Deal With it

Try as we might, there are lots of people who want change, but there are not a lot who want to go through the transition of it…and no matter what, we have to deal with this part.


I used to not like change. I liked my nice, pretending-to-be set in stone existence, where everything was mine and mine without asking. Those days are gone, and I will not lie – it has been hell. Bills pile up. Sometimes food is scarce. Tempers sometimes flare. Things go awry, even if only in my own world. Yet, there is always, in my head, that instance that is the fact that things cannot stay this way. Things cannot stay as they are because things are always changing. So yes, it has been some time since things were not this …seemingly immovable…but we all know that whether we want to believe it or not, even these things that we have in our midst right now, while they are not very much fun, they will eventually change.

The thing is, though, that not one of us likes the pain caused by change. We want to believe that we don’t need to change a thing about ourselves, and we want to think that it is everyone else in the world who needs to change, but not us. 

Oh really? 

I beg to differ. I used to think this way, that it was not me, that the world cheated me, that the things contained in my memory are somehow there and meant to only be there as a reminder of how much other people are right in that I am a huge screw up, that somehow, no one loves me because I am not perfect, that really, I am not worthy of the things that I know are mine and in manifest. What those others do not realize is that, in their haste to judge others, they are prolonging the pain that they are feeling from the things that they have lost and rather than go through it and experience their own transformation, instead they arrogantly believe that the world will conform to them, that existence will somehow become gloriously the thing that they have controlled and have bent in their own favor and that they get to do this all without experiencing the pain that they have to feel and that maybe they might have exacted on others without realizing that they did in the past. 

I don’t want to get into that whole Karmic thing, because that is not what this is about in total. What this is about in total is also that there are things that we each have to learn about ourselves that might not be the things that we want to look at and the things that we have shunned about us for so long that we cannot comprehend why it is that these things are happening. What is happening is that we are being given the quick way to learning these lessons that we have to learn, and it is not very comfortable at all, to say the very little least. We don’t like looking at what is hurting us, because we don’t want to hurt from it anymore. We don’t like the things that make us angry, because we know that what it is that is also there, on some level, is our truth in the matter. We don’t want to ache, but we want to make sure that other people ache for having caused us to ache, and we don’t want to be angry with others, even though that is what we are, and it is because they are not living up to who they know they are, and in all of this turmoil, myself included, we are not realizing that we are actually getting things done.

That is what the turmoil is for, guys – so that we have a distraction from obsessing over the thing that we want in our lives. If we do not have the turmoil, we place outcome energy on the things that we want, and we wait, grow impatient and act as though it is the rest of the world that is at fault. The rest of the world might have been the cause, but the rest of the world is not who is supposed to take up the Kuleana for the energy that is hurting and impatience and all of those other wonderfully human being things that we all and each feel when we are quite overwhelmed with things and energies that we are not liking at all.

So, the only thing that I can say to the each of you right now is that it is time to practice what it is that you have learned, some of you on your own, and others with the help of teachers and coaches and spiritual advisors, and to learn how to manifest that energy of healing for the things that others might have brought to us, but that we alone have got to deal with . Others don’t show up and do like they do for no reason. Spirit knows what She is doing, all the time, and in theareas of our lives that we seem to have come to the end of the road, it is simply time to just let go of what we want and allow Spirit to dictate, because in that energy of letting go we find the sweetness that is the freedom of not having to deal with how we get to where it is that we are trying to get, and we only need to really focus on what we feel like right now and how that feeling and those energies might be causing us to not have what we so dearly need and desire. We cannot expect to have what we need or desire if we are only thinking about how we can’t have it right this minute. It took us all a little while to get where we are right now in our lives and on our Paths, and it is going to take some time to unlearn what we have learned and that doesn’t and never did suit us or fit into who we are each becoming.

On the Path to our truest selves there are a lot of pit-stops, a lot of potholes and a lot of detours, but always, the destination is the same – that part, no matter what, unless we are meant for something else, remains the same, but the way that we get there is subject to change at any moment. 

We need to learn to weather the storms as much as we revel in the beauty of the gorgeousness that is the wide blue sky.

We are almost there, all of us, where we need to be, which is also where we want to be…the only thing that I can say is that we each and all need to let go of outcome, trust the process and realize that what we will end up with is not only what we need, but more, better than we thought it was going to be, and not only that, is the thing that will be the truest sense of who we are and not who we used to be…

I Love You All




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Photo on cover was captured by Hawai’i’s Camera Artist, 

Randy Jay Braun


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