow our fears to eat at us again. No, no, no, no, no…no! 

It is simply time for some Soul Strength Training.

Soul Strength Training

The proverbial “end of the road” is not really that. What it is is a place we all end up getting to and seeing as a problem and usually what is there is the actual “problem” that many, many of us do not want to deal with because where there is that specific problem there also is a specific person or people who we really would rather not even think about, let alone deal with. In my case, I would rather not even know who the person is who has challenged me for years, daring me always to take a step towards my own wholeness and dare to do so without their permission, their blessing, their say so. Am I prone to that person’s whims any longer? Oh HELL no I am not, but this does not mean that my egotistical self, the part of me that wants to protect my fragile emotional self, is not already freaking the hell out. On the other side of that is my Spirit, the truest part of Me, of Rox, the part that is the Shark, the part that is not scared of a thing, not even spiders – SHE is who is taking the lead, at least in this one challenge. She is also the one who is not allowing my fear of the unknown be the thing that guides me any further. And also, she is who has prompted me to change the word “problem” to the word “challenge,” and it is with good cause.

A problem is a challenge dressed up in an ugly dress, wearing too much make up, and demanding our attention as a problem….but a challenge is like Cinderella – a dream coming true in the making…think about it.

I prefer to think of it – this choice – as more a challenge than much else, because problems have to be solved, but challenges tend to take on the energy that is a quest than something to be seen as our needing to get rid of them. While there are indeed problems in life, when we can change our own vocabulary about things, and then those certain things lose the energy of “problem,” and begin to take on the energy of “challenge,” things begin to also take on the color that is our being able to accept being challenged far easier than we are able to digest things in our lives as being only problems. And believe me when I say it – this week alone I have had to change my vocabulary from what was very foreboding to my brain, to something more acceptable to my brain and, as well, my soul, and that change was but one word. I kept hearing the word “problem,” and then very soon afterwards, I started hearing this same word coming out of the mouths of people who are not only those closest to me, but also from people who I don’t even know at all, let alone very well.

We are not taught this skill, but we ought to be. It was something that I know I was not taught, the ability to change the wording of thoughts so as to make my spirit not be so…so much with its panties in a bunch, to put it very plainly. (Laugh – you know it’s funny) 

Strength training for the Soul speaks loads more volumes to me than does the phrase “coming up with a different way to see these problems.” Even as they both technically mean the same thing, the energy that is contained in them each are markedly different – one energy is heavy, weighted and demanding, while the other one denotes that we are training for the greatest thing in the world, and that we do not want to not be prepared. This is the way that I taught myself, of course, taught my own kids (who are STELLAR at it…okay, so the big boy has some issues with word exchanges but he is fine and good…meaning he learned what I taught him and calls it something that I don’t)  and is the way that I teach a whole lot of other people to also change their vocabulary and thereby changing their thoughts which will change their vibratory energy.

Our thoughts become the things that we encounter in our lives. With this little bit of knowledge on its own, we see there that there is indeed power in our words, because our words in our own voice are the very things that our thoughts are produced by. When we are able to train our brain to do this, immediately we are also training our bodies to follow suit. When we believe that there is not a lot we can do about a thing or two, our bodies respond first by a knot in the gut, and the knot in the gut leads us to having a backache, usually and also a migraine headache, and pretty soon we are into the liquor cabinet or the medicine cabinet, and this is our liver being made to work overtime, not only from the heat of our own anger, but more, from all of these things combined. 

On the other side of this is the idea that when we choose to not see everything in our lives as being the end of us but rather and only the end of the road we are currently traveling on, and we then can produce the image in our minds of this road rather than the trap that we want to believe is waiting to eat us from the soul, out, we can also and then feel our bodies responding to this new way of thinking about the challenges which lie ahead of us. It doesn’t matter what we are thinking about, what we are thinking will or will not happen – that is not even for anyone on this plane to decide, but that of Spirit. What ensues from then on is that we are molding and building our lives out of, and doing so NOT from the energy that is the problems, but from this new energy created from the challenges that we have been served up with by what is needed, specifically from us, by the greater collective whole of the very All of Us. That’s right – you probably didn’t think about that one thing, and if you do, it is the one thing that you probably think of last, when in reality, it is better, not so Polly-Anna, to think that the best things in life are ours, but that first we have to get past these challenges.

When we are in the belief that we have no power over any thing that visits our lives is when the challenges are not challenges – they truly ARE problems. We do not realize or even recognize what is our strength because we forget that it is there, that all the other times in our lives when we really needed to draw on it and become it were times just like these, except that right now, when we think of these things and the people involved, we become afraid of the outcome, and the outcome is not what we need to think about at this moment. In fact, we cannot see the outcome until we can see it with our soul’s eyes and trust it with our very selves. We are not as bad as other people tell us we are, at anything, and if we are able to come up with things that cause us to survive the ugliest things in our lives and we are here and breathing and not thinking in the way that we did but a few short days ago, and we are more inclined to fight the good fight, soul intact and ready for the challenge, and we have told our ego selves to shut the hell up and let us do what we have to do, then half of the battle is already won. It is the bigness of the thing at hand, of the couple of big things at hand, that has us all afraid, not of anything other than of the outcome.

When we release the outcome from what we want it to be, and we allow Spirit to take the lead, and we follow all those hunches, all those gut reactions and respond in kind to the Universe and let Spirit lead us to our own miracles, we find that one thing that we never thought would ever visit our lives – that one thing is trust in ourselves. 

So, you see, the title of this writing, “The End is the Beginning,” is the truth…in order to begin to build what it is that we have as a set intention to have in our lives, we have to end the madness that is the fear of the outcome that we have prepared ourselves for, and is usually a negative outcome, which produces the negative outcome. When we are more inclined to follow our guts, so to speak, while it might take us a little longer to get where we want to be, it is a guarantee that we will get there, and perhaps even someplace better…this is not my rule, but that of the Universe…

Dare yourselves to rise above the problems and see them as what they are…

…they are the things that are making you stronger through what you perceive as your weaknesses. You are stronger than you think you are, and better at this than you have been told to believe. I am telling you that you are better off believing your own truth than the lies that keep you caged in your fear. 

You hold the keys to the Kingdom – use them…

I Love You All


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3 responses to “The End is The Beginning

  • mihrank

    Even though you type “THE END” when you finish a first draft, your work is only beginning. Rewriting, revising, editing, and polishing your manuscript are still to come. But with so many things to consider and so many decisions to make during those stages, you might not want to start–or ever think you’re finished.

    There is a way, however, to methodically revise and improve your manuscript. By beginning with the big picture and methodically working to the smallest details, the process may not be pain-free, but it should be faster and easier.

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